Sunday, December 27, 2009

AZU 101: Ad hominem

If you wish to become a member of AZU, you must master the art of "ad hominem." Below is definition of ad hominem:

An ad hominem argument, also known as argumentum ad hominem (Latin: "argument toward the person" or "argument against the person") is an argument which links the validity of a premise to an irrelevant characteristic or belief of the person advocating the premise.[1]

Structure of the argument

An ad hominem argument has the basic form:

Person 1 makes claim X
There is something objectionable about Person 1
Therefore claim X is false

The first premise is called a 'factual claim' and is the pivot point of much debate. The contention is referred to as an 'inferential claim' and represents the reasoning process. There are two types of inferential claim, explicit and implicit. The fallacy does not represent a valid form of reasoning because even if you accept both co-premises, that does not guarantee the truthfulness of the contention. This can also be thought of as the argument having an un-stated co-premise.

As an example,You may see a member of AZU responding to a blog post or an article. You'll likely see a reference to Wikisposure as the basis of not believing the article. Or take, for example, Stitches 77's infamous attack on Child Victim Advocate Patty Wetterling. The ad hominem chart now looks like this:

Patty Wetterling states sex offender laws need reform
Stitches 77 claims Patty Wetterling has a sex offender son
Therefore, sex offender laws do not need reform (PS KILL ALL SEX OFFENDERS* [*except AZURSOs)

Such errors in logic are standard at Absolutely Zero Understanding. Is it any wonder Stitches and Co. never debate the facts?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pedo Kitten goes on rampage, kills AZU members

NEWS FLASH: Tsand trains kitten to kill pedophiles. Unfortunately for him, pedo attack kitten killed Tsand. Static went next. The rest of AZU hightailed it out of town!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE! Though AZU are all Pagans and devil worshipers anyways, we still wish them a Merry Christmas. Give your "anti" the gift that keeps on giving! Give them a subscription to AZUnites! Remember, there is no cure for an "anti" but they can be civilly committed!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

AZU's newest member has sex offense, lengthy criminal record

AZU has all but rolled out the red carpet for Tsand/ "Roar for Truth." You know, THAT guy who used Jessica Lunsford's picture as an avatar!

You know, that Tier 3 sex offender with a lengthy criminal record:


Funny how a little ass kissing goes a long way at AZU. Tsand's just a troll, not really worth my time. However, I just thought I'd post a few gems he wrote this year before be borrows two brain cells to rub together and realize how much shit he left lying around. Hypocrisy and AZU goes hand and hand so Clay Keys will fit right in:

Stitches bashing (or is it "blaspheming the almighty Stitches of the seventy and seven?"):

Hey Tsand, just reminder, AZU worships Lunsford!

Just a reminder: The quote TSand mentioned was found at RSOL:

I guess TSand got IJED so I hope he took my advice LOL:

PS: You're welcome!

I'll post this one just for kicks!

And on Static:

and finally, let me remind ol' Clay Aiken... er, Keys of this:

Those were good for a laugh, but admittedly I made one little mistake. My only mistake was ever giving TSand a chance, because he is a troll and attacks anyone and everyone simply for kicks. . I almost feel sorry for AZU but they deserve TSand. I hope they destroy each other for all I care.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

AZU infiltrated by same "pedophiles" they've attacked before

Recently, self-loathing sex offender TSand made the following statement on his crappy blog:


Interesting that Derek doesn't object to the RSOl plugging his website! I don't think the RSOL has any plans to condemn the pedophile NAMBLA group anytime soon, Like Sosen recently did. Derek will condemn the RSOL in a private email but won't public-ally condemn them & why is that Derek? Your "silence" only sings praises. Your silence says you APPROVE!

I see TSand has learned Distortion 101. By the way, the fact that AZU posts so much boychat stuff on their site and links to them must mean AZU supports Boychat. After all, AZU is the biggest promoter of Boychat material there is. And going by his logic, then this anti-anti blog supports the antis simply because the antis have put links to my sites and vice versa. .

