Sunday, September 13, 2020

Explosion of people selling T-Shirts and merchandise calling for murdering "Pedophiles" and "sex Offenders" on major online sellers

 Both ACSOL anf FAC have posted action alerts calling for us to pressure online retailers to stop allowing merchandise that promotes vigilante violence against Registered Person and/or "pedophiles."

I think this is a good start, but I think complaining about a specific seller will not be enough. This has actually been an issue for a while. In fact, I made a similar action alert earlier this year. So instead, we should contact these companies and demand they stop selling material with slogans like "Shoot Your Local Pedophile" or similar derogatory and violent statements. 


You can contact eBay customer support on the phone at 1-866-961-9253 or for tech support at 1-866-961-9253. You can also reach eBay customer support through live chat or email on their main Help site, although these features are not always available. If you choose to access customer support through the “Help & Contact” section on eBay’s site, the portal will help you narrow down your issue and offer various ways to contact eBay about your specific problem. eBay customer-support questions can also be asked through the @AskeBay Twitter or through the eBay Community discussion forum.


How to file a complaint: Send an email from your email account to


Where to file a complaint: 

Go to to see a list of shirts with the toxic messages.

  • Click on one of the “kill your local pedophile” shirts at random
  • Click “Report incorrect product information”
  • Click “Which part of the page”
  • Click “Images”
  • Click “What’s the issue?”
  • Click “Offensive or adult content.”
  • Type or paste in the comment (a variation of the one below)
  • Click Submit

One particularly vile company that sells this drivel is "Killer Culture Shop." Below are a few pics from this piece of trash. If you want to tell this loser off, jhis email is

There are plenty more of these scummy individuals selling such merchandise, but Donnie Wymer is the scummiest of them all. Wymer spent the entire weekend crying to his friends about being outed as a vigilante and making explicit threats. Gee, I can't imagine why Tasha divorced him. Someone find him a baby bottle, he needs to refuel! LOL

No peace for poorly quality T shirt hatemongers!

They must not be selling that many of them so I suspect he's hoping to generate controversy just to sell a few shitty quality prints:

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Unhealthy Obsession: My own personal stalker's creepy stalker shrine of me


For the past few years, this movement has dealt with a particularly unhinged online troll. He posts his driven on various blogs occasionally, mainly under names like Larry Lynch/ Lucky Larry (a name stolen from some right-leaning personality from Northern Georgia) or Barry Williams. Sometimes, he even attempts to impersonate me or another activist while making ridiculous statements. You don't often see these statements because I never post his drivel, and neither have FAC or SOSEN, two other sites he has trolled over the years. 

About a year or so ago, he started this laughable blog called "", a parody of either the old Sex Offender Issues blog or maybe eAdvocate. He attempts to highlight some stories of people arrested on sex offenses (distorting the mugshots in wierd ways for some strange reason) when he isn't writing lame articles attacking various anti-registry groups. He also stole the name "Sex Offender Truth" from a regular poster at FAC. I'm not his only target, but I am the one he/she/it obsesses over the most. 

Quite frankly, I find most of his antics mildly amusing at best (like his lame attempts to "out" registrants posting on the Federal Register regarding SORNA changes, see HERE and HERE), but his virtual wall about me is all manners of mentally disturbing. He made a collage about me which includes a picture of my long-estranged ex-wife and my nephew who passed away a year ago, two people that have nothing to do with the cause of registry reform at all, but are attacked by this loon simply because they were connected to me at some point in the past. I'm not only his banner, his blog wallpaper contains at least a half dozen pics of me and/or family (there may be more but because the wallpaper cannot be seen in its entirety, I can't see if more pics were used). 

He also has pics of other activists or former activists along with random pcs like Jeffrey Epstein. 

To make it more disturbing and pathetic, Sucky Larry changes that banner nearly every single day, and nearly every single one is of me.

Of course, this person is not only a coward, he is largely ignored even by other vigilante groups, except for his pyromaniacal friend Shoalanda Speaks. 

