Friday, October 7, 2016

No Peace For Predators costs an innocent man his job and is now on the defensive

From the mouths of the dumbest "Anti" group on the internet today:

"There comes a time when everyone is wrong. We lost our way in calling out an "offender" who didn't belong on the registry in the first place. We are "No Peace For Predators". Not offenders. We made this man lose his job and his means to provide for his family because of the flaws in the registry. While we have a noble cause, it is possible to go in the wrong direction. So as we gather more information, know that a full retraction of our previous statement is coming. The system is broken and we can't blame the innocent for the actions of a few." 

They were wrong. DEAD WRONG. They lost their way? Their entire existence was based on bullying people on the registry. Their FB vover art is of a burning building. They celebrate stories of vigilantes who attacked or murdered accused "sex offenders." I'd say their way was lost to begin with. Noble cause? When is criminal activity a noble cause? 

A retraction won't be enough. How about you compensate this man for the harm you sorry pieces of shit have caused? But they don't have the BALLS to pay this man for their wrongful actions. 

I don't watch their every move like they have mine for half a decade. Thus, I don't know who their victim was, but I hope this victim sues this thuggish group, and if he does, I'd be willing to testify and offer the information on his blog to prove the disgusting antics of David Rowe, Britt P. Warden, Peter(less) Mason, and the NPFP supporters.