Thursday, January 21, 2016

Speaking of butthurt, it seems the trolls at "No Peace For Predators" are still whining and obsessing over AZUnites

It seems when one group of trolls get butthurt, the other trolls must have flashbacks from all the times AZUnites has made them look like the braindead wannabe biker gang that they are (maybe THIS POST did the real trick, and despite what the claim, none of these were edited). Whatever the case may be, the NP4P decided that somehow despite my nearly month-long vacation from the front lines, I've somehow still managed to give them traumatic flashbacks from all those times I bashed those fools. At any rate, here are the screenshots so you can have a good laugh at their expense. 

These vermin have been pretty quiet as of late, so my guess is these losers are desperate to stay relevant. The last time they've had any press was that time the "Campaign For Freedom" had David Rowe blubbering like a baby on ActionJax:

"According to Rowe, disgruntled sex predators are distorting his character on blogs and social media sites like Facebook. They call him a violent vigilante. Action News did some digging and discovered that Rowe was recently arrested for fighting at a local bar."

I guess somehow I edited Action Jax too? LOL. But I digress. Just what has NPFP actually accomplished, besides nothing? It is funny to read what the folks at NPFP post, seeing as how they weren't even on hand to support Lauren Book's march across FloriDUH last year. I was there, but they were not. It is interesting to note I have not seen a single FloriDUH vigilante marching with Lauren Book. After all, the Books stopped in Jacksonville. where is Valigator posing with the bimbo Book? How about Judy Cornett? What about Barbara Farris, or David tROWEll? or that "I'm so fat I can't find my Peter" Mason? And to think, they've missed an opportunity to bash me in person. I guess that's because we all know their goal is to bully, not to protect kids. 

Ironically, they think I've finally "crawled out from under my rock." Look around folks, I may have taken a bit of a sabbatical but I haven't been too gone. As for NPFP, I'd say they've been gone so long, no one knows if they ever existed to begin with. 

Personally, I love it when I see butthurt trolls crying about me. You losers have made me smile :)

... although, I can't let that little lie about me "saving pictures of children for perversions" slide. We all know Valigator made that one up. Tsk. Tsk. The clods just can't do anything right, can they?

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The crybabies over at "Sex Offender Updates' butthurt over AZUnites's earlier post. The truth hurts.

Apparently, the anonymous pussies over at that scammer's website "Sex Offender Updates" has been pissing and moaning over an earlier post I made on this blog

After reading their lame "response," it is painfully obvious the numbnuts who run the website lack reading comprehension skills. Here is their whiny response:

"In his blog post, Derek Logue referred to Sex Offender Updates as a 'scumbag wannabe vigilante group advocating the death penalty for those on the registry.' ​That is not accurate. We do not condone vigilantism. However, we have advocated for the death penalty. But, we have not said that all sex offenders on the registry should be executed. We don't think that all sex offenders deserve to be executed.​ So, here we have a guy who basically misstates and misrepresents our organization in his very first sentence."

They obviously can't read. (I never said they want to kill all sex offenders, either, so who is misrepresenting who?) They talk as if murders and assaults are the only forms of vigilante violence, but they neglect online vigilante violence as well. Harassment and death threats litter their FB page, and they are not condemning the comments or deleting the nasty remarks. The very existence of a website that posts defamatory and harassing information (info they borrowed from other dubious sites) about registrant activists, not just yours truly, is in itself the promotion of vigilante violence. 

These are just a few of the FB comments from the supporters of that site:

Any claims they don't promote vigilante violence is easily dispelled by the comments. After all, their scam site begs people to become "keyboard warriors." What a joke! 

Then there is this:

"If you think child rapists should get the death penalty, please sign up and join us in this fight. How come we do not execute these defective human beings when public opinion on this issue is about as unanimous as you could ever get in a nation of more than 300 million people?" (The"'Bandwagon" fallacy)

Their entire counterargument to AZUnites is this -- "So, here we have a guy who basically misstates and misrepresents our organization in his very first sentence. If that is how he is going to define us, why should we believe him when he defines his own sex offenses?" In other words, because I hurt their little feelings, I'm not to be believed. Cry me a river. No misrepresentation there. Here, SOU has engaged in the "Genetics" fallacy. 

Well, why believe them, I ask? After all, they use a FB "album" as evidence that low recidivism rates, as stated here:

"The argument that 95% of the sex offender population "never recommits a sex crime" is a lie... Sex Offender Updates would like to draw your attention a section of our website dedicated to exposing this lie. We call it the "Recidivist Spotlight" and we feature stories about sex offenders who were re-arrested or convicted of a sex crime more than three years after they were released from prison for their previous offense. We also have a photo album on our Facebook page dedicated to repeat offenders. Each one of these are specific examples of sex offenders whom Janice Bellucci says "never recommitted" a sex crime, even though we have it in black and white proving to you that she is wrong.​"

They obviously don't understand recidivism rates, but it is interesting how they think a FB album is going to prove numerous state and federal studies wrong. SOU has engaged i the "Anecdotal" fallacy. 

Without citing any evidence of most of their claims, they tried in vain to dispel the low recidivism rates:

Here are the key points to remember whenever you hear anyone suggest that sex offenders re-offend at a rate of 5%:
  • That is only over a three year period, not their entire life (I've already explained that most recidivism occurs in the first three years but not all, but not every uses a three year study)
  • This only includes individuals who were re-arrested and we never get 100% of the criminals (this equally applies, perhaps even more so, to those without a prior record)
  • Sex crimes are the most underreported crime in America (A myth that has been debunked more than Bigfoot and the Chupacabra)
  • Sex offenders released from prison are likely to be more skilled at avoiding detection (Another uteer bullshit argument without any basis in fact)
  • Sex offenders usually have multiple victims (again, a load of bullshit. In fact, the number of individuals with multiple victims is extremely low). 

They are still promoting other lies like how we are all somehow connected to NAMBLA (the same BS spewed by other dubious online groups like Pee-J/ AZU):

Of course, they even admit the following:

"Unfortunately, I have yet to see any mainstream media piece connect the dots and highlight the fact that the RSOL organization was co-founded by an admitted pederast who also helped found NAMBLA several decades ago." 

Gee, do you think it had to do with the fact that the only source for this outlandish claim is OTHER DUBIOUS WEBSITES? Perhaps it is because for all the flaws of the mainstream media, many reporters at least attempt to use VALID references and not junk found on the internet. If you believe everything you read online, next thing you'll know, you're off to join the Reptile Jesus cult. At this point, i'm waiting for the SOU FB page to be filled with "like and share with 10 people or the ghost of Megan Kanka will kill you" or whatever stupid shit FB users do these days. 

It is obvious the people at SOU can't be trusted to tell the truth about ANYTHING. 

