Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another example of AZU's lies- part 1,386,868

Like we need another example of AZU lies and propaganda. Over a year ago, an educational organization called SO Clear Media made a video response to a Portland news story on Wikisposure, a site which attacks people they claim are "pedophiles." In reality, Wikisposure is merely a site filled with more lies and propaganda, as well documented at this site. Below is the actual SO Clear video. I want you to pay close attention. SO Clear expresses how Wikisposure targets those groups who ARE NOT pedophiles, but activists calling for sex offender reform, as well as put those in danger by their false light, slanderous, and libellous comments:

Of course, the main point is to illustrate how AZU targets certain people AZU calls "pro-pedo" groups.  AZU's retort:

One thing AZU fails to mention is that SO Clear referred to the attacks on Wikisposure on THEM. Nowhere in the SO Clear Response did SO Clear mentions "Flickorna." ABSOLUTE ZERO mentions "Flickorna." That is called a "lie." AZU fails to mention not only does Wikisposue fail to tell the truth, they put people in danger by claiming they are active pedophiles and publishing their personal info, all the while talking about raping and murdering *ex offenders and "pedophiles."

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