Monday, January 11, 2010

The "face" of reform? Yeah, right...

So says T-Sand. Reformed huh? Well, hell, this must be some kind of miracle, because just a few months ago, TSand was pretending to be a girl on a blog, and even using Jessica Lunsford's avatar. Apparently the AZU formula for reform is bowing down to Stitches. Go figure. "Reformed?" YOU decide.


Tyciol said...

"Cunty" ? Seriously dude? I mean, I have some anti-breeder sentiments from time to time but do ya gotta sink to genital deprication?

It's okay to have vaginas!

Anyway that is a cute hat she is wearing, nice pic Stit.

Warped Ohio said...

That's Jessica Lunsford. That was from back when TSand was pretending to be Stitches. Take it up with TSand, that was his shtick, not mine.