By the way, if they're butthurt over Janice Bellucci's comparison between US sex offender laws and Nazi Germany (another thing I've discussed a decade ago, I might add), then I bet they're beside themselves over THIS ARTICLE by the Washington Post

I guess they'll be looking for a new Mailboxes Etc. to try to scam funds from the Facebook sheeple in the near future. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Neighborhood protest against Registered Citizen in Cali creates more problems than they solve

Recently, the LA Times ran an article entitled, "California’s laws test whether sexual predators can ever be rehabilitated," which covers the story of the release of the man who has been given a scary name by the media, the 'Pillowcase Rapist." Now, I remember after my appearance on the Dr. Drew show in April 2014 on this subject, even some within the cause questioned why I would "defend" such a man. I don't defend this man's past; my argument was since this man was deemed worthy of release by the civil commitment system, I want this registrant to have a fair opportunity to become a productive member of society. Whether you like the idea of such a high profile candidate to be free, this is the reality.

Now, almost two years later, the man I had to defend on the Dr. Drew show is making headlines by virtue of his label. He was released into a home in July 2014, and has remained there ever since. Within a month, neighbors established a round-the-clock protest, harassing the man, shouting obscenities, and leaving effigies around the home. This is all petty and nonsensical behavior more suited from FlorIDIOTS rather than folks from the land of the "happy cows."

And so, the vigilante thugs have eld a non-stop harassment campaign for over a year now:

Ever notice the majority of vigilantes are fat, white, middle aged and lower economic status-types?

Here is a disturbing effigy left by one of the vigilante thugs.

Another vigi-scum shouting obscenities. 
There is something deeply disturbing about all this kind of behavior. According to the LA Times piece, vigilantes have--

  1. Convinced a water company to stop deliveries to the house
  2. Made anonymous death threats
  3. Shouted insults like, "No one in this world loves you" and made references to the man's dead mother.
  4. Held a protest in front of the house complete with a grill-out and a raffle.
  5. Driven by the house at 3:00 am and honk their horns. 
  6. Trespassed on the property
  7. Placed disturbing signs and effigies around the house.
Of course, while it makes all these self-righteous pricks feel good, it may make their target more likely to reoffend. “To have people outside your house every single day, screaming the most obscene, threatening, violent things at you, would wear on anybody’s soul,” said Christopher Yuen, a deputy public defender in Santa Clara County. If this man is truly "likely to reoffend," then I imagine the constant harassment isn't going to help this guy stay on the straight and narrow. 

To me, this is just another reason why sex offender laws should be largely repealed. Every person, no matter the case that landed him or her in jail, should have a fair chance upon release to be a productive member of society. And yes, this guy is a repeat offender so it is harder to defend. But at the same time, we have a judicial process that determined he was ready to be released, and I want this guy to succeed rather than fail. Do you?

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Another one of Valerie Parkhurst's "heroes" is off the street for at least the next 13 years

Timothy "Silenco" Gould

I bet Val will be more upset knowing this guy joined the reform movement. But at least the streets are safer with Silencio silenced for at least 13 years.

Redding man takes plea bargain in shooting of registered sex offender
12:27 PM, Dec 1, 2015

REDDING, California - A 28-year-old Redding man pleaded guilty today in Shasta County Superior Court to attempted murder and use of a firearm in connection with the September shooting of a registered sex offender.

In exchange for his guilty plea, Timothy Joseph Gould will be sentenced Feb. 2 to 15 years in prison.

Gould must serve 85 percent of his sentence — about nearly 13 years — before he’s eligible for parole.

Gould entered his plea after being ordered last month to stand trial on attempted murder and other charges in the Sept. 19 shooting of Roy Anthony Matagora, 62, also of Redding.

If he had been tried and convicted of the charges against him, Gould faced a potential life sentence.

Police said Gould shot Matagora after discovering that he was a registered sex offender.

Matagora, who witnessed the court proceeding from the back row of the courtroom, said afterward he does not entirely buy that explanation, but was satisfied with Gould’s plea bargain.

And, he said, he harbors no ill will toward Gould.

“I don’t hold anything against him,” he said, adding he does not know why Gould shot him. “It’s too bad he got caught up in all of this. All he had to do was give the car back.”

According to a Shasta County sheriff’s investigative report, Matagora had gone to the Shasta Lake residence to try to find Tanna Nicole Curran to get back his car that he had earlier allowed her to borrow.

Curran had been dating Gould for about three days before the shooting, sheriff’s investigators have said.

According to the sheriff’s report, Matagora had texted Curran that he was at the Main Street house and wanted his car returned.

Matagora told deputies that he later received a telephone call from Gould , who called him a child molester and said he “knew people who would take care of him,” the report said.

“Matagora took this as a threat,” the report states. “Matagora told Gould he knew nothing about his past case or his past conviction regarding this (sex offense) crime and he was just trying to get his vehicle back,” the report states.

Gould , known by the nickname “Silencio,” continued to yell at Matagora, telling him he was from the “South Side,” referring to a gang, the sheriff’s report said.

Matagora said he hung up on Gould. About two hours later Matagora heard a knocking at the door. He opened it to see Gould pointing a handgun at him.

As Matagora tried to run away, Gould shot him in the hand and calf.

Matagora has since joined a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by the California Reform Sex Offenders organization against the state for alleged mismanagement of the Megan’s Law online database.

Copyright 2015 Journal Media Group. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

WARNING RSO ACTIVISTS: Shaun Webb is the new T-Sand. Should I call him T-Shaun?

If there is a time I struggle with the idea of posting someone on this blog, it is when the troll is a Registered Citizen. Years ago, Clay Keys from Pensacola, aka "T-Sand," grew angry with the Anti-Registry Movement and started attacking activists and family members alike and teaming up with the likes of Absolute Zero United and Valerie "Valigator" Parkhurst. Ultimately, T-Sand reoffended and is sitting inside a Florida prison for a 15 year sentence. Unfortunately, that was a time my bleeding heart backfired, because I tried to give T-Sand a chance. Recently I've had to deal with a similar situation. 

Shaun Webb is a registered citizen living in Michigan. He writes books (A Motion for Innocence, Behind the Brick, and Lost Youth) and hocks them on website like Amazon and attends book shows. He claims to be innocent, but he is currently convicted and listed publicly as a Tier 2. Shaun Webb first came approached me years ago, promoting his personal story. Now, I try to promote the works of those on the registry, even if their writing ability is a little lacking. In Shaun's case, there were glaring grammar and spelling errors, using the wrong word like "vial" (a container) instead of "vile" (something disgusting or bad). I didn't give it an Amazon review but on the insistence of fellow activists who I took at face value, I added it to my list of recommended reading. 

