Monday, January 18, 2010

Jeremy Static finally responds... hypocritically.


Voice of Reason's already covered this so I don't even need to elaborate further. Jeremy Static finally responds to a question posed by the same blog.

Thanks AZU for continuously showing how two-faced you REALLY are!


Warped Ohio said...

It is so funny listening to Static go ape shit because I figured out exactly why he's REALLY over at AZU. I bet y'all never knew the pseudo-intellectual "logical" Static had it in him.

He got bitch-slapped and now he's crying like the little pedo-punk he is. Funny how he accuses me of posting at a pedo site, but yet sits at AZU, which spends all day reading NAMBLA and boy/girl lover blogs. I doubt Static is the ONLY member of AZU that uses this "fighting pedos" shtick just to get unfettered access to CP and erotica.

Warped Ohio said...

Of course I won't bother to post your comments, Static, just like your troll buddies at AZU never bother to post my REAL words while posting words of T-Sand impersonating me.

Lets look at facts, Static. Between the two of us, ONLY ONE person has ever been convicted of more than one crime. ONLY ONE has ever had a CP conviction. ONLY ONE goes to a site that brags about going to pro-pedo blogs and read stuff.

You may wish to be careful about what you say to me, Static. Your last post sounded like a threat of violence to me. But if you think you're brave enough to get in my face, then by all means, come on over!

Tyciol said...

Wait a sec, you mean Static is actually a surname? Eh I guess I'm not one to comment, lol

Warped Ohio said...

I tag his stuff "jeremy static" because there were times he posted as Static and times he posted as Jeremy.