Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Conspiracy nuts are just plain nuts!

The other day I happened upon one of Rob Taylor's trashy sister site, mah29001 at Wordpress. Another stark raving conspiracy nut who thinks 9/11 was a Soviet attack,

Obama is a communist,

calls his crappy blog "Zionist anti-Connunist," and attacks Democrats as "big brother socialists." But in the same breath he says, "There is nothing in our Constitution that says everyone has the right to be on the Internet. The Internet is a privilege here folks." This is called HYPOCRISY! This "man" is a complete utter moron. People like mah29001 blew up the Oklahoma City federal building and the World Trade Center because they believed their own insane ranting about the devil in everything they don't agree with. Maybe the FBI should be notified about this nut. Here's the complete post. Everyone point and laugh at his insane rant!

AZU is like a squirrel, they collect a lot of NUTS ROFL!

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