I'm not sure what he is hoping to achieve, but the Stalker Wall takes the cake on the pathetic factor. I did find an illustration online that makes me think of my personal stalker, Sucky Larry. Enjoy.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Brianne Banger's "132 Feet" vigilante group (Washington, IA) commits a sex crime in addition to other crimes

OnceFallen usually assists those convicted of sex offenses to reintegrate after they served time, but we do not offer assistance where sex offenses occurred during a vigilante action. 

While the pieces of shit at the 132 Feet gang have slowed down their online presence, they're still harassing the same registrant. Thankfuully, the Washington Police Dept. posts their activity logs. There was an act of vandalism, which is a crime, and now we see someone from the 132 Feet gang exposed his genitals to the registered person, which of course, is a crime in Iowa. Soon one of these vigilante losers will land in jail. 

Looks like Brianne Banger and her group of miscreants still have yet to learn their lesson. 

Sunday, August 30, 2020

ACTION ALERT! Washington, Iowa vigilante group "132 Feet" is ALREADY being linked to crimes against registrants

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who responded so far. The police have sent me a response they are looking into the threats that were made. Hopefully this group will leave the registrant alone and allow him the opportunity to become a productive member of society. 

 In the few days since the "132 Feet" vigilante group formed in the small town of Washington, Iowa (pop. about 7500), and already, they have been engaging in intimidation and theft, as posted by the Washington PD:

Online, one of this group's members made an explicit death threat against the Registrant they are protesting:

They also made a threatening text to my own phone:

Note: It is very easy to spoof calls using Google Voice, but if these idiots think these calls are untraceable, they better think twice before continuing to send me harassing calls. 

Not that I've ever hidden my addressed but they've also taken  to doxxing OnceFallen while intentionally adding inaccurate info from other vigilante websites:

Accusing me of making false allegations is serious, and I have no problems turning this evidence over to the courts. We'll see who is lying then, huh?

The Washington, IA police chief Jim Lester already gave these vigilantes a public blessing, so they feel emboldened to up their game, and each day, their antics get more and more threatening. 


The first thing we should do is contact the authorities and demand they hold this vigilante group accountable for their actions. I'm including the contact info here for various law enforcement and prosecution agencies so we may inform them of the crimes being allowed and that they should do their jobs:

Washington Police Department, 215 E Washington St, Washington, IA 52353, Phone: (319) 653-2256

Washington County Sheriff's Office, 2181 Lexington Blvd, Washington, IA 52353, Phone: (319) 653-2107

Iowa State Patrol: 1.800.525.5555

John Gish, County Attorney, 222 W Main Street, Basement Floor P.O. Box 841 Washington, IA 52353, Phone: 319-653-7746, Fax: 319-653-7784,

Office of the Attorney General of Iowa, Hoover State Office Building, 1305 E. Walnut Street, Des Moines IA 50319, Email: (If you seek a reply, please include your full name, mailing address, and daytime telephone number.), Phone: 515-281-5164, Fax: 515-281-4209

I'd like to hear other suggestions as to how we can prevent these so-called "peaceful" protesters from eventually assaulting or killing their target. 

Since these vigilantes are obsessed with me to the point of harassment and reading this page, here are few things those vigilantes reading the page needs to consider:

1. You can lie all you want but whatever you post online can the phone calls/ texts you make can be traced by your government. 

2. Not every Registered Person is on probation/ parole. Also, reporting email addresses/ social media is pointless to do when it is not a requirement in Nebraska. 

3. You do realize that making false allegations is just as much a crime for you as it is for anyone on the registry, right? Go ahead and tell the police about this page, so that I may share your activities with them.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Police in the small town of Washington, Iowa allows newly formed vigilante group to threaten and harass registrant

 A new vigilante group has started up in the small town of Washington, Iowa. They call themselves "132 Feet" and they're quite a nasty little bunch. They just started a few days ago to protest a local registrant they feel live too close to a school (though the registrant is perfectly within the confines of the law) and the local police chief has given these thugs their blessing. They try to claim they are engaging in a "peaceful protest" but their recent online behavior suggests more violent actions may soon be taken. One member even made an explicit death threat (see last screenshot). 