I should have known something wasn't quite right with Shaun when a few weeks after he sent me an electronic copy of his first book, he contacted me saying he heard I was sharing his book with people without his permission. I don't appreciate anyone accusing me of crap I didn't do, and so I stopped communicating with him. A year or so later, he apologized so I gave him another chance. 

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Shaun got upset over a trifling issue, a bad phone connection as the result of traveling while having a sinus infection. He blew up over a petty issue and TRYING to threaten me over the phone. So he eventually backed off for a week. As some of you might know, I've been extremely busy working on a number of issues and haven't been on the internet that much. Yet, Shaun sends a nasty email falsely accusing me of slamming his books. I had already explained to this paranoid fucker that no one can easily create multiple Amazon accounts, and up to this point, have never even had a Goodreads account. There were no new negative reviews in the week since Shaun decided to act like a douchecanal, so personally, the only place he could have received it was within his own mind. Once again, I was accused of things I did not do, from the same fat piece of shit that accused me of giving away free copies of his books, and I let him know how I felt about being falsely accused. He told me he would not bother me any more, but the next day, he sent harassing messages by text, claiming he was going to come to Cincinnati to beat my ass (something I hear from trolls all the time but never see actually happen).

Because Shaun Webb engaged in constant threats by phone and internet, as well as continuing to use my name and likeness to sell his lousy books, I removed my endorsements of his books from my website and Amazon, and posted a formal notice on my once Fallen blog that I no longer endorse, condone or support any of Shaun Webb's books. 

So Shaun Webb runs crying to Valigator:

Later, after I already warned him to stop further communication with me, he admits to being a "mole' for the other side:

Shaun Webb admitting to being a "mole." 

Since Shaun Webb has revealed his true colors to me, and continuously bashes me on the internet, even quoting "Encyclopedia Dramatica" as a valid source, I have been left with no other option than to feature Shaun Webb on this blog. 

I have asked Shaun Webb repeatedly to cease further communication with me and to stop using my name and likeness to promote his work. I also strongly suggest to you never accept an offer from him to review his work, because if you say anything at all about his work except a glowing five-star review, he will harass you to the ends of the earth. He was banned from Goodreads for that very reason. 

I guess even Val won't accept her new minion, by the way:

Shaun Webb has even stooped so low as to pretend to be a female reviewer on my book on Amazon. Coincidentally, T-Sand also had a habit of harassing folks while creating female profiles:

Shaun does such a lousy job of covering his tracks. I guess somehow I was supposed to be fooled by "Heather" who coincidentally has only reviewed Shaun Webb's books on Amazon:

And on Goodreads as "Marcie:"

Here he is attacking me once again on Goodreads, again quoting the same lame attacks.

He is trying to hide his recent attacks against me from other RSO activists in hopes you won't catch on to his behavior, but I have caught him slamming me numerous times. Here is his personal blog where he posted the same crap before he took it down (only after I filed a report against him):

The bottom line-- DO NOT accept the offer of a free book in return for a review, or you will regret it as I have. If he is willing to call someone who actually helped promote his sorry ass the P word and go crying to Valerie Parkhurst, then he'll do the same to you. DO NOT trust this fat piece of shit for anything. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

New disgusting wannabe vigilante group desperately tries to bring back the death penalty

Apparently there is yet another scumbag wannabe vigilante group advocating the death penalty for those on the registry. This group is called "Sex offender Updates," and they are trying to push state-sponsored murder of registered citizens

At the moment, it is unclear who runs this shitty website. One of the cardinal rules for being an online wannabe vigilante, after all, is to hide in an anonymous hole like a coward. And any organization citing any of the other groups listed here, like Absolute Zero United or Evil Unveiled, is obviously an invalid resource. And guess what? Their address, Sex Offender Updates, 4733 Torrance Blvd., Suite 712, Torrance, CA 90503-4100, is a private PO Box rental company. 

Where the money goes: The "headquarters" of
Among their goals:

  • Keep the public updated about the sex offenders in their area
  • Create community networks of concerned, passionate and active citizens
  • ​Advocate for tough, appropriate laws governing sex crimes and offenders
  • ​Oppose efforts by sex offenders and their advocates to weaken laws and eliminate sex offender registries

So anyways, this group wants to repeal the US Supreme Court decision of Kennedy v. Louisiana, allowing execution of people convicted of sex crimes. Thankfully this has only gotten 178 shares. So much for this being unanimous. The only thing I can agree on is that Justice Kennedy used faulty reasoning by relying on what he felt was a "general consensus," but unlike Sex Offender Updates, I feel the problem was Kennedy relied on the consensus rather than the Constitution. 

To my knowledge, this Sex Offender Updates site isn't actively targeting anyone for now (though they have a few anti-RSOL articles up that are basically copy-paste jobs of old Evil Unveiled and AZU bullshit). However, I must raise awareness on this site because they are promoting violence against registered citizens:

Saturday, September 12, 2015

#OpDereksTears already admits defeat. Game Over!

A couple of weeks ago, Val's imaginary friend declared "#OpDereksTears", another lame attempt to try to ruin my life. Over the years, they've tried interfering in court cases, writing letters to my neighbors, a half dozen hate sites, 3 am phone calls, and following me around the Internet. I was hoping they would try something different this time, like an actual face-to-face encounter.

Quote: "'already anticipating failure' I think you could just look in the mirror if you need an example of failure, no? I'm currently dealing with a small number of unknown variables. The answer from one action will determine if there's a need for another. It's really not that difficult to understand. 'Harassing folks is not legal' I'm not harassing you. Telling the truth about someone/ something to another person is completely legal. Unless you'd like to cite some case law I'm not aware of. Your status as a registered *** doesn't give you blanket immunity from the consequence of your actions no matter how much you'd like to imaging (sic) that it does. I have absolutely zero interest in meeting you for any reason. Feel free to consider that as some kind of win. It's not like I'm overly concerned with the opinions of **** 'try something original this time' Why would I be doing anything else? This is the only communication you'll be receiving directly from me."

I suppose I should take a moment to address the bullshit. I asked her to try something original because they have tried and failed using the same routine. Ever played Madden football with someone who picks the Hail Mary every time he chooses a play? Well, this clown is just like that. Why ask for something different? Perhaps it is because ALL previous strategies have failed miserably. I assure you that the answer from will action will be failure, and the action from your next course of action will be failure. Your unknown variable are that it will fail, it is illegal, and you will be outed and subject to arrest, prosecution, and/or a civil suit. 

By the way, the registry warns folks against the misuse of registry info. There is also a number of laws against harassing anyone, not just registered citizens. If this person was indeed doing something heroic and legal, there would be no need to hide like a chickenshit. Oh, and just in case you wanted to read some statutes, there's THIS

Bottom Line: Barely a week passed and already they are admitting defeat! Once again, vigi-scum throws in the towel. I'm disappointed Vag's imaginary friend doesn't have the guts to meet me face to face but I'm not surprised it took the coward's way out again.

