Wednesday, April 15, 2015

If these online vigilante groups are "heroes," then why do they have to host their operations overseas

Here is a thought I've had before. It is obviously okay in America for people to harass Registered Citizens, as message boards are filled with the same tired comments.

But over the years, members of online vigilante douchebag groups like AZU have often posted their shit overseas because websites like Youtube actually have some degree of standards and it is possible to have hateful videos removed (although Facebook allows far more hate groups to routinely post murder discussions on their websites). Now, given the fact that it pretty much takes a court order to have anything removed from various websites, and given the acceptance of harassing and slandering registered citizens online, it is obvious that so-called "Antis" need to send their trash overseas because even the average American doesn't want to deal with them.

The bad news for those who have been negatively impacted by "Evil-Unveiled" are being victimized again because the defunct Evil-Unveiled info, already a project plagiarized from the earlier Perverted-Justice trash project Wikisposure, has now been reposted on another garbage site called "Encyclopedia Dramatica," another internet filth site run by internet trolls and other assorted  losers.

Now, while Encyclopedia Dramatica is not a site to be taken seriously by any means (it is a site created "for the lulz" meaning its only purpose is to make fun of and hurt people), some assholes at ED have decided to "archive" the Wikisposure/Evil-Unveiled tripe "as part of a lulz preservation project," as the cowards at ED proclaim.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is hosted overseas of course, and claim to be under Ukrainian jurisdiction, though having the .se extension. ED has a pretty shitty reputation, and they are pretty hypocritical considering they are re-posting and promoting the inaccurate Evil-Unveiled website and yet they are promoting rape and molestation:

This is actually quite typical of internet troll groups. After all, I've covered the hypocrisy often on this website. I wouldn't doubt many current members of ED are actual sex offenders like T-Sand.

Of course, that means little to the dozens of Anti-Registry Movement reformists who have been continuously slandered by the lies started by Perverted Justice and continue to spread like a disease. And there is little that can be done about it except to consider the source. Encyclopedia Dramatica isn't exactly a site known for accurate info. In fact, they freely admit their site isn't about the facts.

I doubt there IS much any of you impacted by having this info can do, save gong to court in a foreign nation, but perhaps you can file a suit against the the big search engines, especially Google, to have the links buried. Maybe someday, I'll catch one of these trolls in person. You'd be amazed how weak these people are in real life, just like the typical bully.

But, obviously even the trolls know that they are doing something wrong, because they go to great lengths to conceal their identities and posting their harassment outside the reach of American courts. There is nothing heroic about that.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Exposing a couple of "Shoalanda Speaks" members

A few years ago, I was targeted and threatened by the anonymous scum from a trashy Alabama blog called 'Shoalanda Speaks." It seems their obsession with me hasn't stopped long after I moved to Ohio, as they continue to blog about me. And now, one of the douchebags who works at the blog attacked me on a recent OpEd I was featured in at (of course, career criminal Valerie Parkhurst was there too but that's par for the course). 

One of my favorite things to do is exposing online scum like the ones who work at Shoalanda Speaks. They have been mostly anonymous but every now and then, they slip up. 

(By the way, for those unaware of what a "Shoalanda" is, there is a local interest blog in Muscle Shoals, AL called "Shoalanda Speaks," run by a few gossipy losers with nothing better to do than complain about how much the Shoals area sucks. In other words, just another group of anonymous cowards afraid to show their faces online, so they fit in with the rest of the scum I feature on this blog.) 

Apparently, Kathryn Sperry-Wheeler created an account just to attack me, but added her Facebook page to her account. I guess she must have thought I wasn't going to think to click the link, but I did.  Interestingly enough, she also participates in a Facebook page called "Larry Stutts is a quack." This is the same Senator who is pushing SB 272, a bad bill that could allow for really young kids to land on the registry. Texas registers 10 year old kids, so I guess Alabama wants to play, "Me too!" Gee, I wonder if she'll support the senator on this bill? What an idiot!

And, Kathryn made a new account just to attack me. LOL!
Speaking of idiots, Ed Truitt was already exposed as part of the Shoalanda Speaks out of her ass blog. I just never got around to mentioning him until now. He's been in hiding as of late after someone at the old Times Daily site exposed his identity. I wonder how he felt upon discovering that his contact Clay "T-Sand" Keys was busted for CP in Pensacola? It must have been embarrassing for the Shoalanda Speaks blog, knowing they aligned themselves with a criminal recidivist just to attack someone who has not been rearrested. 

Shoalanda speaks of vigilante violence. 

The reason I haven't forgotten Trollanda and fiends isn't even personal. It is because of stuff like the above post. People like Kathryn and Ed and Valerie are the TRUE monsters. They project their hatred to a socially accepted target to feel better about their miserable lives. I'm curious how many criminals besides T-Sand Shoalanda has worked with over the years? 

