Friday, January 22, 2010

Distortion 101: Another study of AZU

A continuation of the study of cognitive distortions of Absolute Zero United. [Part 1 on ad hominem here:]

Absolute Zero is so full of hatred and bias, they have become quite adept at distorting every comment of those they hate. See the above 2008 article, for example. [link @ hXXp://]

Allow us to dissect the distortions.

#1: Pope: What does it mean to speak of child protection when pornography and violence can be viewed in so many homes through media widely available today?

AZU Read: Its society's fault when a pedophile molests a kid because after all pornography and violence can be seen in the media.

Truth: The Pope is addressing the fact that violence and pornography is so prevalent in our society that it has a negative influence on our behavior, which increases the likelihood of sexual offending to occur in society. AZU forgets that some people, such as REAL victim's rights groups, seek to address the root causes of sexual offending. Most researchers, including those AZU use in justifying their views, agree that our environment does negatively impact sexual offending behavior. That is not placing the blame, AZU, it is called identifying a problem area. In order to address root causes, we must look at aggravating factors and identify them. Using AZU's distorted logic, if you admit there is evil in the world, you support evil. Weird, huh?

#2 Pope: Those who "have experienced shame over what has occurred" deserve guidance and support.

AZU Read: Its the offenders we need to focus on and stop worrying about those pesky victims.

They didn't bother even giving a direct quote. Offenders and victims alike need to address the gravity of what has happened and pursue ways to heal from this terrible tragedy. AZU sees it as shifting focus "away from victims." Really? Victims experienced shame over what has happened to them. AZU does not believe in guidance and support for crime victims. They believe crime victims should all remain bitter, angry vigilantes for life. See:

Like I even need examples. Read just about any comment board and you'll find it.

AZU offers no hope for healing. Instead, they perpetuate violence. And lies. And cognitive distortions. Yet, because of their target group, they are allowed to do this unfettered.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Stop Vigilante Violence and Websites Act of 2010

This Act is needed because of people like Absolute Zero United, people like Static, Stitches 77, Logue Hater, Violent Leaves, Jacey, Rob Taylor, and others who continue, threaten, harass, defame, impersonate, and stalk online. Put an end to these cult sites by supporting this bill, and making groups like AZU and PJ liable for harm they cause in attacking registrants, innocent family members of the accused, and anyone who simply opposes their views. Proof of these groups' criminalactivities are well documented in this site.

Click on the link above and support this bill today!

More violence from my personal stalker

Logue hater coughs up another stupid comment. Do I even have to explain how stupid this comment is? And somehow, AZU actually believes that everyone believes their lies. Thanks for the laugh, Logue Hater!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jeremy Static finally responds... hypocritically.


Voice of Reason's already covered this so I don't even need to elaborate further. Jeremy Static finally responds to a question posed by the same blog.

Thanks AZU for continuously showing how two-faced you REALLY are!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Which AZU troll is most likely to go crazy in 2010?

As you can see, there is a new poll up to the right hand side of my blog, posing the question: Which AZU troll is most likely going to go off the deep end in 2010? They're all insane in the membrane, but if I had to place money on which one's most likely to turn into one of those mass murderers, which one is most likely to do it? Tough call. My money's on Logue Hater, though Violent Leaves takes a close second.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pee-J and AZU trying to cover up member's RSO past

Thanks to Voice of Reason for pointing this out, but MsTattle recently went in and removed the screen shot of Jeremy Bolick's sex offender screen shot (but if you type in Jeremy Bolick in the national registry at, you'll find him still in Norman, OK... Norman, as in BATES!)

Anyways, I wonder why AZU's just now getting around to this. But if the goal of Wikisposure is to make people aware of "pedophiles" on the web, then why was Static removed from Wikisposure? Let us recall the fact that Static has multiple convictions and a Tier 3 sex offender. So why would Wikisposure remove him from the site? AZU has plenty on him even still at their site.

I will give Static a little credit. He did call TSand out on his past behaviors, and I'm curious as to how TSand reacts:

So TSand, will you bow down to Stitchy once and for all? So far this is his response:

Get ready for TSand turning on the antis again!

UPDATE: Static does admit he was on Wikisposure, but claims no correspondence between him and Pee-J.C'mon, Jeremy, you know better than that! AZU members created most RSO activist wikisposure pages. Don't play coy! At any rate, the fact remains Static was removed despite being a Tier 3 sex offender with multiple convictions, and AZU defends him rabidly. Either AZU is FINALLY admitting they can be wrong about those they've attacked and that sex offenders, including activists, can be rehabilitated, or they're merely being as hypocritical as I've said they are for two years.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The "face" of reform? Yeah, right...