Just like all the previous operations, #OpDereksTears failed miserably. This was so lame, I didn't even get to cry tears of laughter.

#OpDereksTears is out in one punch.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Meet the LEAST anonymous "Anonymous" member, Sondra Mary Horne Whatley aka "Rebel Child" and other bullshit names

So it was recently brought to my attention that Valerie "Valigator" Parkhurst's imaginary friend has been making some more idle threats against me. After I got off the floor from the excessive chortles brought on by the newest idle threat (a Hashtag Operation [#OpDereksTears] at that! Yeah, good luck with trying to make me cry, unless tears of laughter count LOLOLOL.

I believe that Val's "friends" on her shitblog are indeed just Val pretending to be interested parties, but there is a small chance that Val's new retarded friend is longtime troll Sondra Mary Horne Whatley of Lowndesboro, AL, aka Rebel Child, aka Narcissistic Bitch, aka AnonKittieKat or whatever Twitter account she's had to make up next, since she doesn't last long on Twitter. 

So who is Sandra? She's an annoying wannabe vigilante that is such a wannabe even Encyclopedia Dramatica has a page on her. Yeah, even other online vigi scum have distanced themselves from her. 

So here is a summary of Sondra from the asshats at ED (I will summarize it here so you don't have to give traffic to that shit site):

  1. Sondra tried attaching herself to Petra Luna and even claimed Petra Luna was going to turn over control to Petra's one man army to her. It never happened because Petra Luna's army consisted of just Petra Luna. 
  2. After getting blackballed by Petra Loony, Sondra made a number of online accounts to convince people she had her own 'army.' But like Petra Loony, Sondra's army was also an army of one. These are among the many names she has used on Youtube (some names she reused later on Twitter): 
  3. ConstipatedDiahrea, DurtyAnna16 (pretending to be a kid), GracieLuvsPink, HijackingReality, HollaBackGirlllllll, HuddleHouse247, hugzzzzzzz4u, iDontGivaSchitt, iHearCrazyVoices, lLoveNerds,  JimbosBaconDelivery, KarenWaIker, LilMissMeatyAnon, LiPsOFaANGEL14, MadeaPieceBeSteele, MzWonderWoman2U, NarcissticBitch, notwhiiic, OMGwtfSTFUwhore, 0pticalillusion, paulacandance, PleaseMakeMeStop, RebelChiId, RodBurchFan, ShaNaNaRules, TakingBackMyBrave, teenytinylittleme, THELMAandLOUISEroll, VanillaLiceLiceBaby, ViolateMyself,WAFFLEHOUSE2000, Warrior0nAWarpath, WarrioronAWarpath, WavesOfReaction, xxRebelChildxx, yourMAwarnedUaboutME, FearTheCougars
  4. Sondra used her own 14 year old daughter as bait to try to lure alleged online predators. It seems to have failed miserably. 
  5. Sondra is 42  48 years old, and still lives at home with her daddy.
  6. Her father is a card-carrying member of the KKK. Srsly.
  7. Sondra is addicted to painkillers.
  8. Sondra once married a man strictly for money.
  9. Sondra's breasts were made possible by her divorce settlement.
  10. Her favorite saying is "I WON'T BACK DOWN!".
  11. Claims to have "modeled", but can only produce pics of other models.
  12. Has an identical twin sister, who stole her husband, merely by being "not Sondra".
  13. Claims to be a "Psych Social Worker" when, in fact, she's unemployed.
  14. Is frequently seen prowling the tubes for young male members of Anonymous.
  15. Believes members of Anonymous will protect her.
  16. When cornered, Sondra will threaten with lolsuits.
At some point, this stupid cunt has taken her circus to Twitter, so add @AnonKittieKat and @AnonBitchIsBack. Well she didn't stay back for long, because both accounts are suspended. One of her Anonymous comrades is THIS GUY,  a schmuck who is actually a fan of Hitler. I'm not surprised. I've stated elsewhere on this blog that the "Antis" often carry banners of hate for other groups. Stitches 77 was a Skinhead, Valerie Parkhurst claims she supports the Sons of the Confederacy and attacks minorities online regularly, and here an Anonymous member is a Hitler sympathizer. 

Sondra also claims to have been involved with both AZU and Acme Cleaning Services, and when she first contacted me a few months ago she mentioned a woman who hasn't been involved with the Anti-Registry Movement in half a decade. So perhaps this crazy twat took some time off. But it seems she has possibly made a drinking buddy with Valigaturd. Considering the mention of my Twitter page and her recent Twitter "crusade," I do reasonably suspect at least the one anonymous troll who mentioned my Twitter page is Sondra. Since Sondra and Vag are both gun-nuts, it seems at least plausible that two dumb old broads shunned by other so-called "Antis" would find solace in each other. 

Addendum: It seems I ruffled a few feathers. Seems to me I'm on the right trail. The fact that Val's imaginary friend responded so quickly to this article tells me that Val & her imaginary friends spend all day sitting on the internet waiting for me to post something. Here is the response that was written on Val's shitblog:

This is too funny! First, apparently they are already anticipating failure. Heh. I'm sure plans B, C, all the way to Z will be a failure too :)

Second, nothing they've done so far is 100% legal. Harassing folks is not legal. Just because they haven't been arrested for it yet doesn't mean they are legit. That's obviously a main reason most internet vigilante scumbags go to great lengths to hide their identities. The only reason Valerie Parkhurst hasn't spent time in an Ohio prison yet is there is no evidence she ever sent letters to my neighbors, something she claimed to have done. Obviously Val is full of shit because if she was telling the truth, she would have been jailed. Again.

Third, I didn't "dox" anyone douchemissile, I merely reposted some info from a shit site since apparently Sondra, like Val, isn't well liked even among online vigi scum fucks. Nor did I say I was 100% sure Val's imaginary friend is Sondra. However the M.O. certainly doesn't eliminate Sondra as a suspect. But even if it isn't, it will just be another loser with a shaky mental health history and possibly a criminal record.

Fourth, "de-anonymizing" yourself is exactly the point! You hide like a coward and don't have the testicular fortitude to meet me in person so you hide behind a computer screen. If you don't "de-anonymize" as you put it, then you still lost the challenge.

I will be awaiting those updates LOLOLOL. By the way, try something original this time. I've already been doxxed (pointless since I post my info online anyways), had dozens of hate sites devoted to me, gotten the 3am phone threats, and neighbors supposedly got letters about me. There isn't much let you CAN do at this point besides do what you always do, make idle threats.