It is funny how AZU has accepted TSand into their ranks. Why, just a couple of months ago, TSand was attacking AZU while using Jessica Lunsford's photo as an avatar. Or the old "Cunty" Stitches 77 blog

They even added him to their idiotic Wikidposers site

  • Clay Keys - aka Tsand, flahaulboy, brownbilly68, jhnjoneson, jonbulb, BigBird, Big John, toesinthemud - convicted of LEWD AND LASCIVIOUS ACT Child under 16, in addition to a long rap sheet
And of course, there's Static, who STILL graces the pages at Wikisposure:

Jeremy Jason Bolick - aka static - staff Member of SOSEN, convicted of 3 Counts of Possession Of Child Pornography, and 2 Counts of Indecent Exposure, in two different places, at two different times.

Its amazing what a little ass kissing at AZU does. Lets not forget TSand's old feud with Stitches: (still up but with articles erased)

Stitches has stated many times in the past these two were imminent threats. Now, since they attack a common enemy, they overlook such things like how TSand's following all sorts of children groups on Twitter. -- simply click on the tab to see who he follows. Again, AZU misses this... at least until TSand pisses them off again.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stitchess 77 admits she lied... well, sort of

After nearly TWO LONG YEARS of asking, Stitches finally cracks that she pretty much made up the whole thing up about Patty Wetterling:


So she admits attacking Patty Wetterling. She "read it somewhere?" Really? The only places I've read it in a Google search was comment board where Stitches posted it, at AZU, and at one of their sister sites. That's it.


Essentially Stitches admits, at least half-heartedly, she attacked Patty Wetterling. The reason? Because Patty Wetterling stated we need to reform sex offender laws. You know, so your child doesn't land on a registry for having consensual relations. Thanks, Stitches, for admitting you're a big fat, liar. Makes us wonder what else you lie about. Like EVERYTHING!

Rob Taylor on the defensive

Poor Robbie Taylor. A man so confused to his identity, he can't even identify with a race, religion, or sexual orientation. Perhaps that is why he feels the need to bash people with his incessant communist/ zionist rants. What do you expect from a hate group that bashes child victim advocates for calling for sex offender law reforms:

hXXp:// [link incomplete, Sorry Robbie, no advertising here]

It is a long boring tirade filled with more lies and personal attacks than an hour of Nancy Grace. To summarize his rant, essentially he's mad because a Conservative Christian paper printed an article he didn't like, and went on the attack. First he attacks the author with AZU lies, including a false statement perpetuated by AZU, false allegations of rape, claiming him a pedophile, and claiming he is "actively lobbying to lower age of consent laws." The author must have a stunt double if that's the case because not a single allegation on Taylor's trash site is true.

Of course, not satisfied with bashing the author of the article, Taylor goes on to bash the magazine that published the article. He's mad because said paper removed inflammatory articles that bashed the writer and fuel AZU's unhealthy obsession with the writer. Taylor, despite being a PAGAN, goes on a rant about how paper is not acting "Conservatively Christian." He accuses them of being racist and anti-gay. So if you disagree with Rob Taylor, you're a Klansman and a gay basher. If you don't allow AZU to attack people and bash victims, you hate blacks and gays.

The author has nothing against gays. Many issues with laws addressing sexuality are wrongfully applied to homosexuals. The author does not agree with homosexuality but feel it is not his place to condemn anyone for their lifestyles, and only the individual can change their ways. Hell, there may even be hope that some dy, AZU repents from their wicked ways, but its only the slimmest of hopes.

Ironically, Rob Taylor DEMANDS someone give him and AZU what AZU and Rob Taylor does not give others. AZU routinely censors comments they don't like, in addition to creating false comments out of thin air. I'd love to know how Logue was making comments on AZU when he was out on a date at the time. Unlike AZU, this site or Logue's sites are not monitored every waking hour of the day. In fact, Logue hasn't even been around since September, except to release two new articles, due to moving to a new location. Yet within 2 hours, AZU was all over the article, bashing it and making personal attacks. AZU truly has a sad, sick obsession. They make a very good case for civilly committing every member.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

AZU and Pagan child abuse

Most AZU members, like Dodia Fae, BRD, and Rob Taylor, claim PAGANISM as a religion. Paganism does believe in free love, does not believe in lifelong marriage (instead opting for a one year long "handfast"), and other assorted sexual beliefs not mainstream in the eyes of Americans. It is ironic, then, they formed a group called "Pagns Against Child Abuse." That's like saying "Klan Members Against Lynching" or "Al-Qaida Members Against Suicide Bombings."