So says T-Sand. Reformed huh? Well, hell, this must be some kind of miracle, because just a few months ago, TSand was pretending to be a girl on a blog, and even using Jessica Lunsford's avatar. Apparently the AZU formula for reform is bowing down to Stitches. Go figure. "Reformed?" YOU decide.

Friday, January 8, 2010

How did it all begin?

I've been feuding with the AZU cult for two years now, but I've never really talked about why I chose to post this counter site.

It all started in December 2007, when members of various organizations came together to protest the controversial Adam Walsh Act. Of course, there were a few representatives from Absolute Zero United, such as Tracy Golden (WASP Ohio) and Judy Cornett (Jacey) along with Jessica Cherchio (to be honest, I always believed her to be Stitches 77), some old lady with pink hair they called "Lil' Deb" (most likely "Violet Leaves") and some other older unidentified woman. The brought along members of Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) in an attempt to scare would-be protesters.

The rally, held on December 2, 2007, called for reform of current sex offender laws, which promote vigilantism (which is the whole purpose of AZU of course). The testimony was powerful, and the protestors outnumbered the AZU/ BACA protestors 3 to 1. After the rally, I joined a small handful of people to confront the protestors. You can see the conversation here, at around 1:50 into the video:

The BACA people largely agreed with my statements. Above, here are a couple of the BACA guys. This, of course, angered the AZU crew. Too bad my tape ran out before I had a chance to show the world how unprepared they were for a rational discussion. Of course, the WASP crew spent their time trying to attack people, as they are known to do:

First came this older lady. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if she was Stitches 77. She took a couple of research disks I helped created and then she tried to debate and was outclassed, so she sent in her dogs to engage in a round of personal attacks.

Next, I faced the two "ladies" holding the signs, the left one is Jessica Cherchio, the right one is Tracy Golden. They offered nothing but personal insults and attacks. They did not wish to discuss in a rational member, so we left them and went on about our business.

Of course, for my troubles I get my face (doctored with a quivering graphic) on the AZU report on the rally, along with my address and other personal information. Funny, the only one quivering was the WASP members, nor should Tracy and Jessica talk about anyone's looks since they were both far from attractive.


Of course, WASP wasn't through, next began the thing AZU is known for, following people around the internet to harass and scare them (or try to, in my case):

Hi Fallen One! Remember me from the rally? I remember you. You said all you did was kiss an 11 yr old, and now you are a sex offender. How does someone become classified as a PREDATOR if all they did was kiss an 11 yr old? Go back to SOSEN where someone will listen to you.
Not knowing AZU was an anti-Christian, my next run in with AZU was in a "Christian" blog:

That was when I first began to see the typical site-spamming and ad hominem attacks that are the hallmarks of AZU.
Apparently AZU harassed this guy so much he made is blog private. Why? Its one of the first places Stitches 77 made the bold claim Patty wetterling had a "sex offender son." (email me at for copies of the original blogs where Stitches 77 made the bold claim). For the next few months, I was followed around at every comment board by the clown who eventually became known as "Logue Hater:"
And of course, I had to contend with some idiot named Kevin Beaird, who was so off in the head, even Pee-J shunned him!

By now the idiots were bold enough to send regular emails. Here's another poorly written attempt to scare me:

Just in case you're wondering, THIS is Donna Folden. By the way, I still have unaltered video from the Ohio Rally. Nice try in trying to take away from the fact you were caught on camera. Okay, how could she be dumb enough NOT to see me with a video camera and tripod? Can you say DUMB BLONDE?!?

Anyways, a simple letter from my attorney cleared that problem up.

By then I started fighting back. I sent some of the harassing emails to the politicians who were supposed to go to this summit sponsored by WASP, a first annual event (there was apparently no second), and Tracy Golden retaliated by posting something on her WASP MySpace page (like I waste my time with MySpace). Then the cowards decided to do it anonymously:


Then there was the anonymous IMs.

myaccount238: I read all about you and your molesting ways. BTW, did you see the
updates to your wiki page?
myaccount238: I am sure the judge will read it
iamthefallen1: Like when Donna Folden sent me that stupid Cease and Desist Order
myaccount238: go get em derek the hero

quiverlipslogue: I guess your house is easy to find, since you are on the registry as a sexual
iamthefallen1: then come on over, I have a nice housewarming gift just for you

quiverlipslogue: C'mon cut yourself on video so we can all enjoy it
iamthefallen1: so when are you going to check into the local funny farm?

