Saturday, December 23, 2023

Anderson IN vigilante Adam Kinnard was surprised he was being arrested for arson after setting fires at the homes of Registered Persons

This is the face of someone who does not understand a lot of things. Maybe he fried his brain with drugs like Patrick Drum had done. If this was Ohio, he'd be on an arsonist's registry.

Anderson arsonist told police he targeted child molesters’ homes, court docs reveal

Matt Christy, Fox 59, 12/21/23

ANDERSON, Ind. — Court documents reveal that an Anderson man didn’t understand why he was being arrested for arson after setting fire to porches, sheds and even an RV. The man reportedly admitted to setting the fires but told police he’d been targeting the homes of child molesters who were “out on the street.”

Adam Kinnard, 33, was arrested on Tuesday morning after an RV was found engulfed in flames behind a home on Fletcher Street. Police said Kinnard was spotted by officers — who had been patrolling the area due to numerous recent arsons — walking out from behind a home on Fletcher Street right before the fire was spotted. Kinnard was reportedly acting “evasive and erratic” after he spotted the police officer’s vehicle.

According to court documents, numerous fires had been set in close proximity to each other in Anderson on Tuesday morning. Shortly after 5 a.m., firefighters were called to a structure fire in the 2100 block of Sheridan Street where a detached garage was found engulfed in flames. Roughly an hour later, a shed was found burning in the 2400 block of Chase Street, the fire spreading to a neighboring garage as well. Two hours after that, a back porch was found on fire in the 1900 block of Central Avenue.

A police officer was still in the area of Central Avenue when Kinnard was spotted wearing a tan Carhart jacket and plaid pajama pants walking out from behind a house in the 1700 block of Fletcher Street. He reportedly turned down an alley and dunked behind houses after spotting the officer.

A school bus driver then flagged down the officer and reported the fire behind a home in the 1700 block of Fletcher Street, where the burning RV was found.

After being detained by officers, Kinnard denied setting any fires and claimed to just be walking to the library, court documents detail. Police said Kinnard had two Bic lighters and one orange butane lighter on his person. He did not have any cigarettes, despite claiming he had the lighters for smoking, and police noted small burn marks on his pajama pants.

After being confronted with video evidence that showed him in the area of some of the recent arsons, Kinnard reportedly became “upset and belligerent.”

When told he was being placed under arrest, Kinnard reportedly jumped up and “positioned his body as if he was going to hit (the investigator),” police wrote in their report. After being handcuffed, Kinnard began shouting about how he set the fires because child molesters lived in those homes.

Court documents detail that Kinnard told investigators that “he was tired of all the child molesters that were out on the street” and that he had used his cell phone to research where sex offenders were registered and then targeted these reported sex offenders by setting fires on their property.

Court documents reveal that several of the residences where fires were set were registered as having sex offenders residing at those locations.

Kinnard was arrested on four preliminary charges of arson as a Level 4 felony.

If officially charged and convicted, Kinndard could face up to 12 years in prison.

--He should've been denied bail but got only a $25k bond. 

He's had brushes with the law before. 

In 2016, "Madison County sheriff’s deputies arrested Adam Neale Kinnard, 26, 1900 block of Central Avenue, Anderson, at 9:51 a.m. Tuesday. A $5,000 bond was set on Level 6 failure to return to lawful detention, and no bond was set on Class C felony violation of work release."

In 2017, "Madison County deputies arrested Adam Neale Kinnard, 27, 1900 block of Central Avenue, Anderson, at 2:19 a.m. Monday. No bond was set on violation of Mental Health Court on a Class C felony, two counts of violation of mental health court on Level 6 felonies, and Class A misdemeanor invasion of privacy."

Other searches from IN Court records and incarceration records searches have an Adam N Kinnard in court or incarcerated for theft (including a Grand Theft Auto), burglary, receiving stolen property, and multiple supervision violations, some of which was previously noted in the arrsest reports. 

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Rochester MN vigilante Chase Johnston avoids sex crime charge by pleading to lesser offense but faces NEW assault charges

He was warned multiple times to stop engaging in vigilante activity. He has a criminal record. He was accused of a sexual assault and pleaded down to a non-registerable offense. Yet people still think this lowlife thug is a "hero." Now Chase Johnston of Rochester, Minnesota is facing yet ANOTHER criminal charge.

Rochester's YouTube vigilante again charged for botched child predator sting

Mark Wasson, July 26, 2023, Post-Bulletin

ROCHESTER — A Rochester man on a mission to expose child predators has been arrested following a botched sting operation at a Rochester apartment complex July 23, 2023.

Chase Tanner Johnston rose to prominence last year with a series of confrontational videos in which he, or one of his crew, would pose online as a child in order to lure men to a meeting that would then be filmed and posted to social media. His channel was taken down shortly after the Post Bulletin's original story about Johnston facing a sexual assault charge . The charge was later dismissed as part of a deal in which Johnston pleaded guilty to a lesser, non-sex crime charge.

Now Johnston, 28, has been charged again — with felony stalking for his actions during the incident on Sunday. District Judge Joseph Chase released Johnston on his own recognizance at a hearing in Olmsted County District Court on Tuesday. His next court appearance is scheduled for Aug. 8, 2023.

"They're trying to get me again," Johnston told the Post Bulletin. "Olmsted County has really got it out for me."

Johnston has several minor convictions for theft, driving under the influence and assault. Part of the reason he now tries to catch people he says are attempting to hurt children is because he is trying to give something back to the community, he said.

