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Monday, March 28, 2022

"Shoot Your Local Pedophile" merchandise is connected to far-right extremist group "Proud Boys"

 This blog has already covered both merchandise containing the slogan "shoot/kill/hang your local pedophile/sex offender" and the far right extremist group, the Proud Boys. However, I've never really made the connection until now that the "shoot your local pedophile" and related slogans were mostly used by the Proud Boys until recently. It seems like the phrase was intended to be, in part, a show of support for the Kyle Rittenhouse, who murdered two protesters in Kenosha WI. One of Rittenhouse's victims was a Person Forced to Register, which was used as a defense for committing murder. 

As seen on the now-removed Proud Boys website, the Proud Boys were selling "Kill Your Local Pedophile" t-shirts:

Similar merchandise also appeared on the 1776 store, another Proud Boys front:

Some news reports have also documented the use of this slogan during protests in which Proud Boys members participated:

Tensions are rising outside the Kenosha County Courthouse in Wisconsin where jurors are deliberating the fate of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 18-year-old facing intentional homicide charges for shooting three people and killing two during a protest in August 2020. Gaggles of his right-wing supporters, including at least one waving a giant “Let’s Go Brandon” flag, which is a conservative meme making fun of President Joe Biden, were already congregating outside the courthouse Tuesday, the first day of deliberations. Several burly men, including one with a hat saying “Shoot Your Local Pedophile,” lined up on the steps. 

Meanwhile, activists, including some who were wearing T-shirts saying “Fuck Kyle,” called for Rittenhouse’s conviction. Both groups came with megaphones and got into shouting matches. Earlier in the day, photographer Alex Kent captured a man in a pickup truck doing a Nazi salute in the direction of Black Lives Matter protesters outside the courthouse.

Opposition to vaccine mandates and the expansion of powers by the state and federal government were a common theme expressed at a small and peaceful rally held Saturday at the Ceres River Bluff Regional Park. Gathering at noon were representatives of conservative and patriotic groups who advocated pushing back against controversial policies that have governments mandating COVID vaccines as a condition of employment and attendance at public schools....

Debra Hunt offered assistance to any parent wishing to pull their children out of public schools because of the state COVID vaccine mandates to home school them... Hunt, who described herself as a conservative who disagrees with vaccine mandates, said she was a bit shocked to see members of the Echo Company of the California State Militia and the controversial Proud Boys. At least one member of the Proud Boys donned a ball cap that read “Shoot your local pedophile” and a shirt with an emblem featuring brass knuckles and a military style rifle and the words: “Proud Boys American as F---.” “I’m not against the Proud Boys. I respect their freedom loving but the Militia is the one that was like, wait, what? Why am I in a place with the Militia?” laughed Hunt. She noted that militia members were nice and respectful and supportive.

Proud Boys, QAnon supporters, and many Anonymous sects all use similar symbolism, along with other similar slogans including QAnon's "#SaveTheChildren" campaigns. But at the heart of all thse groups are terrorism and extremism, and all these dangerous groups should not be allowed to spread their filthy propaganda. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

"#TangoDown" -- Melanie Larkin's TikTok account suspended LOL

She claims it is temporary, but she knew it was coming so she made a backup account. But Melanie Larkin, the worthless TikTok bimbo who made a misleading video TikTok video to compel others to harass Registered Citizen activists, was taken down from TikTik. Better late than never, TikTok. 

I don't forgive or forget either. You should have expected me. 

#TangoDown. Maybe Scott Sonnier aka "Nikolai Romanovski" will be the next "tango down" LOL

Keep seething bitches, as you run all over Facebook in vain to silence less than 1% of my message :)

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Florida Thug gets only two years' house arrest for punching elderly Registrant to death

It is a sad story all around but Pujols dodged a major bullet. If Pujols had murdered a non-Registrant, he would have served a REAL prison sentence. You don't punch frail old men in the face no matter what they call you. And now you have a reord that will follow you the rest of your life and will always be seen as a violent thug. 

All that street macho crap got you house arrest and 3 years probation, but now you'll have a harder time getting a job for life. I hope it was worth it, you piece of crap. 

Although the attack was not seemingly the result of registry status, I'm almost certain the fact the victim was a Registered Person led to the extremely light sentence.

Florida Dunkin’ employee sentenced for delivering deadly punch to customer who used racist slur

by Associated Press

4:09 PM EST, Wed March 09, 2022

Florida Dunkin’ employee sentenced for delivering deadly punch to customer who used racist slur

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — A Florida Dunkin’ employee was sentenced to two years of house arrest after delivering a deadly punch to a customer who used a racist slur against him.

A Tampa judge ordered Corey Pujols, 27, to complete 200 hours of community service and attend an anger management course after Pujols pleaded guilty to felony battery.

Last May, 77-year-old Vonelle Cook, a registered sex offender, was irate when he went into the Dunkin’ and started yelling about the quality of customer service, police and prosecutors said.

Pujols, who’s Black, asked Cook to leave, which is when Cook called Pujols a racist slur. Pujols punched Cook, who fell to the floor and hit his head. Cook died three days later.

Initally, Pujols was charged with manslaughter, reported AP.

In agreeing to a plea deal, prosecutors considered the “totality of the circumstances,” including Pujols’ age, his lack of criminal history and the fact that he did not intend to cause Cook’s death, Grayson Kamm, a spokesman for Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren, told the Tampa Bay Times.

He said they also considered the behavior of Cook and what he said.

“Two of the primary factors were the aggressive approach the victim took toward the defendant and everyone working with the defendant, and that the victim repeatedly used possibly the most aggressive and offensive term in the English language,” Kamm told the newspaper.

Cook was a regular customer who had gone through the drive-thru on May 4. After the employees had trouble hearing Cook, he started berating them for their poor customer service, according to court records.

Cook was asked to leave, but he instead decided to park his car and go into the store. Pujols asked his coworker to call the police when Cook came inside. Prosecutors said Cook started arguing with Pujols and called him a racist slur.

Pujols came around the counter and told Cook not to say the slur again. When Cook repeated it, Pujols punched him in the jaw, court documents noted.

Cook’s autopsy showed that he had a skull fracture and brain contusions.