quiverlipslogue: I know where you live and what you look like. You know nothing about me.
quiverlipslogue: ;)
iamthefallen1: you're so concerned with my daily life feel free to pay me a visit
quiverlipslogue: When we do meet, fuckface, it will be on my terms and when I want it to happen

quiverlipslogue: I'll make you wait until the time is right
iamthefallen1: imagine the embarassmant you'll face being completely pwned by your hero
quiverlipslogue: I live in Park Hills, bitch. Know where that is?
iamthefallen1: i'll slap you around and make you squeal like all those pigs you fuck on the farm
iamthefallen1: you you live by the city dump
iamthefallen1: on your pig and goat farm
quiverlipslogue: Close enough to you to pay a visit whenever I want - when you least expect it

quiverlipslogue: there is a large parking lot across from where you live
iamthefallen1: so? google maps can tell me that try again
quiverlipslogue: we'll see
iamthefallen1: i know dumbass i checked it out
iamthefallen1: you're dumber than you look
quiverlipslogue: I can come get you anytime I want and you will never see it coming because you have no idea what I look like quiverlipslogue: :)

quiverlipslogue: hmmm you pretend to be so smart, but you don't know what the fuck youare talking about or who you are dealing with
iamthefallen1: so now you're going to deny being affiliated with that cyber-terrorist gang?
quiverlipslogue: I admit that I know where you live :)
quiverlipslogue: watch for me. I could flyer tonight, or tomorrow, or Tuesday...

So after all that, I was invited to this site and the rest is history. After 2 long years, AZU is still as muffed up as ever. And they still attack, harass, impersonate, anonymously threaten, and lie to the general public. In fact, currently they're running their latest smear and impersonation campaign. Some things never change, eh? As long as AZU exists, so will the anti-AZU site.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So they claim

Certain members of AZU claim to be victims of rapes, such as WASP Ohio and Violet Leaves. But where is the proof? How can we even believe AZU? After all, they do nothing but lie. About everything.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Self Loather and hypocrite TSand doesn't take his OWN advice!

As previously noted, another blogger recently asked AZU's resident sex offenders TSand and Static a few questions. And TSand, idiot that he is, somewhat responded.

AZU support publicly accessible registers of sex offenders in order for people to be able to identify the sex offenders in their community. My question to you:

* Do you support AZU's position on this?

Yes, to a certain extent but if the offender seeks proper mental help & has not re offended in say 10 years, then remove them to a law enforcement only website. If the offender's offense was violent in nature, lock em up or execute them. People like CLAY KEYS-who call their victims bad names, it only shows that he is not rehabilitated & he should remain on the sex offender registry for life. We need to know about people "like" him. Sorry CLAY!

That's funny... Clay has forgotten their new buddies at AZU had this to say about Clay:

"Clay Keys, AKA "Tsand", AKA "brownbilly68", is a registered sex offender and listed on the Florida Sex Offender Registry for the charge of LEWD AND LASCIVIOUS ACT Child under 16. His criminal history goes back over 20 years and includes multiple convictions for crimes ranging from assault to stalking in addition to his sex crime conviction. His most recent charges were for theft, assault and threats of violence in 2006."

He's proven to be violent, a repeat offender with a 20 year history of charges like STALKING and ASSAULT. Thus, Clay says Clay should be locked up for life or executed! So why doesn't he take his own advice?

The more balanced members of AZU advocate that paedophiles and child sex offenders should commit suicide. My question to you:

* Do you support AZU's position on this?

If the pedophile wasn't able to turn himself in a mental hospital or to the police beforehand, Yes, suicide would be the honorably option to peruse. I think there would be less spitting at his grave-site knowing the pedo took his own life before sexually abusing a child. I know I would spit less for him!

So Clay, word of advice, save the spit for your self, and turn yourself in to the police immediately!

PS: You REALLY do a good job of representing the hypocrisy over at Absolute Zero Understanding!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Questions that need answering

I'd love to know why TSand and Static (throw in that piece of shit Metanoid too) are dodging this post like the plague. It is time the AZU resident sex offenders and self-loathers answer these very important questions.

Friday, January 1, 2010

AZU Trollcats!

As a new year's gift to my least favorite cyber-terrorist group, I thought I'd share a site I found the other day, aptly called "trollcats." Funny thing is, a lot of the pictures look like actual AZU members/ supporters!! so I thought I'd share in the spirit of the new year! Enjoy!


AZU ready to spam a post

The Static/ TSand crybaby run to the enemy because they they got blackballed trollcat

Out of the mouth of Jacey and Stitches 77....

Xavier Von Erck looking for new GF trollcat

Violet Leaves/ WASP Ohio/ Rookiee Trollcat

Rob "Who am I?" Taylor Trollcat

Fatman Trollcat