YouTube deleted Johnston's channel last year for violating its policies on bullying, Johnston said. Since that time, he took a break from conducting sting operations and filming them. The incident involving his recent arrest marked a return to those activities.

"The ultimate goal with this is to raise money to get sports equipment and stuff like that for kids," Johnston said, adding that he already has five baseball gloves to donate but is hoping to get more. "There are tons of kids that can't afford that stuff for whatever reason and then they don't have an outlet to get into sports and you know what happens next."

Johnston is one of a number of self-styled pedophile catchers who post their encounters online. Law enforcement agencies across the U.S. — including the Rochester Police Department — have discouraged such activities, citing safety concerns and the chance that a police investigation could be compromised.

"Mr. Johnston’s aggressive nature is also very problematic. For the safety of all parties, RPD strongly discourages confrontational practices like the ones used in the videos," according to a joint statement from RPD and the Olmsted County Attorney's Office last year.

What happened at a Rochester apartment building?

An officer with the Rochester Police Department responded to a call Sunday from the man Johnston is alleged to have confronted, a doctor in his 40s, according to Johnston.

Johnston posed online as a 16-year-old boy and began chatting with the man before the two decided to meet up, Johnston said. The age of consent in Minnesota is 16 years old. There are a few exceptions to the law, one being the type of job position someone has over a person .

According to the criminal complaint, the man called dispatch to report that he was being held against his will and was being set up for trying to sleep with a teenager.

"A male and female could be heard in the background calling the victim a pedophile," part of the complaint reads. Johnston and an unidentified woman were recording the man, yelling at him and following him, the responding officer wrote in the complaint.

The man told the officer that he met someone on a social networking application and they mostly discussed smoking marijuana. When the man got to the residence, Johnston let him in and then stood in front of the doorway and refused to let the man leave, the man told police.

"He was coming to the apartment to smoke weed with this kid. I told him that I lived on my own with a roommate because my mom was a meth head and didn't take care of me," Johnston told the Post Bulletin. "Legal or not, it was wrong."

When the man attempted to get past Johnston, he was pushed, the man alleges. While the man was eventually able to get outside, Johnston followed the man and stood in front of the man's car door.

"(The officer) reviewed the messages and noted that Johnston said he was 20 and then eventually said he was 16," part of the complaint reads. "The messages were about marijuana and victim also sent explicit photos."

An arresting officer noted that the conversation between Johnston and the man appeared to be consensual.

The officer who arrested Johnston told him that RPD had warned him not to do this kind of thing, Johnston said.

"He basically told me that if I keep doing it in Rochester, he's going to find some way to charge me no matter what," Johnston said.

RPD initially referred charges of false imprisonment and disorderly conduct, according to Rochester Police Department Crime Prevention & Communications Coordinator Amanda Grayson, who said that charges are ultimately up to prosecutors.

"Chase Johnston was reminded that he had been warned several times that if he continued to behave in ways that were against the law, he would be arrested," Grayson wrote in an email.

Johnston previously said that law enforcement hasn't done a good job of following up on his accusations. He accuses some law enforcement of just not wanting to pursue charges.

"They say that I'm potentially interrupting their investigations by doing this," Johnston said. "I have to disagree, because if somebody potentially has child pornography on their laptop or whatever and I go to expose them to the whole community, it's not that hard to investigate the guy."... 

"Instead of following the procedure necessary for such investigations, Mr. Johnston’s vigilante behavior led to his own arrest," Grayson wrote.

Johnston's stalking charge is a felony because of two previous assault convictions in 2022. One involves a misdemeanor domestic assault charge, and another involves a May 2022 confrontation in a Rochester gas station.

A video on Johnston's now-defunct YouTube channel showed Johnston and his friends berating and threatening a man they accused of trying to lure a 15-year-old boy for sex. The criminal complaint in that case alleged that Johnston struck the man in the genitals and face.

Johnston was originally charged with fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct, a gross misdemeanor, fifth-degree assault and fourth-degree damage to property, both misdemeanors. A plea deal secured a conviction for the lesser assault charge.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Kyle Swanson, formerly of KTS Predator Hunters in Illinois, moved to Texas and formed a new vigilante group, with predictable results

The last time we reported on Kyle Swanson, head of the controversial "KTS Predator Hunters" vigilante group, after facing felony charges including unlawful restraint, obstruction of justice, and assault in Madison County, Illinois for his vigilante actions.

Swanson was able to have his charges dismissed in Illinois under the following conditions:

  • Swanson agrees to not violate any criminal statutes of any jurisdictions within the United States.
  • Swanson agrees to cease his “sting” operations in Madison County, IL., whether as an individual, as “KTS,” or as a member of a similar organization.
  • Swanson agrees to cooperate with any investigations or pending criminal cases concerning his “sting” operations in Madison County, including providing all digital evidence if requested.
  • Swanson agrees to provide proof of medical/mental health treatment for self-disclosed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by May 6, 2022.
  • Swanson agrees to participate in 20 hours of community service and provide proof of said compliance by May 6, 2022.

After getting a slap on the wrist for his crimes, Kyle Swanson relocated to the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area. Upon arriving in DFW he couldn’t help his attention seeking addictive ways and started a new vigilante group with accompanying Facebook page called DFW Exposures. (Not to be confused with "DFW Exposed," a website that covers local events.) Likely knowing he'd be discovered he's still engaging in criminal activity and possible go back to jail in Illinois, Swanson began posting new vigilante entrapment operations on Facebook under the alias "Kyle Guerrido". 

