Friday, August 5, 2016

Ding Dong, the bitch is dead! The Bitch is dead! Bye bye Valigator :)


Valerie Parkhurst 
(November 19, 1955 - July 27, 2016) 

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Valerie Parkhurst
Val Parkhurst, age 60, of Davie, FL passed away peacefully at her home on Wednesday, July 27, 2016 after a battle with a short illness. She was born on November 19, 1955 a daughter of Elsie and Ann Tolbert Morris. Val worked for years as a dental associate where she worked for Dr. George Galluzzo in Fort Lauderdale. She is survived by her son, Justin Collison of Jupiter, FL. Services will be planned privately for close friends and family.

Good fucking riddance. Interestingly, she died the day I was in Oakland protesting International Megan's Law. Maybe seeing us destroying IML sent her straight to hell.


oncefallendotcom said...

I see Shaun Webb is crying over his girlfriend's death. I guess since he has nothing better to do than watch my blog hitting the refresh button, much like Vag used to do, I guess I can see why he'd be the first to comment.

Shaun, no one believes you when you claim you receive a boost in sales. I guess when you only sell one book a year and someone buys a second, your book sales increased.

So much for your idle lawsuit threat, by the way. Next time you should learn to keep your lies off your blog. You can always delete crap off your blog but screenshots and PDF fuiles on my computer are not so easily removed. PS: When you shitpost on my blog, just because I don't publish it does not mean it isn't stored for use. I'm sure any judge who sees that shit you post would side with me any day of the week.

LOL at you calling my a "pussy." I didn't see your cheesburger huffing ass in Oakland. Maybe you was at Vag's death bed or something, letting Cody remind her of Huck and Grits one last time, bitch.

Lynne Clapper said...

I've had cause to learn a great deal regarding behavior and personality disorders. Even when I am validly angry with another for wronging me I want to be the bigger person, that the other for whatever reasons couldn't be. I want to rise above, not further complicate an already ugly, messy circumstance. Regardless of her wrong-doing, her inappropriate or even criminal behaviors, Valerie Parkhurst was another human being on this Earth. Suffering in many degrees, much like all of us. She leaves behind family and friends, there is much sadness. It is always preferable that as individuals we overcome our problems, move forward in self-growth and contribute positively to our own lives, those around us and the world at large. Retribution and retaliation are vindictive. There just isn't anything forward moving in vindictive behaviors. I hope Val is in peace and can finally find peace, by what I observed from her, she appeared to live a very tortured life.

oncefallendotcom said...

Val brought her own problems upon herself. I wouldn't doubt the bitch drank herself to death.

I'll be just as happy when Walsh, Lunsford, Lauren Book, Ron Book, Ed Smart, and Laura Ahearn kick the bucket.

oncefallendotcom said...

LOL at Shaun Webb. There was no press at Oakland? Okayyy dumbass....

In both the video and the printed version.


Shaun Webb DEBUNKED again! LOL. No one buys your bullshit nor your books, Shaun. You can't even sell enough books to buy gas for the winter. You better hope global warming means a mild winter for you and your stack of unsellable books. On the upside, you can always burn them to keep warm LOL.

One last thing, you keep calling me a pussy and a coward, but I didn't see you in Oakland and I was the first to arrive and the last to leave. Maybe you can ask Chuck Rodrick to back you up. I just don't publish your trash here because you don't deserve a voice. You are more obsessed with me than Valigator was, and I'm not a queer so you creep me the fuck out.

oncefallendotcom said...

If you think you are getting under my skin, Shaun, then why is it you are the one flooding my inbox with your droppings? Last time I checked, you've left me over a hundred messages.

I'm not mad. I enjoy showing folks how big a liar you are, and if you are willing to LIE about the little things, maybe you are lying about not touching that girl's breast.

oncefallendotcom said...

Shaun Webb cracks me up, now he wants to take credit for "ding dong the bitch is dead" and accuse my of plagiarizing his "number 1 bestselling" book of 50 actual sold copies and 500 giveaway copies. Funniest thing I've heard all weekend.

