Friday, January 8, 2010

How did it all begin?

I've been feuding with the AZU cult for two years now, but I've never really talked about why I chose to post this counter site.

It all started in December 2007, when members of various organizations came together to protest the controversial Adam Walsh Act. Of course, there were a few representatives from Absolute Zero United, such as Tracy Golden (WASP Ohio) and Judy Cornett (Jacey) along with Jessica Cherchio (to be honest, I always believed her to be Stitches 77), some old lady with pink hair they called "Lil' Deb" (most likely "Violet Leaves") and some other older unidentified woman. The brought along members of Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) in an attempt to scare would-be protesters.

The rally, held on December 2, 2007, called for reform of current sex offender laws, which promote vigilantism (which is the whole purpose of AZU of course). The testimony was powerful, and the protestors outnumbered the AZU/ BACA protestors 3 to 1. After the rally, I joined a small handful of people to confront the protestors. You can see the conversation here, at around 1:50 into the video:

The BACA people largely agreed with my statements. Above, here are a couple of the BACA guys. This, of course, angered the AZU crew. Too bad my tape ran out before I had a chance to show the world how unprepared they were for a rational discussion. Of course, the WASP crew spent their time trying to attack people, as they are known to do:

First came this older lady. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if she was Stitches 77. She took a couple of research disks I helped created and then she tried to debate and was outclassed, so she sent in her dogs to engage in a round of personal attacks.

Next, I faced the two "ladies" holding the signs, the left one is Jessica Cherchio, the right one is Tracy Golden. They offered nothing but personal insults and attacks. They did not wish to discuss in a rational member, so we left them and went on about our business.

Of course, for my troubles I get my face (doctored with a quivering graphic) on the AZU report on the rally, along with my address and other personal information. Funny, the only one quivering was the WASP members, nor should Tracy and Jessica talk about anyone's looks since they were both far from attractive.


Of course, WASP wasn't through, next began the thing AZU is known for, following people around the internet to harass and scare them (or try to, in my case):

Hi Fallen One! Remember me from the rally? I remember you. You said all you did was kiss an 11 yr old, and now you are a sex offender. How does someone become classified as a PREDATOR if all they did was kiss an 11 yr old? Go back to SOSEN where someone will listen to you.
Not knowing AZU was an anti-Christian, my next run in with AZU was in a "Christian" blog:

That was when I first began to see the typical site-spamming and ad hominem attacks that are the hallmarks of AZU.
Apparently AZU harassed this guy so much he made is blog private. Why? Its one of the first places Stitches 77 made the bold claim Patty wetterling had a "sex offender son." (email me at for copies of the original blogs where Stitches 77 made the bold claim). For the next few months, I was followed around at every comment board by the clown who eventually became known as "Logue Hater:"
And of course, I had to contend with some idiot named Kevin Beaird, who was so off in the head, even Pee-J shunned him!

By now the idiots were bold enough to send regular emails. Here's another poorly written attempt to scare me:

Just in case you're wondering, THIS is Donna Folden. By the way, I still have unaltered video from the Ohio Rally. Nice try in trying to take away from the fact you were caught on camera. Okay, how could she be dumb enough NOT to see me with a video camera and tripod? Can you say DUMB BLONDE?!?

Anyways, a simple letter from my attorney cleared that problem up.

By then I started fighting back. I sent some of the harassing emails to the politicians who were supposed to go to this summit sponsored by WASP, a first annual event (there was apparently no second), and Tracy Golden retaliated by posting something on her WASP MySpace page (like I waste my time with MySpace). Then the cowards decided to do it anonymously:


Then there was the anonymous IMs.

myaccount238: I read all about you and your molesting ways. BTW, did you see the
updates to your wiki page?
myaccount238: I am sure the judge will read it
iamthefallen1: Like when Donna Folden sent me that stupid Cease and Desist Order
myaccount238: go get em derek the hero

quiverlipslogue: I guess your house is easy to find, since you are on the registry as a sexual
iamthefallen1: then come on over, I have a nice housewarming gift just for you

quiverlipslogue: C'mon cut yourself on video so we can all enjoy it
iamthefallen1: so when are you going to check into the local funny farm?