For nearly two years, Swanson posted new entrapment operations under the alias “Kyle Guerrido” and obtained the support and assistance from Courtney Fenner, co-host of a small-time “true-crime” podcast named “A Nefarious Nightmare.”

In 2023, Swanson attempted two GoFundMe fundraisers, one claiming his equipment was damaged in a sting operation (later admitting that was not entirely true):

...and money to go to Hawaii to entrap “a sailor”. 

DFW also sold T-Shirts with their silly new logo and another derogatory phrase ripped off from BLM:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Twitter accounts associated with DFW Exposures promote right-wing extremism:

But in September 2023, DFW Exposures posted a message they were shutting down operations...

...and Fenner posted a GoFundMe on Swanson’s behalf begging for donations for legal fees. (We assume he’s being sued for harassment based on what was wriiirn). 

Swanson now claims he’s moving to Florida to help start an organization helping disbled vets learn to Scuba and hopefully leave online vigilante violence once and for all. The DFW Exposures YouTube channel was renamed to "Hernando Beach Diving With Heroes." 

If this is causing Kyle Swanson stress, GOOD. Fucking retire already! He's been in legal trouble numerous times and he has NOBODY to blame but himself. And Courtney Fenner is an enabler who is putting herself in trouble of getting caught up in Swanson's criminal activity. Swanson should be in jail right now. BUT if this Veteran Scuba charity idea takes off, Swanson has the chance to rehabilitate from being the worthless vigilante thug he's been for the past few years. For once, he'll have a REAL job that helps people. So take my advice...retire.

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Founder of Operation Underground Railroad and subject of "The Sound of Freedom" movie Tim Ballard sued over sexual abuse allegations

Tim Ballard WAS the founder and leader of the controversial group "Operation Underground Railroad," a group that allegedly rescues victims of human trafficking. OUR has so many controversies that an entire blog (not post, whhole blog) could be made about it, from alleged ties to QAnon, to questions about their impact and effectiveness, to falsely claiming a partnership with American airlines, to being denounced as an assistance organization by ICAC, because their organization is poorly trained and full of idiots

But now it is Tim Ballard being accused of sexual misconduct, and it is assumed he has been excommunicated from the Mormon church for these allegations. Allegedly,  Ballard sent at least one woman a photo of himself in his underwear and to have asked another 'how far she was willing to go' to save children, as noted in the UK Daily Mail (with accompanying pic as evidence). 

Those who bark loudest have the most to hide, especially vigilantes who are obsessed with sexual morality. That is why EVERY vigilante should be scrutinized carefully.

From: Mead Gruver. "Lawsuit alleges famous child-trafficking opponent sexually abused women who posed as his wife." AP. October 9, 2023.

"Five women on Monday sued the founder of an anti-child-trafficking group that inspired a popular movie this year, alleging he sexually manipulated, abused and harassed them on overseas trips designed to lure and catch child sex traffickers.

Tim Ballard’s life story and work with Operation Underground Railroad inspired “Sound of Freedom,” a 2023 film popular with conservative moviegoers. He recently resigned from the group amid sexual abuse and harassment allegations he has denied...

The complaints against Ballard center on a “couple’s ruse” he allegedly engaged in with Operation Underground Railroad women who he persuaded to pose as his wife to fool child sex traffickers into thinking he was a legitimate client, according to the lawsuit filed in Utah state court...

The ruse began with Ballard and women in the organization taking cross-country trips to “practice” their “sexual chemistry” with tantric yoga, couple’s massages with escorts and performing lap dances on Ballard, the lawsuit claims.

While promotional materials portrayed the group’s overseas missions as “paramilitary drop-ins to arrest traffickers and rescue children,” they mostly involved “going to strip clubs and massage parlors across the world, after flying first class to get there, and staying at five-star hotels, on boats, and at VRBOs (vacation rentals by owner) across the globe,” the lawsuit alleges.

Several women, meanwhile, were eventually subjected to “coerced sexual contact,” including “several sexual acts with the exception of actual penetration, in various states of undress,” the lawsuit alleges.

Even in private, the lawsuit alleges: “Ballard would claim that he and his female partner had to maintain the appearance of a romantic relationship at all times in case suspicious traffickers might be surveilling them at any moment.”

The women, who filed the lawsuit under pseudonyms, allege Ballard meanwhile used his membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and connection to church leaders to persuade them what he was doing was just for the good of children in need of help.

Ballard said church President M. Russell Ballard, no relation, gave him special permission to use couples ruse “as long as there was no sexual intercourse or kissing.” The church in a September statement condemned Tim Ballard for “unauthorized use” of the church president’s name for personal advantage and “activity regarded as morally unacceptable.” Tim Ballard claimed a passage in the Book of Mormon justified performing “unconventional” tasks, the lawsuit alleges.

“Ballard would get ketamine treatments and have a scribe come in with him while he would talk to the dead prophet Nephi and issue forth prophecies about Ballard’s greatness and future as a United States senator, president of the United States and ultimately the Mormon prophet to usher in the second coming of Christ,” the lawsuit states... Ballard, who has said he was considering running for Senate, has blamed political opponents for the recent sexual allegations against him." -- END

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Robert Wayne Lee, aka Boopac Shakur, had interfered with legitimate criminal investigations and had committed crimes before his murder

Police have made multiple warnings to vigilantes. This vigilante ignored the warnings. Instead, this vigilante decided to conduct in actions that not only hurt REAL investigations, he committed crimes in the process. 

