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Edward Jones Financial Advisor Christopher Rydgig apparently did not vet KTS Predator Hunters vigilante Kyle Swanson before giving him an award

Christopher Rydgig, an Edward Jones Financial Advisor in Maryville, IL, gave an award to Kyle Swanson of KTS Predator Hunters. Feel free to share your disgust at:

Phone: (618) 223-5138



Mr. Rydgig should vet their award recipients a lot better, because:

1. KTS Predator Hunters is currently being sued by autistic man they tried setting up: As mentioned in yesterday's article, KTS Predator Hunters has been sued, and the group is claiming the lawsuit may cause them to cease operations. (Good.) KTS is trying to raise $7500 for attorney fees but thankfully has only raised $900 on GoFundMe so far. I've reported that campaign so hopefully it will be removed soon. 

i'm amazed they weren't taken to task when members of their vigilante page made nasty remarks on the Madison County IL Sheriff's Office Facebook page. As The Telegraph notes

"The Sheriff’s Department made several postings in response to the incident on its Facebook page, but eventually took them down because of the confrontational nature of the group’s responses, according to Vucich."

2. KTS Predator Hunters has been in a dispute with local law enforcement agencies: The Telegraph reported in August 2020 that "KTS Predator Hunters LLC, has been in a feud with the sheriff’s department since an incident in Alton late last month. Madison County Chief Deputy Sheriff Major Jeff Connor, who also is the commander of the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis, said he believes the group has good intentions, but are going about it improperly, making it difficult for law enforcement to prosecute. That was echoed by Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons, who said he had met with representatives of the group about 18 months ago, when he told them how they needed to work with local law enforcement... Connor also said that, according to video recorded at the scene, they threatened the man and “took weed” from the man. “We don’t know what they did with it,” said Connor in reference to the alleged marijuana. “We know they didn’t turn it over to the police.” Later in the monthly county judiciary meeting, Gibbons said he had talked to representatives of the KTS group and “explained to them how the methods they were using made it virtually impossible for us to charge somebody.” Gibbons said that when someone is identified as abusing or endangering children “that is when you call 911. “Once you go and arrange a meeting with these people, the investigation is beyond where we will be able to obtain additional evidence,” he said.

3. KTS had been kicked off social media at least once already: Considering how hard it is to get these groups kicked off Facebook, they must have done something quite horrific to have had their previous account deleted. 

They are currently at risk for deletion yet again:

It may be partially because KTS also posted siome QAnon propaganda and is friends with the doucherag David Rowe from No Peace For Predators, another QAnon conspiracy crackpot:

4. Most of KTS's "cases" do not lead to arrests or convictions: Even before counties in Missouri outright banned using vigilante group data for arrests, most of KTS Predatror Hunter's "exposes" went absolutely nowhere; even when an arrest was made, cases were later dropped. Similar cases in Illinois, where KTS now operates, were also dropped due to KTS incompetence. 

5. KTS Predator Hunters doesn't mind engaging in risky behavior: KTS set up one of their entrapment opertaions in the parking lot of a grade school, which alarmed local officials. "Collinsville Unit School District 10 officials were disturbed to learn that one of these sting-like operations took place Monday night in the parking lot of Webster Elementary School. The target was a Missouri man who apparently thought he was meeting a 13-year-old girl. Instead, he faced two members of the metro-east group KTS Predator Hunters. They interrogated and reprimanded him for about 10 minutes as video cameras recorded the scene. 'This group had no involvement, agreement or communication with the school district or local law enforcement before, during or after this occurred,' Superintendent Brad Skertich said Thursday. 'They were completely on their own.'"

OK, for those wondering why data from a vigilante group is generally not used in a real criminal case, look up the term "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree." In the case leading to the dispute with the Madison Co IL Sheriff's Dept, The Telegraph noted

"The alleged incident took place Wednesday in the parking lot of a Walgreens on State Street in Alton, but both county and city law enforcement officials said they received either no or haphazard information prior to the actual incident, and have not been contacted since." 

We don't know all of what was said during this conversation. How do we even know proper protocol was followed and the alleged predator is actually intending to meet an underage person? When vigilante groups dick with providing potential evidence, it is unusable. 

I'm sure to get plenty of nasty messages from this group for posting this, so I'll be sure to submit this to the attorney for the man suing these losers as well as posting them here. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Kyle Swanson of KTS Predator Hunters sued for defamation after bullying Austistic person

I am going over the lawsuit now, but some outlets have reported that this lawsuit may cause this vigilante group to cease operations

Good. No mercy for neckbearded vigilante thugs!

More on this story later.

Former security guard sues sex ‘predator hunters’ for defamation in Randolph County


OCTOBER 16, 2020 07:30 AM, 

A metro-east group that posts photos, videos and other information on social media to expose and shame suspected pedophiles is being sued for defamation by a Randolph County man.

Adrian Collins filed a lawsuit in Randolph County Circuit Court last month against KTS Predator Hunters and its founder, Kyle Swanson, of Belleville.

In his complaint, Collins maintains that Swanson posted a Facebook conversation between Collins and someone identified as “Jordan Lane” in June on the KTS Facebook page and falsely called it a “sex trafficking situation,” insinuated that Collins was “grooming” a 14-year-old girl and referred to Collins as “very creepy.”

“Plaintiff did not inquire as to (Jordan Lane’s) age at the time of his conversation with her,” according to the complaint, which states that Collins has Asperger syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder.

The complaint also states that Collins received threats online after KTS posted his conversation, lost his job as a security guard at Red Bud Regional Hospital and hasn’t been able to find other employment.

The lawsuit asks for in excess of $50,000 for compensatory damages and in excess of $50,000 for punitive damages.

“Defendants maliciously and intentionally caused the publication of the false statements to a Facebook page with thousands of followers for the purpose of harming the Plaintiff’s good reputation,” the complaint states.

Collins is represented by Belleville attorney Megan Gilbreth, who filed the lawsuit on Sept. 4. Swanson later motioned for dismissal. An attorney wasn’t listed in his motion.

“Plaintiff was well aware of the age of the decoy,” it stated.

Randolph County Circuit Court Judge Richard Brown denied the motion to dismiss the lawsuit on Sept. 25. Swanson has 30 days from that date to answer the complaint.

KTS announced the lawsuit Wednesday on the Facebook page of its non-profit organization, KTS: Stop Sexual Assault. The group is asking its more than 47,000 followers to donate money for legal fees.

