Monday, November 15, 2010

R.I.P. Wikisposure! ROFLMAO!

 Wikisposure has officially bit the dust, according to the head rat of Pee-J himself, Xavier Von Erck.

I took the step of removing Wikisposure tonight. It was not due to any legal situation or threats, but rather the project, which had been running several years, saw intense volunteer burnout which led to issues between volunteers and inevitably, drama.

Without a strong team of volunteer researchers updating the content on the site, the project was unsupportable and therefore I've removed the project from the list of websites.

Thanks to all of those who contributed to the research and convictions over the years. Your work was appreciated and made a real difference.

The staff over at corrupted-justice has called bullshit on Von Erck's proclamation. More than likely someone finally got an attorney and is ready to bury Pee-J in litigation. The heyday of TCAP is long gone and the money and interest has run dry. I have to laugh at AZU since they wasted so much time and felt so proud of themselves for their Wikisposure "outings." 

R.I.P. Wikisposure! Here's a little song for your eulogy []


Voice of Reason said...

Well that sucks. I was so looking forward to having my own page there 'exposing' my supposedly nefarious activities.

Once Fallen said...

In all these years of operation you never got a Wikidposers feature? Damn, I thought all you'd have to do was piss off StitchCunt.

The reason they've hated me so much is because I publicly embarrassed them at the rally in Columbus in Dec. 2007