Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Laura Ahearn quotes idiot vigilante site to slander her opponents

Laura Ahole's next award should be a Shiitake...

Laura Ahearn and her profiteering group, Parents For Megan's Law, has been a long-time nuisance, and Laura Ahearn gets a six-figure income for an organization of 20 members. Ahearn demands in advance never to have face-to-face confrontations with opponents, mostly because she is a complete idiot who does not even know her own stats much less the facts. But since she has been confronted by the NY-based group USA FAIR, Ahole retaliates by quoting "Evil-Unveiled" to slander her opponent. Hopefully her victim can get justice through the courts, and cut into that $120,000 salary Ahole gave herself last year.

Shana Rowan, a USAFair founder, said she wrote to Ahearn in December seeking changes to statistics on the PFML website that she says misrepresent the results of a study on repeat offenders. Ahearn never replied to the letter.

"As executive director of Parents for Megan's Law, Laura Ahearn has shown herself to be a zealot who has built a career demonizing the very people she is now to be charged with monitoring. She has perpetuated the myth of high sex offender recidivism, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, to enrich her organization," Rowan said.

Ahearn dismissed Rowan's criticism, pointing to Rowan's engagement to a registered offender who she said "raped a six year old child." Ahearn also said Rowan is "part of NAMBLA," the North American Man/Boy Love Association. Asked for documentation, Ahearn said, "Just search her name on the Internet."

Rowan categorically denies that she has ever in any way been associated with NAMBLA. A website called has a page about her with her name in the URL, and it's the top hit in a Google search of her name. The page says she is a member of "the new NAMBLA" a name the website gives to "activists" seeking reform of registry laws, allegedly so that they can have sex with children.

"I think it's very telling that she [Ahearn] would resort to personal attacks instead of discussing the issues on the merits," Rowan said this week.

Rowan said as the recipient of signifcant public funding — Parents for Megan's Law's 2011 federal tax return reports the group received more than $946,000 in government grants in 2011, the lion's share of its total revenue of just under $1.1 million — the group should be held accountable for providing accurat information to the public. "That was really all we were seeking," Rowan said. "The new deal with Suffolk County is a whole other subject," she said.