Here is an idea, come see me in person. That's the one thing you HAVEN'T done! Later, losers!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Valigator and her imaginary friends have made me wait forever for their big surprise, yet they consistently fail to deliver

This is a very short post. The only reason I am writing this here is because Valerie "Valigator" Parkhurst and her imaginary friend on her shit blog have continued making idle threats against me, and I challenged them to meet me in person. Obviously Val and imaginary friend won't do it. 

I'd like to remind Valerie and her imaginary friend of a few facts:
  1. I've gotten the same lame threat for years. Supposedly I'm supposed to have gotten a "big surprise" of some sort since 2008. I'm STILL waiting for this big surprise. Glad I never held my breath on that one.  Well, the asshole was right about one thing, I'd "never see him coming"... because he was afraid to show up! LOL.
  2. Valigaturd claims she wrote my neighbors letters a couple of years ago and they were up in arms, but when I asked all my neighbors about these alleged letters, not one neighbor received anything. Proof or it never happened!
  3. Valigaturd tried to make people think she went to Tallahassee to see me "crash and burn" at the Rally in Tally, and claims she only saw "four people" there. Obviously she wasn't there nor can she count, and since my counter-rally got equal attention with the Lauren Book walk, to make the claim my rally was a failure is to admit the Lauren Book bash was a failure. 
  4. The only time I can actually say Valigaturd actually tried sabotaging an event (the 2012 RSOL Conference in Albuquerque), it backfired miserably
So once again, Valigaturd and her imaginary friend is once again making implicit threats they can't back up. I will challenge them like I challenged that random Twitter twat that trash-talked me the other day-- SAY IT TO MY FACE OR DON'T SAY IT AT ALL. 

I know they won't accept because Valigaturd and her imaginary friend won't dare meet me in person. I will take it a step further. If the asshole who has been making idle threats since 2008 meets me in person, I'll fucking retire from the cause once and for all! I'll delete Once Fallen and all the useful info I have given to thousands of registered citizens. 

So what do you say, punks? Want to shut me up? Meet me in person. That's all you have to do. No more "anonymous" messages. You know where I live, so as we used to say back in the day, nothing separates us but air and opportunity. 

It has been seven years so it is time to put up or shut up.

ADDENDUM: Well it seems Valigaturd's imaginary friend has vowed to start "hashtag OpDereksTears" on me. Yawn. At least this time they will be giving their failed operation a name. Only tears I'll be shedding is tears of laughter from laughing at Val and her imaginary friend's rage after failing once again! ROFLMAFAO!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Stinson Hunter, bloody British vigi-wanker, has officially played his swan song

Kieren "Stinson Hunter" Parsons is getting ready to "grow his hair out and get a job"
Another online vigilante douchebag has officially called it quits, or as Stimpy said, playing his "swan song." Kieren Parsons, aka, "Stinson Hunter"  has claimed 30 arrests of "paedophiles" in the UK (though there are obvious questions as to the validity of his claims), but apparently he isn't making a lot of money trolling people on the internet. Apparently people were pissed he was begging for money-- Stimpy claims it was to see his kid, while critics contend he is lying to just con people out of a quick buck. Personally, I'm inclined to agree with the critics. Here is one such critical argument

This guy is a complete con. He's had us all (donators included) fooled. Had he of been truthful, maybe people wouldn't have a reason to question what he's been doing. I looked up to the guy a lot. I mean how do we know what we've donated has actually gone to him seeing his kid when his kid was already at home with him? The guy has a past that isn't exactly squeaky clean not to mention calling people names through his twitter and instagram but not so brave to say anything on facebook when he was called out. Anyone who questioned where the money went (donators or not) got removed, comments deleted or blocked but will happily sit on twitter belittling folk and making idol threats like they're something he scraped off the bottom of his shoe. Even some of his own family members have commented about their concerns about his habits and lies. All this talk of 30 convictions in 6 years and only 10 of them were put behind bars says a lot when the rest have been living ruined lives because of his mistakes. What has he really done for us parents that we haven't done for our own kids? From the day and hour our kids were born, it's been "us" protecting them, not him. I have lost all respect for the kid! He needs to sort his life out and get a job. Both him and her. We've all had our struggles and more severe cases than this. He thinks he's worse off than the rest of the world. Begging is not the answer for his next hit!

After I posted the last article about Kieren "Stinson Hunter" Parsons, my message board was flooded with a couple dozen threatening or derogatory "anonymous" comments from either Parsons or one of his lackeys. Of course, I couldn't give two shits about this bloody wanker and he can go choke on an Irish banger for all I care (obviously he isn't going to cross the pond to beat my ass so I'm not worried about censoring my disdain for this piece of shit.) 

There are other similar comments so I'll just summarize what I've read from the flood of comments. Apparently, ol' Stimpy collected upwards of $30k from a kickstarter campaign (more specifically, 32,661 British Pounds, the equivalent of $51,044 USD) under the guise of making an independent documentary and yet a couple of weeks ago, he was begging for yet more money from the losers who watch his online shenanigans, this time under the guise of needing to see his son. People started asking legitimate questions about where all this money disappeared to and why he's asking for yet more money to see a kid that lives with him, and he was being very evasive, even downright nasty to those supporters asking questions. After all, if the equivalent of $50,000 or so isn't enough to make a film and have enough to make ends meet, then obviously something is amiss.

Apparently, after the barrage of questions from soon-to-be EX-supporters of this shady, unsavory online vigi-scum, Stimpy is packing up his toys and crying home to mommy. This bum is going to get a real job, presumably as a dirt farmer or night janitor. All I can say is good riddance to bad rubbish.

Stinson Hunter plans to "vanish" after online dispute over cash
15:22, 14 JULY 2015
Nuneaton paedophile-hunter now says he plans to move away from stings and setups

Stinson Hunter says he plans to “vanish” and have some time to himself after he was abused online for asking for money.

The 33-year-old paedophile hunter from Nuneaton made a desperate plea to his Facebook followers for a small amount of cash this week so he can go to Norfolk and visit his baby son.

And while he did receive enough money to make the trip he was also attacked by some Facebook followers who accused him of sponging.

Hunter, now living in Lancashire, told the Telegraph that the latest online fracas is “the final straw” and he is now planning to take a step back from his work.

“I’ve got something planned, a one-off event, in the future,” he said.

“That’s my swan song. After that I’m going to take some time for myself.

“I’m going to grow my hair, look for a job and just vanish for a bit. That’s the plan.

“That’s where I am. I just want to focus on doing stuff for myself for a bit. My Facebook will still be ticking over but it will change.”

Hunter, whose film won a Bafta earlier this year, drew a mixture of criticism and support from his Facebook followers when he asked for money to go and look after his son after his former partner Kirsty fell ill.

In an emotional post Kirsty then wrote that Hunter was struggling financially.