I just found it ironic in light of Taylor-trash's recent article:


How ironic. AZU goes into a place, makes outlandish accusations, then cries about getting "banned:"

"In any case, it is disappointing, but not surprising, that a popular gathering place for Wiccans would become a place that welcomes child rapists and ended up banning every member of PACA who spoke out against the grooming of children by adults. What is surprising is how openly vicious the Wiccan members of PaganSpace were toward child advocates. Women who criticized men in their 40s, 50s and in one case 60s for sending sexually suggestive cartoons to girls as young as 14 or 15 were told they were acting “Christian” and PACA itself was said to be endangering children.

"The offenders themselves, still quite active on PaganSpace as of this writing, were allowed to threaten and harass PACA members, including women, after they were tipped off to the fact that many had been reported to the proper authorities."

Cry us a river, Taylor.

At any rate, they're part of a religion that rejects the legal, God-given boundaries of sexuality, so what do they expect? But then again, with AZU its a matter of hating people, NOT about protecting children. Hate groups are no more religious than businesses that sell private information. PACA is no more religious than the "White Knights."

Static and his grudge

Thanks Static, for being admitting your grudge. Admission is the first step to change, next, do the world of favor and get castrated before you... oh wait, AZU already emasculated you!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

More of the same but worth reading

First off, a new article which blasts AZU's idols John Walsh, Mark Lunsford, and Family Watchdog, among others exploiting sex offender panic for money:

And, once again, another death comment from an AZU mainstay, ZandJsMom:

Friday, November 20, 2009

Yawn... another day, another call for killing SOs

I know its par for the course, but another AZU POS troll, Rookiee, advocates murdering registrants. I just wish one of them had the guts to get in my face:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lunsford's integrity in doubt again

AZU's hero, Mark Lunsford, a man of questionable integrity at best, found a friend in Hank Asher, another man of questionable integrity (not to mention a former DRUG SMUGGLER), and one in the business of selling your personal information to the highest bidder. Just a reminder, Lunsford aldo helped create AZU sub-group WASP (Women against sexual predators). For more on Hank Asher, see The below article is from Tampa Bay Online.

HOMOSASSA — Since his daughter Jessica was raped and murdered in 2005, Mark Lunsford has become one of America's best-known child advocates. With the help of donations to his nonprofit foundation, Lunsford has lobbied nationwide for tougher laws against criminals who prey on children.

But unknown to most, Lunsford has had another source of income for the past two years — a Boca Raton company that could profit from the very child-protection measures Lunsford has sought to enact.

It is the latest revelation about a man who has been hailed as a hero but whose handling of the foundation's finances has also raised questions about the line between advocacy and personal enrichment.

In an affidavit filed in a paternity case, Lunsford disclosed he is paid $4,000 every other week — more than $100,000 a year — by Technology Investors and its multimillionaire founder, Hank Asher.

Asher, who created databases used to track sexual predators and other criminals, is developing new technology to help in the fight against child molesters.

Asked what he does for Asher's company, Lunsford says: "It's not what I do for them, it's what they do for me." The steady pay, he says, enabled him to dissolve his foundation last year and concentrate on what he likes best — lobbying for Jessica's laws, not raising money.

"Mr. Asher wanted to help me because he knew what passion I have," Lunsford says. When the two first met in 2007, Asher "got real teary-eyed and said, 'You have the heart of a fighter.' "

It was Asher, Lunsford says, who persuaded him to drop plans to sue the Citrus County Sheriff's Office over its alleged bungling of the investigation into Jessica's murder. News of the intended suit triggered criticism that Lunsford, 46, was trying to profit from his daughter's tragic end.

"Hank said, 'I understand your anger and I know you want results, but the best thing is to close your nonprofit and focus on legislation.' "

Thus the Jessica Marie Luns­ford Foundation quietly disbanded after just three years. But questions remain about how nearly $400,000 in donations was spent.

'Rock star status'

On Feb. 24, 2005, convicted sex offender John Couey slipped into the Homosassa trailer where Jessica, 9, lived with her father and grandparents. Couey took her to his nearby trailer, raped her and buried her alive.

Immediately after Couey's March 18 arrest and the discovery of Jessica's body, almost $50,000 in donations poured into a trust set up for the Luns­fords at a local bank.

"They wrote to help with our bills or to use however you wish," says Lunsford, who bought a used truck.

