Monday, August 9, 2010

Shoalanda sews more hate and stupidity

There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity. Ignorance is simply not knowing you are wrong, while stupidity is knowing you're wrong and you still don't care. The crew at wannabe crime blog "Shoalanda Speaks" is a pime example of stupidity. The only thing worse than her stupidity, in which she makes no effort to hide her hate, is the fact that Google Blogspot allows it on their blogs:

When last we visited Sheffield, the Alabama Public Safety Registry listed 27 Sexual Offenders/Predators as residents. We've heard the theory that such numbers are skewed by zip codes extending beyond city limits, but that can hardly be the case in this land-locked Colbert County town.

Among those listed are ****, now deceased, and *****, currently incarcerated in the Lauderdale County Detention Center. Joining the exodus as of Wednesday is *****, who on September 20, 2002, forced sexual contact on a 10 year-old female.

*****, who while awaiting trial managed to commit Third Degree Robbery later that year, served five years for Sexual Abuse and was released on April 29, 2007. Since that time, he has been living with his sister ****** on Dover Avenue, just one block north of bustling Second Street.

Now ***** has been arrested in Tuscumbia for a laundry list of crimes, including lying about his identity. If these Colbert County charges aren't enough to put him away for the immediate future, he also faces charges in Bibb County.

Three down and 24 to go...

It is a chilling post from Shoalanda. RSO #1 was murdered last year, the second was arrested for a misdemeanor non-sex offense related charge of B&E of a business, and apparently RSO #3 was arrested for a failure to register instead of a sex crime. Not exactly a sexual abuse epidemic when there is no sexual abuse arrests, huh? Three down and 24 to go, by the way, sounds like a sick statement by someone getting off on another's misfortunes, much like AZU has done over the years.

I may be a bit bit biased about privately-run gossip blogs try to pass themselves off as legitimate journalism. However, they apparently got enough complaints from REAL journalists that Troll-anda has now added the following little disclaimer:

Shoalanda Speaks
This is a we(blog) featuring editorial opinion on Shoals issues--not an exercise in journalism. We do welcome guest blogs.

I'm still not impressed, except when Troll-anda made the following statement:

"Now we have to wonder just how many other sex offenders have been misidentified..."

You KNOW I just have to make a comment here. She IS right in a way. How many people HAVE been misidentified as sex offenders? How many were, say, someone who has consensual relations with someone just under the Age of Concent? Alabama does not make distinctions between a misdemeanor and a felony conviction-- ALL registrants are on for life.

Again, Shoalanda Speaks is a local gossip blog and rumor mill, NOT a news blog. The fact she admits it is proof enough to know not to believe everything she says.

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