Monday, November 28, 2016

Alabama vigilante Jay Maynor shot a man in cold blood and shot into a building full of kids, yet people think he is a "hero"

I covered the story of Cullman AL vigilante thug Jay Maynor back when the story first broke in June 2014.Here are some basic facts of the case:

The day of the murder, Jay Maynor got into an argument with his stepdaughter’s boyfriend (investigators say there was “bad blood” between the two men), and apparently, somewhere along the way, the boyfriend used the sexual abuse narrative to criticize Maynor, sending him into a rage. Maynor pulled out a gun and shot into the Berlin Quick Mart gas station where the boyfriend was sitting. Theere was apparently a child's birthday party taking place nearby at the time, and the bullet came within a few feet of hitting a child. Maynor then went to the home of Raymond Earl Brooks and ambushed him, killing him in the home of his parents.

At Maynor’s bond hearing, “Cullman County District Attorney Wilson Blaylock called two witnesses, Jeremy Trimble and Bobby Weeks, who were present for the gas station shooting. Trimble testified he was present in the store at the time of the shooting and claimed one of the stray bullets came within 10 feet of hitting his child. ‘I was alarmed for my son’s safety and it made my heart stop,” he said. “He tried to shoot someone and shot another man.’Weeks was attending a child’s birthday party at the karaoke business located beside the gas station and said he heard a gun shot then looked outside to see Maynor with a gun drawn chasing another man. At that point, Weeks said he gathered the children together and took them inside for safety. ‘It sounded like he was yelling, ‘Come here you motherfucker,’ Weeks testified. ‘It scared me and the kids."

“Mike Hays, who cooks and operates a small barbecue restaurant inside Berlin Plaza Quick Stop, where the shooting occurred, said he came face-to-face with the shooter after the man opened fire outside and then entered the store looking for his intended victim, who wasn't hurt. ‘People here are calling him a hero for killing a child molester. I'm calling him a psychopathic lunatic for endangering peoples' lives, including mine,’ Hays said. After stopping his motorcycle at an intersection outside the store, the father fired once at a man who was standing beside an ice cooler, Hays said. The bullet entered an exterior wall of the store and chipped a window but no one was injured. Hays said he retrieved his own weapon and confronted [Maynor] near the cash register. ‘He had the gun down by his side. He was calm, as calm as you are standing there now. But he had that look in his eye,’ said Hays. ‘I have no problem with him shooting a child molester, just not 12 years later. If it was my daughter he would have died back in 2002.’”

“Brooks' father, Ralph Brooks, told WBRC-TV in Birmingham that his son did not deserve to die. He said Raymond Earl Brooks turned his life around after his conviction and lived a godly life that included being active in his church. Because his son's conviction happened so long ago, he said he couldn't be sure if the shooting was a form of revenge. ‘It would be unbelievable to hold animosity in your heart for 12 years,’ Brooks said.”

It should not be surprising with anyone that Jay Maynor had a criminal history. Maynor had made several court appearances over the years—once for DUI and three times for domestic violence (though the domestic violence charges were eventually dropped). It is laughable Maynor’s defense attorney brought these prior charges up in attempt to show the court that Maynor would come to court responsibly and should thus receive a lower bond. Thankfully bail was not reduced.

Ultimately, Jaybird became a Jaylbird for 40 years, because let's face it, he is a dangerous vigilante scumbag. Good fucking riddance.

Despite these facts-- murdering a man 12 years after the fact and only after getting angry with his daughter's boyfriend and trying to shoot him instead-- people want to call this thug a hero:

Not everyone is ready to proclaim Maynor a hero just yet:

Interestingly, the Sinclair News Media would not publish Jay Maynor's name citing they don't identify ALLEGED victims of sex crimes, yet the alleged victim Julia Maynor gave a media interview. Also worth noting, didn't even publish Maynor's mgshot. 

Bottom line-- Jaybird is not a JAYLBIRD and will be until 2054.

ADDENDUM: The Maynor family is now trying to get a pardon via a petition. You folks do realize NO ONE takes these things seriously?

Julia Maynor can't testify in court but can go on TV? Hmm.....

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Vigilante Screenshot Roundup for November 27, 2016

I am a busy man and I don't have a lot of time to track vigilante douchebags these days. However, when I do have the time to do it, I find lots of interesting things AND I take screenshots. Here are a few recent screenshots:

No Peace For Predators has officially jumped the shark. The Alt-Right is full of kooks and apparently so is NPFP. So now David Rowe and his band of misfits are apparently out in search of all those satanic child killers that escaped from the 1980s panic era. Speaking of jumping the shark...

Apparently, there really isn't much money in sex offender panic since people are starting to understand the government and the victim profit motive has lied to us about the registry. Thus, they've moved on to the next great panic. And speaking of Panic(o)...

It seems that Ronkonkoma NY wannabe vigilante Eileen Kennedy Panico, who has bashed me for living "on the government teat" and angry over my fundraising efforts is, well, living on the government teat and begging people for money online. [See NYers 4 Freedom's post on this wacko]. Now, as a welfare recipient, how is she even able to collect food stamps AND disability with her job AND resources? Seriously, someone should look into that. Hell, I can't even have a burial plot and get food stamps because you have to lack resources to obtain them.

I'll be back with a longer article this week.

Friday, October 7, 2016

No Peace For Predators costs an innocent man his job and is now on the defensive

From the mouths of the dumbest "Anti" group on the internet today:

"There comes a time when everyone is wrong. We lost our way in calling out an "offender" who didn't belong on the registry in the first place. We are "No Peace For Predators". Not offenders. We made this man lose his job and his means to provide for his family because of the flaws in the registry. While we have a noble cause, it is possible to go in the wrong direction. So as we gather more information, know that a full retraction of our previous statement is coming. The system is broken and we can't blame the innocent for the actions of a few." 

They were wrong. DEAD WRONG. They lost their way? Their entire existence was based on bullying people on the registry. Their FB vover art is of a burning building. They celebrate stories of vigilantes who attacked or murdered accused "sex offenders." I'd say their way was lost to begin with. Noble cause? When is criminal activity a noble cause? 

A retraction won't be enough. How about you compensate this man for the harm you sorry pieces of shit have caused? But they don't have the BALLS to pay this man for their wrongful actions. 

I don't watch their every move like they have mine for half a decade. Thus, I don't know who their victim was, but I hope this victim sues this thuggish group, and if he does, I'd be willing to testify and offer the information on his blog to prove the disgusting antics of David Rowe, Britt P. Warden, Peter(less) Mason, and the NPFP supporters. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Level 2 Michigan sex offender Shaun Webb supports yet another "Anti" website

Because Shaun Webb needs reminding about how those he thinks are his allies really feel about him. 
The 300 pound self-loathing crybaby sex offender Shaun WAAAHHHHHbb has taken his personal feud to continuous lows the more he opens his fat mouth. After a one month absence, I returned to this blog to find yet another barrage of Shaun Webb's shitposting, this time attacking a reader who is posting stories of vigilante violence in the comments section. As usual, I flag his shitposts as spam because he's just an attention whore. 