It will only be a matter of time before one of these "peaceful protesters" assault the man they are protesting. Police Chief Lester is turning a blind eye to this threatening behavior, and they are drawing people that have expressed an intent to cause harm.

Iowa Code Sec. 708.7 clearly states, "A person commits harassment when the person, purposefully and without legitimate purpose, has personal contact with another person, with the intent to threaten, intimidate, or alarm that other person." They should be notified this also applies to harassing communications against someone from another state. 

This new vigilante group run by these "peaceful protesters" have made it clear the intent is to force the man to move, so they are indeed breaking the law.

No peace for scumbag predator groups who make threats and don't know the difference between witch and which!


Posted By: Sally Hart August 27, 2020 @ 6:25 am 

As parents helped get their kids to school Wednesday morning in Washington, a group of about 10 people held up signs outside of a registered sex offender’s home. The house is near the middle school. Signs read “Save our children” and “Warning: child molester lives here!”

These concerns were voiced at a recent Washington City Council meeting. Washington Police Chief Jim Lester explained that not all registered sex offenders have residency restrictions that would not allow them to live within a certain distance of a school, “A sex offender has a residency restriction if they are convicted of what is termed an aggravated offense against a minor. And the sex offender that was mentioned at the city council meeting has a conviction of lascivious acts with a child, however that does not meet the definition of an aggravated offense against a minor. Therefor the registered sex offender on South 4th, as well as the other seven registered sex offenders that live in Washington, do not have a residency restriction.” He said this specific man is on lifetime supervision by the department of corrections.

Registered sex offenders report to the sheriff’s office on a schedule, once, twice, or four times each year. The sheriff’s office communicates these locations to the city police department and school district officials.

Lester said the protest Wednesday morning was within the law, “They were not obstructing traffic. I did not see any signs personally that had any threats or anything like that. You know, that is one word of caution that I did mention at the council meeting, that any action taken against anyone on the registry including vandalism, verbal or written threats to harm or physically assault that person, their family, or their employer could result in criminal charges. However, what was taking place this morning was, in my opinion, it was legal.”

Lester encourages parents to have conversations with their children about being safe. He says to use age-appropriate language to discuss not talking to strangers, and don’t go in a stranger’s vehicle or home.


Here are some of the comments by this new vigilante gang and some of their members:

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Edgar Del Real (-ly stupid) failed epically at becoming a vigilante and it costed him the life of a friend

Edgar Del Real says he wishes he had been the one to die that day, and I agree. Well he has plenty of time to do that since he only got probation for murder. 

It should be noted he and a friend went to a man's house to kill him, and ended up getting shot at for his trouble, so he's not only bad at murdering, he will have to spend the rest of his life being laughed at for getting his ass beat by a person he accused of being a sex offender. 

No mercy for vigilante thugs who kill!

Probation for man who accidentally killed friend during fight with child sex abuse suspect

Sarah Reese Aug 25, 2020

CROWN POINT — A Hammond man won't serve any additional jail time for killing a friend in 2018 when a shotgun accidentally discharged as they fought with a third man, whom the defendant suspected had molested his then-8-year-old relative.

Edgar Del Real, 39, pleaded guilty in March to reckless homicide, a level 5 felony, in the death of Steven Robledo, 37, of Chicago, on Sept. 22, 2018, in the 2600 block of White Oak Avenue in Whiting.

Del Real served nearly seven months in jail after he was charged with murder in September 2018.

Lake Criminal Court Judge Jamise Perkins sentenced him Tuesday to nine months in prison, followed by 21 months of probation. With credit for jail and good time, Del Real already has completed his time behind bars.

Lake County Supervisory Deputy Prosecutor Eric Randall requested a sentence with additional jail time, in part, because the case involved a death.

