Sunday, August 30, 2009

AZUnites' version of "Whose line is it anyways?"

Its probably too easy to play this game as there are so few members of AZU. But since I'm going on vacation, I need some space filler until my return. The rules are, I'll number the quotes, you guess who said it. Its multiple choice, so I'll make it easy. Good luck! Can you do it without cheating?

1. Who stated this? "Patty Wetterling lost a child to a sex offender. But now that her other child IS a sex offender she wants to back off from her previous pro-child activism. She's hardly an unbiased source."
a. Jacey
b. Stitches 77
c. Static
d. Dodia Fae

2. "I have an urge to write some stories for theraputic reasons.Anyone interested in a torture murder story about a woman getting even with sex offenders?It is just words."
a. Static
b. Daydreamer of Oz
c. WASP Ohio
d. Stitches 77

3. "I hope he gets butt raped without any ice cream or "powder" to relax:
a. Stitches 77
b. Rob Taylor
c. Violet Leaves
d. Carisma

4. This one is just laughable --"
But think about this for a second. A Muslim comes across a beautiful naked woman with a fish tail instead of legs on a beach and technically he can begin tearing out chunks of her flesh while she’s still alive and it’s considered acceptable behavior? This is a religion worthy of universal respect? This is a religion above criticism? I’m an Islamophobe for being disgusted by this?"
a. Stitches77
b. Jacey
c. Carisma
d. Rob Taylor

5. "What a pig. I hope he's murdered in jail."
a. Stitches 77
b. rookiee
c. WASP Ohio
d. Jacey

6. Which member of a "treatment site" for registrants famously stated "
F1, our goals SHOULD be similar to the AZ folks?"
a. Static
b. Metanoid from SORCOMM
c. DP1/ Hopeso/ Pink Panther from SORCOMM
d. Jake Goldenflame

BONUS QUESTION: Which member of AZU is a Tier 3 REPEAT sex offender?
a. Stitches 77
b. Static
c. Rob Taylor
d. Jacey

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Xavier Von Erck on how to anonymously harass targets

For almost two years, members of Perverted Justice and their sister site, Absolute Zero United, have followed targeted many people, following them around the internet in a campaign of harassment and slander, promoting their hate site Wikisposure.Below "Determined," a member of the Pee_J cult, suggests harassing someone out of "boredom:"

Here we see Pee-J cultist "George W Bush III" post target's personal info AND picture of target's house online. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that's illegal and dangerous:

Here we see Xavier Von Erck instructing Perverted Justice members on the fine art of slandering and attacking their targets online. Notice he states to use "throwaway" emails addresses. THIS SORT OF ACTIVITY IS ILLEGAL!

If that wasn't bad enough, here is Winry Rockbell quoting Van Eide, er, "Von Erck" on sending letters to the neighbors in hopes something happens to their targets:

So the truth is PJers are cowards. Incite riots in hope someone else will do their dirty work for them!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tracy Golden's WASP Ohio site joins the AZU boneyard

Thanks to an anonymous poster, I was informed Tracy Golden's WASP Ohio website [] has joined the growing list of dead and festering vigilante sites, joining the site, the Lunsford's various scams, and a few of their choice blogs and accounts. The more "proactive" AZU gets, the more people see them for what they TRULY are, and the less support they receive. Its funny, Lunsford, who helped form WASP, also disappeared this year. Hm.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wikispoure "hasn't done their research"

Apparently even other anti-pedo activists don't think to highly of Wikisposure, either, and question their integrity. Then again, its hard to question something the PJ/AZU cult never had!


Stitches 77's megalomania doesn't bode well with others

Stitches 77 apparently thinks she's a god now, but apparently no one outside of Absolute Zero United shares their sentiment. Actually, every time Stitches and co. venture outside their blogs, they are constantly ridiculed and dissed.

Conspiracy nuts are just plain nuts!

The other day I happened upon one of Rob Taylor's trashy sister site, mah29001 at Wordpress. Another stark raving conspiracy nut who thinks 9/11 was a Soviet attack,

Obama is a communist,

calls his crappy blog "Zionist anti-Connunist," and attacks Democrats as "big brother socialists." But in the same breath he says, "There is nothing in our Constitution that says everyone has the right to be on the Internet. The Internet is a privilege here folks." This is called HYPOCRISY! This "man" is a complete utter moron. People like mah29001 blew up the Oklahoma City federal building and the World Trade Center because they believed their own insane ranting about the devil in everything they don't agree with. Maybe the FBI should be notified about this nut. Here's the complete post. Everyone point and laugh at his insane rant!

AZU is like a squirrel, they collect a lot of NUTS ROFL!

This is what AZU gets off on!

After hearing various comments from AZU trolls, I'm sure they'll get off on this video. I can't say this is for real, but the title is "rapist beaten to beath in Salvador City." Viewer discretion STRONGLY advised!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hello, is there anybody in there?

AZU sure has gotten desperate for leadership. I'm pretty sure between the constant attacks on people like Mary Duval, the lies, the constant promotion of raping and killing other people, AZU readership continues to sputter. People are sick of the lies and willing to embrace truth:

So AZU, in their desperation, decided to attempt to generate controversy be pretending to be yours truly, AGAIN, in hopes of rallying the troops. The current post @ the ol' troll's nest contains a conversation that took place while I was out of town.
Quit wasting oxygen Derek and get on with it. You're postings grow tiresome and boring. Cut to the chase, please.
Stitches, since you've figured out who's so "angry", you can file a report for the threats ;)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Whatever happened to the AZU sponsored Boycotts?

