Tuesday, August 7, 2012

David Rowe cries to media as he gets a taste of his own medicine

David Rowe and his twisted vigilante group No Peace For Predators has been threatening and harassing people online. After discovering the hard way that his victims are fighting back, Rowe is on the defensive, and turns to the media claiming he is now a victim of "harassment" and "bullying". *Ahem*.


Child advocate targeted online

Reported by: Ryan Smith Email: rsmith@ActionNewsJax.com

Print Story Published: 6:17 pm Share Updated: 6:55 pm 

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. -- A local man who's devoted his life to fighting against child sexual predators is now being targeted by those very offenders.

David Rowe and his team have done a lot in our area to make sure offenders are known to the public. “The way I look at it is somebody has to do something. Pedophilia has become a full blown epidemic."

He formed No Peace for Predators after Somer Thompson was kidnapped and murdered. Ever since then, the watchdog group works to expose who they call the worst of the worst, sex predators. Just last year, they got an ice cream truck out of the hands of registered sex offender, Jackie Hall. If someone like Hall moves to the area, Rowe and his team spread the word with fliers. 

“We go to their next door neighbor’s house; we go to the stores they shop in. Everywhere they could possibly lay foot and we put their faces everywhere,” said Rowe. 

But now, Rowe says, an underground group of registered sex offenders are trying to do the same thing to him.They're trying to paint me as this monster."
Nah, your words cast you as a monster.
According to Rowe, disgruntled sex predators are distorting his character on blogs and social media sites like Facebook. They call him a violent vigilante. Action News did some digging and discovered that Rowe was recently arrested for fighting at a local bar. 

They forgot to add the fact he bragged about his fight online, claiming "gold teeth hit the floor"
But he says that doesn't make him the monster, some are calling him online. 

“That we go out and do harm to these people and that's not the case at all. We've never touched anybody,” said Rowe. “We're here to let the people know who these guys are, what they've done and what they're capable of doing." 

Rowe says he reported the group, Campaign for Freedom, to Facebook but the content has not been taken down. Campaign for Freedom says it's devoted to ending vigilantism and reforming sex offender laws.

Earth to Rowe-- we don't have to paint you as a monster, you do a good job of that by your own actions.

See Rowe in action below:

Monday, August 6, 2012

Valerie "Valigator" Parkhurst in a NUT-shell

This post is a very brief summary of Valerie Parkhurst.

So just who IS Valerie "Valigator Parkhurst? Simply put, she's a vigilante (both online and offline), a gun-toting Tea Party nut, an alcoholic, a racist, and a criminal.

Sadly, Val has been given numerous opportunities to show the world how wicked she is, and we've discussed her a lot already, but here I simply want to hit the high points. 

According to the Orlando Sun-Sentinel, Ol' Valigator has been harassing those convicted of sex crimes since the mid-1980s. She claims she "only targets the worst of the worst," but we know different. Valerie was best known for her 2007 arrest for pulling a gun on a registrant she was harassing, also mentioned in the article. 

Lt. Wayne Boulier, Davie police spokesman, said he can understand that neighbors are concerned when a registered sex offender moves into a community. "Still, that doesn't justify pulling out a gun and threatening to kill people," he said.

Val's attorney referred to her as a "modern-day Annie Oakley." Hm. Annie Oakley was a turn-of-the-century entertainer known for her shooting. Maybe he's at least half right. Other bloggers were quick to point out Valerie's 2007 arrest was her SECOND assault charge. 

Dec 26, 2007
Parkhurst wants people to understand she does not just 'fly off the wall.' An avid target shooter who practices clay shooting at least once a week, she applies the same focus to finding information about violent sex offenders.
This her second aggravated assault charge. It's obvious she does fly off the handle. She could have stayed with her vehicle and waited for the police. 
From this statement.
It's an eye-opener,' said Judy Cornett, founder of Safety Zone Advocacy Inc., a nonprofit group that aims to protect children and help victims.'You don't want to agitate them [sex offenders]. I think that it probably would have been more in her interest to call 911 and let the police handle it. But sometimes when we panic, we make mistakes.'