“Wondering why we haven’t been doing live meet ups lately?” the post asked, using the term “meet ups” to describe videotaped confrontations with suspected pedophiles that are sometimes streamed live on Facebook or YouTube.

“We are currently in a head to head battle with a former person we exposed and going to court with them. They’re attempting to sue ourselves and our owner personally. Our lawyers fees have added up and we’re looking for help. The down payment alone is $7,500.

“Please take a second share this. We can’t continue operations till this is over and may shut down KTS completely if we don’t raise enough money for an attorney.”

Group leaders didn’t return a call seeking comment.

Predator-hunting groups can be found all over the country. Some were inspired by “To Catch a Predator,” a reality TV series that was part of NBC’s “Dateline” from 2004 to 2007. Police were involved in most of its episodes.

KTS members communicate with suspected pedophiles on the internet and sometimes lure the adult men to locations in Illinois and Missouri under the pretense that they are minor girls willing to meet and presumably have sex.

Then KTS members show up at the locations, confront suspects, videotape confrontations and post videos on Facebook or YouTube. The idea is to shame and perhaps scare the adult men into stopping their activities, as KTS has no legal authority to arrest them.

As of Thursday afternoon, nearly 150 followers had offered support on the KTS: Stop Sexual Assault Facebook page in response to news of the Randolph County lawsuit. Some suggested legal strategies or reported that they had donated money. Others called for protests at Swanson’s court appearances.

“With the mission y’all have I would think you should be able to find an amazing lawyer pro bono because who doesn’t want these monsters called out?” one commenter wrote.

KTS made headlines last month, when one of its sting-like operations involving a Missouri man took place in the parking lot of Webster Elementary School in Collinsville after school hours.

Brad Skertich, superintendent of Collinsville Unit School District 10, sent an email to parents and guardians of students, assuring them that no actual children were involved.

“This group had no involvement, agreement or communication with the school district or local law enforcement before, during or after this occurred,” he told the BND. “They were completely on their own.”

In his letter, Skertich called the incident “alarming” and noted that the district had contacted Collinsville Police Department to help it determine how to move forward in light of the Missouri man’s actions and the KTS group’s decision to lure a “potentially dangerous adult” onto school property.

Skertich also urged parental guidance.

“The situation serves as a harsh reminder that we must regularly monitor our children’s internet and phone usage, discuss safe and unsafe practices, and have regular conversations about who they communicate with throughout the day,” he wrote.

Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons has reportedly met with KTS members and asked them to start telling police about contacts with suspected pedophiles instead of taking matters into their own hands so proper investigations could lead to criminal charges.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported in 2019 that a handful of men had been arrested after being confronted by KTS Predator Hunters or members of a St. Louis group called Truckers Against Predators, but most of those cases were dropped.

“Some local law enforcement officials (said the groups) create volatile situations that should be left to trained professionals, and unleash a form of mob justice that’s hard to control,” the Post reported.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Michigan vigilante Mark A. Hernandez convicted of misdemeanor assault

Mark A. Hernandez is believed to be associated with Predator Poachers Bay Bay City chapter but I cannot confirnm it at this time. If anyone has this loser's mugshot, send it to

YouTube vigilante in Bay City pleads to misdemeanor, could have charge dismissed

Updated Oct 06, 2020; Posted Oct 06, 2020

BAY CITY, MI — A Bay City man whose vigilante videos on YouTube have gone viral has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor stemming from a confrontation with someone who was recording video of him. He eventually could have the charge dismissed under a sentencing agreement.

Mark A. Hernandez, 28, on Monday, Oct. 5, appeared before Bay County District Judge Mark E. Janer and pleaded guilty to one count of assault and battery. The charge is a one-year misdemeanor.

In exchange for his plea, the prosecution agreed to dismiss a misdemeanor count of malicious destruction of personal property between $200 and $1,000. The prosecution also agreed Hernandez would receive a delayed sentence, meaning that he will effectively be placed on probation for a period of time. If he’s successful on the delay and complies with its terms, the charge to which he pleaded will be dismissed.

Since Feb. 1, Hernandez has posted numerous videos on YouTube of him confronting adult men who he says expected to meet a juvenile boy or girl, akin to the popular Dateline TV segment “To Catch a Predator.” The videos also feature chat logs Hernandez says are of him posing as a minor in discussions with the men as they talk about where and when to meet up.

The charge to which Hernandez pleaded to stems from an incident that occurred about 11:40 a.m. on April 11. At that time, police responded to a dispute in Bay City when a man alleged Hernandez had smashed his wife’s phone as the couple was recording images of Hernandez.

The confrontation followed Hernandez recording a meeting with the couple’s son and posting it on YouTube and social media, they said. The son is not charged with a crime, which is why MLive is not naming him or his parents.

Hernandez told police he approached the truck and recognized its occupants, having previously gone to their house to speak with the father about his son, police reports state.

Judge Janer is to sentence Hernandez at 9:45 a.m. on Nov. 5.

YouTube vigilante accused of smashing phone of woman who confronted him in Bay City

Updated Sep 02, 2020; Posted Sep 02, 2020

By Cole Waterman |

BAY CITY, MI — Earlier this year, a Bay City man began posting vigilante videos online, showing him meeting men he said he had lured by posing online as a minor. He has since posted more than two dozen videos on YouTube in which he publicly confronts the men.

Mark A. Hernandez says he has no plans to stop his activities although he himself is now facing two misdemeanor charges after someone confronted him. He’s accused of assault and battery and of breaking a smartphone.

Hernandez said Tuesday, Sept. 1, the incident and resulting charges “haven’t let that stop me from still exposing these people who meet minors online. I don’t believe I should stop even with the risk of getting in actual legal trouble.”

About 11:40 a.m. on April 11, police responded to a dispute in Bay City, according to reports obtained by MLive and The Bay City Times through the Freedom of Information Act. The man who had called police alleged Hernandez had smashed the caller’s wife’s phone as the couple was recording images of Hernandez.

The confrontation followed Hernandez, 28, recording a meeting with the couple’s son and posting it on YouTube and social media, they said. Thereafter, Hernandez showed up at their son’s work, the couple said.

The couple drove by Hernandez’s house and the wife used her Samsung Galaxy to record footage of it, they said.

“Mark (Hernandez) came outside and approached our vehicle,” the wife told police. “Mark started yelling at (us) and said that we were stalking him.”

As the couple continued driving slowly, Hernandez reached inside their open window, smacked the wife’s phone from her hand, and threw it to the ground, the wife said. Hernandez continued smashing the device, called the woman a slur, and threatened to knock her out, she told police.