Monday, February 28, 2022

Melanie Larkin and her troll cohorts apparently do not understand "free speech" has its limits

Melanie Larkin's obsession with me has me laughing right now, but while she's posting lame ass videos that make me laugh, I'd like to point out that since her field of study was apparently learning how to cook and now the law, she needs a lesson in criminal statutes. 

You see, dear, dumb, Melanie, harassing people on the Internet is actually a crime. You're begging your loser friends to "leave an honest review" and tell the internet to "do their thang", but only an idiot does not know these are euphemisms to harass and annoy those you dislike for no legitimate reason. 

Oh, you can piss and moan and bitch and whine all you want. But you and your wannabe Anonymous friends must have slept through Constitution classes or you'd realize free speech has limitations in America.

From Wikipedia: "Categories of speech that are given lesser or no protection by the First Amendment (and therefore may be restricted) include obscenity, fraud, child pornography, speech integral to illegal conduct, speech that incites imminent lawless action, speech that violates intellectual property law, true threats, and commercial speech such as advertising. Defamation that causes harm to reputation is a tort and also an exception to free speech."


You can't slander others, Melanie Larkin. Calling me a child rapist when I have not been accused of, much less convicted of, rape, is slander. Similar torts include libel, defamation of character and false light statements. 

In your TikTok videos that have been taken down (but I still managed to save) you ADMIT malice, which is one of the elements of proving any of these civil torts. So, should I decide you're worth dragging to court, you've already provided me with ample evidence. You see, this blog isn't just for shits and giggles, this is also where I show that I've collected screenshots as evidence of malice. So thanks for proving a case against you. 


Since many of your cohorts (which, for all I know, is just one of your many Facebook accounts anyways) have chosen to make threatening statements against me and others, you are actually engaging in criminal acts. 

Neb. Rev. Stat. § 28-1310

Current with changes through the 2021 Special Legislative Session

Section 28-1310 - Intimidation by telephone call or electronic communication; penalty

(1) A person commits the offense of intimidation by telephone call or electronic communication if, with intent to intimidate, threaten, or harass an individual, the person telephones such individual or transmits an electronic communication directly to such individual, whether or not conversation or an electronic response ensues, and the person:

(a) Uses obscene language or suggests any obscene act;

(b) Threatens to inflict physical or mental injury to such individual or any other person or physical injury to the property of such individual or any other person; or

(c) Attempts to extort property, money, or other thing of value from such individual or any other person.

(2) The offense shall be deemed to have been committed either at the place where the call or electronic communication was initiated or where it was received.

(3) Intimidation by telephone call or electronic communication is a Class III misdemeanor.

(4) For purposes of this section, electronic communication means any writing, sound, visual image, or data of any nature that is received or transmitted by an electronic communication device as defined in section 28-833.

Neb. Rev. Stat. § 28-1310

Since WAR is based out of Missouri--


Chapter 565

  565.225.  Stalking, first degree, penalty. — 1.  As used in this section and section 565.227, the term "disturbs" shall mean to engage in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that serves no legitimate purpose and that would cause a reasonable person under the circumstances to be frightened, intimidated, or emotionally distressed.

  2.  A person commits the offense of stalking in the first degree if he or she purposely, through his or her course of conduct, disturbs or follows with the intent of disturbing another person and:

  (1)  Makes a threat communicated with the intent to cause the person who is the target of the threat to reasonably fear for his or her safety, the safety of his or her family or household member, or the safety of domestic animals or livestock as defined in section 276.606 kept at such person's residence or on such person's property.  The threat shall be against the life of, or a threat to cause physical injury to, or the kidnapping of the person, the person's family or household members, or the person's domestic animals or livestock as defined in section 276.606 kept at such person's residence or on such person's property; or

  (2)  At least one of the acts constituting the course of conduct is in violation of an order of protection and the person has received actual notice of such order; or

  (3)  At least one of the actions constituting the course of conduct is in violation of a condition of probation, parole, pretrial release, or release on bond pending appeal; or

  (4)  At any time during the course of conduct, the other person is seventeen years of age or younger and the person disturbing the other person is twenty-one years of age or older; or

  (5)  He or she has previously been found guilty of domestic assault, violation of an order of protection, or any other crime where the other person was the victim; or

  (6)  At any time during the course of conduct, the other person is a participant of the address confidentiality program under sections 589.660 to 589.681, and the person disturbing the other person knowingly accesses or attempts to access the address of the other person.

  3.  Any law enforcement officer may arrest, without a warrant, any person he or she has probable cause to believe has violated the provisions of this section.

  4.  This section shall not apply to activities of federal, state, county, or municipal law enforcement officers conducting investigations of any violation of federal, state, county, or municipal law.

  5.  The offense of stalking in the first degree is a class E felony, unless the defendant has previously been found guilty of a violation of this section or section 565.227, or any offense committed in another jurisdiction which, if committed in this state, would be chargeable or indictable as a violation of any offense listed in this section or section 565.227, or unless the victim is intentionally targeted as a law enforcement officer, as defined in section 556.061, or the victim is targeted because he or she is a relative within the second degree of consanguinity or affinity to a law enforcement officer, in which case stalking in the first degree is a class D felony.

(L. 1993 H.B. 476 & 194 § 1, A.L. 2002 S.B. 969, et al., A.L. 2008 S.B. 818 & 795, A.L. 2014 S.B. 491, A.L. 2016 H.B. 1562, A.L. 2017 S.B. 34)

-- You can get charged with a crime, and you could be arrested and extradited and let me tell you as a person who was extradicted for a crime I did not commit, you will NOT like the extradition process at all, and New York is a long ways from Nebraska, and they don't fly you here nor will you arrive in a reasonable length of time. 

You disagree with me? Good. You hate me? Good. You whine online? Even better! But, there ARE limits to what you can say or do. 

But at the end of the day, i'll keep on fighyting to ABOLISH THE REGISTRY, and there is NOTHING you or your cohorts can do about it. No amount of TikToking or trolling will EVER change that. 

PS: It took me maybe 15 minutes to type this, so if you think it took me hours to laugh at you in my last post, you're sadly mistaken. 

Threats are not speech

Melanie's associate admitting to making harassing phone calls

"Addy Lonewolf" confession part 2

Addy Lonewolf confession part 3

Melanie claimed in a now-deleted TikTok video that she only asked people to go "leave an honest review" but it seems to me that all of Melanie Larkin's dumbassed friends understand what she meant by that.