She made a mistake and must pay for it.
She expects the sex offenders to pay for their mistakes and in facts adds to their punishment.
Hollywood, FL
Reply »|Report Abuse|Judge it!|#2Dec 26, 2007
The statement of her going after only vioent sex offenders is a blatant lie. She never discriminated. Anyone even suspected was targeted.
Her lawyer had her shut down her blog because of all her incriminating statements. But it is too late, it will be available by the isp and her hard drive will be forensically recovered since she will surely have erased everything.

And then lets get into all the hate emails she sent....this is going to be fun.

Case Summary
Broward County Case Number: 96014408CF10A
State Reporting Number: 061996CF014408A88810
Court Type: FELONY
Case Type: FELONY
Incident Date: 08/03/1996
Filing Date: 08/29/1996
Case Status: Disposition Entered*

Case Parties
Relationship Last Name First Name Middle Name Party Type Sex Race D.O.B. D.O.D. ID Type ID Number
001 PARKHURST VALERIE DEF F W 11/19/1955 BCCN 0186912

Key Dates - Future Scheduled Events
There is no key date information available for this case.

Select Count Count Status Statute Statute Description Filed On Filed By


Related Cases
There is no related case information available for this case.

Valerie was married to another Felon, Alfred Brainerd Parkhurst, who absconded supervision. They have since divorced although she still keeps his last name.


Case Summary

Broward County Case Number: CACE90009947 State Reporting Number: 061990DR009947AXXXCE

Incident Date: N/A Filing Date: 04/02/1990
Court Location: CENTRAL COURTHOUSE Case Status: Disposition Entered*

Case Parties
Relationship Last Name First Name Middle Name Party Type Sex Race D.O.B. D.O.D. ID Type ID Number

Key Dates - Future Scheduled Events

There is no key date information available for this case.

Related Cases
There is no related case information available for this case.

Alfred Parkhurst died in 1991. I wonder if Valerie Parkhurst had anything to do with it. PS: Does anyone notice the HUGE age difference? Alfred was born in 1919, Parkhurst was born in 1955. That would be about 36 years of age in difference. Valigator is more like Anna Nicole than Annie Oakley.

This screenshot also confirms that Alfred Parkhurst was a convicted felon:

No one should be surprised she was not only allowed to express her opinion in the Sun-Sentinel, 

and had the audacity to create an online Free Valigator petition (which never reached its goal of 100 signatures), law enforcement eventually dropped the charges

Valerie is also known for being a pesky blogger with a penchant for harassment (which culminated in her 2007 arrest). What what long-time readers may not be aware of is once upon a time, Val supported Once Fallen. I even have a screen shot and link to prove it :)

Amazing huh? Yup, we emailed. We talked on the phone. I even signed her petition. I even had ol' Valigator on Episode 8 of the ReFORM Radio Show. And she even attacked AZU on my behalf:

But I've known her long before that, through a defunct site called "sexcriminals." It was an open forum for both sides of the sex offender issue to duke it out on sex offender topics. Not sure why Val defended me against douchebags like "Anti," "PVulcan," and "DP1", but she was there. It certainly was surprising given Val's hate was pretty clear even back then:

However, as even my fellow activists will admit, I can be as hard on my friends as I can my enemies. I don't tolerate certain things, like Val's well-documented hate of Hispanics:

And yes, she's an ultra-Conservative right wing nut. Among her other profiles, her account at "Patriots For America", which state on their mission page, "Make no mistake, Patriots For America members will not waste time personally attacking (family, religion, etc) politicians but we will aggressively attack the liberal, socialist, anti-America positions, policies, and decisions being made by the Obama Administration and United States Congress." Val is also on the "Patriot Action Network", another place where you find such stimulating topics as "Is Harry Reed a Pedophile?" Maybe that's why even ol' Valigator is afraid of making her profile public. 

And quite frankly, I was quite embarrassed by Val. You have no idea how many drunken rants I've endured over the years trying to understand why she has such deep-seeded hatred of Hispanics, liberals, the homeless, and ex-offenders. I hoped to use that "friendship" to get through to her, but she was unremorseful and unrepentant. 

As I continued to dig into "The Life and Times of Val" as she puts it, an interesting name popped up. Justin A. Collison. So who is Justin A. Collison? Well, he runs a self-employment painting and pressure cleaning business out of VALERIE PARKHURST'S home. But wait, there's more!

