Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stitches, KKK now recruiting

Seeing as how Stitches 77 is a skinhead, I'm not surprised to see her racist buddies recruiting using hatred of sex offenders. After all, its a fact that those who hate tend to intermingle amongst all hate groups.

KKK Recruiting with Sex
Offender Flyer
Updated: Thursday, 09 Jul 2009, 9:57 PM CDT
Published : Thursday, 09 Jul 2009, 9:57 PM CDT

Jill Monier (

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Some Olive Branch residents are outraged about flyers, littering their yards.
The flyers warned of a convicted sex offender, living in the neighborhood, but they were distributed by a group with a racist, violent history toward Jews and blacks. The flier was found scattered about the Allendale Cove neighborhood last week. It was in a plastic bag with a rock inside. The flyer notifies homeowners that a convicted sex offender lives on the next street, but take a closer look and you see the flyer was distributed by the Ku Klux Klan. The KKK says it's a public service but an organization that tracks hate groups says that's simply ridiculous. Buddy Robinson President of the Allendale Cover Homeowners Association says, "I was really shocked because you haven't heard anything from this group in years, at least I haven't and now all of a sudden they're in my community. we don't need any organization coming in and causing trouble with any of the homeowners in this area." Robinson says the flyer's prompted dozens of complaints from residents. He says, "It brought up an area of concern not just because we have a sex offender living in our area but it being from the KKK, like it is. We don't want anybody to think we're apart of that kind of group." Not only do the Allendale Cove residents we spoke with, not want to be associated with the KKK, but they think the flyers serve a purpose other than to notify them of a sex offender. At the bottom is a solicitation for donations. Robinson says, "I believe they're heavy into recruiting because things might be getting slim for them these days with people changing their opinion on things."

Fun with Screenshots

Absolute Zero United uses "screenshots" in order to "prove" they are indeed telling the truth. To the average viewer, seeing is believing, right? If that's the case, then Stitches 77 has "turned over a new leaf" and follows ReFORM Radio:

Either she turned over a new leaf, or its merely possible someone set this whole thing up. You see, Perverted-Justice members and Absolute Zero United members post screen shots regularly, convincing the public these are legit. But any schmuck with 5 minutes and a little computer ingenuity can create a new account with a similar sounding screen name, make a post, take a screen shot, post it to Wikisposure/ AZU/ Pee-J and voila! Instant bullshit! Did I mention that some of the screenshot technology is compatible with Microsoft Applications like Paint or even Word? Think about it next time you read the lies at Wikidposers or AZU.
More on screenshot technology: -- For Firefox Browsers

Just remember, screen shots CAN be manipulated, just like your photos in Photoshop. Can anyone truly trust the words of the fanatics of AZU/ Pee-J? Consider their track record. Recently a member of Pee-J was arrested dor computer hacking (as noted on the front page at Is it real? Is it manipulated. That top screen shot is VERY real. Its currently on the front page of their blog. The second screenshot is a load of bullshit created by someone learning to use the new technology. Again, think about THAT next time you visit AZU or Wickisposure

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

But this NEVER happens, right?

Absolute Zero would love to have you believe the registries are filled with dangerous pedophiles and rapists. One of the favorite derisions come from the notion that teens never land on the registry. They couldn't be more wrong. For AZU getting things wrong is a way of life.

The Dallas Morning New recently reported that Texas has around 4000 minors on the registry, some as young as age 10. Despite studies and the general notion that children are more likely to be rehabilitated than adult counterparts, to place a 10 year old on a public registry is a death sentence. Below is one such story:

There are many such stories like this, many of which found at Childen as young as age 6 branded for life as sexual "predators."   See more in the link below:

This NEVER happens, AZU says. The fact remains that it does.

Recently, AZU began targeting a teenager named Ricky, who, at 16, had consensual sex with another teen and landed on the sex offender registry for life. They've also targeted Mary Duval, Ricky's Mom, because she now speaks out to reform laws that ensnare teens in the sex offender registry. [see for more info and links to news articles on Ricky's story].

Like many people, the experience of social ostracism, registration, and harassment has led Ricky and Mary to crusade for serious reform to sex crime laws. They have made appearances on TV stations and newspapers across the country, from local news stations to the Spanish talk show Christina! This, of course, has made them prime targets for AZU. Just follow the Mary Duval label at their garbage site and see for yourself.