From the Oakland Co (MI) DA's office

Because of speculation in that regard and questions about prior confrontations between Mr. Lee and people he identified as potential sex offenders, we are providing the following information.

Mr. Lee is known to law enforcement and the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office. He was involved in numerous instances where he posed as an underage person and identified potential sex offenders. Mr. Lee would arrange to meet with those individuals and confront them. Mr. Lee would often record and post those interactions and would sometimes bring the information he had to law enforcement.

Mr. Lee’s conduct has never been sanctioned or encouraged by law enforcement or the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office. While identifying potential sex offenders is commendable, we were concerned that such confrontations would result in violence or injury.

In addition, Mr. Lee’s methods often impeded law enforcement’s ability to conduct a proper investigation and gather evidence that would be admissible in court. That meant that some individuals Mr. Lee identified could not be charged with crimes, or that cases against them were dismissed. In two instances, Mr. Lee was investigated for and charged with crimes for destroying property of individuals who were not the target of his “sting” operations....

“We all share the goal of protecting children and removing child predators from our community. One of the first efforts I undertook as Sheriff was to create a unit focused on tracking child predators. However, when private citizens attempt to enter this realm, they often do not know what constitutes criminal conduct versus disgusting or disturbing conduct. It is our job to ensure that our prosecutor has cases that meet the criminal threshold and have evidence that is admissible and can help obtain convictions. We also know that when confronted predators can become violent. We have seen them ram our police cars and fight with our deputies. If anyone has information on who they believe is a predator or they think has crossed the criminal line, we encourage them to share that information with us immediately so that we can work the case to successful conclusion while ensuring operations are conducted with safety in mind,” stated Oakland County Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard.

VoidSec's latest Google blogs were shut down for harassment

While I'm sure they'll just post another idiotic blog that will have to be deleted, all that effort they put into their blogs attacking me and others in the anti-registry movement are gone for today. While Google has allowed other forms of harassment against me on their platforms, for once Google sided with what is right. 

By the way, thanks for proving it was you all along "Lucky." Loose lips sink ships, you punk ass bitch. 

VoidSUCK fails again. 

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Robert Wayne Lee, aka "Boopak Shakur", FAFO'ed by teens he tried to set up in entrapment sting


Robert Wayne Lee, aka Boopak Shakur, thought he was untouchable. Well, he wasn't. He thought nothing would happen if he walked up to folks, accused them of being pedophiles, then punch them in the face, and nothing would happen. Well, it did not happen in this instance. 

In a previous intervew, Lee said he was inspired by online videos made by the lowlife vigilante group Dads Against Predators. Maybe he should've read up on them. DAP was lucky the guy who shot at them was a lousy shot. Clearly the ones Lee decided to assault had a better aim. 

These lowlife vigilantes are not heroes, they're just a bunch of punks trying to get Internet famous. 

Until legislators criminalize these vigilante activities, there will be more incidents like this. All it takes is a confrontation to someone who knows he has nothing to lose. Lee won't be around anymore to learn that lesson. 

I don't think anyone should be trying to set people up in entrapment operations, ESPECIALLY people who are not the police. They watched these online vigilante groups and just see people break down or run away. But sooner or later, they were all bound to run into one who don't take kindly to camera and accusations and assaults. And Lee started attacking one of the teens, so now it is self-defense. 

Man known for pursuing sexual predators shot to death in Oakland County restaurant

PUBLISHED: September 30, 2023 at 2:33 p.m. | UPDATED: October 1, 2023 at 12:49 a.m.

A Pontiac man who gained notoriety for his unorthodox efforts to catch child predators was shot to death during an argument at a restaurant late Friday night. Two suspects have been arrested.

Oakland County Sheriff’s officials said Robert Wayne Lee, 40, was inside a Pontiac restaurant near the corner of North Perry and MLK Boulevard about 10:30 p.m. Friday when he confronted two men seated at a table.

Lee, who used the name Boopac Shakur as his online identity, accused one of the men of being an alleged pedophile and punched him, according to police. The man pulled a knife, police said, while the other man at the table pulled a gun, shooting Lee several times. The two men fled the restaurant....

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Family of Oklahoma murder victim Ivy Webster wants to pass a nationwide law named after a school mascot

It is easy to see that this online petition written  by the Webster family in Oklahoma is fueled by animus. When they say those on the registry should have NO constitutional rights, it merely proves they are fueled by blind hatred. There are a few things about it that stand out to me:

1. We should never have laws named after a person, but naming laws after a school mascot is just flat out stupid. 

2. You cannot retroactively extend probation/parole  status because that is punishment and that would violate double jeopardy. (I can't expect trailer trash to understand constitutional law). 

3. Backgrounds checks for marriage certificates sounds completely sexist and violate anti-doscrimination laws.

"It is our very strong believe that sex offenders CAN NOT BE REHABILITATED!! Did you know that when a child is sexually abused they are traumatized and affected with several issues their ENTIRE LIFE? Not just PTSD, panic attacks, paranoia, but also actual permanent nerve damage as well, It is a real dilemma. So if a person can sexually assault a child of any age, and they have life long trauma from that, isn't it fair that the offender be sentenced to life in prison without parole?? We absolutely think so. If they have the nerve to ruin a child's chance at a normal life, they deserve NO SECOND CHANCES. Majority of sex crimes against children go unreported, because the children and parents have to go through way too much to put that offender away for a maximum of 20 years. Their probation terms are also too relaxed. Why does a person who commits a sex crime against a child not required to have home checks done monthly? Why are they allowed to marry people with children, or even have their own children?..Child sex offenders deserve way worse than anything they will get for their offences.