Defense attorney Scott King asked Perkins to empathize with Del Real, who made a report with Whiting police about his relative's alleged sexual abuse. 

Del Real complied with every request made by investigators, King said. However, police told Del Real that Lake County prosecutors would not file charges against the alleged abuser because they did not think they could win the case on the relative's word alone.

Del Real was disappointed in that decision when he met up with Robledo at a bar, and the two decided to go beat up the man Del Real suspected of abusing his relative.

Del Real and Robledo walked into the man's apartment building, where the man met them at his door holding a shotgun, King said. Del Real wrestled the gun away from the man, and it went off as Del Real and Robledo headed back down a flight of stairs.

When police arrived at the shooting scene, the man Del Real and Robledo went to confront "asserted his right not to answer any police questions" while sitting at the back of an ambulance, King said.

"This is vigilante justice," King said.

Del Real said he never intended to kill Robledo and apologized.

"If anyone should have lost his life, it should have been me," he said.

Perkins said she could understand Del Real's motivation, but the court can never condone taking matters into one's own hands.

No matter what sentence the court imposes, "a life is lost," she said.

She declined to count Del Real's previous contact with police about 20 years ago against him, because it didn't result in a conviction. Del Real had led a law-abiding life until Robledo's homicide, she said.

Perkins also noted a letter from a therapist for Del Real's relative, which stated Del Real is an asset in the girl's continuing treatment.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Ex-dope boy Musa Harris has a lengthier criminal record than most of his targets


Here's yet another so-called "Predator Hunter" with a criminal record. This does not surprise me. 

No second chances for dope boy vigilantes!

Ambush-style 'predator catcher' goes viral


He calls himself the Luzerne County Predator Catcher.

Using social media and dating applications, Musa Harris claims to have exposed 44 child molesters to date — people he says have shown up for sex after he identifies himself as an underage kid.

“You get a lot that say, ‘No, you’re too young for me.’ But you get them certain ones that like, they’re cool with the age. It don’t bother them. Those are the ones I put right on (Facebook) Live,” said Harris, 40. “It’s not just like weirdo-looking people. It’s people that you might not have ever thought would be like this. Those are the ones I really be wanting. The ones that’s not on Megan’s Law, stuff like that. People you trust right with your kids.”

Harris has been at it since early this year, but it wasn’t until a former police officer showed up for a meeting last weekend that his work went viral, with a video that hit more than 1 million views on TikTok. Text messages Harris posted along with the video indicate the man — whom The Citizens’ Voice is not identifying because he has not been charged — had been discussing having sex with a 15-year-old boy.

Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis has said her office is investigating that case, along with others. She declined to comment further Thursday.

Despite opposition from law enforcement — some have described Harris as a “vigilante” whose actions could hurt the chances for prosecuting child predators — he has strong support online. His Facebook group has more than 27,000 followers, and he said his TikTok account has almost 70,000.

Harris, of Wilkes-Barre, said he decided to get started as a predator catcher after hearing repeated stories about people being abused.

“I just was getting tired of hearing the stories about it,” Harris said, adding that he began watching videos of other predator catchers. “I seen people doing it, and I’m like man, I’m about to do it too. You can’t get arrested for doing it. I’m about to do it too.”

Harris, who is an unemployed father of four, said he spends hours on various social media and dating applications, many of which require users to be at least 18 years old. But he noted that kids often claim to be adults just so they can access the apps.

“I’m looking at it as, if my daughter can do this, how many other kids can do the same thing my daughter is doing and grown men are jumping out in their inboxes?” Harris said. “Something’s gotta give.”

During the conversations, he claims to be a minor, either a boy or girl around 14 or 15, he said.

“Once a child tells an adult that they’re 15, that should be the end of discussion right there,” Harris said.

Those who don’t end the conversation end up in front of a cellphone camera live-streaming the encounter to social media.

“My adrenaline just be pumping. Like, I’m ready to video them,” Harris said. “I’m like, ‘Do you know that person you was actually talking to was me and it wasn’t that little girl?’ I know I said I was 15 years old. You wouldn’t be on live right now if I didn’t say I was 15. You wouldn’t be getting exposed right now.”