Lunsford says some of the money went into the nonprofit foundation he set up that spring with the help of Joe Boles, a nephew who briefly served as a foundation director.

While in Sarasota for a 2005 fundraiser, Boles and a girlfriend got into a drunken, violent fight at a Hyatt hotel. "Blood was literally on all of the walls, furniture and bedding," police said.

The $4,789 in damages were billed to a foundation credit card; Boles disappeared and never repaid the money.

That incident went unnoticed at the time as attention focused on Lunsford's metamorphosis from trucker with a high-school eduction to impassioned child advocate. He helped win quick passage in Florida of the nation's first Jessica's Law, which imposed tougher penalties on child molesters and required many of those released from prison to wear tracking devices for the rest of their lives.

Lunsford moved on, persuading legislators in more than 40 states to pass their own Jessica's Laws. There were fundraising bike rallies, appearances with Oprah and Bill O'Reilly, talk of book and movie deals. Florida Gov. Charlie Crist called Luns­ford "a great man" and donated $63,812 from his inaugural to the foundation.

"It was rock star status," says Cheryl Sanders, a cousin of Luns­ford who served as foundation treasurer.

"He liked that lifestyle. He'd never seen so much money in his life."

In the three years of the foundation's existence, Lunsford drew salaries totalling $118,800 and was reimbursed for travel costs, either by the foundation or by organizations that invited him to speak. Sanders wondered about some of the expenses charged to a foundation credit card — $1,435 for furniture from Kane's, $73 for drinks at Outback after Couey was sentenced to death (the restaurant "comped" the rest of the meal, she says) and gas for travel not related to the foundation.

Sanders says Lunsford also demanded reimbursement for nearly $1,000 in clothing.

"I said, 'Mark, the IRS is going to come on you; you can't do that,' '' she recalls.

"He said, 'F--- the IRS, I'm Mark Lunsford.' That's the day I was finished," says Sanders, who says she resigned as treasurer in October 2007.

Lunsford says he doesn't recall the incident, but denies using foundation money for personal expenses. He says he fired Sanders and paid a Jacksonville firm to "straighten out" what he says was her poor record-keeping.

"I don't know about book-keeping, that's why I hired people," he says.

IRS agents went to Lunsford's house last year, shortly after the dispute over his plans to sue the Sheriff's Office: "They looked over a bunch of stuff," he says, "and asked me to send copies of stuff.'

He says hasn't heard from the agency since it acknowledged receipt of the material. The agency would not comment on whether it is investigating.

Paid to promote

In 2006, Lunsford had a brief agreement with a New York company, AdZone Research, to promote its Online Predator Profiling Service for monitoring Internet chat rooms.

In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, AdZone said it would give the foundation $2,500 a month, 50,000 shares of stock and 1 percent of gross proceeds from the sale of the profiling service.

Lunsford plugged the service on MSNBC and says AdZone made one $2,500 donation. But the deal fell apart after the SEC questioned AdZone's claims to shareholders; the company appears to be out of business.

Lunsford says he rebuffed "plenty" of other for-profit companies before meeting Asher, a board member of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

As a pilot in the '80s, Asher acknowledged flying several cocaine-smuggling flights, but he was never prosecuted. He went on to develop two databases, AutoTrak and Accurint, that provide addresses and other information, making them invaluable tools for police and others that need to track people quickly.

Asher made his databases available to the missing children's center at no charge. He reportedly received $260 million when he sold his company to LexisNexis in 2004 and started Technology Investors.

In a lawsuit last year, LexisNexis claimed Asher was violating a noncompete agreement by developing "revolutionary" tracking technology that he intended to eventually sell. Asher countersued, alleging LexisNexis wanted to keep its monopoly on database searching. Both cases were settled in April.

Asher did not respond to calls seeking comment. Lunsford, who rode in Asher's Mercedes during a media tour of company headquarters in December, says he sees nothing wrong with their arrangement. (It surfaced in a paternity case filed by a Homosassa woman who gave birth to Lunsford's son Roger Davis in 2007.)

Asher and his company "make it possible for me to go to other states, to be able to fly up to D.C. They gave me insurance and a salary and said, 'Fight the fight, Mark, and don't stop.' "

Where did money go?