Someday, when I have nothing important to do, I may take the time to expose the identities of every member of Shoalanda Speaks. In the meantime, I have a bill to kill and a Rally in Tally. Later!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Meri Jane McCracken-Woods, convicted of downloading CP to frame husband, threatens to "prosecute" Once Fallen over publicly posted photo

Meri Jane McCracken-Woods, convicted in 2014 of downloading CP
UPDATE: I made a few minor corrections, as I was not given the above photo directly, I was given a link to Meri's page, which has the photo posted on her profile. Maybe in the future, Meri and her "attorney" will remember that posting pics on public social media pages do not make them "private."

Since 2008, Once Fallen has maintained two blogs about exposing trolls, vigilantes, and others who abuse sex offender issues for personal gain. AZ-Unites is one of them. The annual Shiitake Awards is the other blog.

I'm sure most regular readers of AZUnites is familiar with the Shiitake Awards, but for those who are not familiar, the Shiitake Awards is an annual Razzie-Awards-styled project where we vote on the dumbest sex ofender-related story of the year. There are seven categories, and one of the categories is "Everyday Zeroes," the category for everyday citizens who make headlines for doing something stupid related to sex offenders. Most of the time, it is a direct vigilante action, such as a guy harassing a registered person. However, there are times where people have been featured on the Shiitake Awards for trying to set people up for sex crimes.

INDIANA, Pa. - A Pennsylvania woman convicted of downloading child pornography to frame her estranged husband must spend six months to two years in the county jail.

The Indiana (Pa.) Gazette reports 43-year-old Meri Jane Woods was sentenced Monday by an Indiana County judge who rejected her attorney's request for leniency and flexibility and to postpone the sentence until after the holidays.

A jury previously found Woods downloaded 40 images to the family computer, took it to police in August 2013 and blamed her estranged husband, Matthew Woods, for the material.

But when police examined time stamps, they determined the images had been downloaded more than two weeks after Meri Woods had her husband kicked out of their Clymer-area home with a protection-from-abuse order.

Woods continues to deny wrongdoing saying, "I only wanted to protect my children."

Last year, one of the Everyday Zeroes awards nominees is a woman from Clymer, PA named Meri Jane Woods (nee McCracken), who was convicted in December of downloading child pornography in an attempt to frame her husband for a sex crime. She is supposed to be serving a six-months to two-year sentence right now, but if the phone call I received is to be believed, she's out on bail pending an appeal.

No matter how she spins the facts, she's currently convicted of a sex crime. There was no word on whether we will see her on the public registry, but in the interest of fairness, people are on the registry for far less than downloading 40 images of child pornography.

So what does this have to do with AZUnites? Well let me explain. Yesterday morning, I received a call from an unknown phone number. The woman on the phone asks for the CEO of Once Fallen or something like that. Well, as the only worker of Once Fallen, I'm not only the president, I'm also a client. At any rate, this woman claims to be an attorney with some official sounding name (probably the infamous law office of Canwe, Cheatem, and Howe) and is allegedly representing Meri Jane Woods. She tells me Meri is on appeal and she wants my picture taken down because it is "private" and "only her husband" has a copy of said photo.

Ok, what people don't seem to realize is when you are married to someone and you give pictures to your husband, your husband owns the pictures as well. It is a moot point because after I had posted Meri's story on the Shiitake-Worthy Blog, someone emailed me and told me a picture of Meri could be found on, so I downloaded the pic above and posted on my blog. So, this "attorney's" claim that this photo was private and given to me by her husband was a truckload of bovine excrement.

I thought it was unfair that Meri's photo was not being plastered all over the news, because if her scheme worked and her husband was arrested for CP, his face would have been plastered on every news station for Bangor to Honolulu. This, in the interest of fairness, I became the first to release a photo of Meri Jane Woods from Clymer PA, convicted in December 2014 of downloading child pornography.

Meri's official mugshot is finally online,
took long enough. 
So this "attorney' claims if I don't take down the photo, I will be "prosecuted." For an attorney, she's not very bright. How can I be "prosecuted" for publishing a photo? Maybe she meant sued but an attorney should know the difference between lawsuit and prosecution. Well, if I get sued, good luck collecting. What is she going to collect? My 5 year old laptop that doesn't work half the time? Maybe my trilobite fossil, or my Jesus prison wall art. Maybe my Cincinnati Reds wall clock, or my Adidas sneakers. What a joke! Good luck with that lawsuit, but I hope you are willing to travel to Ohio to do so.

Whatever the case may be, if I do face some sort of litigation, the law is on my side. I merely published a photo for informational purposes. After all, people have a "right to know" if a convicted sex offender lives in the neighborhood, right? Downloading CP is a sex crime, after all.  Meri Jane Woods is on the public registry now.I guess the state police will be "prosecuted" for publishing her photo, too?

I'm no fan of the registry by any means. On the other hand, I'm no fan of a woman trying to set her husband up for a sex crime out of revenge for whatever reason they decided to split. Threatening a nationally known sex offender reform advocate isn't going to win you any friends, either, Meri and friends.

Expect to see her ugly face on the Idiots Registry sometime soon as well.

Or perhaps the Investigation Discovery channel will re-air the March 30th 2015 episode of "Who the [bleep] did I marry?" The episode entitled "Evil Beauty" features Meri Woods.

I will post any updates to this development to this story as it arrives.