Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ex-nurse pleads not guilty to encouraging suicide

AZU members, take note-- encouraging others to commit suicide (you know, what some of your members tried to do to me recently) can get you in serious legal trouble:

BY: Emily Gurnon
Pioneer Press

A former nurse pleaded not guilty today to charges that he encouraged two people to commit suicide.
Prosecutors say William Melchert-Dinkel, 48, of Faribault, posed as a young female nurse on the Internet and offered sympathy, emotional support and instructions on suicide methods to urge others to end their lives.

In two cases, they did: Nadia Kajouji, 18, of Brampton, Ontario, and Mark Drybrough, 32, of Coventry, England, killed themselves after they corresponded online with Melchert-Dinkel, according to a criminal complaint filed in Rice County District Court.

Defense attorney Terry Watkins entered the plea on behalf of his client. He also moved that the case be dismissed on the grounds that the state of Minnesota lacks jurisdiction because the alleged suicide messages were received in England and Canada.

Rice County Attorney G. Paul Beaumaster, who is prosecuting the case, disagreed.

"The gist of the crime is the encouraging, the advice" regarding suicide, he said.

Rice County District Judge Thomas Neuville directed both sides to submit a memorandum on the issue by Dec. 10, and said he would take the matter under advisement Dec. 13. He has 60 days to make a decision after that.

Last week, the judge denied Melchert-Dinkel's motion to dismiss the charges on the grounds that the Internet communications were protected free speech.

Watkins asked the judge today to send that question to the state Court of Appeals. Neuville will take that under advisement as well. 

A trial date has not yet been set. In the meantime, Beaumaster told the court that he and Watkins have been talking about meeting for a settlement conference.

On his way out of the courthouse, Melchert-Dinkel did not respond to reporters as he walked to his car.

Minnesota officials began investigating the case in March 2008. St. Paul police Sgt. William Haider, on assignment with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, got information from a British woman that an "online predator" was encouraging people to hang themselves, according to the criminal complaint filed April 23.

Celia Blay of England told police the "predator" went by the online names "li dao," "falcon girl," and "cami." She said his real name was Bill Melchert-Dinkel.

Online Advice / In his Nov. 9 order denying Melchert-Dinkel's motion to dismiss the case, the judge included chilling excerpts of the online conversations.

An undated message from Mark Drybrough, posted to a suicide chat room, read:

"Does anyone have details of hanging methods where there isn't access to anything high up to tie the rope to...."

"Li dao" wrote back on July 1, 2005:

"Depending on how tall you are, preferably under 6 feet tall, you can easily hang from a door using the knob on one side to tie the rope to, sling it over the top of the door, attach the noose or loop to yourself then step off and hang successfully... It is very effective. I have trialed it 5 times now with very good results so I am using it for certain when I go."

"Li dao" to Drybrough, July 19, 2005: "I was going to ask you if there is a time line involved with your desire to die... I want to very badly and plan to soon but will stay here for you as long as possible. ... I have had several other friends I have communicated with that are suicidal ... (one) asked me if I could be with him when he died ... he had a web cam and asked if he could hang himself to death while I watched him on the web cam ... I realized he lived alone yada yada and did not want to die alone. In the end I watched him go and it was very peaceful and I was pretty pleased I could make this guy's last moments special for him... **hugs** Li."

Drybrough, July 23, 2005: "Hi, Li. I'm still here, I've had a few days where I've been feeling very ill, physically and mentally. ... It was good of you to write back, thank you... I keep holding on to the hope that things might change. Caught between being suicidal and considering it..."

Drybrough killed himself four days later. His sister found him hanging from a rope attached to a ladder.

'I Can Die Then Easily' / According to police, Nadia Kajouji, 18, also corresponded with Melchert-Dinkel, who referred to himself as "Cami."