ADDENDUM 3/11/22, I've been collecting data on some of the "CrayolaSec" Anonymous group. A few are lazy enough to have posted info that reveals their identity. Basement-dewlling 'Anonymous" fucks, I don't forgive or forget, either. You should have expected me. 

Friday, February 25, 2022

TikTok th0t Melanie Larkin sends troll army to spam anti-registry Facebook page because she thinks Brock Turner's mother "likes" the page

 Ah, TikTok, the Twitter of the video world. I must be getting old but I don't see the allure of TikTok. And while it is primarily known as the place where people post poorly choreographed dance videos, it is also a place to go to spread very short clips on various topics. It has gained a very bad reputation over the years for its many controversies, including dubious "challenges" and security concerns, but it has not stopped (mostly young) people from going there in hopes of becoming the next viral sensation. 

A few days ago, Melanie Larken of Cochecton, NY, a TikToker going by "thebigbean6969", a person best described as a "TikTok Th0t" (internet parlance for a person, usually female, that attempts to garner attention by making sexually charged videos) decided for some reason to target a woman she claims was the mother of Brock Turner, and discovered this woman "liked" the Women Against Registry's Facebook page. So this person with beans for brains decided that WAR was merely a front for Brock Turner's mom, so she raised the virtual torch-and-pitchfork mob on her TikTok page, which up to this point was comprised mostly of material like this:

I hope for her boyfriend's sake she is over age 18. If she's 17 or under, she committed a registerable sex offense. At least she admits her TikTok page is LOW QUALITY CONTENT. It is probably the only truthful statement on her entire shitty page. 

TheBigBimbo6969 then commanded the army of TikTokers to spam the page:

Of course, out of the roughly 2.1 million views this video has reeived, maybe a couple dozen people tops spammed the WAR FB page with Brock Turner memes. No one there knew why at first but one useful idiot posted the video link to TheBeansForBrains6969 account and it all made as much sense as you can make from blatantly manufactured outrage. 

I suspect TikTok inflates their view counts. But again, I digress. 

As you can expect, however, the few idiots who decided to answer the virtual hue and cry were far from intellectual giants:

It is amazing how many people who claim they are against rape respond to a comment they don't like with "I hope you get raped." (Or should I say R-lambda-e-three-D). 

It seems the only legal case the TikTok trolls know is the infamous case of Pot v. Kettle:

It was only a matter of time for TheBraindeadBean6969 decided to go after other anti-registry activists as well as well, calling her "army" of TikTok fuckwits. (And by "army" it is maybe a handful of bored trolls.) 

Of course, most of this was promptly deleted. TikTok may suck but it seems they take cyberbullying seriously enough to take down videos, as TheBigBrainless posted three videos of me that were reported and taken down within a couple of hours after reported. 

Out of all the trolls I've posted here, "thebigbean6969" and those who answered her call to arms rank among the dumbest people I've ever seen. This is one of the dumbest reasons to engage in cyberterrorism. Essentially, her beef with WAR is simply because someone she dislikes simply chose to like a page. It is the silliest reason of all, quite frankly. As an associate of mine put it, it is the old "Hitler Ate Sugar" fallacy. 

But her followers are even dumber because they saw a 45 second TikTok video and did nother to fact-check anything before coming in to make stupid comments. 

I imagine how much it hurts to spend hours shitposting on someone's page only for all that work to be deleted in a couple of quick clicks, BTW.

She's mostly just looking for cheap clicks because some people measure their pathetic lives by the number of views, likes, subscribers, or whatever else boosts online personality egos these days. On her Twitter page, her sole comment was in reponse to an online vigilante video. She's a real winner. 

You know what is dumber than a TikTokm th0t? A person who watches a 45 second TikTok video by said th0t and spams a page because some bimbo told you to do it. 

Of course, Melanie is too stupid to realize that very few people answered her virtual hue-and-cry, and the few that did were promptly deleted as spam. I love to think about all that time wasted spamming a Facebook page when it takes less than 15 seconds to ban someone from a Facebook page :)

Of course, Melanie Larkin is such a dumb zoomer, she doesn't understand that making derogatory and intentionally misleading videos and calling upon her friends and TikTok dumbasses to spam the page with "honest reviews" and begging her loser cronies to "do your thang" is the literal definition of trolling and cyberharassment. 

Perhaps even loonier, Melanie Larkin, or one of her idiot friends, actually tried making the following demands from WAR:

  1. Rebrand your organization 
  2. Redirect your approach
  3. Replace Vicki as the face of the organization
In other words, stop existing. Fuck that shit, and fuck you, Melanie Larkin. 

In conclusion. Melanie Larkin a complete fucktard, and her blind sheep followers are even dumber. Fuck her and her piece of shit friends. And after they finally tire of crying on the Internet because they got ignored, I'll still be here exposing losers like them abnd fighting the registry. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

One Shoalanda Speaks troll has been identified as Bette Favor Terry

I remember back in 2010 trying to file a police report with the Sheffield PD about Shoalanda when she pushed a pic of me and my ex-wife and made a threatening comment on her blog and it was ignored. Fast forward nearly 12 years, and an officer at the Sheffield PD exposed a member of Shoalanda Speaks because of the blog's negative portrayal of his work:

Since this man has asked people to share this, I am sharing this here because exposing any member of Shoalanda Speaks is relevant. And since this was posted by a member of law enforcement, it does make this info far more likely to be accurate than not. 

So it seems that Ms. Terry has a felony conviction herself. So if she is indeed a Shoalands blogger, it seems like a case of classic projection. 

Bette Favor Terry puckering up to kiss my ass

Based on the comments, it seems the Shoalanda blog isn't as popular as some may think:

"That blog is toxic and pisses me off"

"I can't stand her blog, I don't even read it anymore because I haven't read a single truthful thing in all the years I've seen it. It's literally gossip and hate speech."

"I found it, have no idea what kind of craziness rabbit hole it was."

"you def know my disgust for this pathetic blog. I cannot wait for justice to be served one day! In the meantime, let’s alllll remember that Ms. Bette is NOT the only pathetic soul involved in this blog. I often wonder what makes someone so angry that they would defame the character of their fellow man. Tragic."

