Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is what AZU gets off on!

After hearing various comments from AZU trolls, I'm sure they'll get off on this video. I can't say this is for real, but the title is "rapist beaten to beath in Salvador City." Viewer discretion STRONGLY advised!


Anonymous said...

A couple more for them to "get off" on:

Angry Mob Beat Rapist

Man Beaten By Neighbors For Raping 9-Year-Old Girl

Child Killer Brutally Beaten By Cops Inside Police Station

Voice of Reason said...

This is exactly the sort of outcome they rejoice over. Watching the footage just sickens me and to think that any other human could find it not only acceptable, but desirable, is almost beyond belief. I agree that some of the people they target are sick individuals, but I would argue that their support of actions like those shown in this video betrays their own sickness.

Tyciol said...

That's horrific. We will never know the truth of the situations, and with the men gone they cannot speak their cases. This is a corruption of truth and proper process.