One of their online chats, from March 6, 2008:

Nadia: How are you?
Cami: Umm, not too good hun, still suicidal, pretty bad... I've seen every method used at work as an emergency ward nurse. I know what does and don't work so that is why I chose hanging ...
Nadia: I am planning to attempt this Sunday.
Cami: Wow OK you want to use hanging too? Or can u?
Nadia: I'm going to jump.
Cami: Well, that is OK but most people puss out before doing that ...
Nadia: I want it to look like an accident. There's a bridge over the river where there's a break in the ice. The water is really rough right now and it should carry me back under the ice so I can't come up for air. And if drowning doesn't get me, hopefully hypothermia will.
Cami: OK otherwise I was gonna suggest hanging...
Nadia: I'll have my skates on. Hopefully it'll look like I fell through somewhere upstream.
Cami: OK I hope it works.... If you wanted to do hanging we could have done it together online so it would not have been so scary for you...
Nadia: Well if I puss out, I think we should do that.
Cami: OK that sounds good. I'm off Monday too. I can die then easily or any time for that matter. I want to bad. I got rope and stuff ready. Do you have a web cam?
Nadia: Yes.
Cami: OK well if it comes down to hanging I can help you with it ... proper positioning of the rope is very important ...
Nadia: ... it's a big relief to be able to talk to someone about it.
Cami: Kewl thanx.

They chatted again March 9, 2008. Nadia Kajouji told her roommate later that night that she was going skating.

Her body was found April 20, 2008, in the Rideau River in Ottawa near the university that she attended.

Monday, November 15, 2010

R.I.P. Wikisposure! ROFLMAO!

 Wikisposure has officially bit the dust, according to the head rat of Pee-J himself, Xavier Von Erck.

I took the step of removing Wikisposure tonight. It was not due to any legal situation or threats, but rather the project, which had been running several years, saw intense volunteer burnout which led to issues between volunteers and inevitably, drama.

Without a strong team of volunteer researchers updating the content on the site, the project was unsupportable and therefore I've removed the project from the list of websites.

Thanks to all of those who contributed to the research and convictions over the years. Your work was appreciated and made a real difference.

The staff over at corrupted-justice has called bullshit on Von Erck's proclamation. More than likely someone finally got an attorney and is ready to bury Pee-J in litigation. The heyday of TCAP is long gone and the money and interest has run dry. I have to laugh at AZU since they wasted so much time and felt so proud of themselves for their Wikisposure "outings." 

R.I.P. Wikisposure! Here's a little song for your eulogy []

Friday, November 12, 2010

Barbara Farris could be arrested yet again

This woman doesn't learn. Now Barbara Farris is facing more harassment charges.

Woman Could Be Charged For Monitoring Sex Offenders

A woman could face charges for trying to make sure registered sex offenders were not doing anything wrong on Halloween night.Barbara Farris went door to door to more than 70 homes where registered sex offenders live in Orange County.Farris says she wanted to make sure offenders were following state rules that prohibit offenders from passing out candy or decorating their homes on Halloween.“I said - do you have decorations? You're a registered sex offender. And I blatantly asked,” Farris said. But Farris could now face charges for harassment and misuse of the state sex offender registry following a complaint that she appeared to be impersonating an officer.“I'll be fighting those charges 100 percent,” Farris said.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Why can't Clay Keys apologize to his victim?

For over a year now, Clay Keys/ T-Sand/ Roar For Truth has attacked Derek Logue, claiming he's an "unrepentant" person and a "victim-basher." Nothing could be farther from the truth, but with Clay, it has always been about character assassination and not about any pseudo-noble accountability issue. Logue never hides from the issue, even posting it on his website:

Now, T-Sand constantly challenges Once Fallen to apologize for the things T-Sand accuses him of, namely being unrepentant and a victim-basher. However, Clay Keys, Absolute Zero's resident sexual predator/ cheerleader to the pro-rape group Absolute Zero United, has never once apologized publicly to his victim! Recently Clay Keys was issued a challenge-- to PUBLICLY apologize to the victim. Clay Keys, however, could not give an honest apology. Why would Clay Keys demand something from the one he attacks (who has apologized to his victim) but not apologize himself? And why has the pseudo-victim advocate (yet pro-rape) Absolute Zero United not made such demands?

Once Fallen: When are you going to apologize to your victim? When are you going to apologize for the harm YOU caused? Instead of trying to project all your rage onto me, maybe it is time you do what you keep claiming I should do and take responsibility for your actions. Attacking other RSOs does not count as restitution.
Clay Keys: [Responds with personal attack]

Once Fallen: Again Clay, you are evading my question. WHERE IS YOUR REMORSE FOR YOUR VICTIM? Why is it the entire internet is devoid of Clay taking responsibility for his actions? You're projecting again. Let us focus on Clay. Where is Clay's remorse for his victim?