She wrote: “He puts on an incredibly brave face for the public and I don’t know how, I couldn’t manage to do it, behind that incredibly brave front is a broken man right now, he can barely even afford food let alone bills or to even see his own son.

“He battles with depression every single day and it saddens me so much that I can’t even help with it, I don’t want to see his tears or hear him cry anymore.

“All he needed was that little extra support from the public when he really needed it most, all he wanted was to see his little boy and to help me out.”

Hunter then wrote later on: “For over six years I have been trapping paedophiles and have achieved over 30 convictions.

“Not once have I ever been paid for this.

“The nature of my work and my profile make it virtually impossible to get a regular job, yes that was my decision but I stand by it.”

Speaking to the Telegraph he added: “I’m not on benefits. I could claim Job Seekers Allowance but I don’t – I choose not to.

“If people saw my outgoings they would be surprised. I do my best to manage each month.

“But I’m sitting here right now selling my stuff off on eBay so I’m not going to be homeless in three months' time.

“I went to London recently and that 10-minute speech cost £300.

“I’m going to seal myself off now and take some time to get my life in order. That’s the main thing, to have time for me and my son.”

Hunter said that he did manage to raise £200 to pay for train tickets and a small amount more which he plans to put towards getting his driving licence and a car.

On Facebook he wrote that he was keen to go into education and go “beyond the stings and setups”.

“Nothing lasts forever,” he added.

As an aside, a guy who hit Stimpy with a car got his sentenced reduced. Hell, the guy should have gotten a medal for running over this POS. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The "No Peace For Predators Florida! Protect Our Children!" Facebook group obviously has a problem with balls

Apparently there is a "branch" of the retarded No Peace For Predators group, and this branch may even be dumber than the original No Peace For Predators. This group is called "No Peace For Predators Florida! Protect Our Children!

Here is a prime example of their stupidity. Apparently there is a book on called, "Do You Want To Play With My Balls"? It is a crude adult humor book full of double entendres about "balls" (here is a YouTube reading of it, if you are curious). Kid's book parodies are nothing new (the most well-known at this time is probably "Go The Fuck To Sleep," with the audio version read by Samuel L. Jackson) but apparently this humor book did not elicit any laughs from the idiots at NPFP-FloriDUH. 

So one of the regular posters made a Facebook post about this book to "warn" others of this book. Another member responded, "The author and the publishing company should be sued for such non sense. In fact I think I will contact my lawyer in behalf of all our children." Another said, "I can't comprehend why people think it's ok to do or expose such perverted things and think there will be no later consequences." Still another said, "as an adult with more experience it's obvious the meanings of the book and as a survior (sic) of molestation of 18+ guys, I'm incredibly offended by this book and the use of the little girl." "It should be plainly posted as adult only. Further more it should be band from being published. Only sick minded people find it amusing. Hince the point of this site." And, "What a horrible book! No WAY this was written without malice. I better NEVER see this in a children's library section or the please be quiet rule will not be followed! Disturbed freaks of nature."

It should be noted the attorney they contacted told them, as relayed by one member of NPFP-FloriDUH, "it would[n't] be prudent to try and sue the writer or the publishing company due to freedom of speech laws. And freedom to publish ones opinion. As bad as it may be there are far worse things published under those laws." [Screenshot of this exchange will be posted st the end of the article due to length. 

If that wasn't enough, the members flooded the Amazon page with negative reviews. Here are a few of their crazy reviews:

0 of 2 people found the following review helpful
1Though the "humor" in this book may have been intended for adults, it still endangers children
ByMichael Welperon June 19, 2015
Format: Hardcover
It is wrong to present this material in the format of a children's book. I understand that this book was written for adults, but that doesn't mean that it couldn't end up in the hands of a child. Children deserve to be protected. No moral adult would ever present such disgusting material in a way that could potentially appeal to an innocent child. And more seriously--yes, I do understand that this book was not intended to aid pedophiles, but a very sick adult could take advantage of the opportunity it yields, nonetheless.

0 of 5 people found the following review helpful
1i wish i could give this horrible book less then 1 star
ByTamaraon June 14, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
i wish i could give this horrible book less then 1 star. It s so disgusting i would neve ever read this to my kids. who wrote this book must have been a pedophile

1 of 6 people found the following review helpful
1Not a child's book - read it on youtube before you buy...
ByPro-Life Nobamaon June 7, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
NOT A CHILDREN'S BOOK. Not sure what adult would write this or why (pedophile, gay activist or just a gag). Go hear it read at Youtube and decide for yourself.

Out of all the retarded comments, the comment below is the dumbest comment of all:

1 of 7 people found the following review helpful
1Pornography for 2 year olds
ByVivian Aldanaon June 6, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
This is in NO WAY an innocent book. Do You Want to Play With My Balls is a manual for pedophiles. Perhaps some INNOCENT PERVERT will read it to your child. They can inform your child or grandchild about Blue balls, licking balls, holding a persons ball sack, hairy balls, or squeezing a persons balls, ???? Innocent--Really???? NO, not innocent--IT IS PERVERTED! It is pornography for 2-year olds.

Perhaps we should sent the morons at this branch of NPFP a care package. Maybe some of Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls? Maybe a case of Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls? How about an LP of AC/DC's "Big Balls"? Or, perhaps the complete works of Honore de BALZAC?

Apparently this will be the next book on NPFP-FL's shitlist
Actually, instead of balls, we need to send everyone at "No Peace For Predators Florida! Protect Our Children!" a case of BRAINS. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Valerie Parkhurst is "a different kind of predator"

Once again, Valerie "Valigator" Parkhurst, career criminal now residing in Ft. Lauderdale FL, has been caught in a lie and completely embarrassed and humiliated. 

So here is the latest "Valigator PWNED" story -- A friend has written a new book, a true crime book entitled "Lost Youth: A True Story." [From the website: "Amazon bestselling Author Shaun Webb’s sixth full-length work, and second true crime study, Lost Youth: A True Story, delves into a fateful October 1981 night in Waterford, Michigan that rocked a quiet family’s peace and shook an entire community to its deepest emotional depth. Colette Molyneaux, 13, a cute, healthy and happy teenager, paid the ultimate price in a criminal’s horrible thirst for blood.  Nancy Molyneaux, Colette’s mother, also suffered enormously, enduring the violent act of rape on top of losing a dear daughter. Who was responsible for these monstrous crimes?  Why did such a bright light and friendly young lady have to be extinguished so brutally?  More to the point; what factors could have possibly contributed to the awful situation?"]

I have a copy and it will be my travel book as I prepare to travel to another public demonstration. 