That's a laugh considering the entire Sal "The Gal" Parker character from Behind the Brick book was merely cut and paste from Valerie Parkhurst's drunken rants, it is quite a silly thing for Shaun "I can't write" Webb to say.

The Wizard of Oz is older than Shaun Webb, as well as the word "bitch." Feel free to Google the phrase and see it is quite common in modern usage.

Kabalen Kabayan said... Umm here is a new Valigator at play here he is in Alaska. Yes the crazy part is that he is dubbed as the Avenging Angel. He is insane and there's more he's robbed the supposed people on a state list.

Kabalen Kabayan said... My point is this just because Valigator is dead does not mean anything. It just means that she has successors that are as insane as her and willing to risk reputations as her and call it sacrifice.

oncefallendotcom said...

I'm well aware of the Alaska vigilante story. I just had not gotten around to posting it yet, partly because it took so long for the media to finally post up this dude's ugly mug.

Kabalen Kabayan said...

Yes and the more you look up vigilantes the more you realize they have an insane pattern. They tend to reoffend in "petty crimes" such as drug possession, tied to supremacist groups, tied to terrorists groups, have a fascination in dictators like Manuel Pardo (1986 Miami drug lord who claimed to be a vigilante), they are mentally damaged, used excess idealism and morally superior card in their arguments to justify their crimes. If you and some other people in law enforcement, courts have this characteristics of vigilantes in your sample how come we the public don't know that? How come we glorify vigilante as heroes coming to protect the innocent from corrupt courts. Note I almost fell for their tactics too and had almost been radicalized by them in the same way mass shooters are inspired by terrorist groups and hate groups.

oncefallendotcom said...

I have also discussed that here and elsewhere. Val was big on anti-immigration and she supported the Sons of the Confederacy. Val had other arrests too. The online hate groups helped fuel them.

Patrick Drum was a career criminal with 47 separate convictions. Jeremy and Christine Moody were Neo-nazis involved in a gang. The guy from Alaska had just been released from prison for a parole violation just before he attacked two registrants. And on and on...

Kabalen Kabayan said...

True and the UK Vigilante gang leaders who beat an innocent man in a "Sting operation" was known to incite other beatings too and most recently the David Haiman beheading in Minnesota the couple claimed abuse by the victim but the couple had history of Mental issues, Meth Dealing and Yes using Isis tactics on the victim. Note a third guy in Minnesota was accused of weapons smuggling.

oncefallendotcom said...

Look at most of the vigilantes I have featured on this blog over the years. Many have a criminal record that preceded the vigilante attack.

Kabalen Kabayan said...

Well and even Mass Shooters we somehow managed to glorify. I noticed that all the mass shooters, terrorists and dictators we hear about fit the same pattern with vigilantes, They are insane, they were investigated by Law enforcement and the courts, they got their weapons legally, they are morally superior, had relationship with hate groups and dictator, are lone wolves who claim to be altruistic for the people. They are wannabe dictators and they abuse everybody prior to the mass shooting. I myself am trying to understand why some horrible things are glorified more than others like you if both horrible events from abuse to mass shootings are bad can somehow be tied to mental issues at the core. I seen the movie "John Doe Vigilante" if you do a google search, Netflix search on this movie you can see why vigilantes are glorified. In John Doe Vigilante It's basically if Anonymous (the activist group) had offspring with Manuel Pardo and Dexter Morgan. The movie was done in 2014 and you can see why people support them. Also in some countries when a president or prime minister call for systematic brutality against prisoners and criminals through unorthodox means you see why the masses will support vigilantes.

Kabalen Kabayan said... Also you have accused shoplifters getting vigilante treatment by store employees and that's being investigated at the time of post. Dang the targets of Vigilante Justice are People in state RSO List and alleged shoplifter, and thieves the biggest targets on vigilante justice from what I seen so far. The crazy part is that the more I look at vigilantes action. The more they make the worst police brutality cases look humane for some reason.

Former Vigilantes united said... Heres Something New You should Look at "Nancy Grace will do a new Crime fighting website" Come on here this is hype like "Trump Tv though" You have been updated. Nancy Grace is known for tainting juries in some parts of the country Though.