Saturday, January 16, 2010

Which AZU troll is most likely to go crazy in 2010?

As you can see, there is a new poll up to the right hand side of my blog, posing the question: Which AZU troll is most likely going to go off the deep end in 2010? They're all insane in the membrane, but if I had to place money on which one's most likely to turn into one of those mass murderers, which one is most likely to do it? Tough call. My money's on Logue Hater, though Violent Leaves takes a close second.


Anonymous said...

Check it!

Insane In The Membrane

Warped Ohio said...

AZU could sue Cypress Hill for mocking them LOL.

And TSand has take the early lead, with Stitches 77 hot on his tail.

The problem is, you can only vote for just one.

Voice of Reason said...

Voting for Clay Keys is a bit of a cheat as he's already extremely unbalanced. I reckon Violent Leaves is a pretty good bet given the pleasure she gets from the thought of others being raped and brutalised.

Warped Ohio said...

Yeah, what I SHOULD have done is leave Clay off it. That was more unfair than pitting the Cincinnati Bearcats against the Florida Gators in the Sugar Bowl.

Warped Ohio said...

I did put my vote for my own personal stalker, but that worthless fuck doesn't have the guts to snap and pay me a visit. Chicken shit!

Warped Ohio said...

After seeing StatiCunt's rant this morning on AZU, I think he might just be the one!

Maybe I should've put an "all of the above" option?

Tyciol said...

Why do you call her violent when there is no evidence of her doing something violent? I mean, she does express violent fantasies but that doesn't always manifest.

I don't take any pleasure in gambling upon people's future mental stabilities. It's my hope that she remains as sane as possible and perhaps adopts a more positive means of speaking with others, as I do with all.

If everyone who's all angry would have a fitness competition, your palms would be sore from bar-dangling that it would aid in distracting from vendettaish hatreds for others.

Warped Ohio said...

Well, AZU may not like it, but they gleefully do it to us. Every time they post about me, they mock my history of mental illness, or make false claims that I'm involved in things I'm not. They get off on fantasies that Bubba's raping or killing sex offenders in prison. They post rabid comments regularly,and it is becoming apparent they are all on the verge of snapping by the very comments they post.

Hey, whatever floats their boats. If they wish to think they're impacting my life in any way, more power to them. They're still convinced they had any influence on a certain case of mine, or if they think I'm so obsessed with them I actually spend more time than once or twice a month reading their hogwash.

Voice of Reason said...

Tyciol - As Derek said, she's called Violent due to her perverse pleasure in the thoughts of others being raped and brutalised.

I had a good laugh at Jeremy's letter when he complained about Derek altering her name. Given that many of the people leaving comments on the AZU pages change the names of those they disagree with, it seemed somewhat hypocritical to complain about others doing it. Still, hypocrisy and Jeremy are certainly no strangers.