Friday, September 17, 2010

AZU was useless anyways, here's one reason why

Bloviating Zepplin has the old AZU blog on life support at the moment and I could not be happier. I'm sure the evil ones will pop up again sometimes but it the break in the action has been refreshing. The concept of protecting the internet from active "pedophiles" may be a noble goal, but there was nothing noble about AZU's actions.

The main problem with AZU was fanaticism coupled with a lack of basic human comprehension. They were witch hunters that accused anyone that was not like them a witch. They could not differentiate between a man who was rolling online for children and a grieving mother of a teen caught up in a firestorm of ludicrous sex offender laws for having consensual sex with a younger teen.

Dodia Fae is a good example of stupidity. Recently Dodia Fae put this crap up on her Facebook page, which was repeated on T-Sand's Roar For Lies blog:

Okay, Dodia Fae uses Facebook, I don't. However, if you go to the page she's bitching about you'll see this:

Dodia Fae goes on to say, "Having a non-repentant sex offender like Derek Logue on FB is dangerous."
Read the disclaimer, DF. This is a "community page" on FB. Every major topic that appears on Facebook pages apparently have a community page. Community pages ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH, OR ENDORSED BY, anyone associated with the topic. In other words, it is a page created to give info about the website Apparently DF doesn't want to believe my website actually has thousands of readers.

I thought this might be an isolated incident but then I got curious and looked at DF's FB page:

She comments on a decade old article about a couple falsely accused of CP for taking an innocent pic of their child bathing and calls it "pro-pedophile propaganda." What is worse is fellow idiot Rob Taylor backs up her stupidity with stupidity of her own.

Bloviating Zepplin, here's one reason AZU is dying. They're fanatics and they are stupid. It is a bad combination. They will not be missed.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Chris Hansen target of sex crime internet hoax

Someone decided to target Chris Hansen, and considering how often those who use sex offender issues to advance their careers, it sounded legit at first. Too bad it was an elaborate hoax by an infamous online organization. It is ironic a man who promoted a internet group notorious for false allegations gets falsely pegged by another internet group?

How Did 4Chan and Gawker Get Chris Hansen "Arrested" for Child Molestation?

Chris Hansen -- the host of NBC's infamous child sex scandal exploitation show To Catch A Predator -- was not arrested for child molestation. Yet "chris hansen arrested for child molestation" is a "volcanic"-level trending Google search, currently ranked in the top spot. How did this happen and what does 4Chan's kind deed from yesterday have to do with it?
First, it's worth knowing that To Catch A Predator has long been a subject of heavy media scrutiny and external police investigations centering around the people baiting the "predator" into being arrested. Most of this reporting on the show was fired off by a started with a September 2007 Esquire profile of a suicide that resulted from the show by Luke Dittrich. The lawsuit against NBC regarding the man the Esquire profile centered around, Bill Conradt, who killed himself after he was featured on the show, was for $105M and was settled by NBC in 2008. The major grievance against the show centers around the idea that NBC is encouraging men to pose as men trying to have sex with minors, thus resulting in a roundabout entrapment. Hansen, who is the host of the show, has also been reported on throughout these investigations.
So of course, it would be nothing short of incredibly shocking if Chris Hansen were to ever be arrested for the kind of crime these vigilantes go after on the show. Which is why, if you were to see on Google that the top search for right now is "chris hansen arrested for child molestation," you'd be pretty shocked. Well, he hasn't been, and its been confirmed by multiple news outlets.
Supposedly, this search originated from the arrest of this guy, James William Hansen, who was, in fact, arrested in Cedar Rapids, Iowa last night for "inappropriate sexual contact" with minors. Reportedly, Hansen's Wikipedia was changed by a prankster to reflect that he, too, had been arrested. Thus, the Google Trending and viral nature of the meme.
So what does mischievous, anonymous message board 4Chan have to do with this? Take a look:
chris hansen 4chan.jpg
Click to Enlarge.

The only related search to "chris hansen arrested for child molestation" is "William J. Lashua," which is the name of the 90 year-old war veteran that 4Chan decided to bomb with positive, happy birthday mail yesterday in a separate viral meme that yielded us wondering whether or not 4Chan was becoming "nice" yesterday after showing their "sweeter" side. We weren't the only ones, because Adrian Chen at Gawker -- whose writings about the viciousness of 4Chan's notorious "/b" board caused 4Chan members to declare war on Gawker and Chen (thereafter bombarding Chen with hate mail and at one point, actually bringing the massive gossip news site down) -- wrote about 4Chan yet again last night, about the same "William J. Lashua" meme we covered yesterday afternoon. Chen's headline?
Is 4chan Turning Into Internet Good Guys?
Looks like they decided to show everyone otherwise, just in case we were wondering.