Clay Keys: My remorse is not blaming the victim unlike you have. The internet is not devoid, in that people are aware I have not committed ANOTHER sex crime, whereas, every day since 2005, you have re victimized your victim Derek again and again on a daily basis, by blaming her instead of yourself! Kind of weird that in your rage, you tell people I am a violent child rapist, when in fact the very sex offender registry you despise, Proves this is not true. The registry vindicates me otherwise but you've no problem spreading your vigilante lies. Why is that? Am I hurt you called me a child rapist, nope. Does it hurt your credibility as a reformed (cough,cough) sex offender? Oh Yes!

[NOTE: The registry does not disprove Clay Keys raped a child. Funny,Both Pee-J and AZU, in particular Rob Taylor, has also claimed Clay Keys was a child rapist, or has he forgotten? Clay should talk to his AZU troll buddies about their opinions on him being on the Florida sex offender registry. By the way, NOT COMMITTING A NEW CRIME is NOT the same as apologizing to a victim. Instead, Clay Keys creates NEW victims by constantly attacking and bullying others online, whether it was AZU members or the mother of a teen who was unfairly dragged through the mire of the registry for consensual relations. Considering Clay has a history of aggression, it is expected from him. He merely projects his self-loathing onto others.]

Once Fallen: Again you are evading the question. Can you answer a direct question? Answer directly and keep ad hominem attacks out of your mouth and apologize for your actions. Again, you're minimizing, denying, AND projecting. Just own up to your deeds and beg for forgiveness.

Clay Keys:  Removed other post to correct myself: Are you sorry for what you did? "Of course I am! I have worked for years doing penance for my actions, not to satisfy society, but because of how I feel about what I had done. ROARfortruth is part of my penance. However, my penance is limited to those I personally harmed and my obligations to the State of my conviction. I do not feel obliged to accept the punishment inflicted by internet trolling vigilante groups like SOSEN, RSOL & other evil individuals who lie and distort the truth! My obligations are to the victim, her family, the law, and the state of conviction, and to no one else."

[NOTE: The "apology" was a cut-and-paste from the Once Fallen About Me" page, which he changed names to add his own spin on it. That was a reason why it was in quotation marks. It was not an apology, but yet another ad hominem.]

Once Fallen: Why put it in quotation marks? I get it. You don't have the balls to write your own so you took my statement and distorted the words. Thank you Clay for continuing to prove everyone is right about you. You really don't feel remorse for your crimes do you? You are incapable of apologizing and having empathy, and that is a cause for concern.

Clay Keys: I don't see the need to justify myself to a unrepentant ***** RSOL sex offender, victim bashing screwed up **** like yourself :)

[Note: Again with the personal attacks and no apology]

Once Fallen:  You've proven to me that you are the one who is the remorseless pedophile. It really says a lot about your lack of character, not to mention the lack of character among AZU members and Trollanda Spews. Why can't you say you're sorry, Clay?

Clay Keys: [changes the subject]


Thursday, November 4, 2010

The rest of the story

Paul Harvey is a radio personality best known for his segment called "The Rest of the Story." Well here is my impersonation.

TSand/ Clay Keys/ Roar for Truth and the stalker known as Logue Hater are so obsessed with me they can't stop talking about me. In addition to impersonating me on AZU's blog and dedicate their blogs to trying to defame me, they recently decided to mock my mother's death on the Times Daily Forum. It is nothing new, given their past comments on AZU. Logue Hater even went so far as mock my mother's name by using the screen name "Burn Ye Bryant." They are quite sickening and disgusting, and they continuously prove their depravity knows no bounds.

Not content with mocking my mother's death, they have decided to make a claim I "harassed a Sheffield resident." Funny, Logue Hater lives in the Cleveland area. Did he move into town? Well if you believe TSand, then Logue Hater ran back to Ohio with his tail tucked between his legs. What they failed to mention is they sent a nasty message in order to get a response:

"Your ex-girlfriend is walking funny, with all the coock she is getting these
days. How much seemen do you think she ha swallowed, since she left her
sissy-boy Derek? Did yer mommy tingle the moment before she became worm food?
Block me sissy. I know you will. I know you are not man enough to take it.
Little ***ggot sissy. If I was your step-dad, I would beat you too. I need to
find mommy Logue's grave, so I can go **** on it. Can you help me?
Whatcha gonna do, Derek? Huh, tough guy?"

