Friday, June 27, 2008

Trouble In AZU Paradise

A funny thing happened on the way to Absolute Zero United today...

I haven't been visiting them lately because I have a life, but I thought I'd breeze through the site to see what I missed. And what I saw today had me laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair! It seems a noob has entered the criminal-den, trying to suck up to the established cyber-criminals, with disasterous results LOL:
(The comments from "chalk one up for the pedos")

I have a theory- nay, a DREAM- that the Z in ZandJsmom stands for "Zandir." Mrs. Drejaj, is that you? lameo 06.26.08 - 4:26 pm

I suggest you apologize to me immediately, Lameo. How dare you insinuate that I am at all connected to this piece of filth. Stitches for one knows full well who and where I am. Bite me.ZandJsMom 06.26.08 - 7:33 pm

I expect the apology to come quickly. That was over the top. ZandJsMom has history here.Stitchesstitches77 Homepage 06.26.08 - 7:42 pm

"I have a theory- nay, a DREAM- that the Z in ZandJsmom stands for "Zandir." Mrs. Drejaj, is that you?"See how quickly the antis turn against you.You fucking moron.zandir Homepage 06.26.08 - 7:59 pm (NOTE: ROTLFMAO!)

People, I am sorry for any harm or damage I might have caused for what was a scare tactic targeted at a pedophile and not a personal attack. Also, I am sorry about a passing statement that is now being used to pick apart my character. It was simply my opinion on one thing which in no way indicates an opposition to the purpose of AZU or anti-pedophilia activism, WHICH I AM A PART OF.lameo 06.26.08 - 8:02 pm (NOTE: So here is the apology, but catch ZandJ'smom's reply-- obviously hukd on fonix didn't wurk 4 her!)

Still waiting on that apology here, LAMEo. ZandJsMom 06.26.08 - 8:14 pm (NOTE: imagine that-- me agreeing with an anti. Maybe with this miracle, I can turn lead into gold too!)

Oh, and did you just call me a "fool?" What are you, a YuGiOh villain? lameo 06.26.08 - 8:20 pm (I'm sure most of the AZholes are indeed villains, too bad unlike YuGiOh cards, are entirely worthless)

It pretty much goes on back to their original intent of harassing people from there but i was nice to read a few lines of trouble in paradise.

Oh and the while blasting a politician:
Commenting on "I'm going to rip them apart")

YOU GUYS, READ THIS-I hate to admit this, but I have just found out that this quote is, fortunately, taken out of context. He was speaking about the welfare of children who have to testify. Now I look like an idiot for writing about it and making all my friends read.

I'm not yelling at you for not doing your homework, but please read this. lameo 06.26.08 - 5:45 pm (NOTE: OMG! Lameo just committed the cardinal sin! He actually told azu they DIDN'T DO THEIR HOMEWORK!!!! ROTFLMAO!)

lameo nothing was taken out of context. The passage you quoted means exactly the same as the one quoted in the post.As we've explained numerous times to so many pedos, a quote can only be taken out of context if it takes on a different meaning.It truly troubles me that you're having a problem understanding this. Daydreamer of Oz 06.26.08 - 6:30 pm (NOTE: This coming from the idiot that called the Pope a pedo-enabler)

Really? I'm definitely seeing a different meaning there. He's saying that children shouldn't be interrogated. lameo 06.26.08 - 6:39 pm

Really? I'm definitely seeing a different meaning there.I'm not. He's still saying he'll "rip kids apart" and he's still saying he will defend his clients more vehemently if they're facing a life sentence as opposed to any other sentence.He's saying that children shouldn't be interrogated.He didn't say that at all.Daydreamer of Oz 06.26.08 - 6:54 pm (NOTE: Yeah- that's what defense attorneys are Supposed to do, Dumbasser of Oz)

"Okay, let's agree to disagree. I am obviously fighting for the same things as you guys"I don't know any such thing at all. You're making some very iffy remarks that disturb me.Stitches stitches77 06.26.08 - 7:35 pm (NOTE: Yeah, we know truth make you iffy, Bitches of the seventy and seven brain cells)