Police also spoke with Hernandez, who was still at the scene and said he was live-streaming their interaction with his own device.

“I am the guy that goes around Bay City exposing child predators,” Hernandez told police, according to their reports. He told them he had been in his backyard that morning with his children when he noticed a truck slowly driving down an alley as a woman within it recorded him.

Hernandez told police he approached the truck and recognized its occupants, having previously gone to their house to speak with the father about his son who had appeared in one of Hernandez’s videos.

“The woman kept recording me and saying my name,” Hernandez said, adding he uses an alias online. “They recorded where I live and now were exposing my real name. I grabbed her phone and smashed it. I never touched her; I just smashed the phone.”

Authorities issued a warrant for Hernandez on April 27 and he was arrested on May 31.

Hernandez has since been arraigned on single counts of assault and battery and malicious destruction of personal property between $200 and $1,000. Both charges are misdemeanors, punishable by up to one year and 93 days in jail, respectively.

The son of the couple Hernandez posted a video of is not charged with a crime.

Since Feb. 1, Hernandez has posted numerous videos on YouTube of him confronting adult men who he says expected to meet a juvenile boy or girl, akin to the popular Dateline TV segment “To Catch a Predator.” The videos also feature chat logs Hernandez says are of him posing as a minor in discussions with the men as they talk about where and when to meet up.

While most of the videos were recorded at sites in Bay City, a few were filmed as far away as Ohio.

Hernandez’s YouTube account has 12,700 subscribers as of Sept. 1 and he has continued posting videos after being charged in connection with the April 11 incident.

At least one of Hernandez’s videos has led to criminal charges against the person depicted. Jeffrey L. Bader, 47, is charged in Tuscola County with accosting a minor for immoral purposes and using a computer to commit a crime. Bader’s trial date in Tuscola County Circuit Court is pending.

Hernandez said Tuesday he has removed the video of him confronting the couple’s adult son from YouTube.

He is to appear in court on Oct. 5 to accept or reject a prosecution’s plea offer.

“I have the video of the incident that went down the day they came to my house and breaking the phone and stuff,” Hernandez said. “My lawyer just told me to let him take care of everything and we’ll set the record straight on the 5th of October.”

Hernandez said he has no plans to stop his YouTube activity.

“I started these videos to help spread awareness [that] there are many children that go through this kind of abuse everywhere and don’t have the voice to speak up about it. Maybe [they are] too scared; maybe [they] don’t wanna get someone in trouble. Either way, I feel exposing these ‘predators’ is potentially the voice of all the kids that are never heard,” he said.

Hernandez said he uses dating apps to meet the adults he later confronts in his videos.

“Of course, I never use minors as my decoys,” he said. “I believe if I were to do that who knows what these people would do with pictures of minors. But they contact me and eventually an age is said that is under the legal age and a lot of the time people are fine with still talking after knowing the age and we talk until a time and place is set up to meet.”

In the immediate aftermath of Hernandez’s posting of his first few videos, police discouraged him and others from making such content.

“I’d encourage everyone to not do it,” said Bay City Public Safety Deputy Director Caleb Rowell previously told MLive. “It complicates the investigation. It’s a very dangerous practice to do. I understand why you might want to do it and the motives behind it may be good, but in the end it creates problems for us, with the chain of evidence and us being able to prove our case. It’s just not safe. We’re worried someone might be doing this with good intentions and end up a victim of violence.”

Bay County Sheriff Troy R. Cunningham expressed similar sentiments.

“We warn people against being vigilantes,” Cunningham has said. “Vigilance is a good thing, but vigilantes don’t know who they’re coming up against. People may forget law enforcement officers are wearing vests and duty gear and are prepared for a situation if it turns for the worst. When a citizen is doing it, they’re a lot better off being a good witness, getting a description, and giving that information to law enforcement to let us investigate.”

Civilian-led stings could “cripple law enforcement’s investigations,” the sheriff added.

Hernandez is not facing any charges related to the production of YouTube videos.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Justin Perry, aka "Mr. 17540", arrested for assaulting and unlawful restraint against a woman

I've stated this time and time again, but most of these self-styled "vigilantes" and "Predator Hunters" are criminals themselves. Here we have yet another vigilante arrested for a violent crime. This does not surprise us. 

In 2018, he was arrested for suspicion of posession of CP and criminal use of a communication facility, although the investigation was never fully completed. 

No mercy for shitty neck-tattooed vigilante fucktards!

 Leola child-predator vigilante charged with assaulting, restraining woman at his home

 DAN NEPHIN | Staff Writer Oct 2, 2020

The Leola man who made a name for himself as a self-styled vigilante by confronting would-be child predators and shaming them on social media has been charged with assaulting and restraining a woman at his home Wednesday.

Justin Perry, 34, grabbed the woman around noon Wednesday, causing her to fall into a coffee table and cut the back of her head, according to an affidavit of probable cause filed by West Earl Township police.

Perry also shoved her onto a bed, straddled her, poked her in the head and head-butted her in the rear of the head, according to the affidavit, and blocked her from leaving the room four or five times. 

The woman called for emergency medical services and was treated, but declined to be taken to a hospital. Perry fled after another household member confronted him, police said. He turned himself in Thursday after police issued a warrant for him.

Perry is free on $7,500 unsecured bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Tuesday before New Holland District Judge Jonathan Heisse. 

Perry referred questions to his attorney, Steven Breit.

"There are two sides to every story," Breit said. "We potentially have evidence to show she had motivation behind this. She flat-out told him, 'I can say what I want and they'll believe me.'"

Perry is known as "Mr. 17540" — Leola's ZIP code — for his vigilante activities, though his Facebook page appeared to be down Friday and his Twitter account has not shown any recent vigilante activity.

Earlier this year, Perry said his predator-catching efforts were on hold because of the coronavirus.

From 2018, Perry conducted about three-dozen stings, some of which resulted in criminal charges and at least one conviction of his targets.

Saturday, October 31, 2020

No heroes here: Proud Boys pass out flyers falsely accusing Philly activist (who made a false allegation) of being a pedophile

Gwen Snyder of Philadelphia is not a person I'd sympathize with. After all, she's a MeToo moron who falsely accused a Bernie Sanders campaign worker of sexual assault, which got tossed out of court in 2016. 

However, what the Proud Boys have done is equally disgusting. 