Perhaps their fanaticism has backfired in recent months. While site traffic sites such as Alexa have shown great declines in readership at AZU, sites such as,, and, sites that educate the public about the dangers and negative consequences of poorly drafted sex offender legislation, have seen great increases in traffic. Maybe that is because the public is awakening from their slumber and seeing the truth about these laws. AZU has nothing to rely upon but the same tired lies and smear tactics and threats that has been their playbook since their inception. The truth scares them. A mother of a teen who should NEVER have been on the registry and the teen himself has scared AZU, and they've gotten desperate enough to threaten them and smear them in desperation. AZU mocks their looks, AZU tries to tie them in with NAMBLA, AZU makes anonymous emails and phone calls. But it is all FAIL. AZU = FAIL.Ricky and Mary, like all those in RSOL, SOSEN, Once Fallen, SO Clear, and others, they will not be deterred.

But this NEVER happens, right, AZU? Four thousand people is a far cry from NEVER.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Online vigilante arrested for rape charge

This story reminds me of Pee-J's early days, where Xavier Von Erck intimidated a man with a baseball bat during their early set-ups. I wouldn't doubt he was an ex-PJer.

Robber arraigned in child rape case

3 comments | Add a comment

One of the men was robbed when he went to a park for what he thought was a meeting with the girl, while the other had his house burglarized.

GARDNER — A Gardner man previously convicted for orchestrating a burglary and a robbery through a social networking Web site was arraigned in early July on rape charges at Winchendon District Court.

Lawrence M. Lafrennie, 26, of 7 Glazier St. is charged with four counts of statutory rape of a child and one count of selling or delivering alcohol to a minor, according to court records. The number of victims is unclear from the record.

Mr. Lafrennie’s bail was set at $5,000 cash after the July 9 arraignment. As a condition of his bail, Mr. Lafrennie was ordered to have no contact with the alleged victims.

A notice of violation of probation also was also filed, according to court records. Mr. Lafrennie was on probation after pleading guilty in January 2008 to charges of armed robbery, unarmed burglary, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, larceny from a building, conspiracy to commit armed robbery and conspiracy to commit unarmed burglary.

Mr. Lafrennie, two of his siblings and a friend had posed as a teenage girl on the Web site and arranged meetings with two men, Assistant District Attorney Christopher P. Hodgens said at the time of the 2008 incident. One of the men was robbed when he went to a park for what he thought was a meeting with the girl, while the other had his house burglarized while he was out at a prearranged meeting.

After pleading guilty, Mr. Lafrennie was sentenced to two years in the House of Correction with one year to be served. Judge John S. McCann suspended the balance of the jail sentence for five years with probation.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Fat Man Dumbeth

We don't often get the chance to catch AZU members in non-RSO or allegedly "pro-pedo" sites, but I happened across this website,, and an article by a member of Absolute Zero United. I think we finally found Stitches 77! ROFL!

As usual, we find violent comments from said AZU member:

"Well, believe me, if I saw somebody wearing a a T-shirt that says "Pedophilia Rocks" I would end up going to prison for the rest of my life, or perhaps end up on Texas Death Row after I blow the son-a-bitch away with a 12 gauge shot gun! And I would be proud to die for killing some low-life pedophile scum-bag!"

ALL pedophiles should be given the death penalty and so should the entire staff of
Amazon for selling this worthless piece of drek
titled Viamund the Boy-Love Vampyre. And I also believe that every household with children should keep one of these handy
spray cans around
. [pic of UZI with words "Pedo Be Gone" on it]

This was part of an e-mail he claims he sent to head:

And so, all pedophiles deserve to die!!!
All those who publish Kiddy Porn deserve to die!
And all those who sell anything written by a pedophile
also deserves to die.
Octaevius Altair AKA Viamund the Rake deserves to die

He apparently sent this to Amazon too. Below pic was this:

And the entire staff of Amazon all deserve to die in the manner as
depicted in the image above! I rest my case! SHORT EYES

After a tad of scolding from a moderator:

Yes, now that I think about it, my sending that picture of The Rake with The Hatched buried in his head does not solve anything. Ah! but it just felt so good! Sending them that picture in the E-mail and telling them that they deserve the same for supporting a pedophile, it' just felt good! And besides, I spent a couple of hours creating that image just for them!!! It took at least an hour to do a Google Image Search to find the right picture of a hatchet that was at just the right angle, and then erasing the background away from it so that I could place in just right on The Rake's head. Then I added my own brand of twisted humor saying, "Rake, this is Hatchet! Hatchet, this is Rake!" and because he calls himself The Rake, an outdoor lawn tool, that inspired me to introduce The Rake to The Hatchet, another tool that is used in the great outdoors.
Another pic:

This person is a very sick individual who needs to be committed to a civil commitment center immediately, as he is a danger to himself and others. Places like AZU should be shut down for fostering and advocating violent acts.