"She said terrible things ab a friend that died in an ATV accident and ran his name through the mud on her page. She’s trash and I cannot wait until her day comes."

"And just think, this terrible woman is a nurse"

"F*** her! Don't worry about anything that pos says about you."

"I shared this about a year ago because she had stuff to say about me and my daughter and she blocked me, and kept talking about me. Others showed me what she was saying about you but, people who know you like I do, know to look over it, shows she’s a piece of shit to have the nerve to speak on your name after all you’ve went thru. She isn’t worth the attention she gets"

"Shoalanda speaks is nothing but trash."

"I don’t put one thought into what she writes. It’s all garbage. Only people who do are gossips who are so miserable in their in lives they feel better about themselves when they make others look bad. Or just need a hobby. Not that this changes much but I’ve been told she only writes a little or what she actually posts. She takes submissions from randos and publishes them. I think your reputation speaks for itself and anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t know you or just likes drama. Keep doing you."

"I’m afraid she’s not the only one who writes that. It’s a group of people that all use the same page to write under. There are many “sholandas” and they are all afraid to say those things without the Facebook page and website to hide behind."

This means only one troll has been outed. Hopefully, more will be exposed soon. 

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Tonight's dinner for my haters-- a generous serving of CROW

For three long years, I've had to endure attacks on my character as I faced false allegations of theft over 1100 miles from my home. I was not allowed to publicly discuss the details of the case. But last week, the prosecutor filed for case nolle prosequi (i.e., declining to prosecute) because they knew I was innocent and had no chance whatsoever of pinning a false allegation against me. 

First on the list of haters is Shoalanda Speaks, the NW Alabama wannabe crime blofg written by complete tools who only got their criminal justice education from SVU reruns. They've reluctantly issued a detraction, calling me "lucky" and suggesting my innocence was merely a "technicality." 

It seems "Lucky Larry", aka, the Stalker Wall guy, was so depresssed that he lost his one big talking point that he has set his shit blog to 'private" and temporarily removed the info off his other stalker websites:

Now i'm just waiting for an apology from twice-convicted registrant Charles Michael Segaloff, aka Michael McKay aka "Registry Report," and Dwayne Daughtery from NARSOL, to issue public apologies for using my false arrest as a way to attack me, make lies about me, and lobby others to withdraw support for OnceFallen. 

And, here are some delicious crow recipes for all my haters. Bon Appetit!

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

"Shoalanda Speaks" alter-ego "Nick Ireland" is the My Pillow Guy of Crime Bloggers

Shoalanda Speaks is so obsessed with Derek Logue that she/he/it had taken to publishing falsehoods under a new screen name, "Nick Ireland." For the sake of those who never heard of Shoalanda Speaks, this blog is (supposedly) a "collection" of crime writers that write specifically about Northwest Alabama, primarily the "Quad Cities" of Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, Tuscumbia, and Florence. It is a small, isolated quasi-metropolitan area that consists of four communities with varying populations between 10000 and 50000. It lacks public transportation and is not connected to an Interstate road. In fact, it nearly lost it's "metropolitan area" status altogether if not for some lobbying by local politicians. There is literally nothing special about this isolated collection of communities, unless you want to see a couple of studioos where some faded singers from the 1970s once recorded an album or two. It is a boring cesspool where the old southerners fight to prevent progress. 

In this part of the country, the uneducated hillbillies that largely populate these communities sit around watching reality TV and trash TV shows like Jerry Springer when they aren't busy getting drunk/high or going to family reunions to meet their next lovers. So it is no surprise that a boting, backwater shithole loves their local crime blogs like Shoalanda Speaks. But despite the claim Shoalanda Speaks is a "group" of writers, it is most likely one braindead fucknut writing it all under many aliases. Even the Shoalanda Speaks page stated, "This is a we(blog) featuring editorial opinion on Shoals issues--not an exercise in journalism." In other words, take what's written there with a grain of salt. 

Shoalanda Speaks claims there is a "well-known" crime blogger and a "noted Souther criminologist" named "Nick Ireland" from Huntsville, Alabama. He's so famous that not even a Google search can find him. In fact, this name had previously only popped up once on a sister blog of Shoalanda's called "Shoals Crime" in a very brief discussion of some local interest story in 2016, then resurrected the character in 2021. (There IOs a "Nick Ireland in Huntsville, AL, but he's a youth pastor, not a crime writer.)

I always wonder what celebrities think when they see themselves on the cover of some gossip rag with a story about them that is obviously a load of bullshit. Well, my reaction is mostly point and laugh at their stupidity, but I also recopgnize that the average reader of crime blogs like Shoalanda Speaks because the blog appeals to the horse-paste lickers of the US. 

The Shoalanda Speaks writer using the Nick Ireland persona began her latest personal attack on anti-registry activist Derek Logue by referring to him as a "Franklin County native." The definition of "native" means, "A person born in a specified place or associated with a place by birth, whether subsequently resident there or not." (Oxford Languages) Well, you'd think someone who fancies himself a writer could get something as simple as a birthplace correct, but not Nick Ireland, who did not even get the correct state, much less the correct county. This is not going well for "Nick Ireland" and his "conducting research." LOL

Speaking of Nick Ireland's "research," one would think a crime blogger would understand the basics of the criminal justice system. "Nick Ireland's" lack of insight into the Broward Co FL courts. "Nick Ireland" reports "four" years of delays (ignoring the courts have a pandemic-related backlog, and it hasn't even been three years). He also claims the alibi is "flimsy" basing his argument solely on the claim anyone can use another person's credit card, while ignoring other evidence. I would love to hear Lil Nicky's excuses for the HD video taken by the car lot show a different person than Derek Logue, or the fact multiple people can testify that Mr. Logue was 1100 miles away the same day of the crime, or that the police failed to follow up with the owner of the vehicle who lives in Homestead FL because the police were too busy trying to pin a crime on Mr Logue because the Books had influenced the investigation. I can't blame Nick the Prick here for not understanding the full case since he doesn't have access to the depositions and the discovery evidence. But it doesn't matter, because "Nick Ireland's" intent is not to report, but to distort. That is literally the only thing this troll is ever good at doing. 