You can see Gwen's posting of the flier and the responses, including responses from those calling her a pedophile, at

While I am generally okay with false accusers getting a taste of their own medicine, I am still no fan of groups that use the registry as a weapon to harm others. Thus, there are no winners and no heroes to this story.


Why do white nationalists continue to target this Philadelphia activist?

Jesse Bunch

October 30th, 2020

Violent threats. Midnight stalking. A public smear campaign. Philadelphia activist Gwen Snyder is once again on the receiving end of horrific scare tactics by white nationalist group the Proud Boys. 

A vocal critic of the group’s racist and misogynistic beliefs, Snyder says armed members stalked her outside of her home in mid-September after a failed protest against “antifa terrorism.” It’s part of an alarming harassment trend that’s targeted Snyder for years, and lately it’s been getting worse. 

“We’re not fans of guns,” said Snyder of her and her husband, “but we now own a firearm. It’s really meant changing the entire way we live our lives.”

Snyder is no stranger to threats from white supremecists. Her work as an anti-facism researcher played a crucial role in exposing the identities of Proud Boy members working in various sectors throughout Philadelphia. Snyder’s research, which is shared primarily through her Twitter account, resulted in the firings of several outed members in 2018. 

That’s when local Proud Boys and neo-Nazis from across the country began sending her death threats, along with releasing her public information and address online. For a brief period in July of 2019, Snyder was even forced to move residences for fear for her safety. 

The incident outside Snyder’s West Philadelphia home occured on Sept. 19 after the Proud Boy’s “Belly of the Beast 2020” rally failed to materialize in nearby Clark Park. According to reporting from The Philadelphia Inquirer, around 500 counter-protesters outnumbered the small group of Proud Boys members who actually showed up for the 1 p.m. rally. 

Despite their low turnout, it didn’t stop a group of Proud Boys in unmarked clothing from gathering outside of Snyder’s house in an attempt to intimidate her. 

“They scheduled the rally specifically outside of my house,” said Snyder. “They said explicitly in their chats.” Part of Snyder’s work involves monitoring Proud Boys chats on the popular messaging service Telegram. 

In one Twitter video posted from Snyder’s account, two members can be heard saying “goodbye Gwen” as they walk past the camera. 

The members were reportedly armed and circled the residential block throughout the afternoon. Snyder was lucky to have her friend Jim Savage protect her that day. Savage, a former union president, stood guard on Snyder’s porch with a baseball bat in case any conflicts arose. 

“I wasn’t there to confront anybody. I was there to protect my friend,” said Savage. He ended up staying with Snyder for eight hours that day, and says Proud Boys members circled the home at least five times throughout the afternoon. 

“I didn’t expect them to do anything if someone was there. If it had just been Gwen, it might have been a different story,” he added. 

Apart from stalking and harassment, members of the Proud Boys recently created a false conspiracy theory that paints Snyder as a pedophile. Members circulated a doctored flier online that depicts Snyder as a Megan’s Law offender, listing her home address. Megan’s Law is a federal law requiring police to alert community members of registered sex offenders – in this instance, an outright false and damaging claim. 

Law enforcement has been little help in offering Snyder assistance. When members of the Proud Boys yelled death threats outside of her home at midnight in July of 2019, the Philadelphia Police Department reportedly shrugged off the behavior as scare tactics and wrote up a “cursory report.” Only after Snyder and other activists vocalized their frustration on social media did a more thorough investigation take place. Since then, zero arrests have been made. 

A representative for the Philadelphia Police Department stated in a phone call that if a complaint is filed for harassment or stalking, the department will intervene depending on the seriousness of the threats. From there, detectives can interview the alleged harasser and determine whether an arrest warrant can be sought from a judge. 

When asked about how the PPD responds to credible death threats – like the ones Snyder is bombarded with – the representative said that “what you think is credible and what we think is credible are different.” 

After the September 2020 incident, Snyder isn’t confident the Philadelphia Police Department will do any better in standing up against white supremacists. “I’ve had really negative experiences dealing with the police,” she said. “They generally do not take this seriously. It’s only gotten worse since Danielle Outlaw took over.” 

Outlaw came under fire in 2018 during her time as police chief of Portland, Oregon. The Guardian reported that her officers fired stun-grenades directly at citizens who were counter-protesting rallies held by the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer, another far-right group.

In her current role as chief of the Philadelphia Police Department, Outlaw has drawn heavy criticism from Black Lives Matter supporters for her handling of the June 2020 incident on I-676. Protesters trapped between officers and a fenced area were tear-gassed and shot with rubber bullets as they marched for racial justice in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. 

Regardless of Outlaw’s ability to control her officers, connections between the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police and the Proud Boys are undeniable. In July, Proud Boys members reportedly rang up a $1,000 bar tab at the FOP headquarters during an afterparty for Vice President Mike Pence’s speech. Earlier in June, some Philadelphia Police officers were notably supportive of violent Proud Boys attacks against journalists during racial justice protests in Fishtown and South Philadelphia, high-fiving and taking photos with group members while refusing to make arrests. 

When President of the FOP John McNesby was asked about his organization’s relationship with the Proud Boys, he denied any affiliation, stating “Philadelphia police officers, FOP leadership, and members condemn their hateful and discriminatory speech in any form.”

As tensions boil ahead of the November 2020 presidential election, cities around the nation are seeing renewed enthusiasm from the Proud Boys. When asked about the group in recent debates, President Trump refused to condemn their behavior, telling them to “stand back and stand by.”

Trump’s fear-mongering around civil unrest has only exacerbated Proud Boys rhetoric. Philadelphia Proud Boys cited “antifa terrorism” as the main reason for the failed Clark Park rally in September. Their fears continue despite U.S. Crisis Center data that shows law-enforcement agencies are disproportionately flooded with credible threats of violence from white supremecists and that less than 10 percent of Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 have resulted in violence. 

While threats from the Proud Boys and white supremecists haven’t stopped for Snyder, she’s happy knowing that their numbers in Philadelphia have decreased due to her mass-identification campaigns. In this dangerous field of activism, she’s also not alone. 

“There’s a lot of people who have done really excellent research,” says Snyder. “But for obvious reasons, they tend to latch on to us that choose to do this work under our own name.”

In the ever-growing need to combat white supremacy in communities, Snyder hopes more people will look at her research as something they can be involved with.

“It’s really important for folks to see this work not as something radical. This is work that needs to be respected and in the mainstream. It’s especially important for white people to be using our privilege right now.”

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

DAP Smear -- Sandusky Co., OH law enforcement agencies issue stern warning to online vigilante group "Dads Against Predators"

Here's an idea-- instead of idle threats, how about arresting these thugs?