You see, Shaun Webb comes here to this page, leaves a number of shitposts, then waits for a response so he can act like a victim and claim I'm bullying him. However, time stamps don't lie:

I generally don't post his nonsense because his rants are as incoherent and full of grammar errors as his self-published drivel. On 9/12 I was too busy preparing for the RSOL Conference to even check the comments (obviously, comments here are moderated because trolls get no voice here), so I never noticed these comments were in queue until the 20th. 

On the 14th, as I headed out to the conference in Atlanta to meet up with fellow activists and indulge in some fried Alligator, Shaun Webb, being the unimaginative prick that he is, decided to update my personal information on the Anti site "Encyclopedia Dramatica" under the name "Codywest481." (You see, this is why he is so unimaginative-- he signs up using the name of his dog, Cody, as well as the last name of the alias "West" he gave himself when writing about his conviction in "A Motion For Innocence." 

Seriously, the best name you could devise was "Cody" (your dog) West (your alias in your shitty book)"?
Shaun's obsession with me gets worse and worse with every insane rant he makes. And so he claims yet again, in spite of his constant spamming of MY blog and the fact he stooped low enough to update Encyclopedia Dramatica's Evil Unveiled shitpost with my current address and a few of Shaun's choice lies, that i'm the one obsessed with him. Speaking of shitposting and obsession, here is a brief breakdown of Shaun Webb's shitposting:

Days in 2016 containing at least one Shaun Webb shitpost-- 35
Number of total shitposts for 2016 to date-- 77
Date with most shitposts-- May 29 (9 shitposts)

That's an awful lot of shitposting by a sad, pathetic 300 pound pile of bovine excrement. But yet, he wants to claim I'm obsessed with him because once a month, i respond to him, mostly to call him out on a lie. Here is a good lie he was busted on, for example:

Lets see, according to WAAHHHHbb, I received no "press," so ABC 10 (twice) and Courthouse News Service was hacked and cleverly edited to put me in the story, I take it. I somehow cloned Lilia Luciano of ABC 10 Sacramento and had her sneak into the building and replace footage without me with footage of me. And I photoshopped myself into the video Peter Griffin style. Riiiiight. Okay then. 

Oh, and don't forget that time he claims he got me kicked off Dr Drew:

Maybe Dr. Drew cloned me or something. Who is obsessed with who? This blog exposes anti-Registrant trolls, even if that troll IS a registrant himself. Shaun Webb has now promoted both ED and Chuck Roderick's extortion sites on his blog. No doubt the bitch will hide this indiscretion once he realizes he is caught in yet another embarrassing situation, But I'll just leave this screenshot here so he can't claim he never made these posts. Shaun Webb is obsessed with me the same way his beloved Valigator was, and I suppose Shaun WAAHHHHHbb will be trying to conduct #OpDereksTears w/o the skank. 

LOL at the jealousy part, BTW. He has written half a dozen books but hadn't even sold more than a couple hundred books. I bet the authors at the RSOL Conference sold more books just at the conference than Webb has sold all year. Why he is obsessed with the one ebook I wrote a decade ago is beyond me, as is his unhealthy obsession with my weight (why he's obsessed with the number 270 is the same reason he uses the same screen names over and over-- Jody, Cody, and Marcie have been used numerous times). I haven't promoted my book in years and even offer it on my website for free, so why would I care about his silly book sales? I do know he had to max out his credit card to make ends meet, so he obviously isn't doing all that great. 

In regards to Amazon, Shaun WAAHHHbb lobbied hard to gets every bad review removed from the site, not just mine. No, my account was never suspended, despite his claims, but Shaun did pay a service to get the negative reviews removed. That's a lot of whining over a negative review for books ranked #1,698,097 (Lost Youth) and #2,971,090 (A Motion for Innocence) in Books on Amazon. What a joke. 

Botom line, Shaun WAAHHHHHbb is a 300+ pound whiny bitch who can't write and sucks at lying. Shaun, just retire already. Every time you try to take me on, I destroy you. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Is the news media promoting vigilante violence against Brock Turner?

The news media is jumping all over the case of Brock Turner's release and the subsequent protest. Before I move on, lets read the disclaimer on the front page of the Ohio registry website:

When folks stand outside of someone's house with assault weapons and threaten murder and rape of another human being, that is harassment, a violation of Ohio law. Look at these pictures and tell me you would not find them threatening:

Obviously, the police aren't arresting these thugs, but the news media is covering these thugs in a positive light. Even worse, they are defending the actions of these "open carry" punks with Anonymous masks. (Anonymous is already a pathetic joke, and at times, a hypocrite). But my simple comment on the ABC News site got me permanently banned from posting comments:

Protesters Gather Outside Brock Turner's Family Home in Ohio
oncefallendotcom  12 hours ago
These "protesters" are engaging in criminal activity. They aren't protesting but harassing in violation of the law. 

It is interesting this comment was removed, but there are some far more derogatory comments that remain:

Jay Pee  Exarchrav • 14 hours ago
Why is it wrong? His neighbors are sending him a message that rapists who didn't pay for their crimes are not welcomed there. Would you rather they anonymously throw bricks through the windows instead?

Bill Keeling • 21 hours ago
Welcome home Brock, You make your Mom, and Dad proud. Your neighbors will be happy to see you around. Some will want to take you hunting. You should go with them.

Jay Pee  Guest • 14 hours ago
Ok ... I wouldn't hang out drinking with Brock if I were you ... Might end up with his finger up your butt one night

MsT-Mac • 14 hours ago
All these comments in support of the rapist is unbelievable. I haven't followed this story, but this guy has to be white. Must be.

lucey1  TexasVulcan • 11 hours ago
They can make his life miserable, which is what he deserves.

Liars N. Fools • 13 hours ago
Hound him. That is the right thing to do since the judge did not do the right thing.

I get it, some folks are unhappy Brock Turner got such a "light sentence." Life on the registry IS a life sentence, however. Having a bunch of gun nuts wearing Gay Fawkes masks at your doorstep doesn't help matters. Having the media endorse and support these thugs is worse.

ADDENDUM: I was on the Dr Drew show last night discussing this case, and I got my opportunity to publicly condemn these vigilante scumbags. (PS: It seems I caught 300+ pound liar Shaun Webb in yet another lie, as he claimed he personally made sure I'd never be on the show again. LOL):

Thursday, August 18, 2016

"Creep Catchers" wannabe vigilante nearly gets run over. Too bad the driver missed

Maybe if Canada would arrest these wannabe vigilante scumbags, they'd stop. Leave crime fighting to the police, folks.

