Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So they claim

Certain members of AZU claim to be victims of rapes, such as WASP Ohio and Violet Leaves. But where is the proof? How can we even believe AZU? After all, they do nothing but lie. About everything.


Tyciol said...

Well, it's a sensitive matter and I don't think they would want to provide evidence since that would involve disclosing personal information.

Basically, I think if they want to talk about their experiences the best place would be support web sites. There, people assume for the purposes of therapy and support that everyone is truthful.

When you go after others, you're not being supportive and you can't expect them to be so in kind. If you call other people liars or do not indulge them and believe what they say for themself then it's only fair to not respect the same courtesy in turn.

That said, you are embellishing. When you state absolute statements like this, it simply makes you a liar too, and that's not good! Saying they 'do nothing but lie' is silly, they obviously do tell the truth sometimes.

As for how often they do either of these, I do not know, as I have not looked very far into the claims, but I do notice a great deal of assumptions and lack of proper terminology. They attempt to use words as synonyms which are not synonyms. I think the real question I am concerned about is how much of the inaccuracies are ignorant mistakes and how much are intentional manipulations.

The thing is, I do think that they do point out real threats and do point out real people with problems. They do bring up many valid concerns about security and the public. The benefit of this is seriously marred by dabbling in hateful assumptions and stereotypical generalizations. What we can learn in noticing this is not to duplicate these problems ourselves.

Setting a higher example encourages people to do so as well.

Warped Ohio said...

I prove my points quite clearly, unlike AZU. AZU makes things up as they go along. This site provides links and screenshots. AZU does stupid human tricks.