In the meantime, those with a head start in reading the book has already posted reviews. One review was fairly critical of Shaun's book, so Valigator thought she would use that opportunity to start talking trash. Val responds to the critical review trashing the author and claiming that spoke with the critical reviewer (Val claims the critical reviewer called him a "jerk.") I found the comment and responded to Val and informed the author of what Val claimed. The reviewer was also notified of this claim. Val responded to my comment to making a claim that I am gay (which is odd considering Val once told an online poster she was a lesbian). 

The author of the critical review posted a response to Val's claims that she was contacted by Val. She stated she "do[es] not appreciate people highjacking my review for their own agenda. Nor do I appreciate mr. Webb being told I've had a conversation with anyone when all you did was comment on this post."

She follows up by saying, "In my mind that shows your are a different kind of predator."

Within a couple of hours, Valerie Drunkhurst deleted her comments and went into hiding (I'm sure once she restocks on "liquid courage," she'll be back to her usual bullshit. It is fun, however, to see Val caught in a lie and run for the hills, proving once again Val is a bullshit artist. 

Sadly, I was not home to screenshoot the exchange before Val deleted her shitty comments. However you can see the other comments on Amazon. 

Val--[This comment was deleted by the author on June 20, 2015]

Valigator is Valerie Parkhurst, a career criminal residing in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. She has multiple arrests for aggravated assault and gun violations, a fact easily verified by visiting the Broward Co. FL Clerk of Courts website. She has been harassing Mr. Webb for years and already had her account flagged for her barrage of attacks. Reader beware.

Val--[This comment was deleted by the author on June 20, 2015]

I know mr. Webb and have already been informed. I do not appreciate people highjacking my review for their own agenda. Nor do I appreciate mr. Webb being told I've had a conversation with anyone when all you did was comment on this post. In my mind that shows your are a different kind of predator.

Hey Val. Where'd you go? Not fun getting caught in your lie is it? So ashamed that you erased your comments. You're nearly 70 Val. ..act like your age!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Three vigilante thugs try to burn down apartment building to go after registrant, kills elderly woman instead

Here are three more of Valerie Parkhurst's "heroes," burning down an entire apartment building just to go after a sex offender.

2 suspects go to Troy in fatal arson
2 waive extradition, 3rd to have hearing in North Carolina
By Kenneth C. Crowe II
Updated 9:45 pm, Monday, June 8, 2015
Val's Hero #1: Abbey Slaga

Two of the three suspects in the fatal May 1 arson have waived extradition from North Carolina while the third will have a hearing next week on returning to Troy, a spokesman for Rensselaer County District Attorney Joel Abelove said Monday.

The three are charged with first-degree arson for allegedly setting the fire, which authorities now believe caused the death of Gladys Halpin, 82.

Halpin was rescued from the 520 Second Ave. apartment building fire, during which she suffered a heart attack. Firefighters were able to revive her and get her to the hospital. She died May 23 at Bay State General Hospital in Massachusetts. Final autopsy results have not yet been released.

On Sunday, David Stanley, 22, of East Greenbush, was arraigned in City Court and sent to the jail without bail, police spokesman Capt. Daniel DeWolf said. He had previously waived extradition in North Carolina before being brought to Troy.

On Monday, Tyler Smith, 24, formerly of Castleton, waived his extradition at a hearing in Raleigh, N.C., and will be back in Troy by the end of the week, said Jonathan Desso, a spokesman for Abelove.

Abby Slaga, 21, of East Greenbush, did not waive extradition because she wanted to consult with an attorney, Desso said. Slaga's hearing will be June 16 in Franklin County, N.C. She will continue to be held on a fugitive from justice warrant in the Franklin County Jail without bail.

Stanley, Slaga and Smith were arrested last week by Raleigh police and Franklin County deputies on fugitive warrants issued in Troy. City detectives took part in the arrests.
Val's hero #2: Tyler Smith

DeWolf said detectives would return to Raleigh to bring back Smith.

According to Stanley's arrest report and criminal complaint, at least two people have given statements to police about what they saw and heard that night.

Those witnesses said Monday that the three defendants and a man who lived on the second floor of 520 Second Ave. had a feud over money that was apparently stolen from the tenant.

"They spray painted 'Rapo' on his door and on the building," said one witness who did not want his name used. "He was a Level 1 sex offender, we were told, but it sounded to me like they were arguing over money. I could smell the gasoline they used to set the fire outside his door."

The target of the flames was convicted of a sex crime in 2004, officials said.

Another witness said she had just come home from work that night and heard the argument and went to see what was going on.

"Then I saw the whole building just go 'boom' and saw the three people run out the door, one on fire. I then rushed around to make sure everyone was getting out."

Smith had been out of state prison for just a week before he allegedly took part in setting the fatal fire, according to authorities and New York state inmate records. He had been in prison for attempted burglary in Rensselaer County.

The three fled to the home in North Carolina of a relative of one of the suspects.

Officials said all three were friends and Slaga was involved in a romantic relationship with one of the men, but they did not specify which one.

Officials declined to say how the fire was set.

A video from the night of the fire appeared to show three people fleeing the building at 520 Second Ave.

The fire spread to neighboring 518 Second Ave. next door. Both buildings were heavily damaged and are now boarded up.

The investigation continues, and authorities have not ruled out additional charges.

The May 1 fire has not been linked to an earlier string of 13 fires set in Lansingburgh between July 2014 and February 2015, police said.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Valerie "Valigator" Parkhurst gets called out for her lack of reading comprehension, then she plays fast and loose with the truth

Valerie Parkhurst aka Valigator, the career criminal now residing in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, is at it again. Earlier this year, AZUnites exposed Val's fraudulent GoFundMe campaign, as well as highlighted her admittance of using confirmation bias in her articles. 

Now, Val has continued the latest campaign of character assassination on her poorly designed, unreadable blog. 

In Valerie Parkhurst's personal obsession with me, she stumbled upon a Master's thesis written in 2011 and posted on the Kansas university scholarly works website. I never knew it existed, personally, but unlike Parkhurst, I'm not so obsessed with Derek Logue, I feel the need to constantly Google myself to see what people are writing about me. Val has a penchant for posting on comments Anti-Registry Movement activists have made as far back as 2009 in an attempt to start a fight. I guess she does not realize that rarely does one read comment sections of articles older than three days, so this strategy of hers does little but waste her time. But if she thinks leaving her droppings on a comment board from 2009 is the way to attack us, more power to her, I guess. 

This will be the only time anyone actually reads shit from her blog. 
So anyways, Val posted this 2011 thesis and proclaimed, "Seems this researcher put Derek Logue (like the bug he is) under glass and had not so glowing reviews about this freak. Funny thing after all these years, Derek doesn't link (anywhere) to this observation about him.."

Master's Theses are rarely published publicly, and when they are, they are not easily found, nor do researchers tend to notify people they are citing works beforehand. The researcher obviously obtained a copy of the Once Fallen eBook as part of his research. Thus, I was never aware of the research paper.