'He tried to run me over': Pedophile-targeting vigilante sting goes awry
Josh Elliott ,
Published Wednesday, August 17, 2016 8:50AM EDT

Police are warning a vigilante group to stop ambushing alleged pedophiles and shaming them online, after an attempted sting went awry in Surrey, B.C.
A local chapter of the self-proclaimed "Creep Catchers" was recording video of someone they claimed had arranged to meet a purported teenager for underage sex, when the suspect panicked and crashed his car into a parked truck. The driver also narrowly missed injuring the vigilante, who was leaning into the car's open passenger door when it drove off. The vigilante had been posing as a 14-year-old boy, and was recording the incident on his cellphone.
The suspect became spooked when he noticed the vigilante recording their encounter on a phone, as shown in a clip posted online.
"He got scared and tried to take off, hit a parked truck, (and) tried to run me over," said Patrick LaForge, one of the “Creep Catchers” involved in the sting.
Surrey RCMP condemned the incident in a statement, pointing out that vigilantism does not help them bring potential sexual predators to justice.
"Vigilantism is a risk to the safety of all those involved including victims or potential victims, the alleged suspects, and/or the safety of those persons intent on broadcasting the suspected crime," Cpl. Scotty Schumann said in the statement.
Police are describing the case as a "motor vehicle incident," and have not indicated whether any charges will be laid.
The Creep Catcher movement has spread to several cities in Canada over the last year, with most of the takedowns occurring in Western Canadian cities. Vigilantes with the group pose as underage teens online, in order to lure potential pedophiles into meeting up in person. The Creep Catchers then record their in-person meetup with the suspect and post the video online, along with the online chat history of their "flirtations," in order to publicly shame the individual.
Police in Edmonton issued a warning to the city's Creep Catchers last April, saying that their activities are dangerous and potentially disruptive to the efforts of police. Vancouver police also slammed the group's activities in February.
Creep Catchers founder Dawson Raymond says the group's mission is to keep children safe. "Men and women, young and old, rich and poor; these creeps seem like everyday people but they just ACTED on a dark secret within them," he writes on the website. "Let's hope I can scare a little sense into them so next time they want to meet a 13-year-old for sex, they'll REMEMBER MY FACE and think twice!"
The vigilante movement uses tactics similar to those employed by the long-running U.S. television program, "To Catch a Predator," in which host Chris Hansen would ambush men seeking to meet up with young girls for sex.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Alaskan Vigilante THUG and career criminal Jason Vuckovich attacked three registrants. So why did it take so long to get a Mugshot out?

That's a good question. It took a couple of weeks to get one out. He attempted to kill 3 folks but at most he's facing 30 years. He needs life without parole.

Man charged with assaulting 3 in Anchorage after finding addresses on sex-offender registry
 Author: Tegan Hanlon   Updated: July 28   Published July 27

A man charged with using a hammer to attack a registered sex offender in Anchorage last month now faces additional charges for assaulting two other men listed on the public sex-offender registry.

According to a recent bail memorandum, Jason Vukovich, a self-styled "avenging angel" according to one of the victims, carried a notebook with a list of names, including Charles Albee, Andres Barbosa and Wesley Demarest. Over five days in June, he entered the homes of the three men, uninvited, and hit them, sometimes with his fists and sometimes with a hammer. He also stole from them, said the bail memorandum signed by assistant district attorney Patrick McKay.

Vukovich told police that he targeted his victims based on their listings on Alaska's sex-offender registry, the memo says. The online registry includes their home addresses, employer addresses and convictions.

Police found Vukovich and his notebook inside of a gray Honda Civic early June 29 shortly after police said he attacked Demarest with a hammer. Vukovich was arrested and taken to the Anchorage jail where he remained Wednesday, nearly a month later. He faces 18 charges for assault, robbery, burglary and theft.

In an interview earlier this month, Demarest said his attacker called himself the "avenging angel" for children hurt by abusers.

A letter from jail

Vukovich's attorney declined to comment on the case earlier this month, but in a two-page letter signed in pencil and sent from jail a week ago, Vukovich said he himself suffered physical and sexual abuse at the hands of his adoptive father.

Vukovich wrote in the letter that he could not talk about the current charges he faced, but expressed shame and regret about some of his past behavior. He wrote about his father who adopted, beat and molested him as a child.

"After this adoption took place, I was beaten with 2x4s custom made for the purpose of inflicting pain or belts etc.," he wrote. "Also, I suffered through repeated molestation at his hands."

Vukovich identified his adoptive father as Larry Lee Fulton. A 1989 Anchorage Daily News article said a Larry Lee Fulton was found guilty of second-degree abuse of a minor but received only a three-year suspended sentence from then-Superior Court Judge Karl Johnstone. Johnstone ordered Fulton to stay away from his victim, who was unnamed. Vukovich wrote that Fulton "returned immediately to the home and isolated me out in Wasilla."

A court document filed by Vukovich's attorney in an earlier criminal case also details his childhood of abuse and molestation by "Mr. Fulton."

"What I can say at this time is that after being physically and mentally abused by a predator, my life was forever changed," Vukovich wrote in the letter. "I literally gave my own existence no value or concern. I became a thief and a liar and went on to make many poor choices throughout my life."

In closing his letter, Vukovich wrote that children "should be able to play in the streets and parks and go to church without the threat of pedophiles lingering around them."

"My own heart may have been broken long ago," he wrote, "but with all my being I support every child in pursuit of their dreams."

In asking for strict bail conditions this week, the prosecutor noted that Vukovich has been convicted for a string of charges including fraud, theft, possession of a controlled substance and assault. Vukovich most recently got out of jail on June 24. Police say he assaulted Albee the next day.

Three assaults

About 9:30 a.m. June 25, Albee answered a knock on his door and an unknown man walked in, according to the bail memorandum against Vukovich. The intruder told Albee to sit on his bed and slapped him in the face multiple times. He said he was there because Albee was a registered sex offender. Albee said the man had a notebook with a list of names, the bail memorandum says.

Albee was convicted in 2003 of second-degree abuse of a minor, according to the registry.

The intruder stole items from Albee's home and left, the prosecutor's memo says. Albee described him as a white man with shoulder-length dark hair who wore a black leather jacket and baseball cap, according to the memo.

Within 48 hours, Barbosa answered a knock on his door in South Anchorage about 4 a.m. on June 27. A white man in a dark jacket and baseball cap asked if his name was "Barbosa." When he said yes, the man threatened him with a hammer. The man entered his home with two women, the memo says.

"The male made Barbosa sit in a chair and told him he was there because of Barbosa's crimes," the memo says. "The man called him a 'pedophile,' punched Barbosa in the face several times, threatened to 'bash in his dome' with the hammer, and stated that he was there to collect what Barbosa owed."

Barbosa was convicted of a charge brought in 2014 of possession of child pornography, according to the sex-offender registry. The charges against Vukovich say that Vukovich and one of the women stole several items from Barbosa's apartment, including his truck, while the other woman recorded it on her cellphone.

Then, on June 29 around 1 a.m., Demarest woke up to his roommate alerting him that someone had just smashed their Spenard home's window. A man with shoulder-length hair and a black leather jacket stood behind the roommate with a hammer, ordering him to leave, the memo says.