(Not that the cops are doing much better, bragging about their own entrapment operations.)

I'd love to see these thugs in prison where they belong.

Law enforcement calling on Dads Against Predators to cease operations

by Aaron LeedyMonday, October 19th 2020

FREMONT, Ohio — A group of people made up of police chiefs, a prosecutor and a sheriff are calling on the organization Dads Against Predators, also known as Dap, Inc., to cease operations because they say it affects their ability to properly capture and prosecute people accused of sex crimes against children.

The Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office says Dap, Inc. posts several videos showing themselves encountering people in various community locations and exposing them as child predators.

Authorities said in a news release issued October 19 that after luring individuals to meet with Dap, Inc. members at a location for a potential sexual encounter, DAP records and publishes the chat communication, as well as the-face-to-face encounter on their Facebook page and YouTube channel.

“Unfortunately, DAP fails to potentially realize that it is creating seriously hazardous and potentially dangerous situations in community settings,” the news release stated. “By conducting these ‘operations’ in the manner that they do, it renders law enforcement unable to criminally charge these individuals and prosecutors unable to prosecute. Therefore, these potential predators are able to walk away with no repercussions for what they had the intent to do. DAP has, in essence, educated these people on ways to not get caught in the future, thus creating the potential for future victims of sexual assault. These victims are the very people we, as law enforcement, prosecutors and mental health professionals, are here to help and protect."

The news release was signed by Sandusky County Sheriff Christopher Hilton, Mental Health and Recovery Services Board Executive Director Mircea Handru, Sandusky County Prosecutor Beth Tischler, City of Fremont Law Director Jim Melle, Fremont Police Chief Dean Bliss, Green Springs Police Chief Charles Home, Clyde Police Chief Monti Campbell and Bellevue Police Chief Marc Linder.

"Local law enforcement agencies and prosecutors of Sandusky County and the City of Fremont cannot and will not sit back anymore and watch as DAP continues to parade its form of vigilante justice. Its intentions may be well intended, but their methods and outcomes are improper and unacceptable. The 'exposed' individuals may be exactly what DAP says they are, but they also may not be. DAP's careless and reckless regard for law and order and due process has resulted in the loss of life, and the situation has gotten out of hand," the news release stated.

"We ask DAP to stop, step aside and let law enforcement do what they are trained to do, which is to successfully find, investigate, arrest and prosecute those who would attempt to harm the most vulnerable of our society, our children. The judicial system shall decide whether these individuals are in fact guilty or not guilty; and everyone has the right to a due process. We will fight for them as we fight for all victims of abuse and crime. We will help those who have been victimized. In Fremont and Sandusky County, we have the resources available to help victims and will do so at a moment's notice. We are dedicated to protecting and serving everyone," authorities said. "Should DAP continue their vigilante efforts, we may be forced to prosecute them for their actions."

DAP creator Joshua Mundy says the organization started in January of this year. DAP's website is a single page directing people to a donation page. The website claims DAP has caught more than 46 predators. DAP's social media pages are more active, featuring videos of encounters.

"We were surprised by it. I didn't see it coming," said Mundy in response to the announcement from law enforcement.

Mundy told NBC 24 in a phone interview he wished authorities would have spoken privately with him first before making a public statement. He said he plans to go to the sheriff's office and speak with the sheriff directly.

"If I'm doing something illegal, then I need to be prosecuted already. If you're not going to prosecute me, then I feel like you're playing a silly game with justice," said Mundy. "I feel like there's nothing they can prosecute me with because I've worked within the law this whole time," said Mundy. "Go and watch the videos for yourself and you'll see that we have nothing but proof. By them saying it's impossible for them to work with us is a flat-out lie." he said.

Mundy said he has had success working with certain law enforcement agencies, specifically the Woodville Police Department.

Sandusky County authorities say so far this year, their own efforts led to several arrests and highlighted several initiatives and sting operations spanning several months. Two of those initiatives were an undercover sting that resulted in 15 arrests and a sex offender registration sweep that resulted in eight arrests.

Sandusky Sheriff threatens to prosecute DAP after multiple suicides connected to sting videos

Multiple law enforcement agencies warning the Dads Against Predators group to stop entrapping, recording men they track on the internet.

By WTVG Staff

Published: Oct. 19, 2020 at 5:17 PM CDT|Updated: 15 hours ago

FREMONT, Ohio (WTVG) - A vigilante group that records videos of men allegedly looking to meet minors for sex is being warned by multiple law enforcement agencies to stop what they’re doing or face potential prosecution after two suicides.

The group, the Fremont chapter of Dads Against Predators, was specifically targeted in a letter signed by the Sandusky County Sheriff and County Prosecutor, as well as multiple police chiefs in the county.

“Local law enforcement agencies and prosecutors of Sandusky County and the City of Fremont cannot and will not sit back anymore and watch as DAP continues to parade its form of vigilante justice,” the letter, released Monday, read. “Its intentions may be well-intended, but their methods and outcomes are improper and unacceptable. The ‘exposed’ individuals may be exactly what DAP says they are, but they also may not be. DAP’s careless and reckless regard for law and order and due process has resulted in the loss of life, and the situation has gotten out of hand.”

Sandusky County Sheriff Chris Hilton said “loss of life” was a reference to two individuals who died by suicide after DAP posted videos of them on YouTube, and third suspected suicide, where a man died a day after his DAP video was posted online.

The letter lists multiple actions law enforcement has taken in 2020 to combat sex offenders, including dozens of arrests.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Connor Coonfare arrested for exposing himself to Registered Person after he made death threat on Facebook page

About a month ago, I had posted harassment and threats from residents of the town of Washington, Iowa, and one of them was an explicit threat from Connor Coonfare. Well what do you know, the dumbass went and committed a sex offense. In Iowa, an indecent exposure offense can lead to 10 years on the sex offense registry.

A Washington man has been arrested for harassment and indecent exposure. The incident happened at the residence of a registered sex offender near the Washington Middle School where people have been protesting since the school year began.

According to the Washington County Communications Office, on Tuesday 24-year-old Connor Alexander Coonfare was arrested. He faces charges of harassment in the first degree, an aggravated misdemeanor; harassment in the third degree, a simple misdemeanor; and indecent exposure, a serious misdemeanor. The incident happened at 2 a.m., when a man rang the doorbell and exposed himself when the resident opened the door. Coonfare had no previous criminal record in Iowa. He was taken to the Washington County Jail.