I'd like to add the info from the personal profile because since AZU finds it kosher to attack Former *ex offenders for being on SSI and making fun of looks, you need to see the kind of people AZU members TRULY look like:


Location: El Paso, Texas, USA, 3rd Planet, Sol System, Milky Way, Local Cluster, Somewhere in The Cosmos!
Age: 57
Occupation: I'm unemployed, living on SSI for disability. I have mental heath issues that I have to deal with and I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD that was the result of years of bullying in school from the jocks and guy on a "Macho" head trip, and being denied a decent education in our corrupt educational system!
Interests: Art and science. Astronomy is my favorite subject, and I like to work on oil paintings. I enjoy listening to classical music and rock. I hate sports, especially football!!! Sports suck, and football is responsible for the declining quality of education in our schools! In school, I was the typical nerd or geek, and often called a sissy because I didn't care for sports.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Copycat Vigilantism

While this blog is dedicated primarily to the criminal cult that is Absolute Zero United and Perverted-Justice, this site also handles vigilantism in general. Recently, a VERY short-lived site,, was up in running. No doubt this was either a member of AZU/PJ or a mere copycat, as the MO is the same-- anonymous blogging, promoting hurting others, and canonizing criminal activity directed at sex offenders. Below are clippings from the currently defunct banishers site: is devoted to honoring those individuals and communities that banished and/or exiled sex offenders and their families. We also honor those who favor banishing arsonists and drug offenders from society as well.

How our site works

  1. We scour the web for news stories about sex or other offender banishment and exile laws and ordinances that are either proposed or passed.
  2. We try to place the text of the law or ordinance at the top of the page so people can protect themselves.
  3. We identify those brave individuals who publicly speak out in favor of banishing and exiling sex or other offenders and their families.
  4. We list these heroes to provide them the recognition they deserve.

At Banishers we highlight the American heroes that have publicly proclaimed their support for sex offender banishment. These American heroes deserve recognition for their contribution to exile sex offenders, their spouses and children away from our communities. There is no place in American society for sex offenders, the people who marry them and the children that live with them. If possible we should banish the parents of offenders along with the spouses and children. Scum begets scum and these people have no place in American society. Please enjoy our site as we salute the heroes that speak out for exile and banishment of sex offenders and anyone who associates with them.

What We Do

At Banishers we highlight the American heroes that have publicly proclaimed their support for sex offender banishment. Scum begets scum and these people have no place in American society. We also indicate those brave communities that provide us with safe places to live by banishing sex offenders, their spouses and children.

Why We Do It

These American heroes deserve recognition for their contribution to exile sex offenders, their spouses and children away from our communities. There is no place in American society for sex offenders, the people who marry them and the children that live with them. If possible we should banish the parents of offenders along with the spouses and children.

As noted at, 40% of sex offenders AND THEIR FAMILIES have experienced harassment and/or property damage and/or physical violence. By families we mean wife, children, or even anyone unfortunate enough to be on property when the thugs appear. I'm sure since Stitches 77 advocates violence as a member of hate groups like the skinheads, its par for the course. If vigilantes are heroes, why do they hide their identities?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We know AZU boldly supports violence

 Like you need any more proof Absolute Zero United supports committing violent crimes. Below are recent AZU comments:

They should just make it legal for citizens to punish these "childlovers" any way they see fit. That would reduce sex crimes against children.

I cant give a big enough AMEN to that sentiment.

The following comments were extrapolated from the "Mothers Against Predators" Yahoo Group, typos and all. As if we need any more proof AZU and their contemporaries are a threat to society:

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: lunaqua
Sent: Friday, June 5, 2009 8:10:50 AM
Subject: Re: [mothersagainstpredators] I applaud her