[Anchorage man says an attacker who called himself the 'avenging angel' broke into his home and assaulted him with a hammer]

The man told Demarest to get down on his knees and lie on the bed. When Demarest didn't comply, the man hit him in the head with a hammer, knocking him unconscious. He stole several items, including a laptop computer, and left.

In 2006, Demarest was convicted of attempted sexual abuse of a minor.

Demarest woke up in a pool of blood on June 29. His roommate had called 911. Soon, police found Vukovich nearby, in his car with another person, a notebook, a hammer and several stolen items. The names of Albee, Barbosa and Demarest were all listed in the notebook, the memo says.

Vukovich's next court appearance is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Ding Dong, the bitch is dead! The Bitch is dead! Bye bye Valigator :)


Valerie Parkhurst 
(November 19, 1955 - July 27, 2016) 

Send Flowers 
View/Sign Guest Book | Create Memorial Website 

Send Private Condolences | Send Sympathy Card
Valerie Parkhurst
Val Parkhurst, age 60, of Davie, FL passed away peacefully at her home on Wednesday, July 27, 2016 after a battle with a short illness. She was born on November 19, 1955 a daughter of Elsie and Ann Tolbert Morris. Val worked for years as a dental associate where she worked for Dr. George Galluzzo in Fort Lauderdale. She is survived by her son, Justin Collison of Jupiter, FL. Services will be planned privately for close friends and family.

Good fucking riddance. Interestingly, she died the day I was in Oakland protesting International Megan's Law. Maybe seeing us destroying IML sent her straight to hell.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Why is a registered citizen promoting a website harassing an extorting folks like him? What an idiot.

Shaun Webb, a registered sex offender, stooped to a new low, this time promoting Chuck Roderick's registrant extortion websites. Why would anyone on the registry promote a website that extorts money from people on the registry? (Because Shaun is a dumbass, that's why.) In before Shaun tries to hide this error:

It is obvious Shaun Webb has a FB page now to do screenhots. I hope he registered his FB page. BTW, it is obvious that Shaun Webb hasn't been to SOR Archives, because he will find THIS:


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The pot belly calling the kettle black: self-proclaimed "author" Shaun Webb's unhealthy obsession with my weight

I get no less than a dozen weekly comments from hack-job "author" and Tier II Registered Sex Offender Shaun Webb (under various aliases, of course), which consists of two things -- it is either about his alleged book sales (something easily debunked by looking at his real book sales rankings on Amazon), and about my weight.

If only Shaun Webb  would invest his time and effort into editing his work instead of making the same tired comments:

A typical Shaun Webb lie.

First, I'll debunk his lies about his book sales:

It should be noted that Amazon Audible is a relatively new thing and the numbers of audiobooks pales in comparison to the number of regular books out there.

Shun Webb has been begging me for half a year to write an article about his sorry ass because he claims I double his book sales. So what's two times ZERO, Shaun?

But since Shaun wants to discuss weight (as if calling me fat is supposed to hurt my feelings somehow), I suppose we need to put things into perspective here.

I can understand why Shaun Webb thinks the world revolves around him, though. CLICK ON THIS YOUTUBE LINK TO SEE WHY.
Shaun Webb, pic taken in panoramic view.
Here's Shaun Webb at his computer:

Here's Shaun Webb getting a snack:

Here's Shun Webb trying to troll me:

Shaun Webb trying to intimidate me:

The bottom line is that Shaun Webb has no talent, is desperate for attention since his book sales are terrible (failing to sell more than a couple hundred books), and isn't even good at trolling. It is funny fearing a fat guy, especially one who outweighs me by at least 50 to 100 pounds, try to knock me about my weight. Most men don't give a fuck about weight, but Shaun does. He's like a girl, obsessing over his weight, crying like a bitch, and gossiping and making sniping remarks.

Shaun WAAAAAAAHHHH-bb, your shtick has gotten tiresome. Here's an idea-- work on your editing and your own weight problem, take stronger meds, and if you apologize and shut the fuck up, maybe I'll stop consistently embarrassing you.

Oh, here's a little bonus: Shaun Webb caught giving his books rave reviews on Audible:

One last thing. It seems ol' Shaun WAAAAHHHHbb hired a guy who did erotic readings to perform his audiobook and now Shaun has some egg on his face:

And yet, the audiobook is still for sale. So much for Shaun's false bravado.

ADDENDUM: It seems that Shaun WAAAAHHHbb got so heated at this post (which he begged me to do), he wrote a pitiful response where he basically just copied what I did.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, But, this is how Shaun works. He has never had an original idea. Every major character from Behind the Brick was just a ripoff of everyone he knew-- I was Steve Smith, Shana Rowan was 'Rachel," Sal 'The Gal Parker was Valerie "Valigator" Parkhurst, and Davis Lowe was David Rowe from No Peace For Predators. In fact the NVAC group was a complete ripoff of the NPFP motto. Essentially, Shaun Webb cut-and-pasted NPFP's posts and motto. If you have a copy of Behind the Brick, just Google NVAC's motto and see for yourself.

Shaun Webb is the new Clay "T-Sand" Keys, a man who also projected his self-loathing on others. Shaun likes to claim his innocence while attacking others on petty issues, such as giving his books critical reviews. Hell, you don't have to do ANYTHING to be accused by Shaun, because he's a paranoid shit. He once accused me of sharing his eBook. It isn't WORTH sharing! Word to the wise, if this asshat asks you to read his book, RUN AWAY!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

If you are the family member of a registrant, or if you were arrested but not convicted of a sex crime, federal court thinks you don't have the right to be protected against harassment

Are you the mother of a registrant? Have you been arrested of a sex crime but never convicted? The US District in Phoenix thinks you deserve to be harassed.

Jury delivers $325,000 verdict against sex-offender websites owner
 Robert Anglen, The Republic | 4:50 p.m. MST July 2, 2016

Federal laws protecting the internet did not give the owner of several sex-offender websites license to post false and harassing information, a jury in U.S. District Court in Phoenix decided Friday.

The eight-member federal court jury rejected claims by Charles "Chuck" Rodrick that internet operators have immunity from lawsuits so long as they publish information from another source.

The jury awarded the president of a Phoenix-based aerospace company $325,000, saying Rodrick put him in a false light and intentionally inflicted emotional harm in web postings that accused him of infidelity, having sex with young boys and defrauding the U.S. government, among other statements.

"Justice was served today," California lawyer Janice Bellucci said shortly after the verdict was read. "Chuck Rodrick has been made to account for his reckless deeds."

Rodrick, 55, was sued by three people who say they were profiled on his websites even though they were not convicted of sex crimes. Their lawsuit accused him of extortion and of using his websites to put victims in a false light, to invade their privacy and to inflict emotional damage.

Patrick Harnden, Rodrick's lawyer, said Friday that the jury misinterpreted the Communications Decency Act, maintaining that Rodrick's posts came from publicly available third-party sources. He said the ruling flies in the face of laws protecting internet operators.

"I believe we were fighting for the First Amendment," Harnden said. "We were fighting for the internet."