We're asking that a person CONVICTED of a sex crime against a child serve life in prison without the possibility of parole. We ask that the probationary terms of those already released from prison for child sex offenses be reevaluated, and we ask for their probation terms to include monthly home visits.; Their offences clearly to state they committed sex crimes against a CHILD (if you go to odcr or the sex offender registry it shows the offense, but not that the offense was against a child).; If they go to a courthouse to obtain a marriage license that their proposed spouse interviewed to make sure they do not have children and are aware of the crime(s) that they committed.; We are also asking that sex offenders convicted of crime(s) against children rights be taken to have their own children. If they have the nerve to ruin a child's life they deserve not to have thier own child(ren). Having children is not a human right if you ruined the life of a child. And if you ruin a child's life you deserve NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!

We are also asking that it be mandated that all city police stations and schools in Oklahoma have a board set up with all local sex offenders pictures and information on them and kept up to date. This is so important so we can help our local people, police, and school staff aware of offenders in our area because the man responsible for these horrendous murders, like other offenders, are able to manipulate people into believe false information, especially when you can't see details of the court case and it is not labeled that they committed crimes against children.

We would like to name this law "The Knights Law" in honor of our beautiful Knights who's lives were tragically taken from them.

They also want background checks on all marriage applications. If one party is identified as a sex offender—the other person needs to know, and the marriage would be denied if the non-offender has minor children. These are the two big pointers Ivy Webster’s dad Justin and her cousin Tiffany Troy discussed the effort with FOX23’s Scott Martin. Both hope to have a universal law nationwide.

“A lot of offenders have previously been assaulted as a minor child and then we they become an adult and try to seek out that power and take back what was taken from them. But when they do that, they go and assault another child. If we can get those people off the street permanently, then we’re hoping to stop that generational cycle from happening,” said Troy.

The family is working closely with District 16 State Rep. Scott Fetgatter. He first brought up Knight’s Law during the last legislative session. He’s been working with the Webster family to narrow down the big things that need to change.

Monday, September 11, 2023

Remorseless murderer kills man no longer on registry & calls it his "jail retirement plan"

I'd personally rather be in a retirement home than in prison if I had a choice, but I'm not a crackhead, either.

Vermont man accused of killing two in Whitingham, Vt., is being held without bail

By Chris Mays, Brattleboro Reformer Sep 7, 2023 

BRATTLEBORO, Vt. — A man accused of killing a 79-year-old Whitingham, Vt., woman and her 52-year-old son by shooting them in their home on Route 8A is being held without bail.

Christopher D. Ellis, 54, pleaded not guilty through his attorney Wednesday to two counts of first-degree murder and an additional charge of operating a vehicle without the owner’s consent. He was arraigned in Windham Superior Court, Criminal Division.

Judge John Treadwell ordered Ellis held without bail. Treadwell said the court would not schedule a weight of the evidence hearing until requested by the defense counsel.

Attorney Joshua Atkisson of the Windham County Public Defender's Office did not contest the state's request to hold Ellis without bail. He said he would reserve the right to have a weight of the evidence hearing at a future date.

In a police affidavit, Ellis described the murders as his "retirement plan." He told investigators "he would rather be in jail than an 'old folks' home' [describing] what he did as 'calculated.'"

"I did what I did, so I'm going to, you know, I have no problem with admitting it," Ellis said during an interview with the Vermont State Police late on the evening of Sept. 1, according to a police affidavit. "I mean, it was, it had to happen. I don't know, I know you probably won't understand it.”

According to the affidavit submitted to the court by Vermont State Police Det. Sgt. James Vooris, the investigation began on Sept. 1 after Troopers received a report at just before 11 p.m. of a male covered in blood, a missing woman and a missing truck.

Upon arrival, troopers discovered the body of Michael Garvin in the living room of the home and the body of his mother, Lucy, in the bathroom. The bodies were initially found by a family member, who told investigators Ellis had been living in the house for "at least a few months."

Later that night, Ellis was located driving the truck on Putney Road by officers with the Brattleboro Police Department and taken into custody. He told investigators he had been living with the Garvins since April and shot them "either Wednesday or Thursday [Aug. 30 or 31], sometime between 12:00 and 2:00 p.m.," according to the affidavit.

Ellis blamed his actions on "the psychological and mental abuse" of living with the Garvins, states the affidavit. Ellis said he traveled to Holyoke on Sept. 1 and sold the firearm for $150, using the cash to purchase crack cocaine.

"Ellis advised he has not slept since the incident and was continually using crack cocaine," wrote Vooris.

During the interview, Ellis said he had met Michael Garvin in jail. However, a spokesman for the Vermont Department of Corrections said their records show the two men were not cellmates and had been housed at different facilities at different times.

Ellis also described Garvin as a child molester and sex offender. Garvin was convicted in 1994 of lewd and lascivious conduct with a child and sexual assault of a minor.

Garvin is not on the sex offender registry. Some offenders, after a certain amount of time, can be removed from the registry if they do not have a record of reoffending.

"Ellis advised he has been thinking about killing Michael for a few weeks," wrote Vooris, and that Michael Garvin, who he said he hated "... just has to go."

Ellis also said "it was unfortunate" that Michael's mother was at the house but "she had to go ..." too.

According to information from the Department of Corrections, neither Ellis nor Garvin were still under the supervision of Probation and Parole. Ellis had finished his sentence on Aug. 9, 2019, and Garvin had maxed out his sentence in 1999.

