Saturday, July 1, 2017

Broke BAANC Mountain: "Bikers Against Abused and Neglected Children," another Ohio group of thugs, runs the same tired vigilante playbook

BAANC Members are rather easy to spot....
It seems that Ohio has had more than its fair share of idiotic vigilante scumbag groups over the years and now another group of wannabe have popped up online. "Bikers Against Abused and Neglected Children" sounds like they're against children (not surprising they didn't put much thought into the name) is just another group of online trolls that like to cosplay as bikers on weekends and act tough. On the surface, they run a 501(c)3 that apparently raises money through gambling and alcohol (promoting vices that attract hardened criminals, thus keeping in line with the pseudo-biker theme) to raise money for some kid's toys and "legal expenses for victims." (I don't know what that's supposed to mean, seeing as how crime victims don't generally have any legal expenses unless they mean they are helping to sue people, but even then, that is questionable.) They're running their "charity" out of their own home at 9413 State Route 99 N, Monroeville, Ohio 44847. 

Obviously, if that was all there was to the story, then I wouldn't be writing this article. They started an online attack as response to my appearance on the Ashleigh Banfield show. They spammed the Facebook page run on my behalf then proceeded to make a few veiled threats. After dealing with other vigilante groups over the years, it is easy to see a pattern develop. 

First, they start by finding whatever bad info they can find on you, never considering it was also written by losers like themselves who don't necessarily care about being accurate:

Yeah, anyone who quotes Encyclopedia Dramatica [a garbage satirical site run by Anonymous rejects] as a valid resource is automatically dumber than a Trump voter. [Many BAANC members/ supporters LIKE THIS ONE are Trumptards. That's no surprise.] Anyways, continuing with the playbook, the next step is to target anyone that is a member of the page:

Again, they act as if we've never dealt with a vigilante group before. Newsflash, folks. Unlike my main website, this blog and my social media pages are run by more than one person. As much as these folks hate it, I don't just sit at home 24/7. While I and the editors at my FB page were out enjoying life, the losers at BAANC spent all day spamming the page. Of course, those remarks were promptly deleted and they took to crying over it. Too bad.

The most important point is that they took to engaging on doxxing, a threatening behavior online:

There is no need to specifically mention one's workplace without a reason, and that reason is obviously to target people with harassing calls to one's workplace. Since BAANC is slow in the head, I have taken the liberty of highlighting where the threatening action was made:

It seems this behavior has not been isolated, either. The following was sent to me by one of BAANC's victims:

And while BAANC claims they are a non-violent group, Their posts say otherwise:

It seems they have even lowered themselves to lame impersonation too:

Seriously? That's kids stuff! Their tactics are pretty lame, quite frankly. After all, there's THIS clown who actually thinks voting 10 times on a media poll will somehow change the US Supreme Court's opinion on Packingham v NC, a UNANIMOUS decision guaranteeing a registrant's right to use Facebook:

I should mention they even tagged a guy who actually believes in the universally debunked Satanic Panic stuff, but I think I've already shown sufficient evidence to prove they are a bunch of phonies. 

Be wary of groups like these. Immediately report these fuckers to the police every time they engage in harassment. 

Names associated with this vigilante scumbag group. They claim "12k members" but in reality, only a handful of these fucktards actually are involved with this pseudo-biker gang. I guess I should add an addendum here and point out that because these folks all came at the same time to bombard the FB page wit various crude, vulgar, even threatening remarks, this would lead any reasonable person to assume everyone on the list is connected to this online vigilante group. Either way, the following names were all blocked from further harassing communications on FB:

Craig Shilling
Laurie Fulk Keller
Rynae Dawson
Lisa Noble
Sara Tuttamore
Josh Kaman
Gary Anthony
Malinda M Taylor
Rick Masters
Dustin Evans
Julie Weyandt
Sue Papenfuss McClure
Steve Collins
Lee Bickley
April Keller
Hannah Maynard
Maile Zinn
Candi Noftz
Kurt Knowles
Angela Moll
Jeffrey M Gauchat Jr
Kat Reisert
Duane Cyr (admits to having multiple accounts, violating FB TOS)
Joan Tennant
Alyssa Holliday
Fred Lesher
Veronica Webb
Kimberly Cole
Brandon Bragg

Here's a screenshot so a certain complainer who is claiming she wasn't a party to this coordinated attack. Maybe the complainer should pick a better group to follow in the future and be more mindful of her online behavior before attacking others: