Thursday, August 27, 2015

Valigator and her imaginary friends have made me wait forever for their big surprise, yet they consistently fail to deliver

This is a very short post. The only reason I am writing this here is because Valerie "Valigator" Parkhurst and her imaginary friend on her shit blog have continued making idle threats against me, and I challenged them to meet me in person. Obviously Val and imaginary friend won't do it. 

I'd like to remind Valerie and her imaginary friend of a few facts:
  1. I've gotten the same lame threat for years. Supposedly I'm supposed to have gotten a "big surprise" of some sort since 2008. I'm STILL waiting for this big surprise. Glad I never held my breath on that one.  Well, the asshole was right about one thing, I'd "never see him coming"... because he was afraid to show up! LOL.
  2. Valigaturd claims she wrote my neighbors letters a couple of years ago and they were up in arms, but when I asked all my neighbors about these alleged letters, not one neighbor received anything. Proof or it never happened!
  3. Valigaturd tried to make people think she went to Tallahassee to see me "crash and burn" at the Rally in Tally, and claims she only saw "four people" there. Obviously she wasn't there nor can she count, and since my counter-rally got equal attention with the Lauren Book walk, to make the claim my rally was a failure is to admit the Lauren Book bash was a failure. 
  4. The only time I can actually say Valigaturd actually tried sabotaging an event (the 2012 RSOL Conference in Albuquerque), it backfired miserably
So once again, Valigaturd and her imaginary friend is once again making implicit threats they can't back up. I will challenge them like I challenged that random Twitter twat that trash-talked me the other day-- SAY IT TO MY FACE OR DON'T SAY IT AT ALL. 

I know they won't accept because Valigaturd and her imaginary friend won't dare meet me in person. I will take it a step further. If the asshole who has been making idle threats since 2008 meets me in person, I'll fucking retire from the cause once and for all! I'll delete Once Fallen and all the useful info I have given to thousands of registered citizens. 

So what do you say, punks? Want to shut me up? Meet me in person. That's all you have to do. No more "anonymous" messages. You know where I live, so as we used to say back in the day, nothing separates us but air and opportunity. 

It has been seven years so it is time to put up or shut up.

ADDENDUM: Well it seems Valigaturd's imaginary friend has vowed to start "hashtag OpDereksTears" on me. Yawn. At least this time they will be giving their failed operation a name. Only tears I'll be shedding is tears of laughter from laughing at Val and her imaginary friend's rage after failing once again! ROFLMAFAO!!!!