They think it is cute to mock a person's death, to harass a man in mourning, and to try to provoke someone into anger. There is not a person that will not retaliate under such conditions. I do not apologize for threatening an anonymous fuck that has harassed me for well over two years, because the moment he/she/it files a complaint, then that person's identity WILL be revealed, and there is an arrest warrant waiting in the wings. So go ahead, punk. Make my day, Logue Hater. And learn to spell while you're at it.

And now you know the REST of the story!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Barbara Farris at it again

As reported here a few months ago, vigilante scumbag Barbara Farris of the "Bee Squad" was arrested for MENACING in Alabama. Unfortunately this vigilante scum was not brought to justice for stalking and harassing others, and it has empowered her to continue her campaign of harassment. She was even brazen enough to post it up on YouTube. She should be arrested for harassment, or even impersonating a police officer!

There is no restriction on family members of registrants decorating their apartments. Secondly, she had no business getting in the man's face like that. Third, Florida has been long overdue to pass an anti-vigilante bill. In fact, it seems the state of Florida encourages such sick behavior! If she came to my door I would have either called the cops or I would have defended myself appropriately.

If you haven't already done so, support my anti-vigilante bill, and put a stop to monsters like Barbara Farris:
See the video below, with commentary:

Monday, November 1, 2010

Voice of Reason on Clay Keys/ Roar For Truth, unrepentant child rapist

A very good article on the dangerous sexual predator and bully Clay Keys. Hey Clay, has it ever occurred to you that you can't bully me? Good luck with that civil commitment thing, by the way. Florida is a civil commitment state, by the way. You might be paying a visit to the ol' rubber room instead, you sick, unremorseful predator. Why is it Clay Keys NEVER apologizes for his sex offense? []

I recently asked him to "set an example," since he claims I'm unremorseful, by apologizing to his victim and admit he did wrong.

Me: You really don't feel remorse for your crimes do you? You are incapable of apologizing and having empathy, and that is a cause for concern.

Clay: I don't see the need to justify myself...

He does not feel the need to apologize for causing harm to his victim, while AZU welcomes him with open arms. Funny, the only AZU troll in the past year who even called T-Sand on any past behavior was Static, who also felt it was okay for T-Sand to keep past attacks up. AZU is enabling his bullying tactics to continue.

Some of Clay Key's recent rants:

#1: I'm pissed off! Reading my blog, one might think I'm pissed off "all the time". I rarely get pissed off but now, I'm extremely pissed off! Recently a so called friend "played" me, fed me a bunch of lies etc. I believed him. I believe most people until I find out otherwise. This X friend fed me a story written here: Come to find out, this guy has a website promoting the RSOL! Boy, he played me good. I'm gonna play back tsand style [That means whoever he's discussing will be bombarded with anonymous threats, lies, and obsessed Clay stalking him for years to come]

#2: Too bad Derek didn't commit suicide recently like he said he was thinking of doing so, Society lost out big because a Dead Derek is the best kind of Derek! Why, I was so concerned Derek was going to off himself, I contacted the AL Authorities & informed them of his repeated suicide threats! Derek is to much of a coward to follow through :) [Keep the implied threat coming, you coward. I wish you would come up to Alabama but you're too chicken to face me. Funny, the more they talk, the more I find the will to live if nothing more than to piss them off]

#3: Mary just needs to die already! [Note: This one is especially disturbing as Mary was recently hospitalized for a serious illness]

#4: Oh, I had a conversation with a EX sosenite recently, who had some interesting things to say about Mary Duval & the pro pedophile RSOL. I'll be posting it here soon. Has she died yet? [TSand is obsessed with a sick person's suffering. I find that appalling]

#5: I wish I could bitch slap some sense into her! And I thought Derek was a psycho, Lenore is beyond psycho [TSand loves abusing women so much he was convicted of it]

#6: Go ahead dude but your really to much of a coward to do it! You want me to mail you some good strong rope? [TSand trying to convince me to kill myself. I think Clay's giving HIMSELF enough of the proverbial rope to hang himself]

#7: : TSand mocks yet another death. I think any person that cheers the death of any individual is very sick.

It is time Clay Keys is civilly committed. - 1700 West Leonard Street, Pensacola - (850) 436-9630