Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Xavier Von Erck on how to anonymously harass targets

For almost two years, members of Perverted Justice and their sister site, Absolute Zero United, have followed targeted many people, following them around the internet in a campaign of harassment and slander, promoting their hate site Wikisposure.Below "Determined," a member of the Pee_J cult, suggests harassing someone out of "boredom:"

Here we see Pee-J cultist "George W Bush III" post target's personal info AND picture of target's house online. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that's illegal and dangerous:

Here we see Xavier Von Erck instructing Perverted Justice members on the fine art of slandering and attacking their targets online. Notice he states to use "throwaway" emails addresses. THIS SORT OF ACTIVITY IS ILLEGAL!

If that wasn't bad enough, here is Winry Rockbell quoting Van Eide, er, "Von Erck" on sending letters to the neighbors in hopes something happens to their targets:

So the truth is PJers are cowards. Incite riots in hope someone else will do their dirty work for them!


Voice of Reason said...

LOL.. I love how he instructs his minions to warn news sites of 'spam' by spamming them with emails from fake email addresses using fake names.

The truly sad part is that he probably doesn't even see the irony in this. What a slovenly, obese, moronic loser.

WarpedOhio said...

I love how they suggest sending letters to the neighbors. PJ is quick to try to polish the protocol but that's like polishing a turd.

Anonymous said...

Most of the information in the Wikisposure pages is a fabrication, and the rest is just a 'spin' aimed at destroying the lives of innocent people.

WarpedOhio said...

It doesn't matter to them. After all, Von Erck is the one who surprised someone with a ballbat with Tattooed Indian Guy, Von Erck is the one who pretended to be a girl in order to get revenge on a guy he feuded with, and Von Erck is the one who verbally attacked a news reported and claimed the reporter spat on him on live TV. So Von Erck isn't a bastion of truthfulness. Its as funny as that Klansman that was on TV the other day claiming they "aren't violent."

Tyciol said...

George phoned my house, I wish I'd taped it because it's been so long I forget how his voice sounded and the words but I think he sounded sorta cool, I almost thought he was my friend until he talked about hanging out at the mall, which is something I don't do, lol.

Anonymous said...

One of these days Phillip John Eide (I refuse to name that faggot by his made-up Goth name) targets the wrong man who's (family) life he destroys.

Remember, a man with nothing to lose, literally has nothing to lose.

What's to stop such a man?

Once Fallen said...

That explains why Eide is hiding out in Pennsylvania these days.