Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Stinson Hunter, bloody British vigi-wanker, has officially played his swan song

Kieren "Stinson Hunter" Parsons is getting ready to "grow his hair out and get a job"
Another online vigilante douchebag has officially called it quits, or as Stimpy said, playing his "swan song." Kieren Parsons, aka, "Stinson Hunter"  has claimed 30 arrests of "paedophiles" in the UK (though there are obvious questions as to the validity of his claims), but apparently he isn't making a lot of money trolling people on the internet. Apparently people were pissed he was begging for money-- Stimpy claims it was to see his kid, while critics contend he is lying to just con people out of a quick buck. Personally, I'm inclined to agree with the critics. Here is one such critical argument

This guy is a complete con. He's had us all (donators included) fooled. Had he of been truthful, maybe people wouldn't have a reason to question what he's been doing. I looked up to the guy a lot. I mean how do we know what we've donated has actually gone to him seeing his kid when his kid was already at home with him? The guy has a past that isn't exactly squeaky clean not to mention calling people names through his twitter and instagram but not so brave to say anything on facebook when he was called out. Anyone who questioned where the money went (donators or not) got removed, comments deleted or blocked but will happily sit on twitter belittling folk and making idol threats like they're something he scraped off the bottom of his shoe. Even some of his own family members have commented about their concerns about his habits and lies. All this talk of 30 convictions in 6 years and only 10 of them were put behind bars says a lot when the rest have been living ruined lives because of his mistakes. What has he really done for us parents that we haven't done for our own kids? From the day and hour our kids were born, it's been "us" protecting them, not him. I have lost all respect for the kid! He needs to sort his life out and get a job. Both him and her. We've all had our struggles and more severe cases than this. He thinks he's worse off than the rest of the world. Begging is not the answer for his next hit!

After I posted the last article about Kieren "Stinson Hunter" Parsons, my message board was flooded with a couple dozen threatening or derogatory "anonymous" comments from either Parsons or one of his lackeys. Of course, I couldn't give two shits about this bloody wanker and he can go choke on an Irish banger for all I care (obviously he isn't going to cross the pond to beat my ass so I'm not worried about censoring my disdain for this piece of shit.) 

There are other similar comments so I'll just summarize what I've read from the flood of comments. Apparently, ol' Stimpy collected upwards of $30k from a kickstarter campaign (more specifically, 32,661 British Pounds, the equivalent of $51,044 USD) under the guise of making an independent documentary and yet a couple of weeks ago, he was begging for yet more money from the losers who watch his online shenanigans, this time under the guise of needing to see his son. People started asking legitimate questions about where all this money disappeared to and why he's asking for yet more money to see a kid that lives with him, and he was being very evasive, even downright nasty to those supporters asking questions. After all, if the equivalent of $50,000 or so isn't enough to make a film and have enough to make ends meet, then obviously something is amiss.

Apparently, after the barrage of questions from soon-to-be EX-supporters of this shady, unsavory online vigi-scum, Stimpy is packing up his toys and crying home to mommy. This bum is going to get a real job, presumably as a dirt farmer or night janitor. All I can say is good riddance to bad rubbish.

Stinson Hunter plans to "vanish" after online dispute over cash
15:22, 14 JULY 2015
Nuneaton paedophile-hunter now says he plans to move away from stings and setups

Stinson Hunter says he plans to “vanish” and have some time to himself after he was abused online for asking for money.

The 33-year-old paedophile hunter from Nuneaton made a desperate plea to his Facebook followers for a small amount of cash this week so he can go to Norfolk and visit his baby son.

And while he did receive enough money to make the trip he was also attacked by some Facebook followers who accused him of sponging.

Hunter, now living in Lancashire, told the Telegraph that the latest online fracas is “the final straw” and he is now planning to take a step back from his work.

“I’ve got something planned, a one-off event, in the future,” he said.

“That’s my swan song. After that I’m going to take some time for myself.

“I’m going to grow my hair, look for a job and just vanish for a bit. That’s the plan.

“That’s where I am. I just want to focus on doing stuff for myself for a bit. My Facebook will still be ticking over but it will change.”

Hunter, whose film won a Bafta earlier this year, drew a mixture of criticism and support from his Facebook followers when he asked for money to go and look after his son after his former partner Kirsty fell ill.

In an emotional post Kirsty then wrote that Hunter was struggling financially.

She wrote: “He puts on an incredibly brave face for the public and I don’t know how, I couldn’t manage to do it, behind that incredibly brave front is a broken man right now, he can barely even afford food let alone bills or to even see his own son.

“He battles with depression every single day and it saddens me so much that I can’t even help with it, I don’t want to see his tears or hear him cry anymore.

“All he needed was that little extra support from the public when he really needed it most, all he wanted was to see his little boy and to help me out.”

Hunter then wrote later on: “For over six years I have been trapping paedophiles and have achieved over 30 convictions.

“Not once have I ever been paid for this.

“The nature of my work and my profile make it virtually impossible to get a regular job, yes that was my decision but I stand by it.”

Speaking to the Telegraph he added: “I’m not on benefits. I could claim Job Seekers Allowance but I don’t – I choose not to.

“If people saw my outgoings they would be surprised. I do my best to manage each month.

“But I’m sitting here right now selling my stuff off on eBay so I’m not going to be homeless in three months' time.

“I went to London recently and that 10-minute speech cost £300.

“I’m going to seal myself off now and take some time to get my life in order. That’s the main thing, to have time for me and my son.”

Hunter said that he did manage to raise £200 to pay for train tickets and a small amount more which he plans to put towards getting his driving licence and a car.

On Facebook he wrote that he was keen to go into education and go “beyond the stings and setups”.

“Nothing lasts forever,” he added.

As an aside, a guy who hit Stimpy with a car got his sentenced reduced. Hell, the guy should have gotten a medal for running over this POS.