Okay, that's a little much. I am a victim and a survivor who has been on this board fighting vehemently against pedophiles. I simply interpret that one quote differently. I am certainly not arguing with the fact your interpretation makes Fagan a degenerate. It's not that big of a deal and certainly no reason to question my intentions, which, by the way, breaks my heart. lameo 06.26.08 - 7:42 pm (NOTE: Awww poor Lame-o. Didn't you know Bitches likes people to brown nose and enable her LIES? Stick with YuGiOh cards, dude)

"which, by the way, breaks my heart."Imagine how ZandJsMom's felt Stitches stitches77 Homepage 06.26.08 - 7:46 pm (NOTE: Apparently elephants and skank hos never forget. Guess what? She will bring this up in 2068, when you're in the nursing home too)

I can't believe I'm being vilified. This is ridiculous. I am one of you. I'm not arguing against any of your principles or ANYTHING. I just disagreed with the interpretation of ONE QUOTE. You are making a mountain of a mole hill. lameo 06.26.08 - 7:54 pm

"which, by the way, breaks my heart."Imagine how ZandJsMom's felt"Thank you Stitches, I appreciate that. Rather though than being heartbroken by being insulted by a pedophile or one of their sympathizers, its more a feeling of revulsion, like when a nasty insect skitters over your shoe.ZandJsMom 06.26.08 - 7:54 pm (NOTE: So lameo is a "pedo sympathizer" because lameo hurt the feelings of one of the AZholes. Now you know what it takes to be a pedo enabler in the eyes of AZU, my friends)

" I can't believe I'm being vilified. This is ridiculous. I am one of you"That remains to be seen. You can't even decide where you are or if you're male or female. Maybe that's why you flip-flop Stitches stitches77 Homepage 06.26.08 - 8:02 pm (NOTE: I recall stitchbitch was defending a homosexual not too long ago. Stitches flip flops on more issues than Barack Osama)

I can't? I've never claimed to be either. And as for the first part? Fine. lameo 06.26.08 - 8:10 pm

You gotta love these kinds of exchanges. No honor among thieves. Keep them coming, you filthy AZU douchebags!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

When Trolls Attack!

There is a reason why I consider Absolute Zero United a criminal organization. All you have to do is visit the site. Around the end of May, the forums shut down after the AZholes invaded the site.

What is Sex Offender Alliance? It was allegedly a treatment-oriented website for former offenders. I had my suspicious about SOA being a front for the AZholes, a reservation shared by many individuals. Whatever the case, the AZholes had invaded the site around the middle of April 2008. A few of the former offenders naively thought that this was an opprtunity to meet on "neutral ground." Personally I didn't refer to SOA as "neutral ground." Whether Metanoid, the head of SOA was simply naive or had an ulterior motive, the fact remains that the AZholes took advantage of the situation.

Think about this, who in their right mind would go to a sex offender treatment place and post written child porn? Why would a sex offender treatment provider advocate taking abuse from other people knowing that stress could potentially trigger relapse? What did the AZholes have to gain from attacking not only a treatment provider but a VICTIM of a sex crime as well? And how was it that SOA user info was taken to be placed on Wikisposure when some of the people never even visited an AZU site before? There are a lot of unanswered questions.

If SOA was an AZ front, then good riddence. But what if it was legit? Then it stands as a testament to the idiocracy of the AZholes. You see, they CLAIM to be victim advoates. But in reality, its about hurting people. Are you a victim of a sex crime, but decided to treat the offender instead of beat the offender? Then they'll accuse you of a "sick pedophile fantasy." Like they once said it doesn't matter if you're the Pope, they'll call you a pedo enabler too!

The bottom line is this-- there is NO GOOD to come from the AZholes. If they enter the site, kick them off, PERIOD. They're nothing but a bunch of worthless fucks who enjoy making people miserable. You have two choices, ignore them, or fuck with them twice as bad like I do. If you stand up to them, you'll win. If you submit to the AZholes and kiss their asses like Metanoid over at SOA did, then you'll end up like SOA. Don't lay down and take it in the ass! Fight back!!!