Washington Police Chief Jim Lester spoke of the issue during Tuesday’s city council meeting, “I can’t stress enough the importance to the public to not reach out, and not vandalize, harass, or make threatening comments to anybody else. They’re members of our community. We take all offenses, all violations of the law seriously, as we have to. And, you know we’re doing our best to keep everybody [safe]. I know the group that’s out there protesting sees us drive by a lot. I can tell you, when you’re not there, when you weren’t there last year, we’re driving by a lot. School patrol is a priority for us every single day.”

Lester explained that the registered sex offender at that house is on a lifetime parole with quarterly check-ins with the sheriff’s office, but he does not have residency restrictions. Those are placed by the court system based on the convicted charges. Also, Lester explained that the city cannot pass ordinances with its own restrictions per Iowa law, and those wanting to change that would have to speak with state legislators.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Explosion of people selling T-Shirts and merchandise calling for murdering "Pedophiles" and "sex Offenders" on major online sellers

 Both ACSOL anf FAC have posted action alerts calling for us to pressure online retailers to stop allowing merchandise that promotes vigilante violence against Registered Person and/or "pedophiles."

I think this is a good start, but I think complaining about a specific seller will not be enough. This has actually been an issue for a while. In fact, I made a similar action alert earlier this year. So instead, we should contact these companies and demand they stop selling material with slogans like "Shoot Your Local Pedophile" or similar derogatory and violent statements. 


You can contact eBay customer support on the phone at 1-866-961-9253 or for tech support at 1-866-961-9253. You can also reach eBay customer support through live chat or email on their main Help site, although these features are not always available. If you choose to access customer support through the “Help & Contact” section on eBay’s site, the portal will help you narrow down your issue and offer various ways to contact eBay about your specific problem. eBay customer-support questions can also be asked through the @AskeBay Twitter or through the eBay Community discussion forum.


How to file a complaint: Send an email from your email account to


Where to file a complaint: 

Go to to see a list of shirts with the toxic messages.

  • Click on one of the “kill your local pedophile” shirts at random
  • Click “Report incorrect product information”
  • Click “Which part of the page”
  • Click “Images”
  • Click “What’s the issue?”
  • Click “Offensive or adult content.”
  • Type or paste in the comment (a variation of the one below)
  • Click Submit

One particularly vile company that sells this drivel is "Killer Culture Shop." Below are a few pics from this piece of trash. If you want to tell this loser off, jhis email is

There are plenty more of these scummy individuals selling such merchandise, but Donnie Wymer is the scummiest of them all. Wymer spent the entire weekend crying to his friends about being outed as a vigilante and making explicit threats. Gee, I can't imagine why Tasha divorced him. Someone find him a baby bottle, he needs to refuel! LOL

PS: By the way, Donnie the Douche, my offer to buy shirts from you still stands if you take make some "Donnie Wymer takes it in the ass" then deliver them by cramming them up your rectum. I'll order more shirts than you have sold this decade, but you apparently don't want to make any money. We just moved on to bigger things because you're a small time twat that sells like 5 t shirts among your friends and family. 

No peace for poorly quality T shirt hatemongers!

They must not be selling that many of them so I suspect he's hoping to generate controversy just to sell a few shitty quality prints:

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Unhealthy Obsession: My own personal stalker's creepy stalker shrine of me


For the past few years, this movement has dealt with a particularly unhinged online troll. He posts his driven on various blogs occasionally, mainly under names like Larry Lynch/ Lucky Larry (a name stolen from some right-leaning personality from Northern Georgia) or Barry Williams. Sometimes, he even attempts to impersonate me or another activist while making ridiculous statements. You don't often see these statements because I never post his drivel, and neither have FAC or SOSEN, two other sites he has trolled over the years. 

About a year or so ago, he started this laughable blog called "", a parody of either the old Sex Offender Issues blog or maybe eAdvocate. He attempts to highlight some stories of people arrested on sex offenses (distorting the mugshots in wierd ways for some strange reason) when he isn't writing lame articles attacking various anti-registry groups. He also stole the name "Sex Offender Truth" from a regular poster at FAC. I'm not his only target, but I am the one he/she/it obsesses over the most. 

Quite frankly, I find most of his antics mildly amusing at best (like his lame attempts to "out" registrants posting on the Federal Register regarding SORNA changes, see HERE and HERE), but his virtual wall about me is all manners of mentally disturbing. He made a collage about me which includes a picture of my long-estranged ex-wife and my nephew who passed away a year ago, two people that have nothing to do with the cause of registry reform at all, but are attacked by this loon simply because they were connected to me at some point in the past. I'm not only his banner, his blog wallpaper contains at least a half dozen pics of me and/or family (there may be more but because the wallpaper cannot be seen in its entirety, I can't see if more pics were used). 

He also has pics of other activists or former activists along with random pcs like Jeffrey Epstein. 

To make it more disturbing and pathetic, Sucky Larry changes that banner nearly every single day, and nearly every single one is of me.

Of course, this person is not only a coward, he is largely ignored even by other vigilante groups, except for his pyromaniacal friend Shoalanda Speaks. 

I'm not sure what he is hoping to achieve, but the Stalker Wall takes the cake on the pathetic factor. I did find an illustration online that makes me think of my personal stalker, Sucky Larry. Enjoy.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Brianne Banger's "132 Feet" vigilante group (Washington, IA) commits a sex crime in addition to other crimes

OnceFallen usually assists those convicted of sex offenses to reintegrate after they served time, but we do not offer assistance where sex offenses occurred during a vigilante action. 

While the pieces of shit at the 132 Feet gang have slowed down their online presence, they're still harassing the same registrant. Thankfuully, the Washington Police Dept. posts their activity logs. There was an act of vandalism, which is a crime, and now we see someone from the 132 Feet gang exposed his genitals to the registered person, which of course, is a crime in Iowa. Soon one of these vigilante losers will land in jail. 

Looks like Brianne Banger and her group of miscreants still have yet to learn their lesson. 

Sunday, August 30, 2020

ACTION ALERT! Washington, Iowa vigilante group "132 Feet" is ALREADY being linked to crimes against registrants

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who responded so far. The police have sent me a response they are looking into the threats that were made. Hopefully this group will leave the registrant alone and allow him the opportunity to become a productive member of society. 

 In the few days since the "132 Feet" vigilante group formed in the small town of Washington, Iowa (pop. about 7500), and already, they have been engaging in intimidation and theft, as posted by the Washington PD:

Online, one of this group's members made an explicit death threat against the Registrant they are protesting:

They also made a threatening text to my own phone:

Note: It is very easy to spoof calls using Google Voice, but if these idiots think these calls are untraceable, they better think twice before continuing to send me harassing calls. 

