Monday, November 1, 2010

Voice of Reason on Clay Keys/ Roar For Truth, unrepentant child rapist

A very good article on the dangerous sexual predator and bully Clay Keys. Hey Clay, has it ever occurred to you that you can't bully me? Good luck with that civil commitment thing, by the way. Florida is a civil commitment state, by the way. You might be paying a visit to the ol' rubber room instead, you sick, unremorseful predator. Why is it Clay Keys NEVER apologizes for his sex offense? []

I recently asked him to "set an example," since he claims I'm unremorseful, by apologizing to his victim and admit he did wrong.

Me: You really don't feel remorse for your crimes do you? You are incapable of apologizing and having empathy, and that is a cause for concern.

Clay: I don't see the need to justify myself...

He does not feel the need to apologize for causing harm to his victim, while AZU welcomes him with open arms. Funny, the only AZU troll in the past year who even called T-Sand on any past behavior was Static, who also felt it was okay for T-Sand to keep past attacks up. AZU is enabling his bullying tactics to continue.

Some of Clay Key's recent rants:

#1: I'm pissed off! Reading my blog, one might think I'm pissed off "all the time". I rarely get pissed off but now, I'm extremely pissed off! Recently a so called friend "played" me, fed me a bunch of lies etc. I believed him. I believe most people until I find out otherwise. This X friend fed me a story written here: Come to find out, this guy has a website promoting the RSOL! Boy, he played me good. I'm gonna play back tsand style [That means whoever he's discussing will be bombarded with anonymous threats, lies, and obsessed Clay stalking him for years to come]

#2: Too bad Derek didn't commit suicide recently like he said he was thinking of doing so, Society lost out big because a Dead Derek is the best kind of Derek! Why, I was so concerned Derek was going to off himself, I contacted the AL Authorities & informed them of his repeated suicide threats! Derek is to much of a coward to follow through :) [Keep the implied threat coming, you coward. I wish you would come up to Alabama but you're too chicken to face me. Funny, the more they talk, the more I find the will to live if nothing more than to piss them off]

#3: Mary just needs to die already! [Note: This one is especially disturbing as Mary was recently hospitalized for a serious illness]

#4: Oh, I had a conversation with a EX sosenite recently, who had some interesting things to say about Mary Duval & the pro pedophile RSOL. I'll be posting it here soon. Has she died yet? [TSand is obsessed with a sick person's suffering. I find that appalling]

#5: I wish I could bitch slap some sense into her! And I thought Derek was a psycho, Lenore is beyond psycho [TSand loves abusing women so much he was convicted of it]

#6: Go ahead dude but your really to much of a coward to do it! You want me to mail you some good strong rope? [TSand trying to convince me to kill myself. I think Clay's giving HIMSELF enough of the proverbial rope to hang himself]

#7: : TSand mocks yet another death. I think any person that cheers the death of any individual is very sick.

It is time Clay Keys is civilly committed. - 1700 West Leonard Street, Pensacola - (850) 436-9630


Anonymous said...

Hello, Once Fallen
I am a friend from another site and I just happened to stumble upon this blog. I'm sorry about your despair, and I hope you feel better. Please don't let any of these pieces of shit talk down to you and make you feel bad about yourself because I can see from your postings that you are a good man with an intelligent mind and a strong heart. By all means, keep up the fight. It's sad to see that the most gung ho "anti-preditor, pro-child welfare" people are the cruelest people who don't see past their hypocracy. Petra Luna seems to be a self-promoting, self-centered hypocrite and these other people are too stupid to see past their own ignorance. I appreciate the work you are doing and know that there are others out there that support you.

Anonymous said...

He just got sent to the big house again... this time for guess what...

Distributing child porn and possession of it and ammunition.