Friday, June 17, 2011

Corey Michael Wright of Predator Magazine has a criminal record

This is Corey Michael Wright of Sacramento, CA. Corey Wright has made local headlines by offering yet another sex offender rag, "Predator Magazine." He is looking for advertisers and donations, yet he claims his magazine is not for profit. A few months back, an iPhone app was blocked in California because making money off sex offender registry was deemed to be illegal.

In that recent news article by KCRA, they provided a link to his Facebook page. So I asked some of my friends who actually use Facebook to send me some info.

On his page he is soliciting "donations." He's even kind enough to give you his account number!

What is Higher One Bank? Well, they give credit cards to college students. I personally have a hard time believing this guy is in college. The routing number goes to Bancorp, based in New Haven, CT, 3000+ miles away. I'm curious as to why he is using a student loan bank to solicit donations, while claiming to be non-profit? He is also looking for advertisers. Yet, he claims it is a non-profit. I smell bullshit.

Second, Corey M Wright, after pressure by people online, admitted he had a criminal record:

His criminal record can be viewed in detail here. He has a history of drugs and theft. He tried to lie at first and claim his middle name was Todd not Michael, but later admitted he did have a record.

He also likes calling women CUNT:

That is all you need to know about Corey Michael Wright. He is a criminal abusing sex offender hysteria to make a quick buck. Sadly, a few people will blindly donate to this scam artist.

One last thing, he is a black supremacist. No one even bashed him for being black, yet he throws out this bomb.

ADDENDUM: I was recently notified Corey Wright posted a dating profile. Imagine that, a 40 year old wanting to hook up with a barely legal. I'm sure he'd tap a younger gal if he could get away with it.


Corey said...

Absolute Zero and sex offender issue go check out their blog...these people are child molesters that pose as sex offender watchdogs...they hide behind the internet and social media...they use false names and phony credentials to ask for can u trust the words of someone who hides their identity?Terrorists and scam artists hide their identities.I'm not hiding...I'm right here...cowards!-Corey Wright Publisher of Predator Magazine.

Corey said...

Absolute Zero and Sex offender issues are actually a group of perverts pretending to be a sex offender watchdog group...they call me a cyber bully and a cyber terrorist yet u can see my name Corey Wright...and I'm not hiding from anyone...but don't terrorist always hide their identity just like AZ an sex offender issues?
These vermin actually take up for the baby rapers and child molesters and if you donate to them their using your dollars to protect these monsters that would prey oin our kids..these people are the scam artists and the terrorists!if they aren't why won't they show themselves?

Voice of Reason said...

Isn't it funny how criminals are often so quick to point the finger at others instead of facing up to their own inadequacies.

Once Fallen said...

At least he was right about Absolute Zero, they are child molesters that pose as sex offender watchdogs. Hell, I'd be willing to wager Stitches is a closet pedophile.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Corey Wright (ex-felon) spewing his defamation.

No Corey, I am not a sex offender or child molester, and if you'd look it up, you'd see that.

I have a friend who is a sex offender, for one stupid mistake in the 80's, and they are still being punished to this day. And they never touched a child either, that is a fact.

Guess we need to start a blog for ex-felons and expose them as well, then see how they like it? Nah, we'd not stoop to their level and exploit people for our own personal financial gain.

He has a grand theft auto and drug charges on his record. Guess that drug, probably crack, got the best of him.

Anonymous said...

Also, you say we "take up for sex offenders and child molesters."

Care to show us where?

If you read our page below, you will see we are against sexual abuse of any kind, period, end of story.

Once Fallen said...

Corey's an idiot. He just threw out that crap because he's mad he got outed on Facebook.

However, he's half right-- Absolute Zero United are child molesters posing as sex offender watchdogs. All he has to do is look up Clay Keys from Pensacola, Florida.

Once Fallen said...

Now Corey is still slinging insults but I decided not to air his dirty laundry. It is amazing how much he HATES having his past revealed to the world, yet he wants to hurt others. Piss on Corey Wright.