"Nick Ireland" seems to have a problem with math. Hey "Nick," what is 2019+4? The answer is 2023, not 2021. Nick Ireland has lousy math skills. Do they not teach basic math in North Alabama? At any rate, it is hilarious that the claims by "Nick Ireland" sound suspiciously like the claims of a certain troll employed by Shoalanda Speaks. 

Next, "Nick Ireland" makes the following blatantly false statement-- "A new informant has come forward accusing Derek of sex acts with an eight year-old girl around the same time he was arrested for First Degree Sexual Abuse of an 11 year-old." Yet, there's no record ANYWHERE of these claims, and that ids because it was completely made up. A couple of years ago, Shoalanda's "informant," a particularly stupid and nasty troll that goes by many names but often settles on "Lucky Larry," made the false claim in a couple of personal attacks, so he's hoping that a lie repeated enough will now someday catch on the same way Encyclopedia Dramatica had spread the lie that Mr. Logue was a "child rapist" years ago. 

Also, 'Nick Ireland" also makes a weird claim that Mr. Logue was sent to a certain facility for mental illness. "Nick" certainly loves to play fast and loose with the facts since Mr. Logue wasn't sent to the place Lil' Nicky has claimed. 

Nick Ireland is essentially the Mike Lindell of Crime Bloggers. 

Lindell had boasted for most of 2021 that he had irrefutable proof of election fraud. Of course, Lindell's supposed proof of widespread election fraud was, as one cybersecurity expert stated, "a turd...And I had to take that turd and turn it into a diamond." 

And so Shoalanda Speaks, which has engaged in over 11 full years of cyberstalking against Mr. Logue, was handed a turd from this "Nick Ireland" and polished it in hopes to turn it into a diamond. But as this blog has reported multiple times, Shoalanda is willing to publish leads from criminals, dope fiends, and other people of dubious character, even working with a person arrested twice for sexual offenses. 

So Shoalanda is the "Frank Speech" of Crime Blogs. Poor research and poor writing plague this shitty backwater hick blog. But just as My Pillow Guy admitted he's not a cybersecurity expert and just sells pillows, Shoalanda admitted the blog is "not an exercise in journalism." What does Shoalanda sell? See for yourself...

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Ex-Shoalanda Speaks blogger is now a criminal

Lock the rest of them up while they're at it! While TROLLANDA is stalking a Registered Person who has never relapsed, the troll group instead took in a dope fiend, which have far higher reoffense rates. So this representative of TROLLanda Spews is not just a criminal but a recidivist. This TROLLanda group sure can pick'em!


"Over the years, we've had many bloggers come and go. Some we knew personally, others were just a name, if even that. Many we've lost track of, and "Dale" was one of them.

Dale first began sending us private messages about various problems, usually involving drugs. At one time, this young man had been an addict, but had sobered up, married, and started a family. Life was good for him.

Dale then asked if he could write for us. We were happy to have him on our team, and he chose the pen name "Jasper Black." Most of his blogs involved the drug scene and problems related to it. All were well written and interesting.

Then we didn't hear from Dale for a while, at least until we saw his arrest in news reports. He had committed an act of domestic violence after relapsing. Then he made the local news in a huge way with an even bigger assault case. Dale was off the rails.

He finally contacted us. He had lost his wife, family, home, and job. Was there some way in which we could help make these reports go away? Was there some way we could help him get it all back? We offered to assist in what few ways we could, but no one but God could have restored Dale's life. It was up to him now to make a better one.

Then we began to see arrest reports in which Dale was accused of theft. We tried to contact him, but he didn't reply to our messages. Our only information concerning our former blogger came from arrest reports. The last was in July.

Then the FPD broke up a homeless camp in East Florence. Was Dale one of transients forced to look for a new refuge? That we don't know, but we do know that at that time people began to see him in North Florence breaking into apartment complexes and scouring through garbage and roadside trash. It wasn't a pretty sight. 

We understand that the police are looking for Dale. We have no idea what the next report of him will bring. Would one of Chief Ron Tyler's highly touted "case managers" help Dale? He's not mentally ill, per se. He's educated. He knows what it takes to make a good life. He simply won't do it.

Unfortunately, Dale is the poster boy representing many of the Florence homeless.

Friday, November 5, 2021

Scumbag Kyle P. Swanson of KTS Predator Hunters gets off with a slap on the wrist

I wonder if this dipshit prosecutor gives the same consideration to any other first time offender besides this SOB. Seriously, 20 hours of community service for two felonies? 

Law enforcement turns a blind eye to crimes committed against people merely accused of a sexual offense, which encourages scum like Swanson. Vigilantes are emboldened by stories like this because they know even if the police arrest them, the prosecutor won't try hard to convict. 

I can only hope at this point that Swanson decides to bully the wrong person and gets a dose of his own medicine.

Swanson receives deferred prosecution

Ron DeBrock

Nov. 4, 2021

EDWARDSVILLE — Kyle P. Swanson, the former head of KTS (Keep Them Safe) Predator Hunters, LLC, has entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with the Madison County State’s Attorney’s office.

Begun in 2019, the group was known for independent sting operations where they would confront and record people they accused of attempting to meet up with under-aged victims.

On May 6, Swanson, 31, of Wood River, was indicted for unlawful restraint and obstructing justice, both Class 4 felonies, and assault, a Class C misdemeanor, stemming from a Jan. 12 incident. One month later, KTS Predator Hunters announced it was ending its work.

Last week Swanson, a veteran, entered into the deferred prosecution agreement with Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Haine. Now living in Fort Worth, Texas, Swanson agreed to discontinue any predator sex stings in Madison County. Prosecutors agreed to dismiss the case against Swanson, but reserved the right to reinstate the case if he does not meet the terms of the agreement.

“It is the policy of this office to give first-time offenders, especially those with honorable military service, due consideration in the disposition of cases,” Haine said. “We seek to balance the demands of justice with a culture of second chances.”

The agreement states it is in the best interest that Swanson “obtain employment and lead a law-abiding life from this day forward.”

Swanson also agreed to participate in 20 hours of community service, to provide proof of treatment for his self-disclosed post-traumatic stress disorder, and to cooperate with any investigations or pending criminal cases concerning his “sting” operations in Madison County, including providing all digital evidence if requested.