Ellis has previous felony convictions for unlawful mischief in 1989, grand larceny in 1994, burglary and grand larceny in 1996, escaping custody in 1999 and possession of stolen property in 2015.

In 2018, Ellis was facing a possible life sentence as a habitual offender after he was charged with trying to rob a woman. He faced charges of aggravated assault with a box cutter, assault and robbery with injury, reckless endangerment and leaving the scene of a crash with serious injury. It is unclear how those charges were settled.

Friday, August 18, 2023

Wannabe vigilante tries murdering a person he accuses of a sex crime and fails miserably

 I am a skeptic. I don't take anything at face value. We don't know the entire story, other than one man accused another man of a sex offense and decided to play judge, jusy, and executioner. If what Sanchez claimed was true, then the police should've been called in to investigate. But NOTHING in this story adds up. It seems to me Sanchez just made up this story. He looks like the type who hears voices, whether or not mind-altering substances were involved. 

The police are generally scumbags but at least there is usually a set of standards they must go by when determining guilt or innocence. Vigilantes lack scruples. Also, it is far to easy to make a false claim just to elicit sympathy.

Call to 911 backfires on Pleasant Farms man

By Odessa American -August 14, 2023

Daniel Renee Sanchez

A Pleasant Farms man who thought deputies were going to come to his house to arrest a man he described as a sex offender was arrested instead.

According to an Ector County Sheriff’s Office report, Daniel Renee Sanchez, 37, called 911 Sunday to say he’d detained a sex offender on his property in the 4500 block of West Mulberry Street.

When deputies arrived, Sanchez said he’d detained, at gunpoint, a 21-year-old man who had texted inappropriate things to his stepson a week prior, the report stated.

The younger man told deputies Sanchez had invited him over to smoke and when he arrived, Sanchez said he was going inside for water. According to the report, when Sanchez came out, the man said he pushed him to the ground and began kicking and hitting him.

“(The alleged victim) stated that Daniel then put a gun to his head, told him he will never hurt a child again and then pulled the slide back on the gun and the gun jammed,” the report stated. “(He) believes that if the gun had not jammed, Daniel would have shot him, causing him serious bodily injury or death.”

A neighbor told deputies he saw Sanchez with a gun making threats to the younger man, the report stated.

Deputies found a 9 mm handgun inside Sanchez’s RV, according to the report.

Sanchez was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Sunday, July 2, 2023

Proud Boys faceplant hard in failed attempt to derail the NARSOL Conference

 I wasn't even going to discuss this because it was a whole bunch of nothing. After all, if a tree falls in the woods, or a bunch of losers congregate at an Interstate overpass, and no one is around when it falls, did it make a sound?

I've covered the Proud Boys before. For the few who've never heard of them, the Proud Boys (or PB for short) is a hate group that espouses extremist far-right political bullcrap like QAnon and Trump conspiracies. These days, they can most likely be found protesting Drag Queen Story Hour and Pride Month events. 

A few months ago, itr seems the Proud Boys posted a notice they planned on protesting the NARSOL conference. It was first discussed publicly in a Facebook video post by scumbag right wing radio host Kenny Webster of KPRC 950 AM.

After months of planningm they barely convinced a dozen losers to brave 100+ degree temps for a one hur event. 

How NARSOL officially described the Proud Boys counterprotest--

"Unbeknownst to NARSOL at the time, over a month ago the fact of our conference caught the attention of a group called Proud Boys, and they took exception to what they erroneously believe NARSOL to be. They sent out a call for supporters to converge on the hotel and protest against our conference. Chatter on social media alerted us to this the first afternoon of the conference after it was well underway. This protest was set to take place the next day, day two, in the late morning.

Hotel security was advised, and they assured us that, along with help from the Houston Police Dept., precautions would be taken, and when the protest group arrived, somewhere between 25 and 50 in number, they were. The protesters gathered outside on the main road to the hotel chanting “Protect the children,” and attempted egress onto hotel property was met with police officers who made it clear that the protesters would stay on public property or be arrested.

They made the wiser choice. They obeyed the law and did what every American is guaranteed the right to do: make their opinions known in a lawful manner. They dispersed fairly soon."

The Proud Boys were largely ignored. There as no media coverage. Most simply assumed the Proud Boys were there to protest a gay pride parade held in Houston later that day. And what little coverage the Proud Boys got all weekend was when the Proud Boys fought other extremist groups like the Patriot Front or a rival right wing gang created by an ex-PB member.

Based on various acounts, what I have determined about the event is that a couple of Proud Boys losers tried to scope out the hotel but were told to leave by the police. Roughly 15 or so PB clowns then set up shop at a nearby Interstate off-ramp. They left an hour later. People just assumed they were protesting the Pride parade and got no sympathy:

Too bad there were no pictures of the event. They failed at promotion and I love it!

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Predator Poachers loser Alex Rosen is apparently an anti-vax nut and harassed doctor on behalf of Joe Rogan

 Surprise! ANOTHER wannabe vigilante is a right wing conspiracy nut. So apparently Alex Rosen, the fat loser from Predator Poachers who sent threatening messages to me after I exposed him as a fraud back in 2020, is a far right loon who recently took it upon himself to harass Dr. Peter Hotez, the man who helped develop the COVID vaccine, which saved millions of lives. 

I've written about this before-- so many of these so-called "pedo hunter" groups are aligned with extreme right-wing conspiracies.