I was just wondering if AZU is still running that idiotic boycotts of Disney/ABC News and I just thought I'd point something out.
Scroll down to page 19, and you'll see Roy Disney of Walt Disney Productions, listed a few places  above John Walsh at the NCMEC's National Advisory Board. Does this mean the NCMEC are pedo enablers?
Laura Ahern's book on sale at Amazon. Does this mean Parents For Megan's Law are pedo enablers?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Son of notorious vigilante Judy Cornett sentenced to 25 years for attempted murder, drugs

You live by the sword, you die by the sword - apparently Judy Cornett's support of violence and blind hatred rubbed off on her son so much he feels his past as a victim justified his adult life of crime. Rather than truly help victims by promoting healing, Cornett, like her AZU buddies, promotes solving problems by harassing and hurting others. I pray AZU members don't have kids, lest we see more kids of vigilantes in prison.

TAMPA — As a young boy, Jason Edward Flores survived a child's worst nightmare when he was abducted, brutally raped and left for dead. The 11-year-old's road to manhood continued to be anything but smooth. His long history of run-ins with the law, which included drug convictions and prison time for burglary, ended Wednesday as Flores was sentenced to 25 years for two counts of attempted second-degree murder and home invasion robbery. Flores, 28, seemed calm as he pleaded guilty moments before Hillsborough Circuit Judge Robert Foster sentenced him to the mandatory minimum. Earlier in the court proceedings, a different image emerged as Flores tried to place his shackled hands around his mother and cried in her arms. "Sitting next to my son was one of the worst feelings of my life," said Judy Cornett, who called the St. Petersburg Times from a bed at Tampa General Hospital's emergency room. Cornett, 47, collapsed in court as bailiffs escorted her back to her seat. Paramedics were called and carried her out on a stretcher. Since Flores' abduction and rape in 1992, Cornett has dedicated her life to battling sex crimes. She founded Safety Zone Advocacy, a nonprofit organization that teaches kids to protect themselves against sexual predators. She also coaches parents who find themselves in the media spotlight when their children become victims of child predators. Cornett aided Mark Lunsford, when his 9-year-old daughter, Jessica, was abducted and killed in Homosassa in 2005. And she housed and clothed Susan Schorpen during the trial for the man convicted in the 2004 abduction and murder in Sarasota of Schorpen's 11-year-old daughter, Carlie Brucia.

His past is tragic but it does not excuse the following:

Flores was sentenced Wednesday on charges stemming from a home invasion that occurred June 26, 2008. Prosecutors said Flores and two co-defendants — Matthew Edward Wilsky and Kristen Marie Mangum — entered a home in a neighborhood west of Busch Gardens to take prescription drugs. The trio struggled with residents Terry and Lora Holmes. Prosecutors said Flores fired a shotgun into the Holmes' bedroom, striking Lora in the hand and Terry in the side. Both survived, but Lora Holmes is partly paralyzed in her hand, prosecutors said. The three fled to a Pasco County hotel with about $1,000 in cash and pills they had stolen from the Holmeses.

I've said it a million times, it is different when its one of their own on the chopping block. Notice how Cornett justifies and minimizes her son's adult criminal behavior by talking about his childhood. What if I blamed my crime on my childhood, eh? Would you buy it then? What happened in your youth DOES NOT JUSTIFY trying to kill two innocent people!

Cornett said Flores never had proper psychological treatment after his rape and abduction and often self-medicated. "I can't blame 100 percent on it, but I can definitely say it has been a strong contributing factor," she said about her son's rape and lack of proper assistance. As she sat next to Flores in court, Cornett said she promised to be there when he's released. "I told him I was going to continue to fight for him and that he's my baby and I love him," Cornett said. "He said, 'Thank you, Mommy,' and 'I love you.' "

Can you believe the nerve if Cornett? Asking people to send her money for her criminal son? [see]

He certainly learned violent behavior from his mother. Below are a few of Judy's choice comments--

[from and]

Another example of AZU's lies- part 1,386,868

Like we need another example of AZU lies and propaganda. Over a year ago, an educational organization called SO Clear Media made a video response to a Portland news story on Wikisposure, a site which attacks people they claim are "pedophiles." In reality, Wikisposure is merely a site filled with more lies and propaganda, as well documented at this site. Below is the actual SO Clear video. I want you to pay close attention. SO Clear expresses how Wikisposure targets those groups who ARE NOT pedophiles, but activists calling for sex offender reform, as well as put those in danger by their false light, slanderous, and libellous comments:

Of course, the main point is to illustrate how AZU targets certain people AZU calls "pro-pedo" groups.  AZU's retort:

One thing AZU fails to mention is that SO Clear referred to the attacks on Wikisposure on THEM. Nowhere in the SO Clear Response did SO Clear mentions "Flickorna." ABSOLUTE ZERO mentions "Flickorna." That is called a "lie." AZU fails to mention not only does Wikisposue fail to tell the truth, they put people in danger by claiming they are active pedophiles and publishing their personal info, all the while talking about raping and murdering *ex offenders and "pedophiles."

Monday, August 3, 2009

More AZU sick twisted thoughts

They promote murder:

They promote rape:

This is AZU's idea of a "healthy" "thriver." This is my idea of criminality.

Special thanks to Voice of Reason for exposing this!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

AZU celebrates a death

The sad thing is while they condemn sex offender law reformists for criticizing those who fanatically support legislation that are fueled by revenge rather than reason,

today y they're celebrating the death of someone they claim is a "serial child molester." And with that comes the usual hate-filled drivel. How would they feel if we celebrated the death of Stitches or Tracy Golden or Barb Ireland?

Death is a sad event, no matter who died. They did the same to Michael Jackson, and now to this guy.

AZU's a bunch of sick freaks who are mentally unstable and should be civilly committed.