Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Barbara Farris at it again

As reported here a few months ago, vigilante scumbag Barbara Farris of the "Bee Squad" was arrested for MENACING in Alabama. Unfortunately this vigilante scum was not brought to justice for stalking and harassing others, and it has empowered her to continue her campaign of harassment. She was even brazen enough to post it up on YouTube. She should be arrested for harassment, or even impersonating a police officer!

There is no restriction on family members of registrants decorating their apartments. Secondly, she had no business getting in the man's face like that. Third, Florida has been long overdue to pass an anti-vigilante bill. In fact, it seems the state of Florida encourages such sick behavior! If she came to my door I would have either called the cops or I would have defended myself appropriately.

If you haven't already done so, support my anti-vigilante bill, and put a stop to monsters like Barbara Farris:
See the video below, with commentary:

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