After dissolving the foundation, Lunsford gave the Citrus County Child Advocacy Center a $17,200 motorcycle trailer that had been donated by a Sarasota woman.

The foundation's other assets included a tour bus once used by actor Sylvester Stallone. Donated in 2006, its value was never determined for tax purposes and the bus was never listed on IRS forms the foundation was required to file.

Lunsford says he sold the bus and banked the money, which he says will be given to charity. However, he says he doesn't remember who bought the bus or what was paid.

Nor does he remember the specifics of some of the foundation's expenditures, including $12,461 in 2006 for "entertainment," $23,700 in 2007 for "machinery and equipment" and $17,887 last year for "office supplies."

"That's all part of the reason for getting out of (the foundation). I just threw up my hands and said, 'Screw it.' "

Lunsford is one of several parents of murdered children who have started charities, only to see them struggle to survive as new tragedies hit the headlines.

Contributions to Florida's Jimmy Ryce Center, which has donated 300 bloodhounds to police agencies since 1996, dropped to $11,000 last year. The late Claudine Ryce took a small salary to run the center, but she and husband Don shunned offers from for-profit companies.

"You just really have to be careful because an organization can end up with a mess and it reflects on the child that the organization was named after," Ryce says.

Marc Klaas, whose daughter Polly was murdered in California in 1993, says he has never been paid by a for-profit company. But he doesn't criticize Lunsford's decision.

"Mark really did a lot of work in his organization by himself and never really had a huge support system. So if Hank Asher is Mark's support system, I could almost understand why he would accept that support and not ask a lot of questions. I think the legacy of his daughter is pretty strong because of the work he's done."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Self-Loathing part 2

Previously I talked about "Self Loathers" (, individuals who are sex offenders who bash other offenders in a twisted form of penance or to project their self hatred onto others, but I refrained from mentioning T-Sand for the longest time because I wanted to give him a chance. Many people told me, "Don't trust T-Sand, he'll only turn on you." His recent posts at his deceptively named "ROAR For Truth" blog have merely proven the naysayers right. So T-Sand's feud started over being slighted by a certain couple of people at another public RSO forum, so he started a feud with the RSO activists. Seeing as how the Julia Tuttle Causeway situation has been a major focus of SOSEN's activity, T-Sand started attacking the issue with his opinion on the issue. Nevermind the fact that the JTC residents chose SOSEN as their representatives, and it has been thoroughly documented Ron and Lauren Book have proven themselves to be a major source of the problem with the JTC colony, T-Sand has proven he only cares about destroying his enemies no matter what the cost. Even if it means sucking up the cult of Absolute Zero United/ Perverted Justice, the same people who made this page on him:


It is very reminiscent of Static, who has chosen to join AZU simply because he hates Sosen for whatever reason, who I must remind STILL have him listed as a Sosen member:


Jeremy Jason Bolick - aka static - staff Member of SOSEN, convicted of 3 Counts of Possession Of Child Pornography, and 2 Counts of Indecent Exposure, in two different places, at two different times.

It is sad when you have to try to sabotage a movement simply because certain members of a group are assholes. I don't ike certain people in the movement either, but there are many good people, both reformed registrants, along with loved ones of these reformed individuals, in these groups, simply seeking help and support to deal with revenge-motivated laws. Funny, all it takes is doing a little Sosen-bashing to get in AZU's good graces, eh, Clay? I remember not too long ago when StitchCunt was livid over you using Jessica Lunsford's pic as an avatar, now she's singing your praises.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blog article targets Wikisposure/ Pee-J

It is too long to repost here, but below is a link to an awesome article on the androgeny of the Perverted Justice/ Wikisposure movement:

"The Cunts Versus The MEN." What a fitting title, since you wave to be emasculated to be a member of the Pee-J cult!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Learning to hate what you have in the past is typically a part of the treatment process. In 12 steps, there is a point where you learn the harm you caused and atone for it. Of course, like any program, it can be taken to the extreme. It is not uncommon for excommunicated members of a group or someone who left a group to form (or join) a rival organization and bash the old organization. But in the case of Static and Metanoid, they are a bit of both.

