Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thank you AZU and Valigator!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of AZU members and Valerie "Valigator" Parkhurst, the 2012 RSOL Conference in Albuquerque was the most successful conference for reforming the nation's sex offender laws to date. So for that, we should thank them for their efforts.

The vigilantes did what they could to sabotage the conference. They sent out their propaganda pages to the local media. Now, I'm not exactly trusting of the media. However, the media's skepticism of the info sent to them by the trolls led them to genuine interest in the RSOL Conference. The coverage was non-stop. As a result, a number of local registrants discovered the movement. RSOL-New Mexico's membership grew in numbers. People stopped in to share their stories and join the cause.

The media tried upselling the "controversy" aspect, of course. There was eve a town hall meeting set up by the APD to address the "controversy." The only controversy was the number of people who showed up. Three people, not counting police and RSOL members- counting them, that was seven people. I guess the trolls were expecting people rioting in the streets or something. Well, there was not. We were not targeted. The three day event went off flawlessly. What the conference DID receive from the locals was new membership. Maybe the media should no have mentioned they only received a dozen emails and calls, pretty much all I'm sure came from Davie, FL, Jacksonville, FL, and Nashville, TN, not Albuquerque, NM.

Wow, those wacky Albuquerqueans sure know how
to pack a stadium. Not.

Maybe now, the trolls will realize all their blind hatred and stupidity is not shared with the public as a whole. People who were truly curious as to what the reform movement stands for can simply see the fruits of our labor, not just what some group of haters have to say. Many showed up to thank the RSOL for fighting these laws.

Were there supposed to be protests against the conference? I haven't seen them. Maybe they took that proverbial wrong turn like Bugs Bunny?

And then the trolls claimed certain speakers were not going to attend the conference due to their "efforts." Wonder who they thought were speaking at the event? Because every keynote speaker RSOL put on the schedule was there, on time and available after the conference to speak to the media. Hm. Maybe they thought Walsh and Lunsford was going to show up? Maybe they should've "taken that left toyn at Al-bu-koy-kie"  as well.

All in all, if our wonderful troll buddies did anything for us, it was giving us free publicity. So we should thank them for all their hard work  in promoting the cause.