COVID-19 expert Peter Hotez harassed outside home by anti-vaccine advocates

Megan Fan Munce, Staff writer, June 18, 2023 Updated: June 19, 2023 1:43 p.m.

Less than an hour later, a Twitter user named Alex Rosen tweeted a video of himself talking to Hotez outside his home, shaking Hotez's hand and then asking him why he wouldn't debate Kennedy. 

"I haven't said anything one way or the other," Hotez replied, "He just invited me, so we'll see." 

Rosen then continued to yell questions about vaccines at Hotez as he attempted to re-enter his house. In the background, a third person can be heard yelling at Hotez.

"Don't come to my house," Hotez said to the pair before returning back inside his house.

Around 6 p.m., eight hours after Hotez's initial tweet, Rosen tweeted another video of himself where he purportedly attempts to turn himself in to Houston police for the interaction.

After being told it was legal for Rosen to ask Hotez questions as long as he remained on the sidewalk, Rosen repeatedly made provocative comments and then withdrew them, claiming he committed a hate crime and then clarifying that he did not, then saying that "shots were involved" before clarifying he was referring to vaccines and that no vaccines were administered during the interaction. 

For the majority of the video, Rosen points the camera toward the floor. Nothing in the video visibly indicated that it took place in a police station.

Houston police could not confirm Sunday whether Rosen entered a station or whether the person heard speaking to him in the video was a member of the Houston Police Department.

Rosen has previously posted videos of himself following and shouting questions at U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Houston, until being stopped by security during the Texas State Republican Convention last June.

In October, Rosen tweeted a video of himself being told by Harris County constables that he was banned from the Harris County Commissioners Court for being "disruptive." The video of the meeting at which Rosen spoke was not posted online, and in a video he posted himself of the meeting, part of his speech is censored. 

Both Rosen and a Twitter user tagged in the video outside Hotez's home defended their actions on social media, claiming they were there to ask questions as journalists. But in the video, neither Rosen nor the second individual heard speaking say their names or identify themselves as journalists.

The Pulitzer Center's ethics and standards policy advises that journalists should identify themselves as such when speaking with sources, and the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists adds that journalists should be "honest" when gathering information and avoid "undercover or other surreptitious methods" of reporting.

And here is the Young Turks video which shows the clip of a clearly out-of-breath Alex Rosen harassing the good doctor at his house:

Looks like Alex GROSS-en needs some Slim-Fast. 

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Family of Levi Axtell is finding out the hard way that grifting off a murder is hard to do

Three months ago, violent vigilante THUG Levi Axtell murdered an elderly man in cold blood. A few days later, his family started a grift on goFundMe. This blog helped lead the charge to get it removed. Then they moved the grift to a Christian Nationalist fundraiser site. 

They were hoping to raise $100k. In fact, by the time i reported it, the Axtell grift raised $5k. But that was three months ago, and now the donations have all but stopped, and well short of their lofty $100k goal. 

Here is the harsh reality-- only a few scumbags sent this family money. Levi Axtell is already largely forgotten as the mainstream media moved on to the next story, and Levi Axtell is still rotting in a jail cell. And if Axtell cared about his stupid kid, he wouldn't have committed murder. Seven grand doesn't go far these days. Maybe it will by his sister a few tabs of Fentanyl or whatever her drug of choice may be. But those dreams of being the next millionaire grifter like Kyle Rittenhouse is up in smoke. 

Enjoy prison, Levi.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Sister of mentally ill, drunken vigilante murderer Levi Axtell uses Christian Nationalist website to raise money


A few days ago, anti-registry activists convinced GoFundMe to take down the fundraiser for mentally ill, violent drunken vigilante thug Levi Axtell. 

So Levi's sister, Katrina Axtell, has tried raising monry elsewhere, including the controversial "Christian" (nationalist) fundraiser site GiveSendGo. 

This fundraiser, like the GoFundMe fundraiser, should ALSO be reported.

But it seems that this rule is routinely ignored. After all, GiveSendGo is the fundraiser site of choice for right-wing extremist groups, the January 6th rioters, and vigilante thugs like Kyle Rittenhouse

Still, I'm encouraging folks to report this latest scam for what it is worth. Here's how to do it:

1. Go to

2. On the screen, blue bubble that says "Need Help" can be found at the bottom right part of the screen. When you click it, a larger menu pops up that says "GiveSendGo Support", there should be a little grey bar in this bubble to scroll down to support. Click where says "Contact Us"

3. A form pops up asking for name and conact info. Under "Select a Reason" select "Report a Campaign". Under "Subject" I just wrote "violation of TOS". In the description, I wrote the following:

Under "PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES/PROHIBITED CAMPAIGNS," it says, "You may not use the GiveSendGo service for activities that violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation related to... (c) items that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity, (d) items that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime..."

This fundraiser violates this rule because it is a fundraiser for confessed murderer Levi Axtell, who broke into the house of an elderly man and beat him to death. News media story that gives details, noting Levi CONFESSED to the murder:

You may also want to add this screenshot where Katrina ADMITS to trying to use the funds for legal defense:

Levi Axtell suffered from mental illness that apparently went untreated, and I've been told by folks who know him that Levi was a violent man who attacked Lawrence and broke his jaw. 