Static has been a subject here on many occasions, and his self-loathing has been analyzed already. We're already well aware of Static's reasons for kissing AZU's collective asses:

But Metanoid is a different subject. Metanoid, former owner of Sex Offender Alliance, a treatment [sic] site brought down by Absolute Zero United last year, and current ownder of the site, another pseudo-treatment site. Metanoid still believes that we should bow down to AZU and accept their abuse as evidenced by his recent comments at AZU:

So according to Metanoid, if we speak out against laws that are designed to punish sex offenders beyond their sentences and destroy our families, we are somehow "victim bashing" or denying our responsibilities. We should "remain silent," and never fight back. Sound familiar? It sounds just like AZU! Static and Metanoid have a lot in common. Both are Tier 3 offenders who believe somehow the way to atone for their crimes is to bash and belittle others, many of who are NOT Tier 3 sex offenders like they are. If they want to bend over and let society fuck them in the ass that's their perogative, but to focus their angst against others rather than focus on their own shortcomings is unhealthy. It is called "projection." It is a standard cognitive distortion. By focusing on someone else who they perceive is "worse" than them, they minimize their own transgressions. And AZU provides the self-loathers gladly act as enablers. After all, any enemy of their enemies are their friends.

I found it funny Metanoid will go to the one place that advocates rape and murder as an avenue for his own distorted brand of healing, but ironically, Metanerd offers this seemingly contradictory musing:

Here's a little truth for the self loathers. No one gives a damn whether you re-offend or not, nor cares whether you eat, sleep, or even live. AZU certainly wants you dead, though they enjoy the feel of your lips on their asses. But whether you like it or not, the very people you loathe are the ones trying to push for the very reforms you claim to advocate. Wake up and smell what you're shoveling!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

AZUnites' version of "Whose line is it anyways?"

Its probably too easy to play this game as there are so few members of AZU. But since I'm going on vacation, I need some space filler until my return. The rules are, I'll number the quotes, you guess who said it. Its multiple choice, so I'll make it easy. Good luck! Can you do it without cheating?

1. Who stated this? "Patty Wetterling lost a child to a sex offender. But now that her other child IS a sex offender she wants to back off from her previous pro-child activism. She's hardly an unbiased source."
a. Jacey
b. Stitches 77
c. Static
d. Dodia Fae

2. "I have an urge to write some stories for theraputic reasons.Anyone interested in a torture murder story about a woman getting even with sex offenders?It is just words."
a. Static
b. Daydreamer of Oz
c. WASP Ohio
d. Stitches 77

3. "I hope he gets butt raped without any ice cream or "powder" to relax:
a. Stitches 77
b. Rob Taylor
c. Violet Leaves
d. Carisma

4. This one is just laughable --"
But think about this for a second. A Muslim comes across a beautiful naked woman with a fish tail instead of legs on a beach and technically he can begin tearing out chunks of her flesh while she’s still alive and it’s considered acceptable behavior? This is a religion worthy of universal respect? This is a religion above criticism? I’m an Islamophobe for being disgusted by this?"
a. Stitches77
b. Jacey
c. Carisma
d. Rob Taylor

5. "What a pig. I hope he's murdered in jail."
a. Stitches 77
b. rookiee
c. WASP Ohio
d. Jacey

6. Which member of a "treatment site" for registrants famously stated "
F1, our goals SHOULD be similar to the AZ folks?"
a. Static
b. Metanoid from SORCOMM
c. DP1/ Hopeso/ Pink Panther from SORCOMM
d. Jake Goldenflame

BONUS QUESTION: Which member of AZU is a Tier 3 REPEAT sex offender?
a. Stitches 77
b. Static
c. Rob Taylor
d. Jacey

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Xavier Von Erck on how to anonymously harass targets

For almost two years, members of Perverted Justice and their sister site, Absolute Zero United, have followed targeted many people, following them around the internet in a campaign of harassment and slander, promoting their hate site Wikisposure.Below "Determined," a member of the Pee_J cult, suggests harassing someone out of "boredom:"

Here we see Pee-J cultist "George W Bush III" post target's personal info AND picture of target's house online. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that's illegal and dangerous:

Here we see Xavier Von Erck instructing Perverted Justice members on the fine art of slandering and attacking their targets online. Notice he states to use "throwaway" emails addresses. THIS SORT OF ACTIVITY IS ILLEGAL!