Not that I've ever hidden my addressed but they've also taken  to doxxing OnceFallen while intentionally adding inaccurate info from other vigilante websites:

Accusing me of making false allegations is serious, and I have no problems turning this evidence over to the courts. We'll see who is lying then, huh?

The Washington, IA police chief Jim Lester already gave these vigilantes a public blessing, so they feel emboldened to up their game, and each day, their antics get more and more threatening. 


The first thing we should do is contact the authorities and demand they hold this vigilante group accountable for their actions. I'm including the contact info here for various law enforcement and prosecution agencies so we may inform them of the crimes being allowed and that they should do their jobs:

Washington Police Department, 215 E Washington St, Washington, IA 52353, Phone: (319) 653-2256

Washington County Sheriff's Office, 2181 Lexington Blvd, Washington, IA 52353, Phone: (319) 653-2107

Iowa State Patrol: 1.800.525.5555

John Gish, County Attorney, 222 W Main Street, Basement Floor P.O. Box 841 Washington, IA 52353, Phone: 319-653-7746, Fax: 319-653-7784,

Office of the Attorney General of Iowa, Hoover State Office Building, 1305 E. Walnut Street, Des Moines IA 50319, Email: (If you seek a reply, please include your full name, mailing address, and daytime telephone number.), Phone: 515-281-5164, Fax: 515-281-4209

I'd like to hear other suggestions as to how we can prevent these so-called "peaceful" protesters from eventually assaulting or killing their target. 

Since these vigilantes are obsessed with me to the point of harassment and reading this page, here are few things those vigilantes reading the page needs to consider:

1. You can lie all you want but whatever you post online can the phone calls/ texts you make can be traced by your government. 

2. Not every Registered Person is on probation/ parole. Also, reporting email addresses/ social media is pointless to do when it is not a requirement in Nebraska. 

3. You do realize that making false allegations is just as much a crime for you as it is for anyone on the registry, right? Go ahead and tell the police about this page, so that I may share your activities with them.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Police in the small town of Washington, Iowa allows newly formed vigilante group to threaten and harass registrant

 A new vigilante group has started up in the small town of Washington, Iowa. They call themselves "132 Feet" and they're quite a nasty little bunch. They just started a few days ago to protest a local registrant they feel live too close to a school (though the registrant is perfectly within the confines of the law) and the local police chief has given these thugs their blessing. They try to claim they are engaging in a "peaceful protest" but their recent online behavior suggests more violent actions may soon be taken. One member even made an explicit death threat (see last screenshot). 

It will only be a matter of time before one of these "peaceful protesters" assault the man they are protesting. Police Chief Lester is turning a blind eye to this threatening behavior, and they are drawing people that have expressed an intent to cause harm.

Iowa Code Sec. 708.7 clearly states, "A person commits harassment when the person, purposefully and without legitimate purpose, has personal contact with another person, with the intent to threaten, intimidate, or alarm that other person." They should be notified this also applies to harassing communications against someone from another state. 

This new vigilante group run by these "peaceful protesters" have made it clear the intent is to force the man to move, so they are indeed breaking the law.

No peace for scumbag predator groups who make threats and don't know the difference between witch and which!


Posted By: Sally Hart August 27, 2020 @ 6:25 am 

As parents helped get their kids to school Wednesday morning in Washington, a group of about 10 people held up signs outside of a registered sex offender’s home. The house is near the middle school. Signs read “Save our children” and “Warning: child molester lives here!”

These concerns were voiced at a recent Washington City Council meeting. Washington Police Chief Jim Lester explained that not all registered sex offenders have residency restrictions that would not allow them to live within a certain distance of a school, “A sex offender has a residency restriction if they are convicted of what is termed an aggravated offense against a minor. And the sex offender that was mentioned at the city council meeting has a conviction of lascivious acts with a child, however that does not meet the definition of an aggravated offense against a minor. Therefor the registered sex offender on South 4th, as well as the other seven registered sex offenders that live in Washington, do not have a residency restriction.” He said this specific man is on lifetime supervision by the department of corrections.

Registered sex offenders report to the sheriff’s office on a schedule, once, twice, or four times each year. The sheriff’s office communicates these locations to the city police department and school district officials.

Lester said the protest Wednesday morning was within the law, “They were not obstructing traffic. I did not see any signs personally that had any threats or anything like that. You know, that is one word of caution that I did mention at the council meeting, that any action taken against anyone on the registry including vandalism, verbal or written threats to harm or physically assault that person, their family, or their employer could result in criminal charges. However, what was taking place this morning was, in my opinion, it was legal.”

Lester encourages parents to have conversations with their children about being safe. He says to use age-appropriate language to discuss not talking to strangers, and don’t go in a stranger’s vehicle or home.


Here are some of the comments by this new vigilante gang and some of their members:

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Edgar Del Real (-ly stupid) failed epically at becoming a vigilante and it costed him the life of a friend

Edgar Del Real says he wishes he had been the one to die that day, and I agree. Well he has plenty of time to do that since he only got probation for murder. 

It should be noted he and a friend went to a man's house to kill him, and ended up getting shot at for his trouble, so he's not only bad at murdering, he will have to spend the rest of his life being laughed at for getting his ass beat by a person he accused of being a sex offender. 

No mercy for vigilante thugs who kill!

Probation for man who accidentally killed friend during fight with child sex abuse suspect

Sarah Reese Aug 25, 2020

CROWN POINT — A Hammond man won't serve any additional jail time for killing a friend in 2018 when a shotgun accidentally discharged as they fought with a third man, whom the defendant suspected had molested his then-8-year-old relative.

Edgar Del Real, 39, pleaded guilty in March to reckless homicide, a level 5 felony, in the death of Steven Robledo, 37, of Chicago, on Sept. 22, 2018, in the 2600 block of White Oak Avenue in Whiting.

Del Real served nearly seven months in jail after he was charged with murder in September 2018.

Lake Criminal Court Judge Jamise Perkins sentenced him Tuesday to nine months in prison, followed by 21 months of probation. With credit for jail and good time, Del Real already has completed his time behind bars.

Lake County Supervisory Deputy Prosecutor Eric Randall requested a sentence with additional jail time, in part, because the case involved a death.

Defense attorney Scott King asked Perkins to empathize with Del Real, who made a report with Whiting police about his relative's alleged sexual abuse. 

