Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pee-J and AZU trying to cover up member's RSO past

Thanks to Voice of Reason for pointing this out, but MsTattle recently went in and removed the screen shot of Jeremy Bolick's sex offender screen shot (but if you type in Jeremy Bolick in the national registry at, you'll find him still in Norman, OK... Norman, as in BATES!)

Anyways, I wonder why AZU's just now getting around to this. But if the goal of Wikisposure is to make people aware of "pedophiles" on the web, then why was Static removed from Wikisposure? Let us recall the fact that Static has multiple convictions and a Tier 3 sex offender. So why would Wikisposure remove him from the site? AZU has plenty on him even still at their site.

I will give Static a little credit. He did call TSand out on his past behaviors, and I'm curious as to how TSand reacts:

So TSand, will you bow down to Stitchy once and for all? So far this is his response:

Get ready for TSand turning on the antis again!

UPDATE: Static does admit he was on Wikisposure, but claims no correspondence between him and Pee-J.C'mon, Jeremy, you know better than that! AZU members created most RSO activist wikisposure pages. Don't play coy! At any rate, the fact remains Static was removed despite being a Tier 3 sex offender with multiple convictions, and AZU defends him rabidly. Either AZU is FINALLY admitting they can be wrong about those they've attacked and that sex offenders, including activists, can be rehabilitated, or they're merely being as hypocritical as I've said they are for two years.

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Anonymous said...

Static's registry info:

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Wow, Stitches must be in love with an RSO... Has Hell frozen over???