Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rob Taylor's latest insane ranting

Rob Taylor has apparently been adding something to that cup that's warping his mind. His latest insane rant has come in the form of a couple of direct emails. He threw a hissy fit because I complained to a website owner over an article where Taylor still insists on referring to me as a child rapist and pedophile. The problem is I was never convicted of rape, nor am I clinically diagnosed with pedophilia. That is what happens when you have elementary school dropouts writing insane rants on private blogs like Red-Alerts. Apparently freedom to Robbie boy means freedom to slander:

What I found odd was Rob Taylor is spewing venom about Clay Keys. Did he lose the memo that Clay Keys is now a bona fide menber of AZU? You're fine and dandy with Clay Keys playing cheerleader on AZU these days. The proof is in the pudding, or rather, the website:

Rob Taylor has either a serious case of denial or some really bad eyesight. However, for all the crap he said about Clay Keys in a private email but he's awfully mum about it out in public. It sounds a like like hypocrisy to me! Taylor is crying because I'm costing him work? Also bullshit. I didn't know harassment and slander was a full time job! You'd think of Robbie wanted to tell T-Sand to "fuck off," he'd do it himself.

UPDATE: The News Real Blog finally removed Taylor's trashy article. It certainly wasn't because of David Swindle. I went a little higher up on the corporate totem pole to find someone with a little common sense. If Robbie would keep my name out of his mouth, there wouldn't be a problem.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


SSDD-- Same Shit, Different Design

First, the bad news-- Apparently some former members of Pee-J has repackaged the highly inaccurate Wikisposure information under the new name "Evil Unveiled."

The good news-- it gives those who missed out on suing Pee-J another opportunity to expose these frauds once and for all.

Despite Perverted-Justice's best efforts to deny this fact, Wikisposure was taken down because the info contained in the site was so slanderous and cast such a false light on the victims of Wikisposure made them criminally and civilly liable. Von Erck has been in and out of court over lawsuits, barely escaping a federal lawsuit which was even featured on ABC 20/20. It will be interesting to see if Pee-J can still be held liable for this new website.

On the plus side, the repackaged site has brought back T-Sand's old Wikisposure page:

UPDATE-- It didn't take long for Evil Unveiled to go back down as a result of "non-payment or abuse of account." Bye bye PJ wannabes!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dead Pedophiles Society starring Jacey

AZU's latest offering is the latest rehash of bad leftovers; in this case, the "bad leftovers" is AZU getting off on suicide. If thoughts always leads to actions as AZU is claiming RSOs do, then AZU needs a serious mental evaluation.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

AZU's silly boycotts again

AZU and their silly boycotts. The problem with the double boycotts of Amazon and Disney/ ABC's 20/20 TV show is their line of reasoning.


AZU has been boycotting them for a while but they were hoping to cash in over the recent news report of a so-called pedophile book on the internet. aside from the fact the story had a lot of holes in it, and the fact Amazon actually pulled the e-book after complaints were filed, AZU has kept this silly boycott idea at the top of their website. There's one little problem with the news story that prompted the latest controversy. Amazon has a feature that allows anyone to write and publish a book. In fact, I have written my own e-Book, available on Amazon. Within 72 hours, your e-Book will be available for the world to see... and buy. No one reads a book in 72 hours, much less the hundreds of thousands of e-Books Amazon has available in it's Kindle store. It is no different in function than Google's Blogspot, which hosts both AZU's blog and this anti-AZU blog. Amazon essentially offers a service that allows people to publish electronically for free (Amazon gets a cut of all book sales, of course). It is silly to expect to play censor to everyone's whims. Hell, if I had my way, I'd have ever copy of Anna Salter's crappy book burned but I doubt a boycott would achieve anything.


First off, the original beef was with John Stossel, who now works with FOX. The original beef was because John Stossel aired a show in which former PJ/AZU troll Barbara "Petra Luna" Ochoa made a complete drunken ass of herself on TV. They created a blog to attack Disney, which owns ABC, in retaliation. To justify their attacks, they post any arrests of Disney workers for any sex crimes, like THIS ONE, a worker who allegedly molested a girl while wearing a Tigger costume. There is just one little detail they missed. THE MAN WAS ACQUITTED ON ALL CHARGES!

Absolute Zero United never let things like THE TRUTH get in the way of their slanderous campaigns. They will not be missed.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2010 Everyday Zeroes Nominees

2010 has been a slow year, but there are three nominees for the "Everyday Zeroes" vigilante category at the Annual Shiitake Awards website. You can access the site by clicking on the link:

Since this is a blog about vigilantes, and since one of them has been posted here already, I'm adding the category here. Go and vote for your favorite!

Jasen D. Bruce, Florida: Marine reservist turned pharmacist and wannabe model, Bruce attacked a Greek Orthodox priest who stopped and asked him for directions. Bruce, who beat the priest with a tire iron, claimed the priest was a "robber, terrorist, and molester." Can't we ship him to Iraq or something? By the way, he's from Florida, what does that tell you?


Barbara Farris, Florida: Farris has everything we expect in this category-- notoriety, stupidity, and the fact she lives in Florida. She was arrested in Alabama for Menacing; Farris claims the charges were dropped. She never learned her lesson-- she is facing more charges of harassment and impersonating a police officer.


David Griffon, California: This man assaulted and robbed a sex offender and attempted to rob another registrant before being taken down by the police. He faces multiple charges, including assault, trespassing, vandalism, burglary, and assault with a deadly weapon. He used the Megan's Law website to choose his victims.


I'm sure there will be no shortage of award nominees next year!