Del Real complied with every request made by investigators, King said. However, police told Del Real that Lake County prosecutors would not file charges against the alleged abuser because they did not think they could win the case on the relative's word alone.

Del Real was disappointed in that decision when he met up with Robledo at a bar, and the two decided to go beat up the man Del Real suspected of abusing his relative.

Del Real and Robledo walked into the man's apartment building, where the man met them at his door holding a shotgun, King said. Del Real wrestled the gun away from the man, and it went off as Del Real and Robledo headed back down a flight of stairs.

When police arrived at the shooting scene, the man Del Real and Robledo went to confront "asserted his right not to answer any police questions" while sitting at the back of an ambulance, King said.

"This is vigilante justice," King said.

Del Real said he never intended to kill Robledo and apologized.

"If anyone should have lost his life, it should have been me," he said.

Perkins said she could understand Del Real's motivation, but the court can never condone taking matters into one's own hands.

No matter what sentence the court imposes, "a life is lost," she said.

She declined to count Del Real's previous contact with police about 20 years ago against him, because it didn't result in a conviction. Del Real had led a law-abiding life until Robledo's homicide, she said.

Perkins also noted a letter from a therapist for Del Real's relative, which stated Del Real is an asset in the girl's continuing treatment.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Ex-dope boy Musa Harris has a lengthier criminal record than most of his targets


Here's yet another so-called "Predator Hunter" with a criminal record. This does not surprise me. 

No second chances for dope boy vigilantes!

Ambush-style 'predator catcher' goes viral


He calls himself the Luzerne County Predator Catcher.

Using social media and dating applications, Musa Harris claims to have exposed 44 child molesters to date — people he says have shown up for sex after he identifies himself as an underage kid.

“You get a lot that say, ‘No, you’re too young for me.’ But you get them certain ones that like, they’re cool with the age. It don’t bother them. Those are the ones I put right on (Facebook) Live,” said Harris, 40. “It’s not just like weirdo-looking people. It’s people that you might not have ever thought would be like this. Those are the ones I really be wanting. The ones that’s not on Megan’s Law, stuff like that. People you trust right with your kids.”

Harris has been at it since early this year, but it wasn’t until a former police officer showed up for a meeting last weekend that his work went viral, with a video that hit more than 1 million views on TikTok. Text messages Harris posted along with the video indicate the man — whom The Citizens’ Voice is not identifying because he has not been charged — had been discussing having sex with a 15-year-old boy.

Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis has said her office is investigating that case, along with others. She declined to comment further Thursday.

Despite opposition from law enforcement — some have described Harris as a “vigilante” whose actions could hurt the chances for prosecuting child predators — he has strong support online. His Facebook group has more than 27,000 followers, and he said his TikTok account has almost 70,000.

Harris, of Wilkes-Barre, said he decided to get started as a predator catcher after hearing repeated stories about people being abused.

“I just was getting tired of hearing the stories about it,” Harris said, adding that he began watching videos of other predator catchers. “I seen people doing it, and I’m like man, I’m about to do it too. You can’t get arrested for doing it. I’m about to do it too.”

Harris, who is an unemployed father of four, said he spends hours on various social media and dating applications, many of which require users to be at least 18 years old. But he noted that kids often claim to be adults just so they can access the apps.

“I’m looking at it as, if my daughter can do this, how many other kids can do the same thing my daughter is doing and grown men are jumping out in their inboxes?” Harris said. “Something’s gotta give.”

During the conversations, he claims to be a minor, either a boy or girl around 14 or 15, he said.

“Once a child tells an adult that they’re 15, that should be the end of discussion right there,” Harris said.

Those who don’t end the conversation end up in front of a cellphone camera live-streaming the encounter to social media.

“My adrenaline just be pumping. Like, I’m ready to video them,” Harris said. “I’m like, ‘Do you know that person you was actually talking to was me and it wasn’t that little girl?’ I know I said I was 15 years old. You wouldn’t be on live right now if I didn’t say I was 15. You wouldn’t be getting exposed right now.”

While many of the comments on his posts support his mission, Harris said he has faced backlash as well.

Back in March, Wilkes-Barre Twp. police issued a Facebook statement referencing the videos, discouraging “vigilantes” from conducting such operations.

“For your own safety we recommend you do not make contact with these individuals,” police said. “You do not know what any of these individuals maybe capable of in person or retaliatory speaking, afterwards. It is best to contact law enforcement should you encounter adults seeking contact with minors. By not doing this you circumvent safeguards in place to track/monitor these individuals and potentially risk compromising means of prosecuting them.”

Harris said he has also faced personal attacks from individuals.

“I’ve done got so much crap from what I’m doing,” he said. “Harassment all over Facebook, people putting out lies on me.”

He acknowledged having a pending resisting arrest case from Kingston — he says it stemmed from his possession of prescribed medical marijuana — as well as several drug convictions in cases from 2009, but said they have nothing to do with what he is currently doing.

“That’s like 12 years ago,” Harris said.

Harris said he doesn’t plan to stop his work, and that he hopes the police will be able to make cases against the people he has highlighted.

“I hope that every person I got gets charged,” Harris said.

Despite Harris’ intentions, experts say prosecutors could have trouble with his cases. The statute defining unlawful contact with a minor — a law frequently cited in online child sex stings — says the offender needs to be “intentionally in contact with a minor, or a law enforcement officer acting in the performance of his duties who has assumed the identity of a minor.”

Legal experts say the law does not establish a crime in cases where a civilian is posing as a minor, even if working at the behest of police.

John Hakim, attorney administrator for the Luzerne County Department of Conflict Counsel, questioned whether the procedures and techniques being employed during an investigation conducted by an untrained civilian would hold up in court.

“People seem to think like, ‘Oh this guy’s a hero. They should be arresting these guys,’” Hakim said. “But I don’t know that any of that evidence is admissible because it’s not a law-enforcement officer. He’s not even acting under color of a law-enforcement officer, like a (confidential informant) would in a drug case.”

Sgt. Kenneth Bellis, commander for the Pennsylvania Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, said police need extensive training regarding everything from what pictures they can use to what they are allowed to say while conducting sting operations.

“We actually have rules that we have to follow to try and prosecute the offenders,” he said.

As a result, the task force will not work with civilians conducting their own investigations.

“We strongly discourage any civilians who are not affiliated with law enforcement from engaging in vigilante activities,” Bellis said. “They may have good intentions, but it’s just too dangerous and harmful to the investigation.”