 To those who are serious about erradicating TERRORISTS OF CHILDREN, law enforcement
has kindly provided us with a list of  their addresses online to make it easier to locate them, in other words, the powers that be are getting fed up with how the courtts handle these TERRORISTS. In point of fact, even government/the courts themselves are sending not very subtle  message to PARENTS which is: "if you take care of them, we will not prosecute you, we will give you what amounts to a pass". Consider that even criminals in the prison system treat these TERRORISTS OF CHILDREN as they should be treated, with the brutality that they deserve.  Why is it that we, so-called "normal decent scitizens, allow these TERRORISTS to continue their reign of terror unopposed in  such huge numbers throughout our neighborhoods? The answer is, that we are a lot of cowards who get precisely what we deserve, and I include myself in this count, since I have done nothing as yet in the batlle to stop these TERROSISTS. Yes friends, I once even think I actually observed a near child abduction, and though I think that my mear prescence was what stopped the act from being carried out, since I had two tots in tow, I failed to accomapny this girl home and tell her parents what I thought might have enarly accured. I thought that she was old enough to have informed her parents, and I also "was not sure" that I had seen correctly.  This was 10 years ago, and a man in a truck was following closely behing this 10 year old girl, a neighbor of mine, not even a half block from her home. He spoke to her, then turned and saw me watching, as I had stopped dead still and was glaring at him. He then took off. What was I thinking?  This was before child abduction, amber alerts had fully entered the public consciosness as fully as it has now, but I was still extremely negligent in how I handled this incident.
-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Thompson
Sent: Jun 4, 2009 6:56 AM
To: mothersagainstpreda tors@yahoogroups .com
Subject.: Re: [mothersagainstpred ators] I applaud her

I am most curious about this topic. You have no link. Please give more detail and are we able to help. Staff Sergeant Mark Thompson - U.S. Air Force

--- On Thu, 6/4/09, jeana morgan> wrote:

From: jeana morgan
Subject: [mothersagainstpred ators] I applaud her
To: mothersagainstpreda tors@yahoogroups .com
Date: Thursday, June 4, 2009, 7:15 AM

If she is sure beyond a doubt, good for her. Rather than considering her act towards this most despicable of a pitiful excuse for a human being, it should be considered "maybe a misdemeanor" just like the courts punish those effing child molestors with.At best, she should be applauded for saving countless future victims of the child predator. Or, as reacting in a natural way to an act perpetrated against her child. Someone has to stop them and the legal system still won't.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pee-J and Stitches disses Michael Jackson

Lets face it, Michael Jackson was a prime butt of derision and jokes during his life, while tragic at the same time. Apparently death has not changed the hating and derision from those who believed him a "pedophile," especially members of Perverted-Justice and Absolute Zero United. Below are a few comments that shows their hatred does not end in the death of a man:

Who could possibly be upset about his death? He was just another pedophile who happened to make music before he was exposed. Of course ***** is highly perturbed that people won't excuse his behavior because A JURY ACQUITTED HIM!!! So what? Does that mean we have to be dumbasses too? I've heard a few of them say "he was proven to be innocent!" Well, no he wasn't. A verdict of not-guilty does not prove innocence, nor does it even imply innocence, it's merely the jury saying they didn't believe there was enough evidence to convict. Well we've seen what some of those jurors have said in interviews afterwards haven't we? How they believed he was guilty? It doesn't take an Einstein to know the exactly what that man was. Who would pay millions of dollars to settle a lawsuit claiming you're a child molester.......if you're not a child molester? Just because he wanted it to be over with??? More than he wanted a reputation?? OMG.... Michael Jackson was a child molester and there's no amount of music in the world that can excuse that kind of behavior. After all.........we lived without his music for thousands of years I think we could do without it a few thousand more. Seeing people celebrating the life of a child hater makes me want to gag. -- Stitches 77

The following was extrapolated from Corrupted-Justice:

And the comments by the lovely, compassionate assholes at Perverted-Justice?


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Good riddance.
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It's a shame he never paid for the damage he did to who knows how many children. I am betting it was suicide.
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I hope it's painful.

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He did have great talent way back before he turned into a freak. I lost all respect for him back when he was first accused of molesting boys. He was a pedophile, but I'm sure that fact will get swept under the rug.

What's really sad is that he died on the same day as Farrah taking away from her sweet memory. Oh well one went to Heaven and one to Hell, good riddance to him.

Guess what, Perverted-Justice? The majority of the world disagrees with you.

AZU twists rehabilitation mantra

Where else would a pedophile go for help with 'no more victims' and enabling mumbo jumbo? It's the premier enabling network who believe most sex crmes are 'victimless'. That's why they say no more victims. -- Stitches 77

No surprise AZU members have no faith in rehabilitation, but the mantra "NO MORE VICTIMS" is a mantra for those offenders seeking to change their ways, a common expression used in rehabilitation programs across the country, including state-run treatment and correction facilities. So apparently Stitches will now claim the government as a "pedo enabler" or something?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Perverted Justice member arrested for cyber-terrorism

On the front page of the site Corrupted Justice, you will find an article and copy of the criminal complaint against 47 year old Bruce Raisley, who was a computer hacker for Perverted Justice, which included infiltrating websites. Just more proof of the terrorist activity of the PJ/AZU alliance. Maybe Stitches 77 will be next in line for a federal indictment. Below is another link to a news report on the arrest: