Saturday, June 5, 2010

About independent crime blogs

Ah, independent crime blogs. They spring up in just about every locale in America. They are generally run by lookey-loos with no social life, crackpots, and people who generally want a society filled with people like them. So now AZU alum joins other crackpots like Shoalanda and Rusty from Big 3 News to form his own local crime blog, "Greenville Dragnet." Anyone can run a blog and comment about other people, but the biggest difference between independent news blogs and the REAL news is, the REAL news is more likely to rly upon VALID sources, NOT trashy gossip sites like AZU or Wikisposure for news. When has a REAL media outlet ever quote Wikisposure as a valid source? When has ABC News done a story on AZU?

Oh yeah, there was that one time....

When the news is wrong, they are held liable. Independent news blogs should be held to the same standard, but yet they lack journalistic integrity. I feel for the city of Greenville. After all, you have to put up with a "Zionist anti-communist" who thinks this site is a front for the Red Army. I'm no fan of independent crime blogs. It reminds me of this:If you want REAL news, stick with a REAL news media outlet. Most people know the difference between the New York Times and the Weekly World News.

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