quiverlipslogue: I know where you live and what you look like. You know nothing about me.
quiverlipslogue: ;)
iamthefallen1: you're so concerned with my daily life feel free to pay me a visit
quiverlipslogue: When we do meet, fuckface, it will be on my terms and when I want it to happen

quiverlipslogue: I'll make you wait until the time is right
iamthefallen1: imagine the embarassmant you'll face being completely pwned by your hero
quiverlipslogue: I live in Park Hills, bitch. Know where that is?
iamthefallen1: i'll slap you around and make you squeal like all those pigs you fuck on the farm
iamthefallen1: you you live by the city dump
iamthefallen1: on your pig and goat farm
quiverlipslogue: Close enough to you to pay a visit whenever I want - when you least expect it

quiverlipslogue: there is a large parking lot across from where you live
iamthefallen1: so? google maps can tell me that try again
quiverlipslogue: we'll see
iamthefallen1: i know dumbass i checked it out
iamthefallen1: you're dumber than you look
quiverlipslogue: I can come get you anytime I want and you will never see it coming because you have no idea what I look like quiverlipslogue: :)

quiverlipslogue: hmmm you pretend to be so smart, but you don't know what the fuck youare talking about or who you are dealing with
iamthefallen1: so now you're going to deny being affiliated with that cyber-terrorist gang?
quiverlipslogue: I admit that I know where you live :)
quiverlipslogue: watch for me. I could flyer tonight, or tomorrow, or Tuesday...

So after all that, I was invited to this site and the rest is history. After 2 long years, AZU is still as muffed up as ever. And they still attack, harass, impersonate, anonymously threaten, and lie to the general public. In fact, currently they're running their latest smear and impersonation campaign. Some things never change, eh? As long as AZU exists, so will the anti-AZU site.


Voice of Reason said...

That's a really interesting article and gives some insight into the type of people they are.

I too find it ironic that people whose physical appearance is as ugly as their personalities would have the cheek to criticise the appearance of others.

Warped Ohio said...

People bully because they feel so little about themselves, they want to drag others down with them. In a way, it isn't even about their alleged mission. Take Stitches 77 for example. We found her on a skinhead forum, and her site is filled with pagans. So she hates and belittles sex offenders, minorities, and Christians. She attacks others just to feel good about herself. What she never counted on was others seeing through her facade. It has woefully backfired.

AZU members remind me of kids who pick fights so they can go tattle on those who bitch-slap them after they goaded their victims to attack them. They claim they're "victims" yet their members harass, bully, and threaten, and they are stupid enough to go brag about what they did. Of course, NOW they go try to hide the evidence by threatening or hacking places that contain the evidence.

I did have to have that Donna Folden. It is PLAIN AS DAY that the video is unedited yet she claims that I doctored it up to make it sound like they're agreeing with me. It sounds like they agree with me BECAUSE THEY DO! In short, THAT'S the real reason they hate me so, because I exposed them in public.

AZUStitches77 said...

Here's ironic for you -- Jessica Cherchio, the really ugly and skinny one, uses "hott mom" as her email identifier! What a joke! The only time she'll be hot is when she's burning in hell!

Warped Ohio said...

Fuck off, Jessica. You were posted in the paper, holding the sign you were reported to be holding, you were wearing a WASP button, you were caught on camera, and I confronted you face-to-face after the rally, so quit denying your involvement.

By the way, Stitches, if no one reads my blog, why do you fear the truth in it so much? Stupid fucking cunt.

Tyciol said...

That's a lot of history that I didn't know about. Hm, out of all of them I would totally the one in the white baseball cap ;)

Hey Stitches could you be a little more specific about who you're referring to? Ugly+Skinny isn't very descriptive and is vague since I don't really know who is skinny and with ugliness being subjective. Could you discuss colours or other identifiable characteristics? I will judge her MILFiness myself.

Warped Ohio said...

Tyciol, not trying to pick on you, but your taste in women is questionable. You didn't see Jessica up close. Unless you have a thing for women with severe physical deformities to her face, with a heart to match her physical ugliness. Maybe that is why AZU is so obsessed with the appearance of others. I noticed that my wikisposure page, not surprisingly, contains the ugliest possible pictures they could find of me. And I STILL look better than any of them!