Tuesday, July 28, 2009

But this NEVER happens, right?

Absolute Zero would love to have you believe the registries are filled with dangerous pedophiles and rapists. One of the favorite derisions come from the notion that teens never land on the registry. They couldn't be more wrong. For AZU getting things wrong is a way of life.

The Dallas Morning New recently reported that Texas has around 4000 minors on the registry, some as young as age 10. Despite studies and the general notion that children are more likely to be rehabilitated than adult counterparts, to place a 10 year old on a public registry is a death sentence. Below is one such story:


There are many such stories like this, many of which found at www.oncefallen.com. Childen as young as age 6 branded for life as sexual "predators."   See more in the link below:


This NEVER happens, AZU says. The fact remains that it does.

Recently, AZU began targeting a teenager named Ricky, who, at 16, had consensual sex with another teen and landed on the sex offender registry for life. They've also targeted Mary Duval, Ricky's Mom, because she now speaks out to reform laws that ensnare teens in the sex offender registry. [see www.rickyslife.com for more info and links to news articles on Ricky's story].

Like many people, the experience of social ostracism, registration, and harassment has led Ricky and Mary to crusade for serious reform to sex crime laws. They have made appearances on TV stations and newspapers across the country, from local news stations to the Spanish talk show Christina! This, of course, has made them prime targets for AZU. Just follow the Mary Duval label at their garbage site and see for yourself.

Perhaps their fanaticism has backfired in recent months. While site traffic sites such as Alexa have shown great declines in readership at AZU, sites such as www.sosen.us, www.reformsexoffenderlaws.org, and www.oncefallen.com, sites that educate the public about the dangers and negative consequences of poorly drafted sex offender legislation, have seen great increases in traffic. Maybe that is because the public is awakening from their slumber and seeing the truth about these laws. AZU has nothing to rely upon but the same tired lies and smear tactics and threats that has been their playbook since their inception. The truth scares them. A mother of a teen who should NEVER have been on the registry and the teen himself has scared AZU, and they've gotten desperate enough to threaten them and smear them in desperation. AZU mocks their looks, AZU tries to tie them in with NAMBLA, AZU makes anonymous emails and phone calls. But it is all FAIL. AZU = FAIL.Ricky and Mary, like all those in RSOL, SOSEN, Once Fallen, SO Clear, and others, they will not be deterred.

But this NEVER happens, right, AZU? Four thousand people is a far cry from NEVER.

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