Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ride for their wallets!

UPDATE: Video of rally now at bottom of article!

Looks like Mark Lunsford has cooked up yet another Get Rich Quick Scheme (TM). As a charter member of yet another group, the "Surviving Parents Coalition," Inc., Lunsford is a part of the "Ride For Their Lives," coming to a major city near you. So what is the purpose, exactly? Well it is pretty simple. Read it for yourself:

COMMENT: So let me get this straight. The purpose of "The Ride" is to raise a million bucks or more so Lunsford can have cocktails with Congressmen who already blindly support his legislation? Does it really cost THAT much to hang around in DC for a few days? I only spent $500 for a five day conference in DC back in 1996 when I was in college and that included my airfare and my hotel stay, and a couple of souvenirs. Damn, inflation is something else.

So what are they planning on doing in DC? They were at least kind enough to explain:

The four causes being focused on during this ride are:
1. Mandatory DNA testing upon arrest:

Oh great. They support more Big Brother legislation. I wonder if they'll be the first in line to give their DNA to the beast.

2. Protect our children act of 2008

Ok. First off, why would Lungsfull lobby for a law ALREADY PASSED AND FUNDED? And where do these crazy stats come from? Do you think Lunsford is aware the law passed yet?
3. The Adam Walsh Act

See #2. What the hell has Lunsford been doing all this time? Okay, I'll explain s-l-o-w-l-y in case Lungsfull ever reads this. THE AWA PASSED 4 YEARS AGO, AND BARACK HUSSEIN OSAMA FUNDED THIS STUPID BILL! Again, why waste a million dollars to send someone to lobby a bill already passed and funded? Of course, most states found implementing AWA has been a disaster.

4. Child safety initiative

Now see, I have no problems with education and prevention. However, will this education tell kids not to sext or have relations with each other lest they land on the registry? Of course, there have been such programs in place for years, but people do not utilize them.

If that wasn't enough to get you going, check out the "state report cards:"

Ohio is just one of the states they will ride through. Ohio has DNA testing already. Big whoop. They're also AWA compliant. Again, big whoop. Since the Ohio Supreme Court ruled retroactive application of SB 10 (their version of the AWA), I wonder if Ohio is still technically "compliant."

This is where it gets kooky. Their stat page claims Ohio has "100,624 known sex offenders." Wow. They must have something the NCMEC doesn't because the latest stats from the NCMEC show there are just under 20,000 Registered Sex Offenders in Ohio.

The site suggests the Protect Act stats are from the ICAC though there is no study that suggests anything like they are suggesting. However, even with my limited knowledge of the internet, I'm fully aware of the use of viruses to infect PCs with child porn, sometimes even as a set-up. Lunsford should know since a news article had reported it days after his daughter's death. Considering how we let John McCain, a man who admittedly cannot use a computer, much less understand the internet, pass laws restricting the internet. Well crap, that means I could write and pass laws on combatting Nuclear Proliferation.

One activist for the rights of Former Offenders attended the Chicago event. It seems there were only about 30 people who attended, he being one of them. If you want a play by play, you can listen to the play by play on the August 28 "Open Mic Night" on ARC Radio.

The play by play highlights of the Chicago event:

1. Only 6 riders
2. Event lasted 30 minutes
3. Lunsford arrived late, did not ride during rally, appeared drunk
4. No politicians or legislators

As of this writing there is not much media coverage of the events. It looks like squeezing a million bucks from the poor people of this nation is going to be just a little tougher than he thought.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Like clockwork

AZU has gotten a bit too predictable, as predictable as that guy I play EA's NCAA football with on occassion who picks the "Hail Mary" pass virtually every play. With AZU, it has been the exact same song and dance every year. AZU takes off during the summer, comes back sometime towards the end of summer, and promises they have a "BIG surprise" waiting for me, only to offer up nothing. I'm still waiting for that big surprise from 2008. I have yet to be surprised. Impersonation? Following me around the internet? Anonymous emails and 3 am phone calls? Blogs dedicated to slandering me? They tried that and failed to stop my activism. Ironically, all they've managed to do is increase my desire to offer the truth about sex offender laws.

As an aside, why is it there is never a screenshot from these so-called boy-love/ girl-love blogs from AZU? Do they even exist, or are they sock puppet sites created to give AZU a false air of relevance, much like that fake war with Canada in "Canadian Bacon?" Either way, AZU sure shares a lot of sick material on their blog.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Shoalanda sews more hate and stupidity

There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity. Ignorance is simply not knowing you are wrong, while stupidity is knowing you're wrong and you still don't care. The crew at wannabe crime blog "Shoalanda Speaks" is a pime example of stupidity. The only thing worse than her stupidity, in which she makes no effort to hide her hate, is the fact that Google Blogspot allows it on their blogs:

When last we visited Sheffield, the Alabama Public Safety Registry listed 27 Sexual Offenders/Predators as residents. We've heard the theory that such numbers are skewed by zip codes extending beyond city limits, but that can hardly be the case in this land-locked Colbert County town.

Among those listed are ****, now deceased, and *****, currently incarcerated in the Lauderdale County Detention Center. Joining the exodus as of Wednesday is *****, who on September 20, 2002, forced sexual contact on a 10 year-old female.

*****, who while awaiting trial managed to commit Third Degree Robbery later that year, served five years for Sexual Abuse and was released on April 29, 2007. Since that time, he has been living with his sister ****** on Dover Avenue, just one block north of bustling Second Street.

Now ***** has been arrested in Tuscumbia for a laundry list of crimes, including lying about his identity. If these Colbert County charges aren't enough to put him away for the immediate future, he also faces charges in Bibb County.

Three down and 24 to go...

It is a chilling post from Shoalanda. RSO #1 was murdered last year, the second was arrested for a misdemeanor non-sex offense related charge of B&E of a business, and apparently RSO #3 was arrested for a failure to register instead of a sex crime. Not exactly a sexual abuse epidemic when there is no sexual abuse arrests, huh? Three down and 24 to go, by the way, sounds like a sick statement by someone getting off on another's misfortunes, much like AZU has done over the years.

I may be a bit bit biased about privately-run gossip blogs try to pass themselves off as legitimate journalism. However, they apparently got enough complaints from REAL journalists that Troll-anda has now added the following little disclaimer:

Shoalanda Speaks
This is a we(blog) featuring editorial opinion on Shoals issues--not an exercise in journalism. We do welcome guest blogs.

I'm still not impressed, except when Troll-anda made the following statement:

"Now we have to wonder just how many other sex offenders have been misidentified..."

You KNOW I just have to make a comment here. She IS right in a way. How many people HAVE been misidentified as sex offenders? How many were, say, someone who has consensual relations with someone just under the Age of Concent? Alabama does not make distinctions between a misdemeanor and a felony conviction-- ALL registrants are on for life.

Again, Shoalanda Speaks is a local gossip blog and rumor mill, NOT a news blog. The fact she admits it is proof enough to know not to believe everything she says.