Thursday, November 4, 2010

The rest of the story

Paul Harvey is a radio personality best known for his segment called "The Rest of the Story." Well here is my impersonation.

TSand/ Clay Keys/ Roar for Truth and the stalker known as Logue Hater are so obsessed with me they can't stop talking about me. In addition to impersonating me on AZU's blog and dedicate their blogs to trying to defame me, they recently decided to mock my mother's death on the Times Daily Forum. It is nothing new, given their past comments on AZU. Logue Hater even went so far as mock my mother's name by using the screen name "Burn Ye Bryant." They are quite sickening and disgusting, and they continuously prove their depravity knows no bounds.

Not content with mocking my mother's death, they have decided to make a claim I "harassed a Sheffield resident." Funny, Logue Hater lives in the Cleveland area. Did he move into town? Well if you believe TSand, then Logue Hater ran back to Ohio with his tail tucked between his legs. What they failed to mention is they sent a nasty message in order to get a response:

"Your ex-girlfriend is walking funny, with all the coock she is getting these
days. How much seemen do you think she ha swallowed, since she left her
sissy-boy Derek? Did yer mommy tingle the moment before she became worm food?
Block me sissy. I know you will. I know you are not man enough to take it.
Little ***ggot sissy. If I was your step-dad, I would beat you too. I need to
find mommy Logue's grave, so I can go **** on it. Can you help me?
Whatcha gonna do, Derek? Huh, tough guy?"

They think it is cute to mock a person's death, to harass a man in mourning, and to try to provoke someone into anger. There is not a person that will not retaliate under such conditions. I do not apologize for threatening an anonymous fuck that has harassed me for well over two years, because the moment he/she/it files a complaint, then that person's identity WILL be revealed, and there is an arrest warrant waiting in the wings. So go ahead, punk. Make my day, Logue Hater. And learn to spell while you're at it.

And now you know the REST of the story!


Voice of Reason said...

Wow.. that is truly disgusting

Once Fallen said...

That's par for the course at AZU. Of course, they LEAVE OUT all the important details like the fact they provoke others into anger. They'll never admit it even when caught red-handed, much like the kid who starts a fight then cries to mommy when the other kid beats his ass.