Friday, November 5, 2010

Why can't Clay Keys apologize to his victim?

For over a year now, Clay Keys/ T-Sand/ Roar For Truth has attacked Derek Logue, claiming he's an "unrepentant" person and a "victim-basher." Nothing could be farther from the truth, but with Clay, it has always been about character assassination and not about any pseudo-noble accountability issue. Logue never hides from the issue, even posting it on his website:

Now, T-Sand constantly challenges Once Fallen to apologize for the things T-Sand accuses him of, namely being unrepentant and a victim-basher. However, Clay Keys, Absolute Zero's resident sexual predator/ cheerleader to the pro-rape group Absolute Zero United, has never once apologized publicly to his victim! Recently Clay Keys was issued a challenge-- to PUBLICLY apologize to the victim. Clay Keys, however, could not give an honest apology. Why would Clay Keys demand something from the one he attacks (who has apologized to his victim) but not apologize himself? And why has the pseudo-victim advocate (yet pro-rape) Absolute Zero United not made such demands?

Once Fallen: When are you going to apologize to your victim? When are you going to apologize for the harm YOU caused? Instead of trying to project all your rage onto me, maybe it is time you do what you keep claiming I should do and take responsibility for your actions. Attacking other RSOs does not count as restitution.
Clay Keys: [Responds with personal attack]

Once Fallen: Again Clay, you are evading my question. WHERE IS YOUR REMORSE FOR YOUR VICTIM? Why is it the entire internet is devoid of Clay taking responsibility for his actions? You're projecting again. Let us focus on Clay. Where is Clay's remorse for his victim?

Clay Keys: My remorse is not blaming the victim unlike you have. The internet is not devoid, in that people are aware I have not committed ANOTHER sex crime, whereas, every day since 2005, you have re victimized your victim Derek again and again on a daily basis, by blaming her instead of yourself! Kind of weird that in your rage, you tell people I am a violent child rapist, when in fact the very sex offender registry you despise, Proves this is not true. The registry vindicates me otherwise but you've no problem spreading your vigilante lies. Why is that? Am I hurt you called me a child rapist, nope. Does it hurt your credibility as a reformed (cough,cough) sex offender? Oh Yes!

[NOTE: The registry does not disprove Clay Keys raped a child. Funny,Both Pee-J and AZU, in particular Rob Taylor, has also claimed Clay Keys was a child rapist, or has he forgotten? Clay should talk to his AZU troll buddies about their opinions on him being on the Florida sex offender registry. By the way, NOT COMMITTING A NEW CRIME is NOT the same as apologizing to a victim. Instead, Clay Keys creates NEW victims by constantly attacking and bullying others online, whether it was AZU members or the mother of a teen who was unfairly dragged through the mire of the registry for consensual relations. Considering Clay has a history of aggression, it is expected from him. He merely projects his self-loathing onto others.]

Once Fallen: Again you are evading the question. Can you answer a direct question? Answer directly and keep ad hominem attacks out of your mouth and apologize for your actions. Again, you're minimizing, denying, AND projecting. Just own up to your deeds and beg for forgiveness.

Clay Keys:  Removed other post to correct myself: Are you sorry for what you did? "Of course I am! I have worked for years doing penance for my actions, not to satisfy society, but because of how I feel about what I had done. ROARfortruth is part of my penance. However, my penance is limited to those I personally harmed and my obligations to the State of my conviction. I do not feel obliged to accept the punishment inflicted by internet trolling vigilante groups like SOSEN, RSOL & other evil individuals who lie and distort the truth! My obligations are to the victim, her family, the law, and the state of conviction, and to no one else."

[NOTE: The "apology" was a cut-and-paste from the Once Fallen About Me" page, which he changed names to add his own spin on it. That was a reason why it was in quotation marks. It was not an apology, but yet another ad hominem.]

Once Fallen: Why put it in quotation marks? I get it. You don't have the balls to write your own so you took my statement and distorted the words. Thank you Clay for continuing to prove everyone is right about you. You really don't feel remorse for your crimes do you? You are incapable of apologizing and having empathy, and that is a cause for concern.

Clay Keys: I don't see the need to justify myself to a unrepentant ***** RSOL sex offender, victim bashing screwed up **** like yourself :)

[Note: Again with the personal attacks and no apology]

Once Fallen:  You've proven to me that you are the one who is the remorseless pedophile. It really says a lot about your lack of character, not to mention the lack of character among AZU members and Trollanda Spews. Why can't you say you're sorry, Clay?

Clay Keys: [changes the subject]



Voice of Reason said...

It's not that he can't apologise to his victims: it's that he won't because he doesn't really think he did anything wrong. He minimises his crimes by insisting he doesn't have a paedosexual orientation. He has a distorted belief that a celibate paedosexual is worse than a non-paedosexual child molester which is what he is. No wonder he's fitted so well into the cesspit of bigots as they also wallow in their distorted prejudices. As I've said before, I judge actions, not attractions which is why I can see Clay for the sad little man he is.

Once Fallen said...

As long as AZU enables Clay Keys out of their hatred for their targets, then Clay won't get the help he needs. Actually, Clay turns on anyone who does not go along with whatever he thinks. He's been holding a grudge against me since the summer of 2009 because he got into it with a member of a group and he expected me to take his side. He decided to start attacking all RSO activists over a slight from one person in one group, and I refused to join in on his little hissy fit, so he started attacking me too.

Clay Keys is simply a person who thinks the way to get his way is to bully other people into submission. Nobody can befriend him and trust him because he WILL stab his friends in the back. Plus I think he gets pleasure out of others' suffering. He'll be sad to know Mary Duval is cancer free and ready to kick some more ass.

Clay may not rape another person but he has a history of violence and bullying and I see nothing in his behavior that implies change. Personally I can't see him in a relationship with a woman where force is NOT involved.

Funny how Clay bases his entire attack on some words taken out of context over a half decade ago while he says and does things TODAY that no one questions but us. Then again, any enemy of AZU is a friend of AZU.