Friday, January 22, 2010

Distortion 101: Another study of AZU

A continuation of the study of cognitive distortions of Absolute Zero United. [Part 1 on ad hominem here:]

Absolute Zero is so full of hatred and bias, they have become quite adept at distorting every comment of those they hate. See the above 2008 article, for example. [link @ hXXp://]

Allow us to dissect the distortions.

#1: Pope: What does it mean to speak of child protection when pornography and violence can be viewed in so many homes through media widely available today?

AZU Read: Its society's fault when a pedophile molests a kid because after all pornography and violence can be seen in the media.

Truth: The Pope is addressing the fact that violence and pornography is so prevalent in our society that it has a negative influence on our behavior, which increases the likelihood of sexual offending to occur in society. AZU forgets that some people, such as REAL victim's rights groups, seek to address the root causes of sexual offending. Most researchers, including those AZU use in justifying their views, agree that our environment does negatively impact sexual offending behavior. That is not placing the blame, AZU, it is called identifying a problem area. In order to address root causes, we must look at aggravating factors and identify them. Using AZU's distorted logic, if you admit there is evil in the world, you support evil. Weird, huh?

#2 Pope: Those who "have experienced shame over what has occurred" deserve guidance and support.

AZU Read: Its the offenders we need to focus on and stop worrying about those pesky victims.

They didn't bother even giving a direct quote. Offenders and victims alike need to address the gravity of what has happened and pursue ways to heal from this terrible tragedy. AZU sees it as shifting focus "away from victims." Really? Victims experienced shame over what has happened to them. AZU does not believe in guidance and support for crime victims. They believe crime victims should all remain bitter, angry vigilantes for life. See:

Like I even need examples. Read just about any comment board and you'll find it.

AZU offers no hope for healing. Instead, they perpetuate violence. And lies. And cognitive distortions. Yet, because of their target group, they are allowed to do this unfettered.

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