The jury sided with Rodrick against two of the plaintiffs: the mother of a sex offender in Washington state who launched his own website to challenge Rodrick in 2012 and a man who was arrested on a sex-related charge years ago but was not classified as a sex offender.

The jury dismissed extortion and invasion of privacy claims against Rodrick. But the three-woman, five-man panel found Rodrick's posts against David Ellis, an aerospace company owner and retired Marine Corps major, were false and damaging.

"This is a win for anybody who is getting bullied on the internet," Ellis said Friday. "This is encouraging for a lot of victims ... There a lot of people out there who no longer need to suffer from the words and actions of (Rodrick)."

[My note: No, it isn't, Ellis. Obviously, the same courtesy wasn't awarded to the other two plaintiffs.]

Ellis said he planned to start working with attorneys to obtain a permanent injunction against Rodrick and force him to take down false and damaging posts.

This is Ellis' second legal victory against Rodrick. In 2014, Rodrick sued Ellis and several other people for defamation in Maricopa County Superior Court. A judge in the case then declared Rodrick the defendant in his own lawsuits and allowed counterclaims against him to go forward.

A jury found Rodrick defamed Ellis and two others, invaded their privacy, put them in a false light and abused the court system by filing lawsuits against them as a form of retaliation. They awarded the three victims $3.4 million, which was reduced on appeal to about $2 million.

Ellis estimates Rodrick now owes him $1.7 million.

Websites target retired Marine

Ellis, a 26-year veteran of the Marine Corps, testified that after he began dating Rodrick's former wife, his name appeared on sex-offender websites owned by Rodrick.

Ellis said he was identified by name, address and phone number on several sex-offender sites beginning in 2012.

Ellis said Rodrick last year sent complaints to the U.S. Department of Defense calling for an investigation of Ellis' company, American Aerospace Technical Castings, claiming that Ellis manufactured faulty airline parts for commercial and military airplanes and falsified test results.

Several federal and private agencies launched investigations against his firm, including the Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration and the FBI, Ellis said. He was cleared of wrongdoing, government records show.

Harnden said Rodrick was a conduit for a whistleblower at Ellis' company. He said Rodrick reposted information from, a consumer complaint website. He said the posts about boys at Ellis' apartment also came from a message board.

Ellis said Rodrick embellished the posts and added his own commentary, including posting a $50,000 reward for information.

Herndon said Ellis thrust himself into Rodrick's operation by giving information about Rodrick to sex offenders who were attempting to find the owner of the sex-offender websites so they could sue him.

Five websites at issue in court

Rodrick's original websites, and, originally claimed to profile the records of 750,000 sex offenders in the United States. The stated purpose was to list people identified as sex offenders and offer search functions not found on public databases.

Rodrick tried to limit the case to three sex-offender websites, but testimony ultimately centered two other websites he used to post online complaints about people he said "attacked" him online. Those included the plaintiffs, individual sex offenders, a judge, several lawyers and others.

Harnden said while some of the content might be offensive, the Communications Decency Act gives Rodrick permission to republish any material on his websites as long as it comes from another source. He compared Rodrick's websites to any news site.

“There was nothing decent about his communication. It was about a bully who made outrageous comments about people he didn't like.”

"We didn't create the information that (plaintiffs) are complaining about," Harnden told the jury, adding that nothing requires Rodrick to investigate the accuracy of posts before he puts them online. "If you find the information came from somewhere else, game over."

Bellucci said Friday the case was not about the First Amendment or the Communications Decency Act.

"There was nothing decent about his communication," she said. "It was about a bully who made outrageous comments about people he didn't like."

The federal court case has evolved since it was filed in 2013, with the focus going from claims by sex offenders who argued they were unlawfully targeted by Rodrick to questions about whether Rodrick used his websites to launch personal attacks and disseminate false information.

The lawsuit originally was filed on behalf of 10 people who said Rodrick used government records to create his own database and demand money to remove the records under the threat of increased exposure.

Website owner says no extortion, threats

Rodrick denied in court Thursday using the websites to extort money. He testified that he created a review process shortly after the websites launched to address an overwhelming number of complaints from people who said they were wrongly profiled. The fees paid the cost of an employee to conduct the review process, he said.

Rodrick also told the jury he did not make any direct threats.

But records obtained by The Arizona Republic as part of a 2013 investigation showed that website operators threatened to expose offenders, their families and friends on the internet. Operators responded to attacks by getting into hostile internet exchanges with sex offenders named on the website.

“Since you like Facebook so much ... we have added your 65 friends to your page on Offendex,” a Nov. 9, 2012 email reads. “We will release your record to five more search engines plus a few other ‘special spots’ that you do not want to be.”

In another email, operators told an offender: “Enjoy the exposure you have created for yourself... Unfortunately you took (your) family with you.”

Rodrick acknowledged in court that he was under investigation by the FBI and that agents conducted a search of his home last year, seizing computers, thumb drives and various documents.

Rodrick said the FBI was responding to a complaint campaign orchestrated by sex offenders. He said said he voluntarily agreed to interviews, and federal agents left with a renewed understanding of the case.

"Their eyes were wide open (about) the facts of their investigation," Rodrick said.

An FBI official said Friday the agency could not comment on an "ongoing investigation." Agents have supplied letters identifying several individuals as victims of Rodrick's activities.

Rodrick said in court that the information on his websites came from the National Predator Database, which his company took from the web and used without permission. He also told the jury that he did no review of the records before posting them, saying there were so many it would have taken 75 years to complete.

Rodrick's former partner, Brent Oesterblad, testified as the only other defense witness in this week's federal trial. He said Friday the verdict was unfair.

"I'm very disappointed," said Oesterblad, a former defendant in the case before all claims against him were dismissed. "Mr. Ellis prevailed on only two of his claims ... Originally, there was a total of 12 plaintiffs with five claims each, totaling 60 claims. That means we are 58 to two."

Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Associated Press refuses to publish an "alleged" killer's name because she used the abuse excuse, but I'm not the AP.

The Associate Press wouldn't publish the name or the mugshot of Kayleene Grenier because she claims she was sexually assaulted by the person she helped murder. That's a load of horseshit! Thankfully, the other media outlets haven't followed the same policy, so here is the abuse excuse/ 'alleged" murdered Kayleene Greniger.

Minnesota woman accused of hiding machete used in beheading
JUNE 30, 2016 3:10 PM

The Associated Press

A Minnesota woman was charged Thursday with hiding a machete her boyfriend allegedly used to decapitate a man she said raped her.

Prosecutors charged the 22-year-old woman with being an accomplice to second-degree murder after the fact and with third-degree assault, both felonies. Her bail was set at $2 million without conditions, the same as her boyfriend's.

She's accused of tying up and beating David Haiman, breaking his nose, after he arrived at the Grand Rapids apartment she shared with Joseph Thoresen, 35. She untied him, then Thoresen punched him repeatedly, the complaint said.

Prosecutors allege Thoresen later ambushed Haiman along a road near Ball Club and used a machete to decapitate the 20-year-old Hibbing man. Authorities found Haiman's torso and head Sunday. The woman allegedly hid the machete in the couple's apartment.