While many of the comments on his posts support his mission, Harris said he has faced backlash as well.

Back in March, Wilkes-Barre Twp. police issued a Facebook statement referencing the videos, discouraging “vigilantes” from conducting such operations.

“For your own safety we recommend you do not make contact with these individuals,” police said. “You do not know what any of these individuals maybe capable of in person or retaliatory speaking, afterwards. It is best to contact law enforcement should you encounter adults seeking contact with minors. By not doing this you circumvent safeguards in place to track/monitor these individuals and potentially risk compromising means of prosecuting them.”

Harris said he has also faced personal attacks from individuals.

“I’ve done got so much crap from what I’m doing,” he said. “Harassment all over Facebook, people putting out lies on me.”

He acknowledged having a pending resisting arrest case from Kingston — he says it stemmed from his possession of prescribed medical marijuana — as well as several drug convictions in cases from 2009, but said they have nothing to do with what he is currently doing.

“That’s like 12 years ago,” Harris said.

Harris said he doesn’t plan to stop his work, and that he hopes the police will be able to make cases against the people he has highlighted.

“I hope that every person I got gets charged,” Harris said.

Despite Harris’ intentions, experts say prosecutors could have trouble with his cases. The statute defining unlawful contact with a minor — a law frequently cited in online child sex stings — says the offender needs to be “intentionally in contact with a minor, or a law enforcement officer acting in the performance of his duties who has assumed the identity of a minor.”

Legal experts say the law does not establish a crime in cases where a civilian is posing as a minor, even if working at the behest of police.

John Hakim, attorney administrator for the Luzerne County Department of Conflict Counsel, questioned whether the procedures and techniques being employed during an investigation conducted by an untrained civilian would hold up in court.

“People seem to think like, ‘Oh this guy’s a hero. They should be arresting these guys,’” Hakim said. “But I don’t know that any of that evidence is admissible because it’s not a law-enforcement officer. He’s not even acting under color of a law-enforcement officer, like a (confidential informant) would in a drug case.”

Sgt. Kenneth Bellis, commander for the Pennsylvania Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, said police need extensive training regarding everything from what pictures they can use to what they are allowed to say while conducting sting operations.

“We actually have rules that we have to follow to try and prosecute the offenders,” he said.

As a result, the task force will not work with civilians conducting their own investigations.

“We strongly discourage any civilians who are not affiliated with law enforcement from engaging in vigilante activities,” Bellis said. “They may have good intentions, but it’s just too dangerous and harmful to the investigation.”

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Ray McCoy of "American Greatness" right-winger site wants to relive the "lulz" of the 2000s

 I can't believe people still buy this tripe. Trying to relive the "lulz" of the 2000s, "Roy"? Absolute Zero United was a trashy blog full of deranged conspiracy theorists that makes Alex Jones look like a Rhodes Scholar. They died out years ago because their plans to derail registry reform efforts backfired dramatically. They lost their legitimacy long ago when they began confusing legitimate legal criminal justice reforms with the fringe extremism of NAMBLA. Even Perverted Justice, the parent company of AZU, distanced themselves from those conspiracy crackpots in an effort to become a legitimate law enforcement advisory agency (they're defunct too because the Internet left them way behind). But it seems this website is the place for such crackpot conspiracies like yours, Roy.

This Ray McCoy certainly does not want his real identity revealed, so he's either a wacko who believes every insane online theory or he's a former AZU alum. Either way, he's a complete asshat.


BoyWiki’s supposedly informational purpose masks a more sinister service: networking for members of the international pedophile community.

By Ray McCoy • August 7, 2020

Online predators have used the same web software as Wikipedia and Wikifan sites to design what they describe as a place to record “our history and our culture” for men attracted to boys, or as they are called by everyone else: pederasts. The site’s administrators are connected to the Free Spirits Council, an international network of people from multiple countries seeking to normalize pedophilia as a legitimate sexual orientation and social behavior rather than the predatory exploitation of children that it is. 