If that wasn't bad enough, here is Winry Rockbell quoting Van Eide, er, "Von Erck" on sending letters to the neighbors in hopes something happens to their targets:

So the truth is PJers are cowards. Incite riots in hope someone else will do their dirty work for them!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tracy Golden's WASP Ohio site joins the AZU boneyard

Thanks to an anonymous poster, I was informed Tracy Golden's WASP Ohio website [] has joined the growing list of dead and festering vigilante sites, joining the site, the Lunsford's various scams, and a few of their choice blogs and accounts. The more "proactive" AZU gets, the more people see them for what they TRULY are, and the less support they receive. Its funny, Lunsford, who helped form WASP, also disappeared this year. Hm.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wikispoure "hasn't done their research"

Apparently even other anti-pedo activists don't think to highly of Wikisposure, either, and question their integrity. Then again, its hard to question something the PJ/AZU cult never had!


Stitches 77's megalomania doesn't bode well with others

Stitches 77 apparently thinks she's a god now, but apparently no one outside of Absolute Zero United shares their sentiment. Actually, every time Stitches and co. venture outside their blogs, they are constantly ridiculed and dissed.

Conspiracy nuts are just plain nuts!

The other day I happened upon one of Rob Taylor's trashy sister site, mah29001 at Wordpress. Another stark raving conspiracy nut who thinks 9/11 was a Soviet attack,

Obama is a communist,

calls his crappy blog "Zionist anti-Connunist," and attacks Democrats as "big brother socialists." But in the same breath he says, "There is nothing in our Constitution that says everyone has the right to be on the Internet. The Internet is a privilege here folks." This is called HYPOCRISY! This "man" is a complete utter moron. People like mah29001 blew up the Oklahoma City federal building and the World Trade Center because they believed their own insane ranting about the devil in everything they don't agree with. Maybe the FBI should be notified about this nut. Here's the complete post. Everyone point and laugh at his insane rant!

AZU is like a squirrel, they collect a lot of NUTS ROFL!

This is what AZU gets off on!

After hearing various comments from AZU trolls, I'm sure they'll get off on this video. I can't say this is for real, but the title is "rapist beaten to beath in Salvador City." Viewer discretion STRONGLY advised!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hello, is there anybody in there?

AZU sure has gotten desperate for leadership. I'm pretty sure between the constant attacks on people like Mary Duval, the lies, the constant promotion of raping and killing other people, AZU readership continues to sputter. People are sick of the lies and willing to embrace truth:

So AZU, in their desperation, decided to attempt to generate controversy be pretending to be yours truly, AGAIN, in hopes of rallying the troops. The current post @ the ol' troll's nest contains a conversation that took place while I was out of town.
Quit wasting oxygen Derek and get on with it. You're postings grow tiresome and boring. Cut to the chase, please.
Stitches, since you've figured out who's so "angry", you can file a report for the threats ;)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Whatever happened to the AZU sponsored Boycotts?

I was just wondering if AZU is still running that idiotic boycotts of Disney/ABC News and I just thought I'd point something out.
Scroll down to page 19, and you'll see Roy Disney of Walt Disney Productions, listed a few places  above John Walsh at the NCMEC's National Advisory Board. Does this mean the NCMEC are pedo enablers?
Laura Ahern's book on sale at Amazon. Does this mean Parents For Megan's Law are pedo enablers?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Son of notorious vigilante Judy Cornett sentenced to 25 years for attempted murder, drugs

You live by the sword, you die by the sword - apparently Judy Cornett's support of violence and blind hatred rubbed off on her son so much he feels his past as a victim justified his adult life of crime. Rather than truly help victims by promoting healing, Cornett, like her AZU buddies, promotes solving problems by harassing and hurting others. I pray AZU members don't have kids, lest we see more kids of vigilantes in prison.