Madison County officials had been at odds with KTS Predator Hunters over its methods. At least one lawsuit had been filed against the group after the subject of one of their operations lost his job.

Court documents state that, on Jan. 12, Swanson detained and threatened a man he “enticed” into his vehicle, and then tried to destroy evidence in the form of cell phone videos. Swanson posted a $40,000 bond and was released.

In July 2020 KTS Predator Hunters and the Madison County Sheriff’s Department became involved in a dispute over an incident in a Walgreens parking lot. Both Alton and Madison County law enforcement officials said they received either no or haphazard information prior to the actual incident.

KTS Predator Hunters was credited with helping expose potential pedophiles. Group members would converse online with men who thought they were chatting with underage girls and, eventually, arrange face-to-face meetings during which suspects would be met by law enforcement officials instead of teenagers — many times while KTS taped or live-streamed the meeting for its 40,000-plus followers.

At one point Swanson had posted on the group’s Facebook page that he planned to run as a write-in for Madison County Sheriff in 2022.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

My personal stalker tries to distance himself from QAnon while still promoting QAnon

It seems my personal stalker has been released from the loony bin after a 3 month hiatus and has returned to leaving his Q Droppings on my blogs and over at FAC again. But his latest spiel, he tries instead to tie my to the kooky QAnon conspiracy:

But "Lucky Larry" the troll posts the hashtag 'SaveOurChildren," which is a QAnon hashtag:

So which is it? Do you stand with QAnon or not? Pick a side already. Are you  "Ridin' with Biden" or are you all aboard the "Trump Train?" Or are you a third party guy/gal/creature? Whatever the case, at least try to be consistent. Your stupidity is showing!

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Vigilantes who target child abusers often ‘commit offences themselves’

"Across the Pond" (as the British like to say), there is a very similar problem with vigilantes. According to this brief article, many vigilantes commit crimes during their vigilante actions, and vigilante groups attract domestic abusers and others with a lack of volitionakl control. Much of that behavior can be seen in the people profiled here over the years.

UK police have voiced major concerns about the activities of socalled paedophile hunters who attempt to entrap potential child sex offenders without the help of authorities.

According to the BBC, such vigiliante groups often contain members who set up fake profiles on social media, purportedly belonging to teenagers, and wait for adults to contact them.

The broadcaster says that once contact has been made they will then “confront the suspect, usually filming the operation, before handing their evidence to the police”.

This week Dan Vajzovic, of the National Police Chiefs' Council, warned against this form of activism. He claimed hunters “often divert police resources away from other offenders and often commit offences themselves during their operations”, including “extortion, blackmail and exhibiting violence against those that they are targeting”.

According to ITV News, some police “fear that the groups’ actions could interfere with surveillance operations, while the evidence they gather may not be of a high enough standard to use for prosecution” anyway.

Former police chief Jim Gamble told the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in early 2018 that “masquerading as a child online should become a criminal offence to deter vigilante stings”.  He also told The Telegraph this summer that such groups “attract people with domestic abuse records and coercive control. They give people the opportunity to reinvent themselves as a good person and create this status, to build a Facebook or a Twitter following.” 

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) said that while it had “sympathy” for those who target suspected abusers, protecting children was its “ultimate priority”.

“If someone has concerns about child safety the best way they can help is to alert the police,” the society warned.

But Paddy Tipping, the police and crime commissioner for Nottinghamshire, said in April last year that police in his area should try to form “better relationships” with vigilante groups.  A recent freedom of information request filed by the BBC has shown that last year prosecutors used evidence by so-called paedophile hunters in more than 250 cases against suspected abusers.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Would be vigilante tries to play superhero, but unlike Superman, the bullets don't bounce off him

 People have applauded the actions of people claiming to have killed someone they caught in the act of committing a sex offense, and oftentimes, these accusations are not investigations. Of course, we don't know if that's the truth or an excuse to murder someone. We'll never know since there was never a full investigation of the event. 

So now, everyone things they can be a hero by accusing and attacking someone. In this instance, the would be vigilante got killed for his efforts. 

Leave the investigation to the cops or end up on a pine box. Choice is yours, vigi-scum!

Man shot and killed after accusing gunman’s brother of “fondling” his family member, SCSO says

October 10, 2021 at 3:33 pm CDT

By News Staff

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An argument over sexual misconduct left one man dead Saturday night in southwest Shelby County, according to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

SCSO said that Maurice Walker was found shot to death at 5075 Blacksmith Drive around 5:50 p.m. Saturday night.

Throughout the course of their investigation, Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputies laid out an account of what they believed happened, leading to Walker’s death.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said that Walker was driving home when he pulled over and confronted 26-year-old Denorius Butler.

Butler, 26, is charged with second-degree murder and other crimes. (SCSO)

Walker and Butler began arguing over a previous incident, in which Butler’s brother was accused of fondling a family member of Walker’s, the sheriff’s office said, leading Butler and other gunmen to open fire.

Butler and the gunmen fired dozens of rounds, hitting and killing Walker as well as striking several nearby cars and homes, according to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

Walker’s brother dragged him behind a car and returned fire, the sheriff’s office said, as Butler handed off his gun and ran inside.

Butler and Walker’s brother were taken in for questioning and Butler was charged with attempted second-degree murder.

Upon a search of Butler’s house, deputies also reported finding a total of 133.2 grams of marijuana.

Monday, October 4, 2021

There is still nothing lower than an "Anti"

I had a recent discussion with a fellow longtime anti-registry activist, and we were discussing the group that originally inspired this blog. AZUnites was originally created as a parody of a group of wannabe vigilantes called Absolute Zero United, a group abandoned eight years ago. This blog outlasted the original AZU. 

I do not know exactly why they abandoned AZU, nor do I really care. Goodbye and good riddance. However, I believe they quit after realizing insults and threats and lame attempts at sabotaging the anti-registry groups were not working. They gave up and quit.

They used to call themselves the "Antis." They claimed it was short for "Anti-Pedophile" but in reality, they were simply ANTI-SOCIAL. One early article written by a former volunteer wrote a post stating there is nothing lower than an Anti. This triggered the group of these Antis, much to my delight.

Absolute Zero United members may have abandoned their trashy blog and moved onto other things, but there are other "Antis" out there even if they do not use the moniker. 