Somehow Valerie Parkhurst thought the article was attacking me much to her delight but the actual article was actually a discussion about how the myths of the American sex offender has negatively impacted the ability of the scientific community to effectively study strategies for reducing sexual abuse. The abstract of the article states the following: 

Sex offenders are the subjects of a discourse suggesting that they are “brutish, disgusting, primitive freaks” who are destined for recidivism. This discourse has provided the rationale for myriad laws designed to control sex offenders. However, these well-intentioned laws create negative outcomes for both sex offenders and society. This paper examines dominant sex offender discourse and discusses evidence that contradicts the prevailing assumptions about sex offenders. In so doing, it questions the efficacy and benefit of current sex offender laws and suggests alternative ways the U.S. can address the problem of child sexual abuse. -- p. iii

In regards to Gray's discussion of Once Fallen, I've included every instance below where Derek Logue/ Once Fallen is discussed in his research paper, entitled, "DEVIANCE AND DISCOURSE: CHILD MOLESTERS IN THE UNITED STATES" -- 

"Derek Logue operates a Web site called that advocates for sex offender rights and legislation reform, as well as provides resources for sex offenders after they have been released from incarceration. Derek Logue has also self-published a book about his crime. It is appropriate to use his real name because he is a public figure and his status as a sex offender is public knowledge. Derek’s inclusion in this essay will not reveal any information not already available from other sources." -- p. 11

"Derek Logue, a sex offender who became an activist for sex offender rights, says that sex offenders experience more physical harassment than suggested by Levenson and Cotter’s study. Logue’s assertion is anecdotal, but it is based on his personal experience and activism on behalf of sex offender rights. He argues that offenders are reluctant to report physical altercations out of fear police will blame them for instigating the fight. Logue also points out that sex offenders prefer to “fly under the radar” and avoid unnecessary dealings with law enforcement. It is difficult to judge the validity of Logue’s assertion based on Levenson and Cotter’s study, as the researchers were not affiliated with law enforcement. However, since the study was conducted in court-mandated counseling sessions, it is possible that the offenders worried that their interviews could eventually come to the attention of law enforcement. At least some people express a willingness to harm sex offenders, so it is possible Derek is correct." -- p. 37

"The social isolation, loss of civic identity, and lack of hope is thought to contribute to the risk of recidivism in sex offenders (Robbers 2009:11). Derek Logue expressed the same sentiment during my interview with him. He also wrote about it in his book Once Fallen (Logue 2009:4): “This label [registered sex offender] carries with it a ‘social death sentence’; sex offenders are considered the scourge of society, deserving of death, castration, concentration camps, and torture.” There are not any legal provisions allowing for the torture of sex offenders. Logue is reflecting his personal experience as a sex offender, which seems like civil or social torture to him. His past interferes with his current life. Finding gainful employment was a challenge: “During the next couple of months, I would face rejection after rejection after rejection. I tried offices, manual labor jobs, even fast food, to no avail.” (Logue 2009:24). He cannot live with his girlfriend or spend the night at her house because she has a minor son. (This may seem to be a common sense restriction, but Logue’s crime was against a female. Child molesters often have gender preferences.) Logue has even considered suicide." -- p. 42-43

This is hardly an attack on Derek Logue or Once Fallen, much less against the Anti-Registry Movement in general. In fact, Grey concludes that while he feels most existing laws should still be used to some extent (except residency restrictions) the laws should not apply to all offenders, and serious reforms need to be made to the dialogue regarding sex offender conversations. 

"If lawmakers and officials begin to counter the child molester rhetoric, some of the problems associated with sex offender laws might be alleviated." -- p. 77

"Not only must lawmakers and officials work to change the tone of the conversation about sex offenders, they must acknowledge that the legal system is overwhelmed with the requirements of sex offender control." -- p. 80

"There are alternative strategies for treating sex offenders with low-risk profiles and managing them in the community." -- p. 81

"Whatever reforms are implemented, the way forward will require courageous lawmakers to lead sober conversations that replace “tough on crime” rhetoric with honest evaluations of the effectiveness and essential fairness of the nation’s sex offender laws. A just society cannot tolerate the legal creation of a persistent underclass. Unfortunately, none of the current or recommended strategies prevents molestations in the first place. This remains a difficult area to address. It is impossible to remove risk entirely from children’s lives. My informant, Marshall, has a realistic perspective on the problem: “But I don’t know how effective the laws are in preventing what it is that they want to prevent. I think that the best prevention is good parenting. At the same time, you just can’t prevent some things." -- p. 82 

So now that I happily pointed out to Valerie "Valigator" Parkhurst her error, she cranked up her BS meter to a higher level. She added an addendum to her shit-post, claiming, "Seems to Derek, he thinks this paper is an affirmation of his worthless positions and accuses me of interpreting it incorrectly. I personally think the guy is a hack, but his description of Logue and his background (""Additionally, one out of three victims who became abusers (Logue) had a history of being cruel to animals in their childhoods"""" (Bouvier 2003:446)."

So NOW Val thinks the researcher is a "hack" now that I made her realize that he is in favor of sex offender reforms. Not only that, but Val felt the need to play fast and loose with the written word by ADDING words into the article to make it sound like the researcher is attacking me. 

The actual article that Val claims is attacking me says this:

With a screenshot for added measure
"Though the mechanism that links past molestation with future crime is poorly understood, the study found that other factors in the victim’s history—like poor adult supervision, violence at home, or being abused by a female—were correlated with an increased risk of becoming an abuser. Additionally, one out of three victims who became abusers had a history of being cruel to animals in their childhoods (Bouvier 2003:446)." -- p. 15

Nowhere does the article associate that statement with Derek Logue/ Once Fallen. Val felt that if she added that one word in there to associate me with with a random statement she can somehow salvage the lie she stated by posting this research paper rather than admit that she does not know how to read a college-level report. 

Misreading advanced reading material is something Valerie Parkhurst tends to do on a consistent basis. In fact, I recently called her out on another bogus claim she made on her blog:

Not only did she credit the bogus 52% study to the wrong guy, she took it a step further by posting THE WRONG REPORT on her shit-blog. 

Apparently, when Valerie Parkhurst stated back on her shit-blog on January 4, 2015, "But I, as usual, look for data/opinions/conclusions that re-enforces my position on the issue and as predictable isnt (sic) hard to find," apparently she was lying about these studies being hard to find. But why point out the truth when you can just made things up and post it online, as Parkhurst and her online cohorts has been prone to do? After all, many people don't want to read an 82-page article, they want the Cliff Notes version. 

If Val ever decides to sell a 'Val's Notes" you better demand a refund. 

That pesky confirmation bias.