TAMPA — As a young boy, Jason Edward Flores survived a child's worst nightmare when he was abducted, brutally raped and left for dead. The 11-year-old's road to manhood continued to be anything but smooth. His long history of run-ins with the law, which included drug convictions and prison time for burglary, ended Wednesday as Flores was sentenced to 25 years for two counts of attempted second-degree murder and home invasion robbery. Flores, 28, seemed calm as he pleaded guilty moments before Hillsborough Circuit Judge Robert Foster sentenced him to the mandatory minimum. Earlier in the court proceedings, a different image emerged as Flores tried to place his shackled hands around his mother and cried in her arms. "Sitting next to my son was one of the worst feelings of my life," said Judy Cornett, who called the St. Petersburg Times from a bed at Tampa General Hospital's emergency room. Cornett, 47, collapsed in court as bailiffs escorted her back to her seat. Paramedics were called and carried her out on a stretcher. Since Flores' abduction and rape in 1992, Cornett has dedicated her life to battling sex crimes. She founded Safety Zone Advocacy, a nonprofit organization that teaches kids to protect themselves against sexual predators. She also coaches parents who find themselves in the media spotlight when their children become victims of child predators. Cornett aided Mark Lunsford, when his 9-year-old daughter, Jessica, was abducted and killed in Homosassa in 2005. And she housed and clothed Susan Schorpen during the trial for the man convicted in the 2004 abduction and murder in Sarasota of Schorpen's 11-year-old daughter, Carlie Brucia.

His past is tragic but it does not excuse the following:

Flores was sentenced Wednesday on charges stemming from a home invasion that occurred June 26, 2008. Prosecutors said Flores and two co-defendants — Matthew Edward Wilsky and Kristen Marie Mangum — entered a home in a neighborhood west of Busch Gardens to take prescription drugs. The trio struggled with residents Terry and Lora Holmes. Prosecutors said Flores fired a shotgun into the Holmes' bedroom, striking Lora in the hand and Terry in the side. Both survived, but Lora Holmes is partly paralyzed in her hand, prosecutors said. The three fled to a Pasco County hotel with about $1,000 in cash and pills they had stolen from the Holmeses.

I've said it a million times, it is different when its one of their own on the chopping block. Notice how Cornett justifies and minimizes her son's adult criminal behavior by talking about his childhood. What if I blamed my crime on my childhood, eh? Would you buy it then? What happened in your youth DOES NOT JUSTIFY trying to kill two innocent people!

Cornett said Flores never had proper psychological treatment after his rape and abduction and often self-medicated. "I can't blame 100 percent on it, but I can definitely say it has been a strong contributing factor," she said about her son's rape and lack of proper assistance. As she sat next to Flores in court, Cornett said she promised to be there when he's released. "I told him I was going to continue to fight for him and that he's my baby and I love him," Cornett said. "He said, 'Thank you, Mommy,' and 'I love you.' "

Can you believe the nerve if Cornett? Asking people to send her money for her criminal son? [see]

He certainly learned violent behavior from his mother. Below are a few of Judy's choice comments--

[from and]

Another example of AZU's lies- part 1,386,868

Like we need another example of AZU lies and propaganda. Over a year ago, an educational organization called SO Clear Media made a video response to a Portland news story on Wikisposure, a site which attacks people they claim are "pedophiles." In reality, Wikisposure is merely a site filled with more lies and propaganda, as well documented at this site. Below is the actual SO Clear video. I want you to pay close attention. SO Clear expresses how Wikisposure targets those groups who ARE NOT pedophiles, but activists calling for sex offender reform, as well as put those in danger by their false light, slanderous, and libellous comments:

Of course, the main point is to illustrate how AZU targets certain people AZU calls "pro-pedo" groups.  AZU's retort:

One thing AZU fails to mention is that SO Clear referred to the attacks on Wikisposure on THEM. Nowhere in the SO Clear Response did SO Clear mentions "Flickorna." ABSOLUTE ZERO mentions "Flickorna." That is called a "lie." AZU fails to mention not only does Wikisposue fail to tell the truth, they put people in danger by claiming they are active pedophiles and publishing their personal info, all the while talking about raping and murdering *ex offenders and "pedophiles."

Monday, August 3, 2009

More AZU sick twisted thoughts

They promote murder:

They promote rape:

This is AZU's idea of a "healthy" "thriver." This is my idea of criminality.

Special thanks to Voice of Reason for exposing this!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

AZU celebrates a death

The sad thing is while they condemn sex offender law reformists for criticizing those who fanatically support legislation that are fueled by revenge rather than reason,

today y they're celebrating the death of someone they claim is a "serial child molester." And with that comes the usual hate-filled drivel. How would they feel if we celebrated the death of Stitches or Tracy Golden or Barb Ireland?

Death is a sad event, no matter who died. They did the same to Michael Jackson, and now to this guy.

AZU's a bunch of sick freaks who are mentally unstable and should be civilly committed.