According to the complaint in Itasca County, the woman had told Thoresen that Haiman had sexually assaulted her.

The Associated Press generally doesn't name people who say they're victims of sexual abuse. Her attorney didn't return a phone message seeking comment.

Thoresen is charged with murder. His attorney, Darla Nubson, declined to comment.

Itasca County sheriff's investigator Mark Weller told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that he "can't confirm or deny" whether the sexual assault occurred.

"We are looking into that," Weller said.

Both Thoresen and his girlfriend remained in jail Thursday. They are due in court Tuesday.

Here is a non-AP article that had no problem publishing Kayleene's name.

Grand Rapids Woman Charged as an Accomplice to the Murder of David Haiman

Joseph Thoresen's Girlfriend an Accomplice

POSTED: 02:58 PM CDT Jun 30, 2016


On Thursday morning, Kayleene Greniger, 22 of Grand Rapids appeared in Itasca County District Court. She is charged with one count of Accomplice after the Fact to Murder in the Second Degree and one count of Assault in the Third Degree. 

The charges stem from allegations that Greniger and Joseph Thoresen assaulted David Haiman, 20 of Hibbing, at their apartment and later Thoresen assaulted Haiman with a baseball bat, knife, and machete and caused Haiman's death on or about June 21st, 2016. The charges also allege that Greniger hid the machete in their apartment.

At the hearing, upon recommendation of the prosecutor, the court set bail in the amount of $200,000 without conditions or $100,000 with conditions. Greniger's next court appearance is set for July 5th, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.

FBI confirms Chuck Rodrick IS under investigation as Rodrick defends himself in court (but fails to actually appear in court)

Maybe the FBI should add impersonating a police officer to the complaint. He was posting under the fake profile "JonathanWilson," and the face of Jonathan Wilson was that of a dead Colorado police officer. Another of Rodrick's aliases is John DeMargo, and he is using a profile pic of French Author John Green.

I'm not happy the judge didn't allow the lawsuits by those actually on the registry to continue, as if to say it is perfectly okay to harass a registered citizen. But at least THIS lawsuit is ongoing. Plus, the FBI has confirmed it is investigating Chuck Rodrick.

Phoenix website owner's attorney denies harassment claims in federal court trial
 Robert Anglen, The Republic | 12:56 p.m. MST June 29, 2016

An attorney for a businessman accused of using multiple websites for internet harassment is arguing in court that his client did nothing wrong and that his online activity was protected by federal law.

Charles "Chuck" Rodrick was not in U.S. District Court in Phoenix when lawyers made opening statements to a jury.

The civil case started three years ago with allegations Rodrick used websites to demand money and target people for harassment. The sites' stated purpose was to list people identified as sex offenders, but plaintiffs claimed Rodrick had used the sites to target them for harassment when they were not required to be registered as sex offenders.

Defense attorney Michael Harnden said evidence would show Rodrick, on three sites he operated focusing on sex-offender information, never falsely identified any of the plaintiffs as registered sex offenders or falsely claimed they were required to register as a sex offender.

He said Rodrick had immunity from lawsuits because the information posted on the sex-offender websites came from third parties and he was just republishing "freely available information" similar to any news site.

"(Plaintiffs) do not have a single piece of proof to back up any of their claims," Harnden told the jury Tuesday, adding: "My client's character, reputation and his businesses are not on trial here."

Lawyers for the plaintiffs tried to make Rodrick's business and reputation the centerpiece of their case, saying he used the websites to post untrue allegations, including infidelity, fraud, implied sex offenses and criminal activity.

California lawyer Janice Bellucci said this was a case about a man who uses the internet to make "accusations he can't back up" and who uses his websites to publish false and malicious information about his victims.

Rodrick is being sued by three people who say they were profiled on his websites even though they were not convicted of sex crimes. In their lawsuit, they accused him of extortion and of using his websites to put victims in a false light, invade privacy and to intentionally inflict emotional damage.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has confirmed that Rodrick, 55, is under investigation for his Web-based activities.

Rodrick also owes about $2 million in unpaid court judgments to three people he unsuccessfully attempted to sue in 2014, including two of the plaintiffs in the federal case.

Lawsuit evolved over 3 years

The federal court case has changed dramatically since it was filed in 2013, with the focus going from claims by sex offenders who argued they were unlawfully targeted by Rodrick to questions about whether Rodrick used his websites to launch personal attacks and disseminate false information.

The lawsuit originally was filed on behalf of 10 people who said Rodrick used government records to create his own database and demand money to remove the records under the threat of increased exposure.

Some claimed their names appeared on Rodrick's websites long after their names had been removed from official sex-offender registries. Others said their names remained on Rodrick's websites after they paid him a removal fee.

A judge last year dismissed claims filed by several plaintiffs who were sex offenders, saying Rodrick was protected from liability under federal law because he was republishing information from official records and not creating original content.

U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton said those plaintiffs could not prove Rodrick was "responsible for the development or creation of information" on his websites despite his demands for money for records removal.

Bolton, however, refused to dismiss claims filed by plaintiffs who "have never registered as sex offenders or been convicted of a sex-related offense."

The three plaintiffs include a retired U.S. Marine Corps major who never has been arrested or charged with a crime; the mother of a sex offender in Washington state who launched his own website to challenge Rodrick in 2013; and a man who was arrested on a sex-related charge years ago but who says he was not classified as a sex offender or required to register as one.

"The court could reasonably conclude that defendant created a portion of his websites’ content by adding the personal information of those plaintiffs not listed on preexisting sex offender registries and misidentifying them as individuals who have been convicted of a sex-related offense," Bolton wrote last year.

Plaintiffs claim misstatements, damage

Bellucci, who works for the non-profit California Reform Sex Offender Laws, said each of the plaintiffs has suffered damage as a result of Rodrick's websites.

David Ellis, who served 26 years in the U.S. Marines and is now president of a Phoenix aerospace company, testified that after he he began dating Rodrick's  ex-wife, his name appeared on sex-offender websites owned by Rodrick.

He said Rodrick launched a campaign beginning in 2013 that is still ongoing. Ellis said he was identified on several sex-offender sites and that Rodrick accused him of infidelity, entertaining young boys at his apartment and falsely claiming his brother was a murderer and a heroin addict.

Ellis said Rodrick last year sent complaints to the Department of Defense calling for an investigation of Ellis' company, American Aerospace Technical Castings in Phoenix, claiming that Ellis manufactured faulty airline parts for commercial and military airplanes and falsified test results.

Ellis said there were several federal and private investigations of his firm, including the Department of Defense and the Federal Aviation Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which cleared him of the charges.

Harnden said Rodrick was simply a conduit for a whistleblower at Ellis' company and as such was just forwarding a complaint to the government. Ellis countered that Rodrick paid the so-called whistleblower, a former employee, and used the information to accuse Ellis of fraud.