It should be illegal, not just a private business TOS violation, to grift money for a vigilante THUG like Levi Axtell. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

GoFundMe created for violent vigilante Levi Axtell taken down due to TOS violations

Last week, 27-year old Levi Axtell murdered 77-year-old Lawrence Scully in cold blood because of a 40-year-old sex crime conviction, and now the family seeks to profit off the murders. Profiting off vigilante violence should be outlawed outright, but at least GoFundMe answered calls from concerned citizens about this dubious fundraiser:

The facts of the case, most of which as told by the Star-Tribune, are as follows:

  1. Lawrence Scully's offense was in 1979 and was free since 1982 and not convicted of any further offenses. 
  2. Levi Axtell pled guilty to a felony charge of vandalizing a priest's car and served 3 years probation and his conviction was dismissed after probation time was up. 
  3. Axtell made numerous unfounded (read: false) allegations against Scully, including filing a RO against Scully claiming Scully was "stalking" his 2 year old daughter and called Scully a "convicted pedophile." 
  4. Axtell made violent posts including the oft-shared meme of a menacing man pointing a shotgun at the camera with the words "Only cure for pedophiles. A bullet." He added the comment, "People always ask me why I hate pedophiles. They assume I've been abused. But really I think being protective is just an Axtell trait."
  5. Lawrence Scully was a frail 77 year old man who was violently beaten in his own home. Axtell was intoxicated.
The reality is Levi Axtell was a drunk and a violent man who got off too lightly in the past. The police knew Axtell was making numerous unfounded claims. The judge saw no evidence whatsoever of Axtell's claims. Axtell posted violent rhetoric. How can he not be charged with a first degree murder charge. 

At least for the moment, the Axtell family will have to exploit this tragegy by other means. 



1. Go the link and scroll down below the description. Below that is "words of support" and below that is a flag symbol with the words "Report Fundraiser."

2. A new page pops up that says "What it means to report a fundraiser". Here you'll see a statement about reporting, along with the following options:

How to report a fundraiser

Please let us know how we can help you:

  • Donors: Request a refund and report a fundraiser you donated to
  • Beneficiaries: Report a fundraiser you are owed funds from
  • Report a fundraiser only -- CHOOSE THIS OPTION

3. You will have a form to fill out where it asks your name, phone # and email. It will ask if you know the people personally (select No) and how you're connected to this fundraiser (I chose "I'm an individual concerned about this fundraiser") then you must write why you believe the fundraiser.

Note that under GoFundMe's terms of service under "PROHIBITED CONDUCT," such fundraisers violate rule 4 (raising money for vigilante actions) and 9 (raising money for violent crimes). see:


It seems that I was correct in reporting the Axtell fundraiser as fraud, too. Katrina Axtell implies she carefully worded the fundraiser to not be considered a violation due to raising money for legal defense, but she admitted she wants people to send her money for legal fees. So the Axtell family is not to be trusted with your money! 

Friday, March 10, 2023

VoidSec Group Photo at the Washington DC Vigil 3/7/2023


I took a group picture of our "counterprotesters" in Washington DC on March 7th. "Pull Up"!

ADDENDUM: I had to laugh at my stalker's attempt to rewrite history by pretending there was a massive protest:

He wishes it went down like this but VIDEO DOESN'T LIE. The bottom line is the trolls PUSSED OUT. 

ADDENDUM 2: Have a good laugh as my stalker finally admits in a later post that no one showed up in DC to protest me, presumably because he fears me. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

VoidSec chose to Puss Out rather than Pull Up

 About one year ago, a vigilante group calling themselves "VoidSec" started harassing Persons Forced to Register. They invited others to "Pull Up" to Washington DC event to protest the March 7th Vigil at SCOTUS which was held to protest 20 years of the controversial Smith v Doe ruling. 

Of course, the vigil was held, and no VoidSec trolls bothered to show up. No one answered the VoidSec challenge. No one donated to the VoidSec GoFundMe page. No one pulled up. No, they pussed out. LOL

The VoidSec group of maybe 6 people couldn't inspire a single counterprotester. I look forward to reading their lame ass excuses as to why no one showed up. Hey VoidSec, #PullUp LOL

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Just what IS a VoidSec"?

I have tried avoiding talking about these losers for a while because they don't deserve any publicity, but this is why we have this blog. 

VoidSec is the latest in a long line of very small online vigilante groups trying to make a name for themselves by attacking anti-registry activists. VoidSec is literally a group of less than a dozen individuals who make multiple accounts on social media, primarily Facebook, and spend their days attempting to harass registered persons and anti-registry activists, while having a handful of them deleted from Facebook. VoidSec actually believes that by kicking a few people who are on the public registry from Facebook, they are disrupting our efforts to reform and abolish dangerous sex offense legislation.

VoidSecwas the group responsible for flooding the Women Against Registry Facebook page last year with nasty comments (which were quicklyu deleted) and making false accusations that WAR was run (or at least followed, the story changed over time) by the mother of Brock Turner, the current registrant who was part of a very high profile, alleged college rape case a few years ago.

While they primarily spend their days trying to get registered persons kicked off of Facebook, they occasionally attempt to disrupt anti-registry groups by engaging in a variety of juvenile annoyance campaigns, such as making prank phone calls using phone number spoofing services, online impersonation, and even the occasional threatening comments like these:

They're also ahderents to the debunked and insane QAnon conspiracy:

Apparently, their antics and adherence to batshit insane online conspiracies let to a little catfight amongst members of this group:

Of course, VoidSec responded to this criticism by accusing the defected member of being a "pedophile supporter" or involved with the controversial COINTELPRO:

I loved watching the infighting amongst the VoidSuck losers. LOL

Here's a shout out to my personal stalker, who is completely obsessed with me. Sorry dude but i'm straight, so go find some other guy to flirt with.