Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Self-Loathing part 2

Previously I talked about "Self Loathers" (, individuals who are sex offenders who bash other offenders in a twisted form of penance or to project their self hatred onto others, but I refrained from mentioning T-Sand for the longest time because I wanted to give him a chance. Many people told me, "Don't trust T-Sand, he'll only turn on you." His recent posts at his deceptively named "ROAR For Truth" blog have merely proven the naysayers right. So T-Sand's feud started over being slighted by a certain couple of people at another public RSO forum, so he started a feud with the RSO activists. Seeing as how the Julia Tuttle Causeway situation has been a major focus of SOSEN's activity, T-Sand started attacking the issue with his opinion on the issue. Nevermind the fact that the JTC residents chose SOSEN as their representatives, and it has been thoroughly documented Ron and Lauren Book have proven themselves to be a major source of the problem with the JTC colony, T-Sand has proven he only cares about destroying his enemies no matter what the cost. Even if it means sucking up the cult of Absolute Zero United/ Perverted Justice, the same people who made this page on him:


It is very reminiscent of Static, who has chosen to join AZU simply because he hates Sosen for whatever reason, who I must remind STILL have him listed as a Sosen member:


Jeremy Jason Bolick - aka static - staff Member of SOSEN, convicted of 3 Counts of Possession Of Child Pornography, and 2 Counts of Indecent Exposure, in two different places, at two different times.

It is sad when you have to try to sabotage a movement simply because certain members of a group are assholes. I don't ike certain people in the movement either, but there are many good people, both reformed registrants, along with loved ones of these reformed individuals, in these groups, simply seeking help and support to deal with revenge-motivated laws. Funny, all it takes is doing a little Sosen-bashing to get in AZU's good graces, eh, Clay? I remember not too long ago when StitchCunt was livid over you using Jessica Lunsford's pic as an avatar, now she's singing your praises.