Harnden contended that Ellis thrust himself into Rodrick's operation by giving information about Rodrick to sex offenders. Ellis said he first got involved after Rodrick's ex-wife came to him for help in 2012. He said he investigated Rodrick's websites and discovered that Rodrick was demanding money to have records removed from the site.

He said sex offenders had posted the name and address of Rodrick's ex-wife and children online and he helped to get that information removed by offering them information on Rodrick's current whereabouts.

Superior Court case covered similar ground

The issues in the federal trial are similar to those raised in Maricopa County Superior Court in a case in which Rodrick sued several people, including Ellis, who publicly decried his websites.

A judge in the case, heard in 2014, declared Rodrick the defendant in his own defamation lawsuits and allowed counterclaims against him to go forward, reversing the roles of the defendants and making them plaintiffs. The move effectively put Rodrick in the position of defending himself in his own case.

A jury found Rodrick defamed three victims, invaded their privacy, put them in a false light and abused the court system by filing lawsuits against them as a form of retaliation.

'Republic' investigation spotlighted Rodrick

Rodrick's original websites, and, originally claimed to profile the records of 750,000 sex offenders in the United States.

An investigation by The Arizona Republic in 2013 found Rodrick's sites mined data compiled by law-enforcement agencies across the country and used it to collect money from sex offenders. Operators did not always take down profiles after payments were made, and they launched online harassment campaigns against those who balked at financial demands or filed complaints.

The investigation found websites listed individuals as sex offenders who no longer were required to register or whose names had been removed from sex-offender databases. The sites included names and personal information of people who had never been arrested or convicted of a sex crime.

The internet-savvy operators ensured anyone in their databases could be found easily on a Google search. They prominently profiled specific individuals, published their home and email addresses and posted photographs of their relatives.

In court filings and elsewhere, Rodrick repeatedly denied ownership of the websites.

Rodrick's former partner, Brent Oesterblad, testified in 2014 that he helped disguise Rodrick's ownership interest by opening bank accounts and filing corporation papers for him. He said Rodrick further hid his role by registering website domain names in foreign countries and running them through proxy servers. His claims were backed by court and financial records.

Rodrick and Oesterblad both were convicted on unrelated fraud-related charges in the early 1990s.

FBI investigation underway

The FBI has been investigating Rodrick for more than a year over his Web activities, and his former attorney has spoken out against him.

Federal agents have provided letters confirming the investigation to Ellis and others profiled on Rodrick's websites.

"You have been identified as a victim of the activities conducted by Charles Rodrick," the letter states. "The current investigation has revealed a number of victims and is ongoing."

In addition to the sex-offender websites, Harnden said Rodrick operates websites such as and, which include references to several people involved in his cases.

Under the headings, "sex offenders ... bad lawyers ... corruption," and "lies ... conspiracy ... news media fraud ... theft,"  Rodrick's site promises to expose the truth.

Rodrick's former lawyer in the federal case also has accused Rodrick of trying to extort free legal services and of lying to the court.

Daniel Warner, who has been called as a witness in the federal case and testified Wednesday, said Rodrick filed a complaint with the State Bar of Arizona alleging misconduct after Warner withdrew from the case.

Rodrick accused Warner of violating several professional rules, including fraudulent billing, conflict of interest and revealing privileged attorney-client information through an article on the firm's blog last year with the headline, "Two men, one extortion racket website?"

Warner, in a denial letter to the State Bar, said the blog was a mistake by a contract employee and went on to detail emails and statements about Rodrick's false claims. Although most attorney-client communication is protected under law, the privilege was waived so Warner could respond to the allegations.

Warner said Rodrick made false statements about his ownership of the website and his past and continued to violate court orders.

The bar dismissed Rodrick's complaint against Warner in January.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Vigilante Scumbag Roundup 6/29/16: GoFundMe scams and more vigis getting away with murder

I've been busy doing other things so I haven't had much time to devote to this blog lately, so here's a roundup of vigilante scumbags:

Zach Sweers running GoFundMe scam: was more than willing to help promote Zach Sweers's crappy GoFundMe campaign to raise money for lawyers after one of his victims sued him. "'Despite my strong defenses, I'm greatly disadvantaged,' Sweers wrote on a GoFundMe page. 'I've been representing myself in the few weeks this lawsuit has been going on so far and I have realized that Michigan law in civil court procedure is way over my head.'... His GoFundMe page shows nearly $6,700 in donations, with a $25,000 goal." Interestingly, he has doubled his campaign request once he earned $25,000. Gee, you'd think $25k would be enough for a "frivolous lawsuit." It seems to me Zach discovered the path to easy money, and there are plenty of suckers willing to throw money at this loser. He should be in jail!

UK: No Charges for teens who beat and killed a man they mistook for a "paedophile."

Predator Panic is just as bad 'across the pond, and so are the vigilante scumbags. In the UK Sun piece, "THEY GOT AWAY WITH MURDER Fury of woman whose dad was beaten to death by paedophile vigilante gang after teens walk free," the following was reported:

"Lorry driver Kelly was lured to his death by a then 15-year-old girl, who said she was an adult, after meeting on an internet chat room.

Witnesses saw all four teens repeatedly punching and kicking Darren before 20-year-old Chris Carol, who was convicted of murdering Kelly last year, stabbed the dad six times.

The remaining three teens, two boys aged 17 and the girl, now 16, were cleared of murder and manslaughter after a six-week trial at Chelmsford crown court. Carol was jailed for a minimum of 21 years....

A fourth teenager, aged 13, who was seen attacking the 42-year-old, never faced charges...

“It is an immense sense of injustice only having one in five behind bars. The girl who organised it has got away scot-free, which leaves me with a very bitter taste in the mouth," said Zoe Kelly, the daughter of the man beaten to death.

And, since they aren't guilty by court rule, there are no picture of these thugs. You'd think since they didn't kill a real sex offender, they would have gotten in trouble!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Problems Facing the New Breed of Vigilante "Pedophile" Hunters

The problem is that most vigilantes are criminals who engage in illegal activity on a regular basis.

The Problems Facing the New Breed of Vigilante Pedophile Hunters
By Matt Broomfield
May 19, 2016

Bringing pedophiles to justice might seem like a pretty black-and-white moral issue. But when you have neo-Nazis and drug barons on one side and innocent or psychologically vulnerable men on the other, the waters become a little murkier.

Yesterday, a vigilante pedophile hunter was jailed for life for stabbing an innocent man to death. In a seemingly typical ploy, 42-year-old Darren Kelly was lured to a property in Pitsea, Essex by a 15-year-old girl. But two things went wrong. Firstly, as a spokesperson for Essex Police makes clear: "Mr. Kelly thought he had been speaking to a woman [the 15-year-old girl's mother]. There was no evidence he was interested in underage girls."

Secondly, rather than a dressing-down on camera, Kelly received a beating at the hands of Chris Carroll and three teenagers, who cannot be named for legal reasons. Carroll, 20, then stabbed him with a hunting knife and fled the scene, but forensic detectives pinned him to the crime. Carroll will serve 21 years for murder, but his co-defendants were released without charge.