Absolute Zero and their parent organization, Perverted Justice, are no more. Those who replaced them are no more, either, like Valerie Parkhurst or the Anonymous factions like LulzSec or Death Eaters or whatever Harry Potter trash they blatantly ripped off. Or, existing groups like No Peace For Predators have shifted focus to propagating batshit crazy right winger crackpot conspiracies like QAnon.

There is still one persistent little turd out there, though, who has tried hard to carry on the pathetic legacy of the Antis. It reminds me of a promo WWE wrestler Shawn Michaels made against fellow wrestler Owen Hart back in the 1990s; Shawn Michaels and HHH compared Owen Hart to the last nugget of shit that wont quite flush down the toilet, since he was the last Hart family member left in the WWE at the time. The troll who sometimes calls himself "Lucky" Larry Lynch, or at other times, a parody of my name, a family member's name, or of someone I once knew, this person is the equivalent of that unflappable nugget of excrement. 

An Anti is still an Anti, and there is still no lower life form than a person who could be labeled an Anti. The persistence of the little nugget that refers to himself as "Lucky Larry" is living, unflushable proof that statement holds true today. 

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Ex-Ohio Correctional Officer Garrett Osbon bragged in text messages and social media he helped paralyze a "cho"

Garrett Osbon epitomizes the expession, "If you want to see the scum of the earth, go to any prison and wait for the shift to change." Hopefully soon he'll be an inmate in the very prison he once worked, along with his patners in crime.

Ohio prison guards tackled and then repeatedly dropped a handcuffed 20-year-old man, leaving him paralyzed

Laura A. Bischoff

The Columbus Dispatch

Seth Fletcher, 21, suffered a spinal cord injury when state prison guards tackled, handcuffed and dropped him at Chillicothe Correctional Institution. He is now paralyzed from the chest down.

Guards at Chillicothe Correctional Institution tackled and then dropped a handcuffed 20-year-old man on his face over and over and failed to take seriously his complaint that he couldn't feel or move his legs.

Seth Fletcher is now paralyzed from the chest down.

But no one was charged with a crime – even after a guard bragged about paralyzing Fletcher on social media and in text messages.

Earlier this year, the Ross County prosecutor's office declined to bring criminal charges in the case. After an inquiry by the USA TODAY Network Ohio bureau, Prosecutor Jeffrey Marks said he will review the recently released Department of Rehabilitation and Correction investigation for any new evidence. 

Lawyer: 'Most horrific case I've seen' of law enforcement misconduct

Within days of his injury, Fletcher hired a team of lawyers and filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court. That case is pending.

"It is probably the most horrific case I've seen and I've been litigating police misconduct cases for 20 years," said Fletcher's attorney, James J. Harrington IV of Fieger Law in Michigan.

Due to pending litigation, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction officials declined comment about Fletcher.

Inmate death:Prison cameras show handcuffed Columbus man tackled, pushed to the ground multiple times by corrections officers

A year after Fletcher was injured, the state prisons department fired three people and gave a one-day working suspension to two staff members involved. Additionally, six others resigned and one lieutenant took medical retirement.

State investigations paint vivid details

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction released its 239-page internal investigation in response to a public records request submitted by USA TODAY Network Ohio Bureau. Likewise, the Ohio Highway Patrol released its 29-page investigation report in response to a records request. Here is an account of what happened according to those records.

During a strip search on April 3, 2020, guards caught Fletcher with a cigarette they suspected was laced with drugs. They handcuffed him and took him to the medical clinic shortly after 6 p.m.

The trouble started during the escort from the clinic to the segregated housing unit.

Corrections Officer Christopher Coy said Fletcher tried to pull away from him. When Coy failed to take Fletcher down with a leg sweep, he tackled the 5-foot-9-inch handcuffed man to the ground. 

Fletcher said he knew right away something was terribly wrong: He couldn't move his legs and his neck hurt.

Guards picked him up, facing down, by his arms and legs and carried him back to the clinic. Nurse Krista Wooten patted his back and neck and decided Fletcher was okay to be taken back to the segregation unit.

Again, face down and handcuffed, guards carried Fletcher by his arms and legs through the yard, dropping him along the way. Staff brought out a backboard to finish the trek to the segregated housing unit, where cameras were inoperable that day.

Other guards dropped him on his face again before depositing him on a bed in a suicide watch cell. His right arm hung limply over the side of the bed. Fletcher repeatedly said, "I can't move, where am I at?"

Fletcher asked for water. Guards poured it on his face. 

When Acting Capt. Ta-Rance White checked on him at 2:22 a.m., Fletcher told him he couldn't move. But White didn't take action. It wasn't until psychologist Eric Anderson visited him at 9:49 a.m. that medical help was summoned. He underwent emergency spinal surgery at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center.

During an interview with the patrol investigators, a corrections officer admitted that he poured water into Fletcher's mouth but some went up his nose. 

Garrett Osbon, who resigned from his corrections officer job, said in text messages and on Facebook: "we also water boarded him LMAO" and "I broke a dudes nose today, yeah this was not reported, there was way too much blood so I mopped it up."

The patrol report referenced the Facebook postings. Fletcher's attorney released copies of Osbon's text messages he obtained through the lawsuit.

Osbon's bragging in text messages continued after Fletcher was taken to Ohio State Medical Center: "the dude I broke his nose is now paralyzed with a broken neck, and they say his face looks like he had been dropped and dragged through concrete, LMAO" and "It feels good to know that I played a small part in paralyzing a cho, LMAO."

"Cho" or "cho mo" is prison slang for child molester.

Fletcher was sentenced in Fulton County to two years in prison for pandering sexually-oriented material involving minors. Fletcher's attorneys said the offense involved a consensually made videotape with his girlfriend, who was a couple of years younger than Fletcher. Fletcher entered prison at age 18.

'Nobody deserves this'

Fletcher filed his federal civil rights case against two dozen Ohio prison security and nursing staff members on April 15, 2020. The Ohio Attorney General's office, which represents state agencies and employees in their official capacity, asked the court for permission to withdraw as counsel for nurse Wooten, Lt. Randolph Hester and three corrections officers who were working in the segregation housing unit: Summer Alley, Daniel Lambert and Osbon.

Lambert and Osbon resigned before the investigations concluded.

