Monday, November 25, 2013

Like I needed any more proof Anonymous is full of dumbasses, and other musings of filthy vigilantes

I haven't added anything to this site as of late, and I couldn't sleep, so I decided to read up on some old stuff from this blog. This blog was originally created to counter Absolute Zero United, a site that is pretty much defunct (they post a new article once or twice a year but no one bothers to read it any more). One of the last AZU posts was on some silly operation by the hackorrism group Anonymous.

Anonymous members are criminals, but some try to garner favor with the people they're harming by claiming to do "good" things like attack alleged "pedophile" websites. Today I stumbled on one such Anonymous troll, going by the name "Slayer of Pedophiles," and it would be another mundane blog by another wannabe pedo-hunter if not for the fact he lumped me in with a whole bunch of people I don't know, and presumably we're all pedophiles according to this dipshit.

For the sake of illustration you can see his post about me HERE. I think it is worth a read simply because it shows the extent of the average Anonymous members' "research" on the subject. His research on me consisted of Wikisposure, Rob Taylor's website, the Lies about Derek Logue blog, Absolute Zero United, and Roseann Zoggyie's blog (the one that got her fired from her job in Kansas). No official documents of any kind, just information from defunct vigilante websites that have no reliable information. That is what happens when you get a bunch of dumbassed computer nerd together who excel at computers but fail at the game of life. True investigation and research is not something the n00bs like Anonymous can dabble. Funny, even Slayer of Pedophiles's co-member told him to go check his facts because it was wrong.

This brings me to my next tangent-- Looking at all those old, defunct websites is about like driving through urban Detroit to look at old, abandoned buildings. This site has moved on to other things. Even Corrupted Justice, the site largely responsible for turning Perverted-Justice into a ghost town, has called it quits, their mission accomplished. AZU is defunct, and their members don't even bother with their independent websites anymore. In fact, about the only person featured on this site that bothers trolling the reform movement is the virtual town drunk, Valerie Parkhurst, and she likely has cirrhosis of the liver these days from all her binge drinking.

And still posting racist material, of course. 
Well there is another loser I featured here still going strong, and I haven't thought of this bitch in years, namely, the wannabe political/ crime blogger known as "Shoalanda Speaks." Just so you don't have to backtrack, the story goes like this-- back in 2010, when I was back with my ex-wife Brandi, Shoalanda make a threatening post about me on her blog. I send an email requesting she remove the picture of Brandi off her site, and she responded by increasing her attacks. She was working with Clay "T-Sand" Keys, and together they bashed me on the local online forums. Since I'm the kind of guy who tends to hold a grudge, I remembered all this today as I was going over the old stuff and remembered the two working together.

So it made me wonder how Shoalanda would feel knowing that her buddy Clay Keys is currently sitting in jail on CP charges. It must be embarrassing to know that she sold out to a true pedophile while the person she attacked is not the recidivist. Way to go, Trollanda! You stupid cunt.

Of course, the troll sites and celebrity advocates are still doing the same tired crap. No surprise there, right?

Complete with misspellings of course