In order to shield themselves from professional or legal scrutiny, members of the FSC maintain strict anonymity. The resources provided by this network of websites are specifically geared toward connecting advocates of liberalizing social and legal constraints on pedophilic behavior while skirting the current laws governing them. On the surface this is already disturbing to the rational reader; but it turns out that it’s not illegal. These platforms may act as a venue for others to connect and engage in illegal sexual conduct. Thanks to a lax legal structure and a burgeoning new effort to legitimize deviant adult attraction to children, they may be able to get away with more than just advocacy.

The site in question is called BoyWiki, and along with the Free Spirits, it operates parallel sites in French and German. Like many other pedophile social circles, its log is a maze in the shape of a triangle. The counterpart website for adults attracted to minor girls is called AnnabelleLeigh/GirlChat and functions only as a message board, and states up front concrete rules for speech on the site in order to prevent illegal material from jeopardizing the site.

The creators of BoyWiki call themselves and its intended audience “boy lovers” and on its main page the site has a “Did you know. . .” section informing users of an online message board “for boy lovers all over the world.” 

This is not the first such site to attempt to organize information for such a community., now an inactive site available only in archived form, operated for several years as a wiki website dedicated to the broader purpose of supporting all of the attraction combinations, and it includes pages for debate guidelines on justifying adult-child physical contact and “testimonials” of historical cases that attempt to show such contact in a positive light. 

One such testimonial cites a book by sociologist Floyd Martinson in which a girl interviewed describes a forcible rape by her father. The fact that the writer was searching for source material for positive anecdotes and this was the best that could be found is a window into the delusional mentality of the people involved. would also feature articles critical of anti-pedophile “vigilante” organizations such as the defunct blog Absolute Zero United. Both and BoyWiki classify Absolute Zero as a “hate campaign,” even though their function has mainly been to monitor gatherings of pedophiles for illegal activities.

Strange Bedfellows

There is also IPCE (the International Pedophile and Child Emancipation) and the better-known NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association), two advocacy groups that compile long-form academic and literary websites for scholarly discussion about the “emancipation of mutual relationships between children or adolescents and adults.” In the past these groups would attempt to hold meetings where the men involved would gather supposedly to advocate lowering the legal age of consent. The real function of these get-togethers, however, would often be to exchange and distribute sexually explicit materials involving minors. 

NAMBLA was formed in the late 1970s just as the gay rights movement was attempting to eliminate sodomy laws and other restrictions. One of the events that triggered its formation was the 1978 arrest of 24 Boston men in a raid where they were discovered to have lured boys between the ages of eight and 14 into their clutches by using drugs and video games. A segment of the area gay community formed a campaign called the Boston/Boise Committee to oppose the prosecution of the men, and NAMBLA eventually evolved out of it. Among those who lauded the efforts of the committee was a little-known Massachusetts state representative named Barney Frank. He would come out as the first openly gay congressman in 1987. 

In 1993 Adi Sideman, an Israeli-American sophomore at NYU and child sex abuse victim, filmed “Chickenhawk” which included in-person interviews with NAMBLA members and activists. Considered one of the most disturbing documentaries of all time, the film allowed the subjects to describe their attraction in their own words, often showing the warped way that they misrepresented their interactions with children as young as seven years old as expressions of interest. One of the most haunting subjects of the film, Leland Stevenson, would be arrested on a second child pornography charge in Florida years later. Sideman closed the film, after the credits, with a ghoulish monologue in which he warns opponents of pedophilia that “your day is over . . . when it [suppression of pedophilia] breaks, it is going to break suddenly.”

By this time, the broader gay rights movement had ostracized NAMBLA. According to the group’s leading light David Thorstad, lesbian activists began to urge for a break from the movement as a result of NAMBLA’s inclusion. While Thorstad protested that such adult-child relationships were common between women and girls as well, all available data shows that the overwhelming majority of child sex offenders are men. And while the majority of sexual abuse victims are girls, it is believed that male cases are underreported. In the 2000s NAMBLA was weakened both by the stress litigation and infiltration by activists seeking to expose pedophile identities and activities. It is no longer a functioning organization. 