There was Justin A. Collison, who was in the news recently, in trouble for an unprovoked attack on a black homeless man; he's also the son of a Sanford Police Lieutenant, and he was forced to pay restitution for the unprovoked attack.  And we refer back to the mysterious poster who was once again quick to make the connection between Valerie Parkhurst and Justin A Collison:

Hey Valigator. Are you any relation to Justin Collison, the son of a Sanford police lieutenant, who was caught on video beating up a homeless man in early December? I know you name is Valerie Gay Parkhurst aka Valerie Gay Collison and that you were married to a felon named Alfred Brainerd Parkhurst. You were born November 19th, 1955 and know a man named Chaffe Scarborourgh. All this information is available online.

So Valerie Parkhurst is really Valerie GAY Collison. And apparently a Collison is a higher up in the police force. Coincidence? Maybe. Is this Justin Collison related to Valerie? Most likely. 

Collison has been in trouble with the law before but never convicted. He was arrested four years ago, accused, along with another man, of shooting a motorist in the chest after a beer bash at his grandfather's ranch in Volusia County. Prosecutors dropped that case, though, after they failed to determine which of the two pulled the trigger. And at age 17, Collison was charged with beating and choking his girlfriend and damaging her home. Prosecutors dropped those charges after his family paid for repairs and the girl stopped cooperating.

So Val is claiming this is just a big coincidence. But what are the chances there are two Justin Collisons so close to each other in the same state, with Val bragging of having connections with law enforcement, and we see a cop's son with the same name in the internet beating homeless people on Youtube. But, Valerie expects us to believe this is one big coincidence. If these are not the same people, it is hard to believe Collisons are not connected somehow. 

Despite all this, Val is distrusting of police:

Guess what? She's also suspicious of the homeless:

Since I decided I could no longer tolerate the Valigator insanity, I finally exposed her and as a result, she has taken to attacking me on a regular basis. Today she proclaimed she sent letters to my neighbors about me (a criminal offense by the way), but this is merely her latest cry for attention in a long line of stupid actions over the years. 

I love how she has changed her view of the "antis," going from calling them "a bunch of kids playing keyboard warriors" to calling them "child advocates."

So as of now, she's hosting a blog targeting reform advocates on Facebook and trying to unite the various vigilante sites. So she sometimes calls herself "Stop Florida Action Committee" and sometimes her real name.

Her only friends are fellow trolls like Cynthia Harvey:

Val has claimed to have chased registrants away:

Another Val rant, combining "illegals" and "sex offenders":

Val supporting serial killer Patrick Drum:

In Val's "old age", she finds the real cops a "last resort" for handling problems:

Val suggests cutting foreigners in half:

And I haven't even included the incidents where Val has contacted the children of those she attacks (I don't have screenshots for those but the complaints are out there). 

Here is Val opposing the concept of putting ex-felons back to work:

Val isn't well-liked wherever she goes:

Bob wrote:
How is Chief Adderley supposed to know about every homeless persons background within the city of Fort Lauderdale? The valigator is living on fantasy island. I think Adderley handled the matter properly. Once he found out about the problem, he addressed it. It sounds like you want Adderley to violate peoples constitutional rights. If the Validator isn't happy with the way Fort Lauderdale is being run, well then I suggest you move. Or if you feel you can do a better job running the city, why don't you run for office instead of being a monday morning qb.

The deeper one digs into the "life and times of Valigator," the more you'll find yourself wondering why she's even allowed to live free when she is a bigger danger to society than those she attacks? Only in FloriDUH!

PS: As for anyone who thinks I'm only "gay-bashing" by referring to Valerie Parkhurst as a lesbian, well, Valerie Parkhurst admits to being gay:

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cynthia Harvey opposes drug testing those on welfare. Wonder why huh?

I believe Cynthia Harvey, aka "Trillian Gently," as she's calling herself today, is on drugs. I don't have a problem with welfare, but I support measures to drug test those collecting governmental assistance.

Hm. Do you think ol' Cynthia Harvey is hiding something? 

We already know she is a raging alcoholic, much like her lover Valerie Parkhurst, but I wonder is they swap more than Spit and Old Milwaukee?

And substance abuse makes you believe things that are unreal, like everything they ever say.