Saturday, January 2, 2010

Questions that need answering

I'd love to know why TSand and Static (throw in that piece of shit Metanoid too) are dodging this post like the plague. It is time the AZU resident sex offenders and self-loathers answer these very important questions.


Voice of Reason said...

There's no way they'll answer any of these questions as they're in a lose-lose situation. Either they toe the party line and agree with AZU which exposes their hypocrisy or they admit they don't agree with AZU on these issues and face the wrath of Stiches77 and her fellow bullies.

No, what will happen is they'll either ignore the questions completely or dodge them and launch into a personal attack.

It's a shame that they can't grasp the simple truth that the extremes proposed by AZU would apply equally to them as to any other child molester.

Angee said...

Those that have been abused are too cowardly to put the names of their family members who did the deed. Or maybe it was the good friends they keep. I understand that Daydreamer was assaulted by 2 men while Mama Stitches wasn't watching out for her kid. She is on a guilt trip that is fueled by self-loathing. Doesn't Stitches have the nothing that death is preferable to assault?But Daydreamer is still around as a reminder of the neglect she was subjected to. And Stitches still believes that the government should watch over her children.Stitches want's fame but it isn't happening. Only a handful of people know they exist.I heard they all drank poison cool-aid but maybe that is an upcpming event.

Warped Ohio said...

What do you know? TSand actually answered the questions, in the usual idiotic way. I hope he takes his own advice and offs himself.

Anonymous said...

Clay Keys has been convicted of "stalking," as well as molesting children. As well as a host of other crimes.

I see he stalks yet today with his vigilante crusade. A few phone calls to the ESCAMBIA COUNTY Sheriff's Office and file an "Official Complaint" And request you be sent a copy of the complaint.