Anti-pedophile activism has been associated with illegality and violence in the past, and has been practiced by some of society's more unsavory characters. In the 1970s, for instance, the National Front picketed meetings of the Paedophile Information Exchange, and it was the NF, the British National Party, and the English Defence League that led protests in 2014 against the sexual abuse of 1,400 children in Rotherham—the fact the perpetrators were British-Pakistani Muslim men no doubt being a contributing factor.

In 2003, 60-year-old Scottish crime boss Maggie "Big Mags" Haney was sentenced to 12 years for running a drug-dealing ring which sold four-figure sums of heroin daily out of a base known as "Haney's Hotel." Before that arrest, the grandmother attracted headlines as a militant campaigner against child grooming on her Stirling council estate.

Other vigilante campaigns are less carefully-orchestrated. In 2000, an innocent man, Iain Armstrong, was targeted because he was wearing a similar neck-brace to a convicted sex offender. The same year, pediatrician Yvette Cloete was hounded from her home by impassioned but somewhat confused protesters. Bijan Ebrahimi, 44, was registered as disabled and unable to work when he arrived in Britain as a refugee in 2013. But when he photographed children vandalizing his hanging baskets, Bristol police took him into custody, carting him away in front of a crowd chanting: "Pedo, pedo."

Mr. Ebrahimi was soon released without charge. The night of his release, he was beaten, dragged from his home, and set on fire by his neighbor Lee James. James is serving life for his murder, and two police officers were imprisoned for deliberately ignoring a string of panicked phone-calls from the victim.

A more recent wave of anti-pedophile activists have been taking the fight from the streets to the internet. These vigilantes set up an online honey-trap, posing as underage children and arranging to meet adult men, before bursting out to confront them with a video camera. Many of those involved say they are themselves survivors of abuse.

The trend was popularized by 34-year-old vigilante Stinson Hunter, who started confronting alleged pedophiles in 2012 "to make waves and get parents, the government, and people who can change things talking." He feels the Carroll murder was an inevitable tragedy, as multiple copy-cat vigilantes have sought to emulate his work for less honorable reasons.

"It's getting out of hand," Hunter says over the phone, his voice rising with emotion. "It's heartbreaking. This guy got murdered, and for what? Because a bunch of muppets wanted a fast track to fame and to look cool in front of their mates."

Hunter says he "always talks to [his targets] like they're my best friend." While this might be stretching the point a little—friends don't often hit other friends with cars, which is what happened to Hunter when he went to confront a target in Warwickshire—he has certainly never laid hands on any of his subjects.

Other YouTube warriors are less pacifistic. Last year, a member of a group called "NWI Nonce Busters" was jailed for head-butting a man who thought he was arranging to meet a 14-year-old girl. His target lost his front teeth and 12 months of freedom, after a judge found him guilty of grooming. ("NWI" indicates a link to the "North West Infidels," one of the dominant neo-Nazi groups currently active in England, whose members have been imprisoned for moving cocaine across the north of the country.)

Nor are head-butts the worst of it. Michael Duff killed himself after being confronted by a group known as True Justice, and Gary Cleary committed suicide following an altercation with Leicestershire vigilantes Letzgo Hunting.

In a well-publicized case, Michael Parkes hanged himself while out on bail after being entrapped by Stinson Hunter. At the time, Hunter "accepted no responsibility" for Parkes' death, and he remains remorseless: "Yeah, a guy killed himself after talking to me, but he made his own choices."

But there is more than one way to catch a predator. Groups such as Dark Justice, Online Predator Investigation Team (OPIT), and Public Justice PHL (PJ-PHL, formerly known as Paedophile Hunters London) position themselves as the Co-ops of the crowded pedophile-hunting market, claiming to adopt a more ethical approach to extra-judicial crime-fighting.

"Shouting, 'Give me your fucking phone, you fucking nonce,' doesn't get you anywhere," says Jay, a member of PJ-PHL's two-man team. "The minute you attack these people it becomes a different kind of crime. You turn them into a victim."

Stinson Hunter pours scorn on groups who work with the police, and says he releases his videos before trial because his goal is raising awareness, not custodial sentences. (This contradicts his position in a 2013 Channel 4 documentary, where he wept with joy after securing his first conviction.) But all of these second-generation vigilante organizations withhold their video footage until the relevant court cases are closed, saying they prefer securing convictions to hogging the limelight.

"Everyone, including child abusers, has the right to a fair trial," says Callum, a member of Dark Justice. His team are advised by practicing solicitors and barristers, as well as human rights experts, and he claims to have secured 48 arrests and 22 convictions. (Stinson Hunter has racked up over 50 convictions.)

"Often, we don't release videos at all," says Brendan Collis of OPIT. "We get the evidence, get them prosecuted, and then release their details." His teenage daughter Leah was groomed by a 40-year-old man, who then abused her in a hotel room. Since that scarring attack, he and his daughter (who's now of age) have used old photos of Leah to entrap sexual offenders.

All of these groups rightly point to the failure of courts and police to adequately tackle sexual crime. "They need more funding, and they need more training," says PJ-PHL's Jay. He thinks a targets-driven culture forces police to focus on crimes that are easier to convict. Fewer than ten percent of child sex offenses in the UK result in a conviction.

But though all three organizations vehemently condemn Carroll's attack, no one seems sure how to stop a repeat of the Kelly murder. "That's like asking if the Loch Ness monster is real," shrugs Callum of Dark Justice. "No one knows." Brendan of OPIT doesn't think people will ever stop taking the law into their own hands: "Even the most placid of people will react. [Carroll and his co-defendants] might not have killed anyone, had they not been blinded by anger."

A house that was firebombed and graffitied after it was revealed a convicted child abuser lived inside. Photo courtesy of Online Predator Investigation Team

A spokesperson for the National Crime Agency's Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command argues that amateurish vigilante action could have a number of other "serious consequences," including "the compromise of ongoing investigations into pedophile networks, abusers harming a child if they feel threatened, and individuals being mistaken for offenders."

American statistics also suggest that around 90 percent of child sexual abuse victims know their attacker beforehand, rather than meeting them online. Even acknowledging the failings of the police and setting aside the issue of knife-wielding watchmen, it feels hard to be sure that vigilantes like Stinson Hunter and his successors are doing more good than harm.

Charities such as Circles, which provide sex offenders with small support networks, exemplify a more positive model for reducing rates of child sexual abuse. Speaking in 2013, Circles UK CEO Stephen Hanvey said: "Demonizing such serious offenders, even given the awful things they have done, renders them less safe, and less inclined even to attempt to lead offense-free lives. It has to be more about supportive vigilance than mere vigilantism." (A spokesperson for Circles told VICE they could not comment specifically on the issue of vigilantism.)

Online Predator Investigation Team have provided photos (above) of a firebombed car and a house daubed with graffiti. The property was targeted after the vigilante group revealed the identity of its inhabitant, a man convicted of sexually abusing a child. "There was a child in that house," says Brendan. "Who's to blame? The pedophile? Us? Or both?"

The names of vigilantes have been changed at their request.