Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shoalanda Speaks BS

First of all, I would like to thank T-Sand for proving once and for all how people like "Shoalanda Speaks" and others who allegedly abhor sex offenders but yet compromises those alleged principles when she wishes to attack someone, a la Absolute Zero United.

Meet "Shoalanda Speaks." Probably every town has one of these local personal opinion blogs of area events and politics, along with a local "crime blog." These people, much like a certain Ohio online new rag (*cough*Rusty*Big 3 News*cough*), are not legitimate news reporters, merely someone who has a blog and an opinion. No matter how legit they try to be (like Big 3 News making its site looking like the local news station sites), the simple fact is, they are not. "Shoalanda Speaks" is one of those kind of people. Unlike the REAL news, people like Shoalanda do not rely on stuff like credible sources or ethical reporting.

A few weeks ago, Shoalanda wrote an article attacking me. I'm rather used to it because of my line of work in addition to hosting this fact blog on AZU's tactics, but this time I felt threatened because #1 I felt legitimately threatened by her blog (I'm not too keen on people who feel we should be branded), #2, Shoalanda relied on Wikisposure as a legit reference (a reporter's faux pas), and #3, she posts a picture of someone who has absolutely nothing to do with my case whatsoever and made her a potential targetfor dumb fucks who probably don't realize we've been divorced since the mid-90s, a year and a half BEFORE my arrest (Thanks again to T Sand for showing more examples of his lack of reading comprehension).

Not content with her stupidity, Shoalanda blatantly defended her actions and made the mistake of recruiting TSand in her personal attack, forwarding emails which has landed on his blog.

T-Sand was more than happy to run his mouth and blatantly show his connection in the latest attack by posting it on his Roar for Untruth blog:
I think it is funny because Shoalanda and AZU have the same mentality: any enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine. Below is a disclaimer you'll find on the Shoalanda Speaks blog:

It is more ironic Shoalanda quotes Wikisposure, a site that STILL has a T-Sand page on their site talking about HIS alleged mental instability. You can STILL find this on T Sand's Wikisposure page, yet he defends them, likely in the hopes they will remove them like they did Static a few months ago:Again, Shoalanda Speaks before doing her research.

I honestly hope Shoalanda's readers see this and think long and hard about who she is and represents. Shoalanda tells her readers this:

"we will not accept any blogs that support rapists, pedophiles, etc.--that should be self-explanatory."

Yet, she consorts with T-Sand, a convicted sex criminal and repeat offender. This is what we call in these parts HYPOCRISY!


Once Fallen said...

Give it a rest, T-Sand. I could care less about your idle threats, though I'm sure the Escambia Co. Sheriff's office is certainly taking note of your site. You're going to slip up and get sent away a very long time. The closer you become to AZU and other idiots like them, the closer it is till you find yourself in Arcadia.

Once Fallen said...

Again, Tsand, your comments are rejected. Clay, when are you ever going to learn? The reason why no one will ever want you around is because of many reasons:

#1: You turn on people without provocation. You're simply a person who gets off on bullying, which explains why, unlike myself, YOU are the one with NUMEROUS criminal charges.

#2: You can never get your facts straight. A fine example is, well, your entire website, but more specifically, your claims I'm victim bashing while quoting my website, which says the opposite. You get everything chronologically wrong, fundamentally wrong, EVEYTHING just plain wrong.

#3: Your ideas are extreme, to say the least. You creeped me out with some of your comments, and the use of Jessica Lunsford's face as an avatar was extreme.

#4: You are a liar, and not a very good one at that.

#5: You run your mouth way too much for your own good. But you're actually HELPING this site by destroying the credibility of AZU by your presence, in addition to blatantly showing a solid connection between you and Shoalanda. By the way, that little I "better carry a knife" comment sounded an awful lot like a threat.

#6: You have a history of violent outbursts and a lengthy criminal record. I think that's a big reason why you try to make such accusations.

By the way, I don't need to know who Stitches 77 is. I know who YOU are, and YOU are doing more to destroy AZU by your presence there than any of that first-grader level BS you did in the past.

We'll see who ends up in jail, asshole.

Lyra Silvertongue said...

If T-Sand has a habit of turning on his friends then I believe we have something pleasant to look forward to when it comes to AZU.

Once Fallen said...

I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. I have a feeling TSand puts on stunts at times in hopes he'll convince some poor sap he's turned on AZU. He's done this fence straddling so much it is a miracle he can even sit.

In other words, he pretends to hate AZU at times in hopes he'll sucker someone into spilling his secrets. He tried it with me for a while. He'd send me wonderful (but not too much) info he "swiped" from AZU/ PJ but he would ask me questions about RSO activists so I simply told him I knew nothing. So eventualy he knew he'd get nothing out of me and his true colors came out.

AZU only allows a limited number of people "criticize" their site ON their site. They banned me months ago, but they post comments under my name or claim they are my comments. I wouldn't doubt some of the diatribes they claim to have with certain "pedophiles" staged. They've done it plenty of times with me so who can say how much of the arguing going on there is for real?

Once Fallen said...

To anonymous,

The word is spelled "supposedly," not "supposidly."

However, I'm curious as to what else T-sand that Trollanda will post up next. May next time they'll find an old yearbook picture so they can go after my 1st grade teacher for having me at her house.

Whatever the case, it would still be better than that picture of that dog T-Sand masturbated he had on his blog a month or two ago.

Anonymous said...

A lady that looked just like Tammy Lee Gibson and really I think it was her lived right next door to me in Santa Maria CA. She would sleep with her door open to her studio apartment in a teddy and panties. I thought she just might be mentally ill and fell asleep from drugs but I did not know and did not want to find out. This was right about the time that the MJ thing was going on so My guess she was stalking sex offenders for a long time looking for the opportunity to commit the crime. call 818 627=8060 for further info but with the way things are going no one will call because life is far too short for sex laws and no one gives a flying hog what the Baldwins and the catholic church has done concerning the intrusions into peoples lives and the murder/assault/bankruptcy/lies perpetrated in the name of church over state. True story that would be easy too check out.