Thursday, June 5, 2008

When Trolls Attack!

There is a reason why I consider Absolute Zero United a criminal organization. All you have to do is visit the site. Around the end of May, the forums shut down after the AZholes invaded the site.

What is Sex Offender Alliance? It was allegedly a treatment-oriented website for former offenders. I had my suspicious about SOA being a front for the AZholes, a reservation shared by many individuals. Whatever the case, the AZholes had invaded the site around the middle of April 2008. A few of the former offenders naively thought that this was an opprtunity to meet on "neutral ground." Personally I didn't refer to SOA as "neutral ground." Whether Metanoid, the head of SOA was simply naive or had an ulterior motive, the fact remains that the AZholes took advantage of the situation.

Think about this, who in their right mind would go to a sex offender treatment place and post written child porn? Why would a sex offender treatment provider advocate taking abuse from other people knowing that stress could potentially trigger relapse? What did the AZholes have to gain from attacking not only a treatment provider but a VICTIM of a sex crime as well? And how was it that SOA user info was taken to be placed on Wikisposure when some of the people never even visited an AZU site before? There are a lot of unanswered questions.

If SOA was an AZ front, then good riddence. But what if it was legit? Then it stands as a testament to the idiocracy of the AZholes. You see, they CLAIM to be victim advoates. But in reality, its about hurting people. Are you a victim of a sex crime, but decided to treat the offender instead of beat the offender? Then they'll accuse you of a "sick pedophile fantasy." Like they once said it doesn't matter if you're the Pope, they'll call you a pedo enabler too!

The bottom line is this-- there is NO GOOD to come from the AZholes. If they enter the site, kick them off, PERIOD. They're nothing but a bunch of worthless fucks who enjoy making people miserable. You have two choices, ignore them, or fuck with them twice as bad like I do. If you stand up to them, you'll win. If you submit to the AZholes and kiss their asses like Metanoid over at SOA did, then you'll end up like SOA. Don't lay down and take it in the ass! Fight back!!!


Anonymous said...

Stitches, I tried to post the following link at your AZ blog the other day, Asking you to tell me who was the REAL victim in this case, The 14 yr old or the man. You refused to publish it because it shoots big holes in your theory of who a victim really is. Arent you interested in "absolute" truth as you state in your AZ name? I guess not because the man is the real victim here and if you agree to that, it punches serious holes in your theory of what a victim really is and you would have to support a age defense law idea in order to protect adult men who get setup by by lying underage girls. Think about it Stitches.

tsand "Truth Exposer"

Anonymous said...

I clicked on the link from this post to see what you were refering to.
It seems the owner/operator made an announcement today about the website you linked. Here is the URL. I give that website owner kudos...and you as well.

WarpedOhio said...

To the one who comment on the new site, I will not support Metanoid's new site nor link to it. I still don't trust him for the reasons I mentioned already. So that's why I didn't publish it. Metanoid has already proven he doesn't have what it takes to run a treatment site. I'm not going to bother going to even check it out, but I suppose if I hear of any new rumors about that place, I'll run an investigation. Till then...

Anonymous said...

I made the comment about the new site and gave kudos only because the owner/operator refused to be ousted by attack...nothing more.

I don't know enough about the site, owner/operator and the purpose of the site to give kudos for any other reason than for standing against attacks as you wrote.

I'm sorry if it appeared I supported the refered site in another manner and it came across that way. Thank you for showing me how the last comment I wrote came across.

My kudos to you was for your research in your writings.

Anonymous said...

I read Met's list of "rules" at his new site and I wonder if he will enforce them or again play favorites w/certain members? What I find distasteful, Is, He had these same type rules at his old site but didnt enforce them then. Met talks about "the Council", The overseers of his new forum but refuses to state WHO they are, They are the moderators of his new forum. Are any of the AZ crowd on his Council? Will the AZholes be allowed back in? Many unanswered questions and I will not rejoin either. After all the damage AZ members did and people like "Stitches" who said they supported SOA, Yet refused to acknowledge that her mere presence was crippling SOA and refused to leave, Shows that AZ didnt give a shit about supporting a RSO site they said they supported! If the AZholes are allowed back in, Just how will that help? It wont. The sole purpose of AZ was to destroy/cripple SOA. Now Met is giving them ANOTHER chance to destroy! Its not worth the bullshit.

tsand "truth Exposer"

WarpedOhio said...

I see my term AZholes is catching on LOL.

To anonymous, I hope no offense was taken. I just don't want to link to his site. I do have my concerns as Metanoid let stuff get out of hand before he put his foot down, but he took AZ's side far too long. I hope he learned his lesson, AZ canno be trusted. They gave me more than enough stuff to discredit them.

Thanks for the kudos, by the way. The AZholes get pissed because I have this site up, but all I do is use their own words against them. Isn't that what they claim they do to us? However, unlike the AZholes, I don't ned to twist the words, they're already coming from twisted minds ROTFLMAO

Stitchbitch said...

Thanks for posting the truth about me and my group of fuck up losers with nothing better to do but ruin progress for those who where looking to reform there ways. Now we will look to destroy more forums because we are losers with nothing else to do and we will use the children to justify our existence although we don't do a fucking thing to help or assist any victims of abuse.

After all we are a bunch of fuck heads without an ounce of insight into the abuse issue.

Thanks again for calling us out.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome!

tsand "Real Truth exposer"