Illegal Activity Made Possible Via Legal Channels

While the “informational” resource provided by BoyWiki is troubling, it is entirely legal so long as there is no explicit sexual content or incitement to illegal activities. But BoyWiki’s supposedly informational purpose masks a more sinister service: networking for members of the community. One article permanently featured on the main page  (unlike Wikipedia which changes theirs daily) is for “BoyLand,” a message board for pedophiles. BoyWiki also has on its main page a link to the Free Spirits Council’s own message board BoyChat. 

On these message boards prospective predators can share with each other their prurient thoughts and potentially establish contact in order to solicit and share illegal child porn or even set up meetings. Chat rules prohibit soliciting meetings with persons under 18 but not with each other. In every sense possible, these chat rooms serve the same purpose of providing the first connection for potential sex criminals so they can meet and share illicit child porn or even discuss child sex trafficking.

Other resources once used to promote BoyWiki and likeminded forums were the semi-functional WEIRD-PM Radio, Ethos Magazine, and formerly the Enchanted Island. All of these were creations of a person named “Kermie” who according to BoyWiki died in October 2016. These were all used in order to direct listeners and readers about ways to reach out and contact other “BLs” (boy lovers). The news presented on the WEIRD programs invariably skewed to child-centered topics. In his last broadcast before his passing, Kermie referred to a child prodigy and high school graduate as a “9-year-old man.” He would go on to conclude by saying that “the world is changing” and the time is coming when “BLs” would be accepted as any other sexual lifestyle would. If it sounded like he was echoing Leland Stevenson, it may not be a coincidence. 

Hedonism, Child Health Be Damned

When Stevenson died in 2013, a forum user posted a tribute thanking him “for all your good work.” One of the men paying tribute, Eric Tazelaar, would tweet in 2019 a random photo of a boy wearing a shirt with the caption “Pizza is my jam” and much of his feed concerns what he considers the severe nature of sex offender laws. In a 2016 Vice article on the state of NAMBLA (or what’s left of it), Tazelaar claimed that changing public opinion about such sexual activities would take decades. Thanks to well-meaning but misguided efforts of government researchers, however, his goal is on the fast track in some countries. 

In 2018 Madeleine van der Bruggen, a psychologist with the Netherlands’ National Rapporteur on Trafficking which researches child sex crimes, delivered a now-infamous TEDx Talk. “I truly do believe that every person is longing for love at some point in their life,” she said. “And what if this love that you really wish for will forever be impossible? That must be a very lonely situation to be in.” She then went on to deliver a spirited appeal to think of pedophiles as a sexual orientation and called for “clever solutions” and pleaded with the audience to imagine an acquaintance or relative being arrested. 

This section will be a lot of preaching to the choir, but adult-child sexual relationships, whatever their level of acceptance in other cultures, are not shown to be healthy according to any existing study. According to a Temple University study in 2019, youth before the age of 18 attain adult cognitive capacity at an average age of 16, but psychosocial maturity only at the age of 18. This “maturity gap” contradicts the notion that younger teens and children who have attained neither of those mental competency levels are capable of making decisions about sexual relationships. 

Another study from 2013 featured in World Psychiatry found that adults who had a history as child sex abuse victims were more prone to suicide and that the earlier the abuse occurred, the more frequently the subject would attempt suicide. There is no countervailing evidence that sexual abuse supports mental health. A 2019 Oxford University review of academic literature on the topic reveals that such activity has been linked to more frequent occurrence of later life health problems ranging from borderline personality disorder to obesity.

