Friday, November 12, 2010

Barbara Farris could be arrested yet again

This woman doesn't learn. Now Barbara Farris is facing more harassment charges.

Woman Could Be Charged For Monitoring Sex Offenders

A woman could face charges for trying to make sure registered sex offenders were not doing anything wrong on Halloween night.Barbara Farris went door to door to more than 70 homes where registered sex offenders live in Orange County.Farris says she wanted to make sure offenders were following state rules that prohibit offenders from passing out candy or decorating their homes on Halloween.“I said - do you have decorations? You're a registered sex offender. And I blatantly asked,” Farris said. But Farris could now face charges for harassment and misuse of the state sex offender registry following a complaint that she appeared to be impersonating an officer.“I'll be fighting those charges 100 percent,” Farris said.

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