Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Like clockwork

AZU has gotten a bit too predictable, as predictable as that guy I play EA's NCAA football with on occassion who picks the "Hail Mary" pass virtually every play. With AZU, it has been the exact same song and dance every year. AZU takes off during the summer, comes back sometime towards the end of summer, and promises they have a "BIG surprise" waiting for me, only to offer up nothing. I'm still waiting for that big surprise from 2008. I have yet to be surprised. Impersonation? Following me around the internet? Anonymous emails and 3 am phone calls? Blogs dedicated to slandering me? They tried that and failed to stop my activism. Ironically, all they've managed to do is increase my desire to offer the truth about sex offender laws.

As an aside, why is it there is never a screenshot from these so-called boy-love/ girl-love blogs from AZU? Do they even exist, or are they sock puppet sites created to give AZU a false air of relevance, much like that fake war with Canada in "Canadian Bacon?" Either way, AZU sure shares a lot of sick material on their blog.

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