With the advent of the sexual liberation movement of the 1970s, normalizing previously taboo sexual lifestyles among adults, advocates of adult-child sexual relationships saw an opening to promote themselves as victims of persecution as well. In West Berlin in the 1960s, psychologist Helmut Kentler proposed that denial of sexual urges among children by their parents would make them into “sexual cripples.” Thanks to the receptive government of Mayor Willy Brandt, Kentler was able to receive funding to place homeless children with male pedophiles beginning in the early 1970s and continuing for decades. Many of the men who became foster parents and subsequently exploited the sheltered children were themselves educators at top-flight German universities and an elite private boarding school.

The content of BoyWiki and the Free Spirits Council websites blatantly echoes the same sentiments of NAMBLA and other pro-pedophilia advocates like those of the Kentler study, yet it carefully avoids the sharing of explicit sexual content and encourages users not to disclose private information or their own activities. In preparation for this story, I contacted the National Human Trafficking Hotline, the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC), and local police. An ICAC representative acknowledged by phone this week that the task force is aware of the BoyWiki website, but declined to respond when asked if it is under investigation. 

Sunday, August 9, 2020

QAnon trolls threaten California state senator who reformed the state registry

For some reason, people still believe in the 4chan-created crackpot conspiracy QAnon. These QTards still believe in the outlandish, debunked Satanic Panics from the 1980s.

QAnon Trolls Sent Death Threats to State Senator Over Sex Offender Bill


Followers of the pedophile-obsessed QAnon conspiracy theory sent death threats to Democratic California State Senator Scott Wiener after Weiner introduced legislation to reform the state's sex offender registry.

California law allows judges to exclude certain offenders from having their names listed on the registry if they find a valid reason to do so for offenders who have sex with minor ages 15 to 17, according to Mother Jones. The decision to exclude such offenders isn't automatic, it's entirely up to the judge.

But judges only have this discretion if the case involves vaginal intercourse. If the case involves digital penetration, anal or oral sex—sexual methods often practiced by LGBTQ people—the judge must list the offender's full name without exception.

As such, Wiener sought to change the law to give judges similar discretion in cases of non-vaginal sex, treating all sexual acts equally. Some right-wing websites mischaracterized Wiener's legislation, claiming it sought to protect pedophiles by giving offenders complete anonymity.

"You're dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. I'll publicly execute you. I'm gonna embarrass you. Pedophile," one Instagram user wrote.

Another wrote, "I'll come cut your head off and deliver it to your mom if you even considering introducing your 'bill.' Got it?"

Others messages were anti-Semitic or accused Weiner of being a child rapist. Recent legal rulings upholding First Amendment protections for free speech dictate that politicians cannot block users on their social media accounts, leaving Weiner open to an ongoing torrent of hate speech and threats.

Members of QAnon await the arrival of US President Donald Trump for a political rally at Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on August 2, 2018.

QAnon conspiracy theorists believe, among many things, that the administration of President Donald Trump will reveal the existence of a top-secret child sex trafficking network run by "deep state" senior Democrats.

QAnon believers have accused Oprah Winfrey, Chrissy Teigen, Hillary Clinton and even the online furniture retailer Wayfair of being part of a shadowy international pedophile ring.

Its believers have a long history of mobilizing against public targets by spreading conspiracies on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube and other platforms. The group's online activities have also increased since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, a possible consequence of the upcoming presidential elections and additional time spent at-home as many schools and businesses remain closed.

"Whether its QAnon or Russian troll farms, these are factories of false info designed to undermine democracy and public discourse, and also to send a message to elected officials that if you pursue unpopular progressive change to help marginalized groups like queer kids, 'We're going to target you,'" Weiner told Mother Jones.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Coincidence, or something more? Why are many online vigilantes believers of Right-Wing conspiracies?

Why are so many vigilante groups adherents adherents of insane online conspiracies such as Q/ PizzaGate? It isn't limited to extreme right-wingers, either; there are some left-leaning conspiracy nuts out there too. But it seems most of the vigilantes AZU members post here are right wing nuts.

(Left wing nuts aren'r immune to this, either. See BLM/ Cancel culture activists bash a registrant by CLICKING HERE)