Fletcher, who is on parole and living in an Alliance-area nursing home, is a permanent quadriplegic confined to a wheelchair, Harrington said. He is now 21 years old.

"It's been very hard. It's been a struggle," said April Jacobsen, Fletcher's mother. "My son has a lot of health conditions because of this situation. It's been very costly, very expensive to just go see him."

Jacobsen said she makes the four-hour one-way trip between her home in Bryan to the nursing home once a month and she raided her 401(k) and used her stimulus to begin remodeling her house to make it wheelchair accessible so she can eventually care for him there.

Fletcher is able to talk, turn his head and lift his arms up and down. But activities he used to love, like playing guitar or mowing the lawn, are a distant memory.

"The last time I visited him, all he talked about was running. He just wanted to get up and run," she said.

Jacobsen said she wants money for her son's ongoing care and she wants the corrections officers responsible for the injury to pay.  "Nobody deserves this to happen to them."

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Elk Grove (CA) police say they discourage vigilante behavior while arrsting a person entrapped by online vigilante scum

 If you are against vigilantes, why use their dubious evidence for an arrest?

YouTube host leads police to arrest suspected sex offender in EG

By Cameron Macdonald - Citizen News Editor Aug 18, 2021 Updated Aug 18, 2021 

The Elk Grove police on Aug. 11 arrested a 20-year-old man who allegedly visited Morse Community Park to have a sexual encounter with a minor in a restroom.

“Ghost,” who is a YouTube channel host and the anonymous leader of an self-described movement called, Creep Catching (CC) Unit, announced that their decoy operation led authorities to arrest Timothy Brock of Elk Grove.

CC Unit targets sexual predators online and then releases their video-recorded confrontations with them on YouTube. They also submit evidence to law enforcement in order to have the suspects arrested. The CC Unit in June reportedly led authorities to arrest a suspected sex offender in Roseville.

“The mission is to expose adults who prey on children,” Ghost told the Citizen about the CC Unit’s work. “Get these adults arrested and convicted for their crimes. Change laws to where predators get harsher punishments for their crimes against children.”

During the Elk Grove incident, the CC Unit confronted Brock at Morse Park before the police arrived. Ghost said that he then gave officers the text messages and online chats between the suspect and the decoy who posed as a 13-year-old boy.

“He was on our radar for four months,” he told the Citizen about the suspect.

Brock was arrested on felony charges of communicating with a minor to commit sex offenses, meeting with a minor for purposes of lewd behavior, and attempting to possess obscene matter of a minor in a sexual act. He is currently being held in the Sacramento County Main Jail on a $100,000 bail, according to jail records. Brock is also reportedly scheduled for a settlement conference at the Sacramento Superior Court on Aug. 25.

Elk Grove police spokesperson Hannah Gray confirmed that officers responded to the call at Morse Park and they took the suspect into custody.

“However, we highly discourage this type of activity, due to the propensity for danger,” she said about private groups targeting suspected criminals.

Gray added that her agency advises people to instead contact law enforcement to report any possible or known crimes. She mentioned the work of the Sacramento Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, which targets sexual predators online.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Comment in Denver Post article provides evidence that so-called "Predator Hunters" are not in it to protect the kids

Years ago, members of Perveryted Justice had admitted they were motivated by, as the put it, "the lulz" (i.e., fun, laughter, or amusement, especially that derived at another's expense, a term that hit its peak usage in the late 2000s). Not much has really changed. Modern "predator hunters" are primarily in it for the fame and for the fun of bullying people. 

The Denver Post article featuring yet another group of Internet Vigilante thugs, this one named "Colorado Ped Patrol", is trying to lure an adult looking for a casual encounter. the Post adds the following:

"On this day, the man chatting with (Celeste) Hilton sent a flurry of text messages, many of them vile, about his plans for her. He told Hilton via text that he would drive from Colorado Springs to meet her at a park in Lakewood.

“I give them multiple outs. I don’t just tell them I’m 13 once. I tell them multiple times I’m 13,” she said.

This man takes the out.

Just as (Tommy) Fellows and Hilton were packing their gear for the meetup, the man texted that he wasn’t coming. His message said he was only role-playing and needed someone older than 18.

The excitement evaporated.

“That’s a bummer,” Fellows said."

The reaction to a person who says he has no desire to meet with a 13 year old should be a relief if you truly believe your goal is "protecting children." Instead, Tommy Fellows is "bummed". Why? At least partly because of money:

"When Fellows goes live on his YouTube channel, people immediately tune in. The comments, most of them cheering Fellows on, pour in. He often responds to them as he is confronting a predator, thanking them for their donations and support. People also pay between $4.99 and $19.99 a month to support his mission and receive exclusive video content."

Colorado Ped Patrol is in it for the fun and the money. These groups are simply bullies that found a way to be allowed to ply their trade in a way that gets cheers and beer money. 

The Colorado Springs PD decided not to entertain Fellows. Fellows told KRDO 13, "They’ve never come out like that and said we’re not going to take care of any of your shenanigans." (In the video interview, healso claims his motivation ids because his kid was molested.) Any excuse to try to justify his behavior huh?

As noted by KRDO 13:

CSPD lieutenant James Sokolik says groups like Colorado Ped Patrol are dangerous.

"If you have contacted somebody who is now fearful they are going to be held responsible for a criminal act, there is that potential you could get hurt," Sokolik added.

Sokolik says it's important to note that people like Fellows aren’t police-trained interviewers, and there’s a chance his videos wouldn’t hold up a courtroom.

But Woodland Park Police and CSPD fall under the same district attorney’s office.

"I certainly can’t speak to what Woodland Park [police] did or didn’t do, what information they had ahead of time, or any of that," Sokolik said. "So these are very much different things."

Fellows though, thinks his group is doing important work, and that they are doing the work police agencies, like CSPD, should be doing.

"If they could have got it— well they would have never ran into the guy. That’s the problem, there’s not enough of them out there," Fellows added.

"That would be a ridiculous assumption," Sokolik said. "This is not a competition, that somebody has beat us to it. Somebody would have to have probable cause to affect a lawful arrest, and that’s not given to us by somebody saying 'I had a conversation online.'”

These groups should be outlawed, and Fellows and his cohorts should be locked up.