Thursday, January 21, 2010

More violence from my personal stalker

Logue hater coughs up another stupid comment. Do I even have to explain how stupid this comment is? And somehow, AZU actually believes that everyone believes their lies. Thanks for the laugh, Logue Hater!


Tyciol said...

Oh geez dude, that's kinda tame, I mean even I've had people tell me to kill myself in various ways, so to simply "cut" (even Gregory House does this for the endorphin release!) is like, wow.

When people express their sadistic desires, I think it is best to indulge them alternatively. Like "I am going to go experience some discomfort, but in a way that benefits the future" such as exercising your muscles to fatigue, or stretching them really far, or for the altruistically-minded, some kind of labour like where they build houses or boil soup.

Warped Ohio said...

Yeah, I just posted it up because the more examples of threats, harassment, or other nasties posted, the more they show themselves as the cyber-terrorists they are.