Thursday, September 11, 2014

Valerie Parkhurst PWNED again!

Our "favorite" reptile Valerie "Valigator" Parkhurst slithered her way onto an Oklahoma news article discussing that state's move to ban registered citizens from working at carnivals. You have to love how out-of-touch Valerie Parkhurst can be, especially when she brags how much "research" she does:

You'd think with all of her "research," she would at least post anecdotal evidence that actually proves her argument (in this case, instances of registered sex offenders committing crimes at fairs). Instead, she posts three cases of people WITH NO PRIOR SEX OFFENSE ARRESTS to prove her point. Come to think of it, did she even have a point?

Val, don't try running with the big dogs, you're not very good at it. 

I do feel guilty constantly schooling Valerie Parkhurst, though, I feel like I'm picking on someone who is mentally handicapped. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

You can't depend on vigilant thugs like No Peace For Predators to publish accurate information

This blog has not featured the idiots at No Peace For Predators in a very long time. After all, there are far more important matters to discuss, and David Rowe has been rather quiet since he was given a dose of his own medicine. It seems they've given more thought to us than we've given to them as of late:

I wonder if the idiots at NPFP considered the fact that if there was a "Purge," some victims of their harassment may decide to rid the world of NPFP? But I digress. 

A funny thing happens to those who spend so much time obsessing over their efforts to dehumanize people. They are eager to jump headfirst into any event that allows them to release their venom. But in behaving like fire ants, they tend to miss a few facts. Here are some of their most recent discussions:

So, the report was a false alarm, as mentioned by one commenter (after the "kill him" comment, of course). What is worse is after this revelation, another idiot posts "Get um boys!!" and NPFP "Likes" the comment. So, they "like" the violent comment posted AFTER it was revealed this report was a false alarm? This them is repeated in a post made the day before this post was made:

It seems some people helped get a Registered Citizen fired from his job, which is harassment. Itrerestingly enough, the idiots at NPFP not only released inaccurate info about their victim, they "liked" their own comments (a mark of douchebaggery, something that NPFP members are prone to be). I hope whoever they targeted read this and sue NPFP. I do like that people are starting to question the management at NPFP, though. No doubt they'll accuse all those people of being "pedos" or those detractors are really the people who run this blog in disguise. They are paranoid, that's for sure!

You can't trust a group that jumps the gun and goes after people without having the facts. This is another reason why scum like NPFP should be locked up.

ADDENDUM: Just thought I'd add a few more screenshots of the "debate" at NPFP, if you can call it that. 

It seems David Rowe can't control his temper, even with supporters. I am just amazed these random people have not been accused of being me.